Wednesday, July 22, 2009

25 Weeks: I'm Now A Belly Dancer

This week has been monumental with her movement. I felt her quite a bit before, but she is constantly moving! I am noticing a pattern. She wakes up with me, within 3 to 4 minutes of when I start to talk to Jaren she starts moving and that's my cue to pull back the covers and watch my belly dance. She's awake anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half (yesterday). Then she goes back to sleep and is up a little before lunch and during lunch. Goes to sleep when I take a nap and then is up when I'm up for dinner and she's up for a few hours (with naps in between, I'm sure) during the evening and night. I'm really hoping this schedule sticks! I don't know what she's doing while i'm sleeping. Sometimes she wakes up when I get up to use the bathroom and I feel her moving around till I fall asleep (that can take anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes). I just want to know how she is positioned. I'll find out this coming tuesday! I get another ultrasound - whoohoo!! I'll have pictures to show, too.

Hunger: holy cow! I want to eat an entire cow! Most days of the week I am constantly hungry. Yesterday was the first day I felt normal. But this last week about 20 minutes after I ate I felt like I was starving again. Full on painful stomach. Not like I was thinking about food and wanted to eat - my stomach was hurting rather badly. Jaren asked - what happens if you just don't eat? It hurts worse!!! I really don't want this to be the point where I start eating constantly and the weight comes on and on no matter how much I've been exercising. So, I bought lots of fruits and veggie's and I'm going to munch on those when I feel that way again. It's ridiculous. I'm eating a lot! So there's no question as to if I'm getting enough food. I am.

I was flipping between Food Network "How it's Made" and a show on HGTV when they were talking about Tastee Freeze's frozen treat. And they showed a banana split. Ohhhh, how I haven't had one of those in years - but I remembered how good it tasted and at 8:30 when Jaren got home he took me into town and we got me the stuff to make it. So, 9:45 (he had to check water up on the hill) I had my banana split and it tasted devine. And then I felt guilty and haven't had it since. Maybe tonight? It's been a few days.

Exercise: I've been doing amazing with my walking. From Tuesday to Tuesday I walked 5 days that week. Didn't go Sunday and Thursday I had a dentist appointment early that morning so I didn't go. Out of those 5 days, 2 were 2.5 miles, 1 was 3.5 miles and 2 were 4.5 miles. I'm not noticing a huge difference with ease in pain yet. I'm hoping it comes.

Pain: I now have knee pain and my upper back is horrible. Constantly cramping and hurting. If anything is wearing me down this pregnancy it's the pain. Lower back, groin, upper back, knee's and hips. But, I figure if anything is going to help me it's the walking. So, I keep going. And I go to the Chiropractor tomorrow. He's started having me go every 10 days instead of 2-3 weeks because I'm doing such a horrible job of holding my adjustments. Good news is we reached our $3,000 deductable! Is that good news? That you've spent that much in less than 7 months on chiropractic visits and doctors visits? I will say it came at a good time when my back is worse and my visits are more frequent and now I just have to pay 20% of whatever the bill is. I laughed hysterically when I was told - she(chiropractor secretary) looked at me funny. So I called Jaren and we both studdered flabbergastedly (is that a word?) because he knows how crazy that is. But with $280 bucks every prenatal visit I guess it adds up. Baby girl, you are expensive!

Dentist: I went fully scared to death and fully prepared to be told I needed 2 -3 root canals. I also was ready to tell him to put his drill away till December. When I floss there are 3 horrible spots that really really really really hurt. I knew at least two of those spots were cavities that had been filled twice (if you have followed my dental horrors, this makes sense - if not here is the post (and p.s. about this post - when I said I was going to wait to have the new one's filled it was becuase I had to wait to find out if I was pregnant, and I wasn't, so 2 weeks later I went in) and one of them has probably been filled three times. So I just thought the next thing was to do a root canal. Which makes me want to cry. But, he poked around and I squealed and he told me the cavities just had overhangs that were catching food (YES - it's really gross when I floss) and irritating the gums and that's why it's been hurting. So, he just has to re-fill them. And when I mentioned the temperature sensitive teeth he said they would take an x-ray after the baby came. When I mentioned the pressure sensitive teeth he said it was my bite and he'd fix it after baby. I left feeling glad since there was no talk of root canals. But then I thought about the cost.... uuuhhhhgggggg. My mouth has costed us close to two grand since we've been married. It's depressing. Good thing Jaren has perfect teeth without all the mad brushing and flossing and rinsing I do. Boo!! Cheater.

Baby showers:
I officially have dates and places for my showers. I'm really really really excited! Between my mom, mother in law and friend I'm getting three. One here, Boise and back in Washington. Washington and Boise will be small and mostly family. I'm spoiled - Jaren doesn't let me forget it. But I'm making my own invites and I'm super excited because I think they are beautiful. I made my sister in law's (I'll just mention how skinny my face is in these pictures:) when I threw her shower back in November and had such a good time making them I wanted to do my own. I'll post about them.

Sunday was the most belly bouncing of days. We were at my in laws having dinner. Afterwards I was sitting with my feet on Jaren and we were talking to his sister. And she was moving and kicking (not my sister in law - the fetus) and I looked down and my belly was really rolling! I was so excited I kept saying, "Jaren!" "Look!" He'd say, "I saw it" "I saw her". But I was much more excited and was dissapointed he wasn't watching my stomach like a TV like I was. I am trying to remember exactly when I saw the first belly movement - did I document that in my super long weekly posts? I'm not in the mood to look back but if I were to guess I'd say it was either 18 or 19 weeks. So it's just been slowly increasing since then. And now it's almost every time she moves you see it. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Bending over? Pretty much non existent now. With how low she is it's VERY uncomfortable and often even painful.

Sometimes I catch myself trying to suck in when squeezing through a small space and I still get stuck. Then I realize their's no sucking in the little person I'm growing in my basketball sized belly and feel silly.

25 Weeks:
This is how I stand and sit just about all the time. Where else am I supposed to put my hands?! I have a nice little/big table just for them. And I usually get kicked. Isn't my belly getting huge?! I feel like every morning I wake up and look down and "HOLY MOLY I'M PREGNANT(er)!"

Jaren was teasing me. This is the look I give him a lot - but without the smile. It was so confusing trying to chastize him with my face and smile at the camera at the same time. I wont be a very scary mom if I can't master this one better. Oh, and with the glare(from the light) it really does look like I'm glowing.Oh! How did I forget to mention the swelling?!! Every night my feet swell and feel like furnaces and my hands are hot plates and my fingers are sausages and my face is perfectly round. This last week officially marked the put away of my wedding ring. I've gotten quite a few looks for my big fake one. I've got a few posts to post this week - that will be one of them. I really don't like feeling like a blimp.


Kristina P. said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady!

Life as Ashley said...

I love the second picture. So cute! You look truly happy!

Good job on all the exercise. Do you have any contractions while walking? I remember when I took walks I had constant contractions. At first I didn't know that's what they were, but when I told the doctor about it, he told me that's what was happening.

Can't wait to see the big ring post. I wear my some days and some days not. I always get looks and questions when I have it on though. :)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I just bought myself a big huge fake ring and my doctor commented on how much he really liked it yesterday. I had to laugh and tell him it was fake, but he said he still really like it, HA!!! All my mother in law could say was "wow it is huge" hee hee I love it!

Alexis Treese said...

You look great. Its the best when you look obviously pregs and not in between. Strangers are going to treat you so nice now- its a phenomenon I've noticed. Oh and I remember the back ache!! I think you should get a massage weekly, I started doing that later in my pregnancy and it was great. Oh ya-and the sucking in; I can totally relate, its so natural- then you are like, "what the freak am I doing?" It always made me giggle inside because I thought I was vain- but like I said it's natural. Im so excited and amazed that you know her schedule. I never knew what to expect, I just know that she always loved to do somersaults in my belly when I just layed down for bed. I know Ive said this A LOT- but you are going to be an incredible mama. xoxo-ali

Rebellious Roberts said...

i was blog hopping :) you look so cute prego!!!

Rowboat said...

oh man pregnancy sounds like a real trip! i feel hungry all the time too, although i'm not pregnant. it is a pain! good luck whitney.

ramsam said...

you look great- and it is cool you are keeping such good track of everything that is going on!

Strawberry Shortcake said...

You are already halfway there! Good work :) I love the belly dancing. It's so fun (sometimes uncomfortable at the end, however). My husband still thinks it's too alien-like to enjoy the movement. He loves the baby, but not watching it wrestling with itself in my belly. Bizarre. Good job on the walking. I got sciatic pain so bad that I couldn't walk too much on a few of my pregnancies. Of course, I was never as cute and small as you when I am pregnant either. You look adorable :)

roxrocks said...

You might have less pain if you find a pool and aqua jog for your exercise. it won't put stress on your back or knees or hips. It's been the best thing I have done or my arthritis. I'm sure you can get an aqua belt to fit and not squeeze your belly.

Wendyburd1 said...

That IS most definitely a baby bump now, the women in the store must be stupid, you have an adorable bump!!

Let yourself have that banana split, it has fruit and calcium!!

Sara Ann said...

mmmm banana split! Yum:) Don't you just love the cravings?