Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sippy Skippy!

I am skipping because Naomi drank a good 3 ounces or so from her sippy cup today!  I have been trying every day - 2-3 times a day to get her to drink and maybe 3 or 4 times total she has taken a few sips and then let out an angry cry and pushed it away. 

I started to get discouraged because - I mean - she wouldn't even TRY!  And I don't want to do a cold turkey, take bottle away in a few months.  I really wanted it to be a gradual thing.  But she wasn't showing any progress.  But today she chugged water.  I almost cried.

And she's taken her first steps and wants to hold our hands and walk EVERYWHERE.  All the time.  She'll let go of something and take 2 or 3 steps, but get's scared when she falls.  So she's not too brave yet. 

Walking, drinking from a sippy and a cup.  What's next?  Soccer?  She's going to be a toddler.  Time flies. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Holy This Is Getting Ridiculous

That phrase applies to a few things.

How long it's taken me to post.  Seriously.  The biggest thing going on in my life right now is my daughter and her blog is elsewhere.  And that is terribly neglected too.  Especially since she is so funny and fun and doing so many new things now.  It's a shame.  Shame on me.  I'm aware of the shame.... 

The other biggest thing is my photography business.  And I guess I'm not 100% comfortable going on and on about my annoyances, stresses, ideas and complaints.  I want it to be professional and so I can't vent about it all in a public forum.  But call me and I'll tell you all about it.

The other ridiculous thing is that I didn't realize how badly I need to vent!  Or talk!  It wasn't until I talked my Mom's ear off today for about 40 minutes, I think, about everything.  I didn't give her hardly any time to get a word in and she tried to end the conversation a few times.  Sorry Ma.  :)   On my way home I realized how badly I wanted to call someone else and just TALK.  But I wanted to talk someone's ear off and I couldn't do that in 10 minutes.  So.. I sat in my car thinking.. and thinking.. .and realizing that I'm so very ready for Jaren to be done with harvest.  Done with being busy and being gone.  We were able to have a quick lunch in town today - haven't had lunch with him in a while and usually he comes home for lunch.  We were talking with no other distractions and I remembered things that had happened days to a week ago that I hadn't had a chance to tell him!  Seriously.  He's been coming home around 9 each night and leaving around 7:30 each morning.  I just miss him.  Miss everything about having him around. 

What's funny is that normally this feeling happens much earlier during the farming season.  Sometimes even before harvest!  But I think having Naomi to take are of and keep me company is helping a lot.  But she isn't the best conversationalist.  Sometimes she doesn't even listen very well.  She interrupts me frequently by blurting out some obseinity such as, "Ma!" or "Tah, Tah, Tah, Tah" or "Dadatayada!".  Or she wants a hug, or she runs away for her bedroom (which she loves) when I didn't even tell her to go to it.  Or she starts playing with a toy that makes noise to drown out my ramblings.  She's not very subtle.  It's obvious I'm torturing her.  So then I smother her with kisses to tell her I don't care.  :)

Anyway... right now Nae is sick.  Poor thing, she's so boogery and tired and rubs her nose and get's boog's all over her face and hands and toys and me.  Jaren is sick with a sinus infection and I'm starting to not feel so well.  I feel pretty bad for Jaren.  He doesn't get to rest; we do.  He's not even home yet and it's 9.  Their projected date to be done is Wednesday next week.  I cant tell you how much I'm looking forward to how happy and free he will feel when he comes home that night. 

And Nae's birthday is in two weeks and I need to make invites.  Well, I don't need to I want to.  And I have a bunch of stuff I'm working on for my business.  And I have to plan the party.  I mean, she'll be one so she wont care.  She'll wonder why there are so many people in her house.  Oh man... the house!  I have to clean clean clean!  And what will we do?  What do you do at a one year old's party?  I suggested pin the diaper on the Nae Nae and Jaren said no.  It's a really hard game.  We play it daily.  I'm going to make cupcakes!  That's decided....  Maybe I'll google "One year old birthday party games that adults will want to participate in and wont require a walker because mine isn't quite there yet"  But then pictures of old people walkers will come up and I'll be back at square one.

Oh!  AND I want a blog makeover.  But I don't have time to do it right now.  And I want to read blogs and comment.  But I haven't had a chance to read a whole lot more than a few friends and family.  Shame on me again. 

I love you all, though.  Know that.  And I know that lot's don't like the long ramblings.  But I think that's what I need to do to get back into the blogging groove.  So bear.. bare (right?)  with me.  I might even make you laugh if you get my sense of humor.  :)