Thursday, September 24, 2009

34 Weeks: How Is She Going to Come Out?!

Your guess is as good as mine.

We went to the doctor Tuesday and everything was going well. I was in a great mood - my blood pressure was off the charts. So they had a nurse come in and manually take it twice: first time was 102!!! Oh man... I about cried. I realized it was the only thing that was constant pre pregnancy that has come out during pregnancy (at the end, of course.... but still). Second time was 110; still MUCH better, but not as low as what I used to be. It made me a bit sad that my very very healthy and in shape self has long since been gone. But I am VERY hopeful and looking forward to getting my body back and making it mine again. What I'm happy with, what I'm used to.

Anywho: quick update then I'll run into the different birthing scenarios.
  • - been taking the "stop cramping" pills for over a week now and menstrual cramps are pretty much all gone. Just get the sharp quick painful ones when I walk - not constantly, but still pretty regular while walking.
  • - pretty sure bladder infection is gone. Didn' t know I had one in the first place.... so I'm assuming the antibiotics did the trick.
  • - Mommy came all last week and helped a TON. Cleaned, helped me de-clutter and kept me company. The biggest project - the nursery - got done because of her. I would have been so overwhelmed.
  • - Jaren set up the crib last Wednesday and I LOVE IT. All I do is go in and just stare and stare.
  • - I also go in and grab my blessing dress and stare and hold it - I'm in love. So glad Mom held onto that.
  • - Really really looking forward to spud harvest being over so I get my husband back. This has been the least demanding (this is my 3rd I've been married to him for) so far, so I shouldn't be complaining. But I miss him.
  • - since regulating my own diet the scale has been somewhat under control.
  • - Still have a super inny belly button
  • - no stretch marks on belly - I check every day
  • - but have found them elsewhere... and found some more this morning - REALLY bummed about it.
  • - rib pain get's worse every day. The bigger she get's the larger her head is and it's constantly lodged under my ribs. Just my right side, but it's lately been hurting on both sides even though she's only on one side.
  • - Informed Jaren I'm going to whine a lot about being miserably uncomfortable and in pain because it makes me feel better. He's ok with it.
  • - Amazing how whining actually does make you feel better
  • - I think I just need those Advent bottles (so expensive!) and then I'm pretty well set.... I think..... I hope.

Oh the possibilities:
She will come one of two ways: C section or vaginal birth (what other ways are there? Unless there's something new that I've not heard of....)

How we will get to either of those points will go one of these ways:

  • At 36 weeks I stop taking my cramping pills and go in for an ultrasound to try to see if they can see why she wont budge. I'll also get "checked" again.....
  • At this ultrasound if we see that she cannot move or budge then we schedule C section from there. We'll see if I can swing 38 weeks.... but I doubt it.
  • Unless I go into labor before or she decides to turn by 38 weeks we will try to turn her. I'll go in the hospital, they will give me stuff to relax my uterus and some stuff for the pain, take an ultrasound find bum, head and placenta then a nurse and my doc will start the pain, I mean... process. He said they will try a front somersault, if she wont move, they will try the opposite way and if she wont move that way either; they give up. No need to try when obviously there's a reason she wont move. And then we would schedule a C section for a few days later.
  • If I go into labor and she is breech and they have already established she wont flip, they will automatically take me in and do a C section.
  • If at 38 weeks they get her turned, my doc is pretty sure that because she will be bigger she wont turn back around. So we wait.... and wait till my body and her's decides it's time to get on with life and get her out.
  • We will enduce depending on the situation and what is going on and what my doctor thinks is best.
I am planning on a C section so that if she flips I will be pleasantly surprised about pushing her out the "normal" way. Then if I have to have a C section I wont be to shocked and freaked, I'll be expecting it. So, I'm mentally preparing myself.

It feels really nice to have some type of plan for each scenario. I'm not just sitting here wondering. I'm more terrified of the turning than I am of the birth(with the birth I get an epidural, not so with the turning). I hear how absolutly painful it is and I've already had a bit of a taste - and THAT was very painful. I cannot imagine a full on attack. I've been assured that she will be fine throughout all of it. They monitor her heart rate and wont force anything. If at any point she is under stress I'll opt out and just go for a c section. I really really REALLY don't want her stressed. She's this poor tiny little innocent thing that doesn't know she's being naughty so I will do whatever is best for her.

I feel very at peace with the whole situation. I know that with whatever happens both her and I will be fine. I just don't know exactly how we will get to that point. It's a bit scary at times.

Lately I can't stop thinking about holding her, seeing her and taking care of her. I can't imagine a little girl that looks like me - all I see is a dark haired, dark eyed and possibly dark skinned little thing. Which is all Jaren. I was a tow head and then my hair started to get dark end of high school and in College went the brown it is now. So it's possible she could come out blonde, but I think it would go dark before she even hit Jr. High because of her daddy.

She's around 5 pounds now and I keep thinking she's a BABY in there. A full sized little baby. She needs to have the finishing touches for her lung and nerve development, but she is getting so big!

I'm trying to be patient... I'm very, very excited. And very uncomfortable, so I'm trying to keep myself occupied. I love this little girl and am soooo excited to have her. She has been very badly wanted for quite some time.

34 Weeks:
I was tired and cranky
The PJ pants(maternity) are courtesy of my sister, Lindsey who had mercy on my "no pants fit me anymore!" dilemma. I have 2 pairs of jeans and b/c of her; 2 pairs of lounge pants. I wear 2 of Jaren's shorts, too. And that's it! I really really look forward to loosing the weight so I have clothes to wear again.


Sara Ann said...

Oh wow, crazy! It is good you are mentally preparing yourself for a c-section, good plan. I don't have belly stretch marks either, but my hips and rear...another story. It was a sad day when I discovered them. At least a swimming suit will cover up belly stretch marks, but on your thighs, crap, I may never wear a bathing suit again!

Sarah Beavor said...

I am so excited for your baby girl. I was the same way as you, I would always go and just look through all her clothes and hold her blessing dress and I think I repacked my hospital bag a ton of times, but just wait, when she gets here you'll be even more in love!

Jenna said...

Have you looked into alternative spinning solutions?

I had a friend use one from and it worked very well for her.

I'm just anti-csection if at all possible because we want a big family and it's difficult to have more than 3 or 4 children if you keep having c-sections because of the possibility of uterine rupture later on. I don't know how big you want your family to be but it's definitely something to consider!

Jenna said...

Have you looked into alternative spinning solutions?

I had a friend use one from and it worked very well for her.

I'm just anti-csection if at all possible because we want a big family and it's difficult to have more than 3 or 4 children if you keep having c-sections because of the possibility of uterine rupture later on. I don't know how big you want your family to be but it's definitely something to consider!

Life as Ashley said...

Holy crud Whit! You are like 4 weeks away! Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! I CANNOT wait to see her!

I'm glad you are feeling more comfortable with every possible scenario of the little one's birth.

I had a c-section, and although it was NOT what I wanted, I understand now that my body was just not capable of doing what it needed to keep me and the baby safe. Although I definitely wish I could have had a vaginal birth, all-in-all I cannot complain about the c-section experience. Granted, I don't exactly know how a planned c-section will go down (yet), but my spur of the moment one was not anything to complain about.

I wish you luck with it all. Keep a positive mind. And if you have any questions about the "afters" of a c-section, let me know. You know, because I probably know soooooo much more than you doctor. Ha, ha.

Anyway. I hope everything works out in whatever your "ideal" is, but I'm happy you are comfortable with "come what may."

Love you! Keep comfy!

Ally in Wonderland said...

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Victoria Gilbert said...

Well, she could chew her way out. I read about that happening in a book once.... :)

Jeannette & Brandt said...

I think that is awesome that you hae your blessing dress! Peyton got to wear mine too and I loved it! It was so special and she looked beautiful in it! And seriously throughout my whole pregnancy I didn't get one stretch mark...until I delivered. The next morning I looked down at my stomach and I had 3 wolverine scratches on my stomach that I did NOT have bummer!

Scooby and Jon said...

I'm glad things are going better this week.
Having done both c-section and vaginal...the c-section is not so bad.
and I'm with you on the whining. I definitely whined a lot the last couple months of my pregnancy. and I only made it 8 months. (granted, there were 2 in there.) But pregnancy pretty much gives you the go ahead on complaining. Especially to men.

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

The only other ways that I've heard and read about are either one ALL-NATUR AL, it doesn't sounds like you're up for. :) Or Water birth. I've been researching it a lot and it's really interesting. But since your baby is breech with such a strong possibility of C-section, I don't think they would let you....but future reference anyway. :)

Kristina P. said...

I've got nothing. But good luck!!

Devry and Chelsey Hymas said...

I'm glad you have a plan, and questions answered! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy...It may be over before I see you again! Now...where are the nursery pictures?! I'm waiting....

Chad, Chelsea and Dawson Davis said...

Okay so something that I really didn't realize before was that when you leave the hospital you leaving looking about 6 months pregnant... so just plan on that I cried when I saw that I still had my tummy. Also you will be amazed at how all of the sudden you are comfortable... no more I can't sleep because my back hurts or you are choking on stomach acid... now you wont be able to sleep because your baby wakes up... and that is a much better reason to be awake at 2 in the morning.

ramsam said...

You still look so beautiful! I used to rub baby oil on my tummy every day. I loved it- I never got itchy and never got a strecthmark...that's after THREE babies, so I swear by it.

I remember iin our birthing class at the hospital they made us watch some births. I put my head on the desk and cried. I wanted to change my mind....and it wsa too late.

The night the baby came was nothing like I thought, and I had worried about it way too much. Yes, it had some hard moments, but ti was actually fun in a sick painful kind of way, and I the first second I saw that boy I was in love. Nothing else matters.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh that rib pain was the worst. I still feel like my ribs are permanently bowed out at the top...eee!