Friday, July 25, 2008

Lincoln City, Oregon

This last week has been an eventful busy week, but oh so much fun! We drove to Lincoln City, Oregon where we go every summer to a beach front house. My grandma has rented a house on the beach since I was 12.... or younger, I'll have to think about it. It used to be mostly my mom, aunt, grandma, little sister and her age cousin, Roxanne, and Chantile my age cousin and myself. Sometimes Nathan, my older brother and his age cousin Lige would come, but since we have all been older and out of high school it's been harder to get us all there for the whole thing. Just about everyone showed up for at least a few hours for the 5-6 days we were there. There were really 4 super sunny days, and 2 cold overcast days. 2 days where it was warm enough to not have to wear your jacket. Thanks to my aunt for sending me these pictures through email so I could post while I'm still in Washington visiting more friends and family. Oh, and on one of those sunny days.. I got quite the sunburn a long with my cousin, Roxanne. So hopefully this is the start to a bit of a tan!

Swinging at a park with my 10 month old neice, Claire. I have a video of her swinging by herself, she thought this was the funnest thing.
And I'll never grow out of playing on the toys myself. This was so fun! I glided back and forth for a while.
The day Chantile showed up. It was so fun having her and her boyfriend, Reuben there for even a little bit. We are usually attached at the hip the entire trip, but since they just live an hour and a half away she has to work!
This was quite the site. I wasn't involved in this crazy fiasco, but I watched it from the beach house; which I will post a picture of later. One peice of bread is thrown and you have tons of seagulls. Amazingly, no one was pooped on.
These two cousins had quite the time getting to know each other. Claire loved Isak and it took him a day or two to warm up to her. Isak walks and Claire is 4 months behind him and she is still crawling. They love each other and would play together often. Isak loved to come over to Claire's head and rub it because she has such soft hair. I wish I wish I had caught a video of it, but we are going to Boise Sunday for a few days and maybe I will catch them then.

P.S. I won a Seriously So Blessed contest! I won a bumper sticker and as soon as I get it, I'll post a picture. I never win anything so I was pretty excited!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

FINALLY Time for Vay - Cay!

Credits go out to SSB for introducing me to the term, "Vay-Cay"

Yes, it's true, I am done with this semester! I would like to thank my husband for being my sole employer so that when I neglect my wifely duties because of school work, I just have to bat my eyes and I'm forgiven. This last month has been insane. I had to finish school early so that I could drive myself to Washington on Thursday (Today). To do this, I really didn't get any house work done. There was a sink full of dirty dishes, 2 hampers full of clean unfolded laundry, an unmade bed, a bedroom with tons of clothes scattered about and un-ironed (is that a word?) church shirts. Jaren let me know he'd take care of it all.... no big deal. But.. that's why I get paid the big bucks; I do the dirty work, can he handle it? ;) He cleans the kitchen all the time and he does a better job than I do. I have been so high strung the last 2 weeks. Finally, I got everything done and left Rexburg at 12:00 pm. 9 1/2 hours and 43 gallons later, I arrived in my wonderful hometown of Othello. Tomorrow morning were up early again and on our way to Lincoln City Oregon. My Grandma rents a beach front house every summer for us to enjoy. It is very much needed for me this year.

I wont be back to Rexburg for 2 weeks... this is the longest Jaren and I have ever been apart (the previous record being 3 days). It sure isn't going to be fun.... But, I would like to leave everyone with this image of me doing... I guess you can call it a "happy dance" because another semester is behind me, two more to go.

You need to have your volume on to have the full effect.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Finally Did It

I finally did it. After over a month of talking myself into it, I finally did it. I had been wanting to change my hair for a while. I never thought I would look good with short hair. I've never had short hair; it has always always been long. I was bored with my long hair and I wanted to cut it. But how much to cut off? Then I found that hair mixer thing and started playing with that and realized I didn't look that bad with short hair, even if it was fake! So that's when the wheels really started turning and I started to plan on cutting it. I still had about a month left of softball and I was afraid of not being able to put my hair in a pony tail so I decided to wait till that was over. My last game was last night, I had made the appointment at the beginning of the week; I knew that if I didn't make the appointment I wouldn't do it. Today at 10 am I walked into the Paul Mitchell School and got a girl who was finishing the program that day (thank goodness!!!!). She started to measure my hair and we found I had enough to give to Locks of Love. I wanted to give my hair, but I didn't think I'd have enough with the length I wanted to cut it. I was really excited and felt a bit better about the hair cut knowing that my beautiful hair wasn't going in the trash. So... the entire time I just kept saying, "I can't believe it... this is so weird...." I had huge knots in my stomach and I know there are a lot of pictures, but I'm documenting the whole thing on here for those who know how big of a deal this was to me. I'll have more pictures on facebook. After 2 hours and 10 inches later it was done.

I was terrified. I wanted to do it but I was scared the whole way. What you see here is knots in my stomach.
A bit scared... A bit excited.....
This meant it was all over. No going back! I was in shock from this point on, both Linds and my hair dresser are laughing at me.
Looking at this, I wish she had cut it another inch shorter.
I was laughing hysterically as she kept handing me my hair, I didn't know what to do with it!

It was really unreal....
This is while it was happening. She took her time and made sure everything was strait.
The end product! Some more of my hair. The bangs are taking some getting used to.
I can't believe it's all gone! But I sure am happy with it. I really love it, Jaren likes it and I think he likes it more and more as he see's it. I told him I might not ever have long hair again if I like this enough and he said, that'll be okay. I think my face looks different, Jaren says it looks thinner which makes me happy cause that was one of my worries. I'm so excited to try all sorts of new things with it! What do you think??

The Championship!!!

Last night was our championship softball game. As you can see, we won! It was my last fast pitch softball game ever. Unless I play this fall, but chances are high I wont. I thought about playing soccer with Lindsey but we'll see if she has time for it. That would be a lot of fun, I haven't played since fall of 2003. So, I made some pretty amazing plays, if I do say so myself, but batting wasn't my best. This whole season I have struck out once and what happens this game? I strike out twice AND I'm the third out BOTH times. Goodness, I was so mad. This ump's strike zone was either at someones knee's or their head. Not at the belly where the perfect balls could be hit and anyone else would call a strike zone. This is my third Championship out of 4 times playing softball. I just bring such luck to my team, I guess! (hahahahahha) Unless we don't have a good pitcher (which is what happened last time). The pictures are not in order.

Were Number One! Were Number One! We only lost one game this season, and that one shouldn't have been lost. This is what you get when you win a Championship at BYU-Idaho; T Shirts. I have 3 :)
My noble fans! They didn't hoot and holler like my second championship when my brother's were there. But, who needs hooting and hollering!
So, they said to make a mean face.... I didn't know that meant a "serious" face. So, here I am Grring out loud and no one else did. Boo.

Before the game, this was a fun picture. I'm the photog so I'm not in it.
I had to get a picture in my uniform before I got all sweaty and red cause it was hot.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For Your Entertainment

This is one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen on TV.

The Soup is our Friday night favorite.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wish I Could Meet Jack Someday

I would love to have one of the super cute backgrounds that looked like you scrapbooked them. I tried for a second but it did weird things to my page, so I switched back to my old one. Then it took off my entire blog list, which irked me because I had to look everyone back up and I finally just bookmarked the pages too so if that ever happened again I wouldn't be as irked. Not only did it take off my blog list, it took off every page element I had except "about me" and the past posts element. Boo! I don't quite understand why. Am I dumb? Is there something I did? Stupid backgrounds.

Anyway... just thought I'd let everyone know I'm now officially obsessed with Law and Order. I come home and leave the TV on and watch re runs on TNT while I'm doing homework. I tell ya, if I don't watch the beginning it's not as good of an episode for me. Is it morbid that my favorite part is finding out how the crime was committed? Or found or whatnot.

If you can't tell, I'm bored. Jaren is out checking water and I didn't go with him because I figured I might pass out.... but I'm wide awake. I should be reading for a quiz I have Monday... but, I seem to have a hard time getting myself to do any school work till the last nano second lately. Maybe because I'm sick of it!? Yeah... could be.

I'm also really entertained by the blog, "Seriously, So Blessed". It's someone posing as a Utah wife and plays the epitome of a Mormon Utah girl. My friend, Victoria sent me the link and I spent an hour yesterday reading posts. It's really funny. Lena, I think you'll especially enjoy it. What's even funnier is reading one of your friends posts who talks just like her. Not that I have any friends who do that. :) I really don't, but I'm sure you guys might. Hope everyone is having a super non boring night!

Oh yeah, I painted that extra bedroom I was going to re-do today and it's way too dark. I'm bummed and now we have to prime it and then paint it a different color. It's all my fault! I'm a bit stubborn and made us paint the whole thing.... I really should not have done that. I'll post pictures later. It looks like you walked into a super green pine tree needle.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld!

This is Jessica at her luncheon. Jaren and I were able to go to the ceremony and it was beautiful. Then we had to rush through the luncheon to get to Salt Lake in time to go to the show. Jess looked beautiful and was really happy. I'm jealous; they are in Cancun on their honeymoon. :)
So this week has been one of the busiest this semester. I had things going on all day every day so far and it's so nice to sit here right now writing this with most of it out of my way. I had 2 hard tests, one in Epidemiology and one in Exercise Physiology. I had a take home test that was due wednesday in Exercise Phys, and a 12 page case study that was due in Epi today and a few other assignments that don't sound very impressive so I wont mention them :) I finished both my tests yesterday and the case study; it took all day. So, 2 weeks left of this semester and then it should be all down hill from here. Next semester is 12 credits (I'm taking 15 now and took 15 last semester too), with 2 or 3 pretty hard classes, maybe. Then my last semester will be 7 credits! I'm so excited to be done! I just don't think of it in months from now... just 6 months of school left; it sounds better.

Anyway, this last weekend we got to go on a mini vacation to Salt Lake to see Jerry Seinfeld. I had never seen him before and I haven't seen a lot of Seinfeld episodes. I know I know.. "What?! Whitney they are so great!" They ended in 1999, right? I was 13, not quite old enough to care a whole lot about anything other than TGIF episodes. But, Jaren on the other hand is old ;) He likes it when I tell him that when he graduated from high school I was a beehive. haha. He is a major Seinfeld fan, can tell you about any of the episodes and quotes them all the time. Not only him, but his family too. They will be talking about something, then one of them will quote something and everyone will laugh. At the beginning I felt so left out. Now, I just know they are quoting Seinfeld and someday I might catch up. We have all the seasons and Jaren wont open any of them to watch, he wants to tape the episodes on TV to watch. I find it really funny. So Jaren's parents got everyone tickets, 3rd row might I add :) The opening guy was a guy with the last name Papas, so they call him Papa. I wish I remembered his first name. He was super funny talking about how "What if humans really weren't supposed to eat meat." "One of the Saints comes back to God and tells Him, 'You know those humans.. well, their eating EVERYTHING! We've got a problem.' " I love comedians because not a whole lot makes me laugh super hard and I love to laugh super hard, who doesn't? One of the funnier things from Seinfeld was his encore bit. He started talking about the automatic toilets and how super sensor sensitive they are and how the sinks aren't as quick to catch on. "For the sinks, we have to do a David Copperfield arm waving just to get it to come on." Then, "and they seem to use the most sound reflective materials made by man, metal, tile, porcelain, what else can they use to make every noise reverberate in the room?" I can't remember the exact wording but it went something like this.... "nothing is made very tight. There are the cracks in between the doors and the door doesn't go all the way down to the floor so you see everyone's sad pants and socks and skinny legs. And your walking down trying to find an empty stall and you catch glimpses of these frightened deer in the headlights eye's through the cracks. What else can they do to make this experience more humiliating?!" That was the part that made me laugh the most, because it's all the truth. Every bit of it. I really had a good time and I love seeing comedians. We saw Brian Regan last summer in Idaho Falls and it was hilarious too. Hopefully he comes again this summer.

So, I made Jaren talk about it too, because I knew he'd remember more than I did. And he's never posted and I hope to get him to post more often. This is all I got and its sure better than nothing.

Jerry Seinfeld is the "King of Comedy", his routine was dead on. He spoke on his wife and kids and how he can't speak to his wife in his "normal" tone but has to use his "nice, higher-pitched, falsetto" tone. If that is not the truth, I don't know what is. He talked about how fathers wardrobes are frozen in the time period when we felt in our prime. Oh Jerry, its funny because its real. The opening act before Jerry was a guy named Pappa and he talked about his father always ending every conversation with "is that what you want" his dad would ask, "if you miss school today you'll end up a hobo living under an overpass panning for food and money... is that what you want?"

I hope everyone has a fun day today. I'm very excited for our reunions this summer so I can see my family that I never get to see. :) That will also mean this semester will be over! Happy 4th everyone! I sure do love living in this country. (I added the bolded things to Jarens entry because I like the way it looks)