Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naomi's Newborn Pictures

Here is my beautiful little girl.  We had her newborn pictures taken at 4 weeks old.  She was about 7 pounds and didn't want to sleep or pose for pictures while she was trying to sleep. 

I posted a bunch more on the private blog.  Cassie Mickelsen at Pink Paisley photography took her pictures.  She did a great job and I'll probably use her again for pictures when Naomi is a bit older. 

She peed on Jaren and her sheets.  It wasn't the most fun listening to her cry and scream when she just wanted to be held.  I'm glad we did them because we will have these beautiful pictures forever.  But I'll definitely take the next baby at 1 or 2 weeks when they are super super sleepy to avoid the wrath I faced with this one. 

There's another picture of her on Cassie's website.  I love all of the pictures so much that I think I'll print them all out and put them around the house.  :)  Where is the best place to print pictures?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I always thought the word "lactation" was such a funny weird word. 

I've not had any problems nursing.  Not since my milk came in and the nugget has been able to get plenty to eat and has been gaining weight steadily after her near whole pound drop in her first 5 days of life. 

My concerns are how much am I producing?  I pump about every time after I feed her.  I want to store LOTS of milk.  I fear getting mastitis or some type of infection where I cant breast feed or my production will go down.  I'm so adamant about breast feeding because of a lot of reasons, but the biggest is my antibodies.  With this winter being one of the worst the sicknesses have seen I am quite nervous.  We are still staying home and not taking her out.  And now that she is a month old, she's not been sick yet.

So, I'm trying to figure out how to get myself to make more milk.  I'm pumping and taking these supplements and have heard about this tea that is supposed to help.  I figure why not try?  So I'm trying those things and I do think it helps a bit. 

But, are there other ways?   

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Showering is So Overrated

I have been a slave to the baby for the last month.  And my desire to get on the computer or blog has gone out the window with my sleep.  I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things.

My life has been rather uneventful since I stay at home all day. In the last week my desire to get out has been rather strong.  I'm feeling better, but am still quite sore, but I want to start walking.  If only I can find the time.  I'm hoping I can make the time - put the nugget in her bouncer and go walk on the treadmill.  I think I'll try soon.  Like tomorrow.  The weight is coming off, but SO SLOWLY.  Like 2-3 pounds a week and I want it to go MUCH faster since I still have like 20 pounds to go.  So, exercise is my only option since dieting is out of the question.

Another issue?  Showering.  I can't leave her by herself for more than 5 minutes because she starts to cough or choke (she has reflux) and it scares me to death.  That and she is too young/small for me to feel comfortable leaving her out in the house by herself. 

So, I have to wait till Jaren is around and so far, we've managed a good every other day thing.  It's not enough for me.... but it's ok.  But today?  Today is day number 3.... I feel like I stink and it feels so gross.  Jaren is at church right this second but when he get's home he is watching the wee one and I'm going to shower.  For a good hour or so. 

When did you feel comfortable enough to leave your baby out by her/himself while you showered?