Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weight Gain Throughout My Pregnancy

I have been wanting to do this post for a long time.  Since I am almost 8 months postpartum I figure it's about time.

I weighed myself every morning.  I traveled quite a bit last summer and so there are a few gaps here and there (you'll notice the weeks were clumped together).  I used the same scale so it would be accurate and followed the same routine each time.  Wake up - pee - weigh - get dressed and then eat breakfast.

For those of you who are interested in week by week weight gain here is how it went for me.  I also linked to my weekly posts.  If you want to read about a certain week, just click on that number.

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, but started weighing myself at 6 weeks.

1st Trimester
6 weeks: .4 ounces (120.4)
7 weeks: 1 pound (121)
8 weeks: 0 pound (121)
9 weeks: 0 pound (121)
10 weeks: 1 pound (122)
11 weeks: 1 pound (123)
12 weeks: 0 pound (123)
13 weeks: 2 pounds (125)

2nd Trimester
14 weeks: 0 pounds (125)
15 weeks: 1 pound (126)
16 weeks: 3 pounds (129)
17 weeks: 0 pounds (129)
18 weeks: 1 pound (130)
19 weeks: 1 pound (131)
20 weeks: 2 pounds (133)
21 weeks: 3 pounds (136)
22-23 weeks: 4 pounds (140)
24 weeks: 2 pounds (142)
25 weeks: 2 pounds (144)
26 weeks: 1 pound (145)

3rd Trimester
27-28 weeks: 4 pounds (149)
29 weeks: 3 pounds (152)
30 weeks: 2 pounds (154)
31 weeks: 2 pounds (156)
32 weeks: 2 pounds (158)
33 weeks: 2 pounds (160)
34 weeks: 4 pounds (164)
35 weeks: 1 pound (165)
36 weeks: 1 pound (166)
37 weeks: 0 pounds (166)
37 weeks and 1 day:  Had Baby

It was really interesting to look back.  I gained 5 pounds my first trimester.  Twenty pounds my second and 15 pounds my third.  It started piling on once I hit 21 weeks.  I was running up until 23 weeks, then I would walk.  When I was only walking I was going anywhere from 2.5 miles to 4.5miles 4-5 times a week.  I started cramping really badly at 29 weeks and was told to stop walking which was really hard.  I felt like the only thing I was doing to prevent some of the weight gain was off limits and I struggled with it.

It was really hard to understand why it was coming on so incredibly fast.  I was eating healthy, of course I had my sweets here and there (I ate what I craved, but I had small portions), but I was exercising A LOT!  During my third trimester I finally came to grips with the fact that my body must need it.  For some reason this is how I was reacting to pregnancy.  And I'm aware you need to gain during pregnancy, I just knew the healthy weight passed me at 30 pounds and most likely everything from there on was fat (and I know now it was) that I would have to lose after wards.

It didn't change the fact that I was depressed about it often.  That I didn't feel like I looked like myself (see post below).  And it was never about her  - never about the size of my belly - I LOVED THAT.  I loved how my tummy was round and big and how I could feel her move and know she was growing inside me.  It was how huge my thighs were (I grew out of some of my pregnancy clothes) and my face was unrecognizable to me.  I think unless you've been there do you understand.

I vowed to lose it all.  That I wouldn't get pregnant again until I was back to 120 pounds (118 preferably).  That I would train for a half marathon, because I've always wanted to run one, so the weight loss was my excuse to train and my motivation.  And I was highly motivated!

Here are some photos following my growth:
The weekend before I found out I was pregnant.  I felt sick the morning after this Jazz game and hoped it meant pregnant, but tried not to think much of it.

I was 10 weeks here dressed up for my dance final.  

At 13 weeks - I believe I had to start undoing my top button here.  I was very excited about this, it meant my tummy was getting bigger!

This is Sharlene and I, our due dates were 5 days apart (I ended up having mine around 2 weeks before her).  I was 19 weeks and she was 20.  (not sure why the picture looks a little distorted)

At 22 weeks in Michigan.  This was the last week I wore my wedding ring.  And the last week I wore those pants (I tried them on the other day and they were super baggy.  It was weird)

At 25 weeks a front shot.  These were a pair of the last pre pregnancy pants to go. (24 pounds gained)

Only a week later on my birthday
I felt like it was after this trip to Oregon that I really ballooned.  I was very, very swollen.

28 weeks in Lake Tahoe.  It was right after this trip I was told I couldn't walk (to exercise) anymore.  And almost any walking for that matter hurt (because of the cramping).

Such a flattering picture, huh?  30 weeks at my baby shower.  34 pounds gained - 10 pounds in almost 4 weeks!

35 weeks.  Two weeks before I had her.  I think the preeclampsia had hit by this point but my doctors appointment wasn't until the next week.  So I started to swell even more.  45 pounds gained.

This is the morning we went into the hospital.  We stopped at Jaren's parents house for a minute and Jaren's mom took this picture.  It's the only one of the two of us before she was born and the others of me before the surgery are on his phone.

They pumped 2 bags of fluid in me before the C-Section and I couldn't believe how much more swollen I got.  It took a good week for all of that to come off.  I had to stop taking the Ibuprofin as often.  It was very uncomfortable to move (not only because of the giant hole in my belly, but because I couldn't even flex my foot).  And I woke up completely wet from sweat for 2 weeks after.

And here is my almost 16 1/2 pound nugget now :)

Cassie Mickelsen of Pink Paisley Photography took this and the family picture in the post below.


Lena Gilbert said...

That took some dedication to keep track of all that. I honestly have no idea what I gained when nor do I have pictures...I am kinda glad I don't. But its cool you kept track for yourself! I love her pictures. She's very cute.

Whitney R said...

I did it for myself to compare with each pregnancy. I also had hoped to be able to keep some sort of control on it all (which didn't end up happening). I also did it for Naomi, if she wants to compare her pregnancies with mine. Or any other daughter I might and hopefully will have.
And I find it interesting.

Alexis Treese said...

Dont let your ward see this... soon you'll be called to be the RS secretary. Thats some good record keeping. I thought I made it all the way into my pregnancy without feeling like a whale until I saw the picture of me and Casey walking into the hospital and I had three chins. yikes. I love your above comment... saying how you did this for Naomi. I was thinking tracking my weight gain would make me crazy... But I totally get doing it for your daughter! I wanted to know everything about my moms pregnancy. and our pre and post preggo weights were practically identical. The one caveat... when my mom said she was the happiest when she was pregnant. What the??
I think you look fabulous in your family pictures! You did it! Dont you feel like you've really accomplished something?! And that last pic of Nae... amazing.
With love,