Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Favorites: Part 2

Diaper duty, anyone?  What?  No takers?

First up:
Changing Table
I don't have an actual "Changing Table".  I have a borrowed dresser and put a changing pad on top.  I personally think that buying a changing table with the frame for the changing pad built in is a little dumb.  Because what will you use it for when your kid is either too big for the changing pad or is out of diapers?  I would rather purchase a dresser and put the pad on it or a lot of the dressers that come with nursery sets have a removable frame.  That way when they are older and you still want to use that dresser as a dresser you can and it wont look like it belongs in a nursery.  That's my opinion.

Changing pad.  I received one at my baby shower.  I wanted one because I have a sister in law who has one and always uses it.  I also have 2 other sister in laws who don't have one and just change their kid on the floor.  I wasn't sure if I would use it or not.  It sure looks cute in the room with the matching fabric from my bedding on it.
(I moved it to my family room for lighting purposes)

We have an automen and when Naomi was a newborn it was just easy to change her on that.  I have a diaper caddy (talked about below) that comes with a plastic changing pad - I used that and then laid a receiving blanket over it.  It wasn't until she was over 5 months old that we finally moved her changing station into her own room.  I changed her on the changing pad for ever diaper change.  And gradually in the last month or so, I've just started changing her diaper in the front room.  Before she goes to sleep she get's a bottle and I change her while drinking that - so it's easy to do it on the floor.  But, I still have my diaper cady in by the changing pad.

Do I think they are a waste of money?  No.  They are relatively cheap - here is one for $25 at Target.  I think you have to think if you are going to keep everything for baby in baby's room.  Jaren likes a nice clean picked up home and having Naomi's changing station in our living area bugged him.  Also, do you have hardwood or carpet?  I guess I prefer not to lay Naomi down on super hard surfaces - we have carpet.

Diaper Caddy:  I love love love mine.  I have a J.J. Cole Diaper + Wipes Caddy ($30 at Target) in brown and if I could buy one for each of my friends I would.  It's easy to grab and take anywhere in the house and we even take it on road trips.  I don't carry it to the rest stop (I use my diaper bag), but we take it to the hotel or house or wherever we are staying and have everything in one place.  The plastic mat that comes with it is good sized.  Right now I have it folded and put away in the front room for whenever I need it.  I will lay it on the floor then put a towel over it for when Naomi takes her baths - I put her on it.  Or when we are doing nakey time this is what she lays on.  Always with a towel or blanket because I would think it would be uncomfortable to be laying naked on plastic.  I highly recommend this!
This week I'll also do Diaper ointment/creams/paste's!


Lena Gilbert said...

I think you could also use a basket for wipes/diapers...they may be way cheaper than $25. I got mine on clearance for $5 at target, made a lining, and I have a pretty, whicker diaper basket!

Alexis Treese said...

Love the list... and I LOVE the changing pad cover.

Whitney R said...

Lena - that's a great idea! I like my handle and that it comes with a changing pad, and the drawer for other stuff. Maybe for your next one you'll get one from me and then you'll love it, too :)

Ali - isn't it beautiful! It matches the crib bedding and for that reason alone It will stay in the room. Although, I have been changing her on it more often lately.

Sara Ann said...

I saw the diaper caddy and had to have one. So today I went to babies r us with my 20% off coupon and bought it! Yay! I think it will be my new best friend!