Monday, August 31, 2009

A Cry of Help to the Mommies

I'm to the point where I'm trying to make a list of everything we need for the first 2-3 months of her life. Since I've never done this before I'm having troubles thinking further than bottles, a bath, nail clippers and diapers and wipes.

Like, how many 0-3 month pajamas should I have? How many newborn sized clothes? How many bottles are good to start with? Or do I really need.............?

Lately it's been about breast pumps. What do I need? What are all the different settings good for? All I know is that I want a double, completely electric so all I have to do is hold the bottles - or I can buy one of those snazzy bottle-holding bra's and do the dishes and laundry while pumping. That would be sweet. And absolutely hilarious if Jaren came home and saw me at the sink with a bulging shirt with a bag around my shoulders. I also know I plan on pumping whenever I can. I want to be able to freeze and store milk for when I'm not easily assessable to feed. I think I'm going to get a Medela, because I keep hearing wonderful things about them. And they have some sets that come with EVERYTHING. So, I figure I can't go wrong with that. I'd rather buy a nice one now and be able to use it for more than one or two kids then have to replace it later. But what do I know.... never done it before.

So, my questions are:
What are things I need?
What are things you wish you had thought of?
How many of certain stuff should I stock up on?
I really don't want to have to make a trip to the store just a few weeks later.
What are some things that will make life easier?

Are there are any certain types of brands that are better than others?
And anything else you can think of that will help :)

I'm aching to go and get EVERYTHING and have it put away before October. And then I'll just spend the last few weeks of my pregnancy staring and staring at everything. Because I already do that with what I do have. Especially her clothes :)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 Weeks: Interesting

Really, this week has had all sorts of stuff happen.

  • Painful Braxton Hicks: I've been having Braxton Hicks on my walks for quite some time now, but they haven't been really painful, just uncomfortable. Tuesday was my first full day back home and I was cramping quite a bit, but was okay. I didn't go Wednesday because I had a Chiro appointment. So I went out Thursday and made it about 3/4's of a mile and they started. I would get pain right under my belly button and it would spread down for 3-5 seconds. This happened about every 2 to 5 minutes until I got home. I didn't really know what was going on. So I kept on going, with horrible images of me going into labor in the wilderness with no one around. Stupid brain. The BH continued the rest of the walk. The last 1/2 a mile out of my 2.5 mile's was the worst. I came home, and as long as I was up and moving it kept hurting. So I sat down and waited and they passed and stopped. But a few hours later when I was up and running around the house and town again they started up again. Really painful, so when I got home I started asking my mom questions - who, of course, "call the doctor!" "Call Lena!" (my SIL OB nurse). I wasn't too worried since I had sat down and they had stopped again. I knew that if they stopped, they were Braxton Hicks. I started looking stuff up about BH contractions and found 3 sites that said they are supposed to be painless. That's what made me a little nervous. Jaren came home and I told him what was going on and he tried to get me to call the doctor for 40 minutes. I really didn't want to: why? One: the doc's office was closed. Two: I really didn't want to be one of those first time mommies who calls for every ache and pain. Three: I've been told nurses make fun of those first time mommies who freak and come in and have to leave 2 minutes later being told "all is normal, all is fine." And I really really didn't want that. Especially since I was sure everything was fine. I called Lena on my way to Idaho Falls to the Republican BBQ (where Sarah Palin was supposed to speak, but she resigned and therefor dropped all of her speaking engagements. Dangit - I was going to try to get a picture with her). She told me some helpful things, but everything just pointed to, "it's all normal, everything is fine." Which I was already 98% sure of. I haven't had painful BH's since. I hope I don't till she's ready to come out, b/c I don't want to spend the next 2 months feeling those regularly.
  • PSD: The "groin" pain, that I've always known isn't actually groin pain has worsened. I now can't move while sleeping without excruciating consequences. And it's worse the more active I am - which I think is dumb. But, I do believe we have a breakthrough. I was flipping through my What to Expect book and my eye caught something called, "Pubic Symphysis Disorder". I started to read and as I did I got more and more excited. Jaren thought I was looney because randomly I'd let out a, "OH MY!" and "That's me!!" and "I knew it!!! I KNEW IT!!" I have every single sign and symptom. It's what I knew it was all along. The ligaments and muscles that hold my two pelvic bones together is too strechy and has stretched too much because of the hormone, Relaxin that is being produced by my body in mass amounts. So every step I take is pulling those apart which results in pain. Standing on one foot kills and I can't roll over in bed without hurting. Stairs also are not my friend (my house is a split level). I'm so excited about this find that I'm taking the book in and showing it to my doc. "I have this!!" It's just nice to know exactly what it is. The only thing is that there's nothing that can be done, except wearing a pelvic belt that holds those bones tighter together. And they advise no exercise. HAHAHAHA! Is what I think of that. If there is anything that will strengthen the ligaments and muscles around that area it's exercise, right?? Yes, it hurts after wards, but I'll take it rather than sit on my rear all day for the next 2 months. The benefits of exercising far outweigh the pain, to me. I've been dealing with it since I was 5 months pregnant, I can do two more months.
  • Still breech: head is really painin' my ribs. But I can't help but get excited because I can cup my hand around her little head when she pushes up really high. I'm still sleeping on my left side - it's getting annoying and uncomfortable. I want to roll to my right side everyonce in a while!
  • Movement: Tons. They say it eases up when they start running out of room, but my heavens, she is so squirmy. I can feel just about everything because she is so confined. I just lean back and watch my belly for hours watching her move around. It's so fascinating! And It pretty much makes me want to cry. She is getting so big and that means more babyish and less fetusish and I'm just so happy she is healthy and growing. And she is a hiccuping princess. Poor baby, I feel bad sometimes becuase I feel both her body convulsing and her legs jerking. Can't be comfortable.
  • She's 3 pounds! Yikes.
  • ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY: Sooo annoyed! It all started with my sunburn from Lake Tahoe. That itched like crazy. But only on my upper thighs did it really itch. Well, in the last 4 days other stuff has started to itch. My arms, my belly, my back, my neck. I woke up with my neck itching really bad all day. Then my belly the next day along with my neck. Then belly, neck, back and arms really bad. And now there is a RASH on my belly!! I'm trying so hard not to itch, but it is a constant ache and it BOTHERS. It's all over the huge thing. I don't have a doc appointment for 2 weeks, but I'm calling soon to get the itching to STOP. At least the rash to go away so most of the itching will stop. I washed our sheets, I'm not sure what it is. I stopped using the lotion that I had only been using for a few weeks and went back to the other stuff. I'm still using the same detergent, but this one has fabreeze in it... which I have used before and been fine. Rashes during pregnancy aren't normal, right? I know the itching of the belly is, but a rash?!?!!!!
  • Dizzyness: For some crazy reason I have been getting very light headed and dizzy. It's annoying. It's usually around when I need to eat, but even if I've eaten 45 minutes ago, it will still happen. I don't like it. And it makes me feel sick.
  • Nesting: I'm getting a little panicky that nothing is ready and done. That everything is a mess. I made a huge list of things that needed to be done, down to dusting every shelf and surface and washing windows and organizing. I've assigned 2-3 things to each day. I've even included "sorting pictures on computer", "cleaning out Ipod".. anything and everything I can think of. I've got 2 more months to get it all done. I can do it!
  • Nursery drama: It's making me sad and I can't help it. I'm going to do a post all about it soon. It just has to do with the size of the room and the furniture that wont/will fit. Stupid emotions.
  • Emotional: I cry at the TV a lot. Sad episodes. As of now I'm watching every single Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know, I like it - so what) episode again when I'm sitting and doing something and holy moly! I cry all the time! I cried during the Kyle XY last night that Jaren and I were watching.
  • Lost husband: Today is the first day of spud harvest. They are digging and they aren't even done cutting grain. I've lost him. I'm sad. I wont be seeing much of him till October. He still has stuff I need him to get done in the nursery that he has had time to do, but hasn't. Now I'm going to have to be pushy, and I don't want to be. But how am I supposed to get her stuff all put away and ready when there is no where to put it?! See, panicky.
  • HOT: I'm hot. All the time. Sleeping hasn't been very nice and I am taking Unisom. I'm still tossing and turning, well, as much as I can with the pain. And when I'm hot - I'm cranky. Really cranky.
  • Can't. Reach. Toes: Today I got a pedicure and it looks so pretty. A whole spa one with the exfoliating rub and lotion massage all up my calf - it was wonderful. And only 12 bucks. Thank you Paul Mitchell school for being so cheap cause your girls are just learning, but massaging and painting toes doesn't take much talent. It's 4 or 8 bucks... (not sure) for a spa manicure. I think next week I'll get my hands massaged and the next week my feet and we will just keep this routine up till the baby comes. And maybe for the rest of my life.
30 weeks:
Jaren likes to push the picture button and I was goofing around so we got some interesting pictures. My belly makes me laugh. I think it's funny to play with. So here's our "photoshoot". I played with two of the pictures colors in photoshop.
She still wont listen to me

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Big Baby Purchase

"Besides the doctor" is what Jaren says.

Isn't she beautiful???

Why I went with a BOB:
  • Swivel front wheel so I can maneuver through isles and turn on a dime.
  • Locking front wheel so I can fix it and jog/walk.
  • The shocks are ideal for where I'll be out jogging. I live in the country and nice beautiful paved paths are impossible to come by unless I traveled into town.
  • The metal tubing is thicker than others.
  • The stroller came with the bigger (14") rear wheel option which is also ideal for the bumpier ride.
  • It was a bit more "rugged" than others which would fare better out here in the wilderness.
  • The reviews about the item were impeccable. All I could find that people complained about was the size of the basket underneath. But when I'll actually be using the basket will be when I'm not jogging and I'll have my diaper bag which I can strap to the back of the stroller and then also have the basket. So I'm not worried.
  • I've not heard one story of someone running the stroller into the ground so it's unusable. Which means they should last, right?
  • Price: I knew I would have to spend a pretty penny to get a good quality jogging stroller that did exactly what I needed, had exactly what I needed and wanted and would last.
  • Wish the handlebars would adjust heights. But Jaren is comfortable behind it and so am I, so it should be fine.
  • Have to buy all add on's separate. And they aren't cheap. First thing is the car seat adapter which I have yet to purchase. But as I don't have a car seat or a baby to put in the car seat; it can wait.
That's it! Otherwise I'm excited for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up so I can jog with her! (cause it might be a bit cold to take a newborn out in November... so she will just bounce in her bouncer as I jog on my treadmill all winter)

Friday, August 21, 2009


Do you remember THIS post?

If not, please check it out because it's detrimental to understanding this temptation.

I thought about these today and thought about wearing one just to see what the hospital staff's reaction would be. But then I realized I don't think I could keep a strait face the entire time. And what happens when it's time to push? The doc is going to have to roll up so many yards of fabric! But I will say that it will keep everything put away so Jaren isn't so scarred for life after the delivery. Or maybe not. Maybe the doc or nurse will just cut the whole skirt off anyway because it's driving them so crazy.

The best thing? The testimonials on the website. Like it's the gown I'm in that's going to prevent me from posting pictures of the labor (NOT BIRTH). More like the "I'M GOING TO KILL SOMEONE UNLESS THAT ANESTHESIOLOGIST GET'S IN HERE IN 3 SECONDS!" look. Oh, and it probably wont be just a look, it will be my mouth wide open while screaming this. I just know it's going to be beautiful :)

If there is anything that will make Jaren ask, "are there any take backs with this marriage thing? You know, like the 3 second rule, but more like a 2 1/2 year rule." It would be birthing our child.

I'm kidding. He will think I'm glamorous and beautiful the whole time and I'm totally gracious about the pain. I'm sure. He will want to go through it all over again 12 months later. (kidding again... oh man, I hope that doesn't happen - knock on wood! or metal, a couch, anything that's near you)

Thoughts of how that day will go have often been filling my mind lately. I'm tempted to go on babycenter and watch their birthing videos. Even though I've seen quite a few. And I'm 2 months away from go time... maybe I'll leave the video's alone and just be pleasantly surprised.


If someone buys me the gown, I will wear it and take pictures. Wait, nevermind. Don't spend 48 bucks on that thing. I'd rather get a bumbo with a tray.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

29 Weeks: Lots of Adventures

Baby girl had a lot of new happenings this last week:
  • Longest car ride ever to Lake Tahoe
  • First boat ride (didn't much like the front of the boat, but loved the back)
  • First sun burn (not on the belly)
  • First time playing badminton - too bad she prevented her mommy from diving for the birdie and making some awesome saves
  • First trip to the beach
  • First dip into Lake Tahoe
  • was mauled and kicked by her cousin, Lucy(6 months old) - surely not the last time
As for me:
  • First walk with constant cramping - not cool.
  • Sore throat
  • fatter face - do I even look like myself anymore?
  • so incredibly glad to be home and not have to get up and go somewhere else to live out of a suitcase
  • had a wonderful time in Tahoe with family and friends
  • more achey - it's really something when the thought of what your body will feel like picking up that thing you dropped prevents you from picking it up so you ask the next able bodied (which is everyone but you) person to pick it up. Nothing makes me feel more lazy.
  • Lots to do, lots to do in the next few weeks
  • loving my huge belly (probably until I find stretch marks)
  • not loving my huge everything else
  • more tired - feel like I need a nap every day and when I don't I'm dragging by 5 p.m.
  • missed my husband incredibly this last trip - so glad to be back with him
  • mom bought me a swing - first big baby thing to come into our home... feels kind of weird.
  • weirder thought is that in 9 weeks I could have my kid
Lots of people are wondering about a name. When we first found out we were pregnant we tried to decide on a boy name and girl name. No such luck agreeing on a boy name, but we had a list of our first 3 girl names. When we found out she is a she we narrowed it down to two and decided to wait till we saw her to see which one fit her best. Since she has to wait - you do too :)

29 Weeks:
it's getting a bit harder to post these pictures since I really am starting to feel very very very unattractive. Especially my face - really don't feel like it looks like me. Look at past pictures and you'll see how it's grown without my permission.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

28 Weeks: Adios 2nd Trimester

Bienvenidos 3rd

I think I'm going to do this one a little differently. A list with bullets of all the new things.
  • ribs hurt
  • especially the right side where she is constantly
  • feeling confined just sitting so now have to lean back to take pressure off ribs
  • baby still right side up - having daily talks to get her to turn upside down
  • nothing says welcome to the end of pregnancy like having to pee more than one time during the night again
  • bought more maternity clothes because my wardrobe is tight and depressing
  • all clothes came from gap and I love them, they are amazing - but the jeans were expensive (didn't want to spend my birthday money on baby clothes for mommy... but had to anyway)
  • still have enough birthday money to get me my sewing machine - just need to figure out which one
  • feeling sick regularly because of the squished organs, I think
  • took baby floating down a river/stream/canal thing for over 2 hours - we both liked it quite a bit
  • had first baby shower and I really enjoyed it (thanks to those who were able to make it and for those who brought a gift when they couldn't make it :)
  • noticed my face is chubby enough that my double chin can't be hidden in pictures - it's inevitably there
  • belly got quite a bit bigger - my father liked to point this out multiple times the last day I was home in Washington
  • Lindsey said it looks rounder and more "full" than pokey outey - kinda like it is wider.
  • belly feels much larger so I agree with all of it
  • walking is harder
  • out of breath much more regularly
  • belly cramps more while walking
  • legs are harder to propel forward
  • paid 29 bucks for a mani/pedi that was horribly botched - bff Chelsi redid all of it for me. Bless her heart.
  • getting more tired (already!!!)
  • nervous for upcoming long drive to Lake Tahoe this week
  • excited about reunion in Tahoe
  • baby girl is 2.55 pounds
  • This Morning:
  • --doc appointment
  • --drank glucose drink, not as bad as I thought it was going to be
  • --blood pressure is 126, makes me nervous, but I guess it's normal for now
  • --somehow gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks; i'm exhausted with trying to keep it off since it just keeps coming no matter what I do. I exercise, I don't overeat, I eat well.
  • --weight is a great source of my moodiness - wish it wasn't, trying hard to get over it
  • --had both of her hands and feet in front of her face today - what is she hiding?!
  • --3rd check; still a girl
  • --was told to sleep on my left side in the hopes gravity will take it's toll and make her venture somewhere other than my right side
  • I love her oh so much already and am just praying I go into labor by myself and don't have a huge baby (or a c section)
  • telling her to stay in until she is fully developed, but I wouldn't mind her developing fully sooner than later.

    28 Weeks:

    big belly and big baby!
    And new jeans that fit! And stretch and have room to grow. And I love Gap for having their sizes run big so I don't feel so huge.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

27 Weeks: Indigestion

*********Written Wednesday, August 5th**********

It's true. For some reason (maybe the squashed stomach?) in the last week I've been having a lot of upset stomach issues. Which I've not experienced during my entire pregnancy. I've had a bit of acid reflux, I think, but nothing else. No heart burn! I think I've experienced that for maybe 1 or 2 minutes? So, I think I know how it feels.... The only thing that helps is if I lean back. To possibly unsquish my stomach as much as is possible? The girl likes the room. When I lean back she is constantly stretching and moving and squirming.

I'm in Washington now. It has been quite the long week already. 5 1/2 hours driving Thursday to Boise. Then 8 hours to Oregon Friday. 2 to the wedding Saturday. 3 to the coast and back Sunday. 5 Monday from Oregon to Washington. Then I sent Jaren on his way yesterday for 9 hours back to Rexburg and I stayed. I dreaded the driving. I was excited about this trip, but not about the traveling. And it was not bad at all. I am 100% sure if the company weren't so good (Jaren) and I were by myself or even with someone else it wouldn't have been something I look back and smile on. It was so nice to get him to myself for such extended periods of time. It's been a long time since that has happened and I think we both benefited from it.

I get back late Saturday only to leave Wednesday evening to Twin Falls, then head out the next morning to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. So. Much. Driving! But I wont have Jaren with me for the Tahoe trip. Something about having to run an entire farming harvest operation? :) I'm just glad I got him for the last few days.

The wedding was beautiful. It was hot hot hot. I was shocked at how my body handled it. I had heard about how horrible it was to be pregnant during the summer and I don't think I realized the full extent until that day. My shoes hurt my feet because they swelled so badly and my face and hands.... it was like I couldn't get cool. At all. Jaren kept saying, "Your so red!" "You are so hot!" (which I responded with, "why thank you, pregnancy has done your body good as well" till I realized he meant he couldn't touch me without having to put ice on his fingers after wards). It's been hot every day since and I think what I dislike the most is just getting all sweaty and sticky and feeling like a blimp. You can't turn the AC up high enough in this house!

I noticed all of the driving was putting the little 2 pound princess to sleep. Any time we stopped or I got out to stretch she would get as much moving in as possible, then she'd stop when the truck was rolling. It made me hope that we weren't changing her schedule that I've been keeping track of. But since I've been put in one place for 2 days now I've noticed she is still awake during the day. Mostly active late at night - which wasn't so a week ago.

I've also been experiencing some pain with some of her kicks. I'd say I've had about 5 total in the last week that have made me squeal. Then last night there was one that brought tears to my eyes. She's getting stronger and bigger and is still kicking me super low, so I don't know what it is she is hitting that sends these painful shocks through my uterus.... but she needs to move away from it!

I've not been able to walk every day while on this trip and it's been driving me crazy. I feel even more massive even if nothing has changed. But I'm convinced every day something else get's bigger. I am looking forward to getting back into my awesome eating/exercising routine when I get home. Even my maternity jeans are getting snug!

My ribs have started to hurt when I sit strait up for a bit. I have to lean back or lay down. I'm sensing that this last week is just a teeny preview for what's to come with this last trimester. This is my last week in my second trimester. Next week marks the beginning of the end of pregnancy. It's weird to think about. Because I have all this traveling; I get back from Tahoe and then 3 weeks later I leave again for a weekend and then I'm home for good and it's really only a month (if she comes at 38 weeks) till she could come. I'm feeling very very unprepared. I keep telling myself I've got lots of time (which I do) and I have my baby showers to help stock me up. I'm so grateful for whoever thought of a party to help new mommies get prepared. It helps save us so much money when we are already spending tons on her and everything else (crib, stroller, carseat, swing, diapers, mattress.... ect...). We are starting from scratch. The medical bills are enough to make me (almost) wish we were super poor so we could get on medicaid and only pay a few bucks. No, I'm grateful we have insurance and we can pay for her - even if it's more than 3 semesters of tuition and books.

Enough of that. I love being in the town I grew up in. I'm spending lots of time with my family and my best friend that I wish I could pack up and take back with me. I do, however, get to pack up my sister and take her back with me which I am very excited about. I'm floating down a little river/canal/stream thingy today. It's pansy, so I'm ok to go with my huge inflatable belly. It will be fun. I want to swim so badly!

August 9th:
I'm back in Rexburg and was able to load my pictures on my computer, which is why this post has taken so long to come up.
27 Weeks:
(picture taken August 4th)
First time Lindsey has touched my belly.

Do You Think?

My innie will be an outie soon?

I've seen some beautiful pregnant bellies. Mine is all veiny and as of a few days ago I noticed some darkening around the left side of my belly button.... kind of weird.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sausage Fingers

Here is my wedding ring. I really miss it. As you can see it cuts off my circulation. When I put it on to take this picture I almost didn't get it off. I started to swell a bit over a week ago and I hadn't put it on since before then. It's obvious there is no hope for my beautiful ring until baby comes out and some weight comes off.
Can you see the pinching?

My solution?
Buy a fake ring. And while I'm at it, mine as well make it ridiculously huge. I've gotten a lot of stares and a few people have asked me if it's real. I almost want to tell them, "Actually, my husband felt so bad that my original wedding ring wont fit anymore, he dropped 50 grand on a new one for me! So that I don't feel too fat! Isn't that wonderful!" I think some people would believe it. Instead I tell them, "Haha, no, 20 bucks at Dillards. The other doesn't fit."


Funny thing about this is that it falls off my finger quite regularly. I'm hoping I don't grow into it. It's either 3 quarters of a size bigger or a size and a quarter bigger than my original. Not even sure what size my wedding ring is.