Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has had a very fun Halloween day!

I went to school and did everything I would normally do on a Friday.

Except today I dressed up as a Disney Princess.

I bought this dress 3 years ago and it was even 2 sizes too big then. But I was also about 13 pounds heavier than I am now (freshman 20 - story to come someday) so it fit a little better then than it does now.

I spent $50 on it so I vowed to wear it more than once or twice or three times. This is my second time and I'll wear it again in another 3 or 4 years.
It's still a little big.

I was waiting and waiting for my Prince Charming to come kiss me awake.

Waiting.... waiting....

Nope. Jaren didn't want to dress up as Prince Charming for me. Not even a sign around his neck that labeled him as that!

Needless to say everyone at our ward Halloween party called him out.

There is always next year, my friends.

One of my Young Women girls wanted to paint my face.

I told her to paint a crown on me because I was a princess (by the way, I LOVED dressing up as a princess because everyone calls you one. A great self esteem booster, let me tell ya.) She didn't know how to do one of those. So instead she did these...

What did you do for Halloween?
5 points for whoever can guess which Princess I was.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Shower

No! Not mine, silly!

I'm throwing my Sister-in-law, Stephanie a baby shower. She is having a boy in February and I'm really excited.

I was wondering if anyone had any good shower ideas? Games, favors - anything.

I sometimes like to be somewhat crafty and I'm making the invites. I'll post a picture someday. If they turn out as cute as I hope.


Monday, October 27, 2008

The Potato Heads: First Encounter

Jaren is going to have to tell most of this because I don't remember a whole lot of it. After he tells about it I'll tell everyone what I remember.

Goes to show what a great first impression he made ;)

The end of February was a cold one, with no end in sight. My parents had acquired a taste for hamburgers from a particular eatery. It was for this that I came into town to pick up these particular hamburgers, and low and behold there she was right as I walked in the door. She wore a red t-shirt and a green apron. I thought she was very cute. I gave her my order and sat and waited. I noticed that she had a class ring on that was very similar to the colors of a neighboring high school, so I assumed that she was from around here hopefully going to college as I was, hoping that she was not still in high school. But to my dismay she was on the phone with someone talking about plans that evening and they concluded by saying I love you over the phone. There was no need to continue pursuing this girl, for one minute more. No need to ask for her number. As I paid and picked up the food I asked if she went to this neighboring high school, she pulled this face and said no, I'm going to college. Well that did it. Little did I know how things would change.

He' s such a good story teller :)

I remember a guy coming in and ordering take out. It was slow and he sat across from the counter where the till was. I think i chatted with him a little, but I was mostly runnin around. My roommate at the time, Lindsy had called and asked when I was going to be home. We said "I love you," at the end of the conversation. And Jaren thought I was telling a boy that. haha.

When he was paying he asked if I went to the High School there and I was so disgusted because people thought I looked like a High School student all the time and it drove me nuts! I was only 19 and I'm sure I looked like I was 17, because even now people tell me I look like I'm 18. I told him very matter of factly, "No. I go to the college. I've been out of High School for almost 2 years." Like I was so old or something. :)

That's all I remember about it. When we started to date he told me about this and asked who I was talking to on the phone and I barely remembered that night. Since then I've really dug at my memories to remember any thoughts I might have had. The only thing is that I couldn't believe he thought I was in High School or from Idaho.

I'm sure glad he came back the few weeks later.

To Be Continued.....

My Mother - In - Law had a great idea of blowing bubbles while we walked down the stairs. The pictures turned out pretty but in quite a few of them bubbles were in Jaren's face - but not mine. Haha. Now, he must have thought he wanted to make this look, "natural" by smiling at everyone and me.
But I didn't. I walked down those stairs hamming it up for the camera. It's so funny to look that them all in a row. There is not one where he is smiling at the camera. And there were a lot more - I just narrowed it down to posting three so you could get the idea.
Awwe... he wanted to share this happy moment with me but all I wanted to do was share it with the camera. No surprise there - I'm a total camera hog.
But with this one my face isn't the most cute, which makes it all the more funny to me. My dress was pulling me behind it. It was very hard to step down the steps feeling like I was dragging 20 pounds.

Never Fear, Woprah is Here

That's right. I can listen to, fix and create problems. I have more money than English Royalty. If I think girls aren't being taught right, I will make my own school. If the right political candidate is not being endorsed enough - I will give him my T.V. channel. If I say school is cool - it is. If I say orange is the new black - everyone will wear orange and never get hit by cars while walking across the street. I am so filthy rich I give away cars to every member of the audience at my talk show. If that isn't enough, I give them all washers and dryers and TV's, too.

While this here economy is currently being flushed down the toilet, I am sitting on the toilet seat laughing away.

That's right people. Never Fear

Woprah is here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

He's the One They Call Dr. Feel Good

He's the one that makes me feel all right.

He's gona be my..... brownie batter... Mmmmmm.....

Today was one of those days. I'm on my heating pad, eating brownie yummyness, watching TV and blogging.
One more week of school is done - the test I was freaking out about in the post below is finished and I'm pretty sure I passed :) AND. This week marked the end of the first half of the semester. I'M HALF WAY DONE!
Tonight is a good night. I get to got to bed whenever I want. Sleep in tomorrow, make Jaren breakfast, clean my HORRENDOUS house and maybe nap? Also study for ANOTHER test next week and plan a training program that I have to complete in a few weeks.

Yeah... Life is Good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going A Little Crazy

Really... I think I'm going a little crazy.

I have been working on Motor Development for a total of.... 8 hours today? A WORK DAY!

That is NOT including grocery shopping, THREE classes and lunch with Jaren.

I am the best procrastinator this world has ever seen. I have to take this test tomorrow and I have not done ANY of the reviews until today. Over 4 chapters.

I have this friend. I met her in my Friday class (I only have it on Fridays) and I sit by her every Friday - she makes me laugh. THEN, I went to my Tuesday-Thursday Motor Development class to find her in that one too.

So we sit by each other in that class too and joke around and make fun of the teacher or things being talked about. It's a lot of fun. You should try it.

So.. I have been working on the reviews and got 3 1/4 done. But the last 3/4 is so hard and is driving me crazy.

For proof: I will offer up the cry for help I just sent my friend that I have in both of these classes.

TO: Funny Fun Life Savor Friend


Did that get your attention? haha. I'm working on the review for Motor Development and I want to die doing Chapter 7. Have you done it? Maybe I am blind. Maybe I have been doing this for the last 4 hours and for 3 hours this afternoon so my brain is squeezing out of my ears? Wait.. nope, just checked. Pretty sure I'm just going crazy! I wish I had your number. I would have called and whined to your ears :)

I hope you get this tonight! I'll be up for a while.... If you need any part of it. I have all of 5 and 6 and part of the first part of 7. Then I went crazy.

If you would share 7 I will totally do TWO of the next reviews for us come next section. :)

Desperately Seeking Relief

I wonder if I learned my procrastinating lesson? Probably not. I never do.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Potato Heads: Introduction

I've decided that I want to document our story in a bit more detail. I kind of summed it up in an earlier post, but I have been remembering things I wanted to write down for our records. Maybe someday my kids will want to read the WHOLE thing. Or maybe an author will think our story is awesome and will pick it up and dramatize it and write a book about it. Because that would be awesome!!

Here is the post I wrote the morning after Jaren asked me to marry him. I had posted it on myspace because that was the only "blog" I had back then. So I re-posted it this summer before I had very many readers.

Some of you may not be interested. It' s okay if you don't want to read or comment. It is just something that will be fun for me and make me happy.

I hope you all do enjoy it, though. I kind of think our story is a little interesting. I'm going to be pretty honest throughout and I'll get feedback from Jaren because his side is a little unknown to me. We felt opposite towards each other for a while. Anyway, you can read the "shortened" version and decide if you want to hear more. Or not!

I am also going to post a picture from our wedding and tell about it. Most of them will be bloopers. Or funny to me.

This one was taken after the ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple at the little pond thingy in between the Joseph Smith Memorial building and the Temple. Our photographer was on the other side and we couldn't hear him. He wanted us to just walk around the side. We both were like, "WHAT?!" "HUH?!" "YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!" If you click on the picture you can see it a bit clearer. Our faces are priceless. Oh.. and did I mention I LOVED my dress. Even though I still haven't had it cleaned since that day.. oopse!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taggedy Tag Tag 3

I have been tagged with this one twice. I think it may be time.

Thanks Wendyburd and thanks Jillene!

1.) I talk too much. When I graduated from High School I got all of my past grade reports and every single teacher, EVERY SINGLE ONE said I talked too much. I knew that. But I've noticed it more lately. I'll be sitting in a class and I HAVE to comment on everything. I HAVE to be in every conversation. I HAVE to speak or I feel forgotten. I'm horrible at keeping things in. Sometimes I talk Jaren's ear off when he would rather I not talk at all. :) I'm learning the times to be quiet and I'm getting better at it. (But I don't think I am an annoying talker)

2.) I have to have one foot out of the bed. (I asked Jaren what my quirks were and this is what he said) I have to have pounds of blankets around me and pillows to sleep comfortably. But sometimes that get's hot. So if I put a foot out it cools me off. Jaren thinks it's funny. I think it's great

3.) I am a thrill seeker. I LOVE riding roller coasters and when Jaren and I were dating we went to Vegas and I convinced (he's terrified of heights) him to ride the big shot (the ride at the top of the stratosphere) with me. He wouldn't do it now that we are married - he only did it because I told him I loved him for the first time the night before. I STILL and will always regret not buying that picture. The funniest thing ever.

4.) I hate being behind traffic. I pass at least one to two people a day on my way into town. I'm not patient enough to just wait until we get to town - no, I pass the second I get a chance.

5.) If I have one or two questions for someone I would rather text than call. Drives my husband crazy. I don't really like small talk. Texting is so easy! And totally invented for the convenience of people like me.

6.) I'm a people person. I want to have parties at my house. Whenever there is an event - I want it here. If there is a get together - I want to be there. My husband is the opposite :) He is very patient with me and I've promised him when we build a home our bedroom and office can be his hiding place. Sometimes I have a hard time being so far out of town. No one wants to drive all the way out here to visit lil ol me. I NEED friends and social contact or I go nuts.

7.) I used to not be as emotional. But I started on Birth Control 3 months before I was married and for some reason I would cry if Jaren said, "Are you hungry?" It was a horrible year and a half. Not only did I basically have morning sickness (for the whole year and a half); the entire time I would cry at the drop of a hat! I'm not kidding. All Jaren would have to do is say, "Oh, dirty dishes." and it was like I heard, "Whitney! What kind of wife are you?! I work and work so you don't have to and you can't even get the DISHES done?!" So I would start crying and he would feel horrible and I would sit there knowing I was being silly and I couldn't even help it. He learned how to deal with my emotional issues and it was a world of difference when I could finally stop taking them. I was finally free! But there are some effects. I still am a teeny bit more emotional than before I was married.

Wait. Does marriage have something to do with it?

Now I'm supposed to tag 7 people... I wont hold you accountable if you don't do it and if you have already done it, don't worry about it.
1.) Amber (that's what she said)
2.) Misti (Ramblings from CA)
3.) Wendy (Going Incognito)
4.) Alexis Treese
5.) Chelsi (again... but she never does my tags, I wont stop tagging!)
6.) Lindsey - come on sis! Start a blog!!
7.) Ariana - only when you have time!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Went to Utah This Weekend! And Met Some Strangers... But Strangers No More!

I am home from my greatly anticipated Utah trip. Both to meet new friends and to shop shop shop. I did both.

We got off to a little bit of a late start Friday and were ten minutes late to dinner. I was very very nervous because I didn't know what to expect. AND I was late to my own meet and greet. Walking in with everyone staring at me... But really, I don't think anyone noticed me until I sat down. I had to do some convincing that I really was who I said I was. They still didn't believe until Jaren walked in and they recognized HIM. I did feel a little bad. No one brought their husband so Jaren was sitting by himself in the corner. We might have scared him a little with our loud, blunt, unabashed conversations. Kidding. He wasn't scared.

Just maybe a little.

My sister, Lindsey was with me as well and she still doesn't think she has anything to blog about.

I sat next to Mary and Jaren. Across from Teresa, Jo and Ramona. I really wish we had a round table. I think next time I'll ask for a HUGE booth so we can all be in the same conversation. At the other side of the table was Kristina, Christa, Jillene, and Amber and her very cute little boy. Everyone was so great and funny and I loved loved loved the evening. We talked and talked and talked. Finished eating our food, then went outside to take some pictures and then talked and talked and talked. Then moved over to my car where we gave out some potatoes and then talked and talked and talked some more until I could hear some throat clearing behind me (my little sister... we were supposed to take her to Provo and we needed to be there by 9:30 and it was almost 9). So I said goodbye.. tears almost fell and then we left.

I hope to be able to get together with as many people as possible whenever I come to Utah. I really enjoyed it. It was so nice putting faces and more personality with blogs. Kristina was as great as she is on her blog. I wish I could have been able to talk to her more. Jillene was so nice and funny and I also wished I could have talked to her more. Amber came in a little late (she was packing to move that night and was able to slip away for a social visit) and I didn't really get to officially meet her until after/during dinner and she is great. Think I can get her to move to Rexburg? Christa sat two seats away from me and I wasn't able to chat with her. I really hope I get to next time! Jo and Teresa were blogs I hadn't seen yet and they came. I'm so glad they did because they were both awesome. Jo made me laugh quite frequently. I talk about Ramona and Teresa further down.

I was hoping Mary would be looking ahead and then I would unexpectedly try to get a picture of us together... since she's now famous. But she turned her head! How will ANYONE believe I met famous bloggers! Oh... the pictures that are below are proof. Few.

I was able to get Jillene to smile for me (not that it was hard) for this BEAUTIFUL picture. Jo had this great stress relieving technique where you just stab a ball of wool with a really really sharp needle. Actually.. it makes little things after you poke it enough times. At first I was skeptical, but then I saw the end product.

Mary didn't even want to poke the wool. I tried to force her hand but for some reason she didn't trust me. Like I was going to stab her finger... why would I do that? To get a drop of your blood to wear in a locket? KIDDING! Your face is priceless.

Kristina tried it too. Really. It's amazing none of us stabbed our fingers.

These two giggle twins were talking about Ramona's charms and I took a picture. I really do hope they were serious with their Rexburg trip talk. They got me all feeling like someone really did love me and would drive all the way here just to see me (they even thought I was 6 hours away! 3-4 silly.. depending on if your in Provo or Salt Lake). Teresa was great. A new blogging friend - thanks for bringing her Ramona! I got to sit across from these two... so funny. Ramona was funny and told us about her Giraffe story from the Zoo in Idaho Falls. Did you know how badly I wanted to go on an African Safari? I've mentioned it on here before somewhere.

Jo had an amazing camera. She let me man handle it (how trusting) and take pictures. I had so much fun with it. I showed it to Jaren and he said... "how much?" Kinda like.. do YOU have a job? Yeah.. didn't think so. I think I'll have to save my money again and instead of buying clothes... I'll buy one of those.

Here we all are. Except Christa. She had to bail out early.. something about how horrible I was in person.. or was it that I smelt? Or was it that her cute little boy was tired? I didn't get to find out. We are all evil with red eyes. My Kodak thingy isn't working so I can't get rid of the red eye. I'm going to leave the professional pictures to Jo and Amber. Oh.. wait.. I think the only one she got of me was of me shoving a mouthful of salad in my mouth... dang.

Jaren and I went on a walk this morning while waiting for my sister Lindsey to be dropped off to us by Lisa (cousin) and found this. Who knows about this house? It's above the conference center and the Temple. I can't believe how huge, beautiful, amazing, manicured, AMAZING it is! Who lives there? I've told Jaren that when we are millionaires (hah) someday and have given all of our potatoes away we are buying those people out of that house. I want it! How have I never seen it before.... I just can't figure it out.

Remember THIS post? I found the shoes at DSW! (thanks for introducing me Kristina.. it really was shoe heaven. I was only able to get two pairs.. but I'm going back next month) They were cheaper. I got so excited I had to have Jaren take a picture, but we were afraid we were going to get into trouble so I dropped down, he held the camera at his belly and the only thing I could think of was Kristina's profile Twilight deceiving picture (did you know she HATES Twilight?? I didn't. But I do now). So I posed. I think next time I go, I'm going to buy them. I LOVE them. I don't care if they look like hooker heels.

I shopped and got some great stuff. I'm going to get all dressed up for school tomorrow and take a picture. I'll try to post it tomorrow. All in all this was a VERY fun weekend and I hope to get to do it again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Votes Are In!

Does this picture scare anyone? It's from when I chopped off ALL my hair. I want it back!

Looks like FRIDAY at 6 at JOHNNY CARINOS in Sandy.

Sorry Kristina. The poll said 9 to 5 (isn't that a Dolly song? and movie?). I thought you were going to vote on every computer you could get your hands on?

They don't take reservations - Who does anymore?? Just call aheads. So I'm going to call before 5 and I'll show up there at 5:30-5:40ish.

I'm telling them 10 even though the count right now is 5. On my "what would work best for you? breakfast lunch or dinner? or all three?" poll I had eight people who voted. Did that mean that those who voted were coming?

If your husband isn't babysitting or couch sitting have him come along, too. Or poor Jaren will be all by himself with a bunch of loud ladies.

Here is the address to Johnnies:
10585 S State St
Sandy, UT 84070

I'm mapquesting it.

Unfortunately I wont have had enough time to go spend my sweaty wad of cash so I will not be in my new clothes. Fortunately (like that Ramona?) if you were to have dinner with me SATURDAY night, then I would be all snazzy (I hope. New clothes do make you beautiful. Right?)

I haven't had P.F. Changs in FOREVER. So, I think I'll do that Saturday night. I usually only order the lettuce wraps. Then eat the whole thing. Mmmmmm. So stinkin good.

Friday Night at 6

But where?! The polls are tied. Jonnies or Texas? I'm going to call and see if I can make a reservation but I need a number... AND need to know where.

If there is a better restaurant let me know. Or even one that I've never heard of that has yummy food. If you would like a cheaper one, let me know!

I also need a count. My husband is coming so yours can too! In fact, I encourage it so that Jaren doesn't feel to estrogened out.

My poll says 10 votes. I voted once, so is that 9 other people? Let me know! And anyone who is in the area and would like to meet is invited! I'll give the address in another post tomorrow morning.

Also.. I'm very sorry I haven't been commenting yesterday and today. I'm trying to get everything done so I can take off tomorrow afternoon.

P.S. - The comp cord has been replaced. For 70 bucks. Wish I had known about the universal cord and other cheaper one's before I panicked and ordered one bright and early the next morning.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can You Tell Why I'm Sad?

My wonderful husband accidentally closed the recliner when the cord was laying there and.... splice!

Did you know that you have to order an external charger dealy? That stores don't stock them?

Did you know they cost 70 DOLLARS?!

I didn't.

Needless to say, you know why my newly washed face is so sad.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You Say Potato, I say Potaughto

This is it! My potato harvest post I have been working on for a few days. Jaren finished digging super early Thursday morning sometime after 1 a.m. It's been so nice having him HOME. Everyone knows I get super bored when I'm by myself. I think I've been driving him a little crazy. Maybe giving him a bit too much of "hi!" every few minutes because I'm just glad he's here.

(for those of you who don't know; my family back home in Washington owns a dairy farm. I drove tractor and swathed hay and mint(custom) and drove truck during harvest. But we harvested corn and alfalfa. I already knew how to drive and operate farming equipment. Hmm.. wonder if that's why Jaren pursued a bit harder when he found that out. "What?! I don't have to teach her?? I WANT THAT ONE!")

Last spud harvest I helped a few times by driving truck. I wasn't going to school on campus because I was off track. Instead I took online classes and did my internship so I had a bit more free time than now. Every time I would drive home and see everyone out there in their white trucks bouncin around smelling like dirt I would get really sad because I felt like a horrible farmers wife for not helping. Jaren tries to assure me that all is well, I'm going to school.

So I thought.. hey! There's always next year! But I kinda hope I'm pregnant then. Might be an uncomfortable ride if I'm nearing the end. But then again.... think it would bounce the baby out?

Hmm.... I have some thinking to do....

In the mean time, here is a whole bunch of pictures and some videos.

Here is the man who made/helped it all happen. The boy I can never get to smile with his teeth. The kid I always have to pick up after. The man that I find super cute.
Mr. Potato Head

Here is one of their potato fields. This is also the one that they were digging in the rest of the pictures.

I did it! I made him smile with teeth. (I totally have that power over him) I saw this picture after I took it and giggled. The position of his sunglasses and his cheesy smile makes this picture one of my favorites.

I'm standing behind a potato crossover looking onto two cellars with trucks unloading and lined up. You can click on any of the pictures to make them larger to see them better.

Sometimes farming is SO stressful!!!

(for the wife)

Potato digger hooked up to a tractor.

Two trucks awaiting their fate.

Of getting their load lightened. (Sounds nice, huh?)

I thought I'd show everyone how massive these things are! I stand just below 5' 4" and I fit under the tire/track/wheel thingy.

I handed Jaren the camera and made him take pictures just for this purpose (of blogging to the world) and I think he probably felt a little silly out there taking pictures like a tourist. haha. Oh, the things I make him do. :)
He is in a tractor driving the crossover which dig's potatoes and piles them onto the row that the digger will be coming along. This makes it so the digger can pick up more rows than it can by itself. It is great because it makes the process go by that much faster.

the beginning is of digger filling up a truck, then he films the crossover digging.

Jaren still in the crossover. The next closest tractor is another crossover piling potatoes into the row that the digger (a ways back there) will pick up.

The tractor windows weren't giving us the best view so Jaren stepped outside and video'd the digger filling up a truck for a few seconds.

Patiently waiting their turn

Unloading trucks

This is the front of a potato piler. It is a long conveyor that will catch the potatoes out of the trucks (at the bed of each truck there is a conveyor belt that turns on when they are ready to be unloaded. That's how they get the spuds out of the trucks) and there are a bunch of high school kids that grab all the nasty lookin potatoes out of the line. You wear gloves while doing this because your finger sometimes will get stuck in squishy yuckiness. And... you never know what might have been dug up with those potatoes.....

Potatoes going up the conveyor after being sorted through.

And then get dropped off the piler onto the massive potato pile.

Here is one of the four completely filled to the top potato cellars. After seeing the video below this should give you a good idea of just how many potatoes kept Jaren away from me.

Here is a video of two pilers unloading onto the pile o' potatoes. It's pretty amazing. I wish I had videod the pile a bit longer. Millions and millions of pounds of potatoes. It's crazy the amount.

Let's just say.... we sure like potatoes and have learned how to make quite a few different dishes with them.

Farming is a bit stressful and scary because you cannot predict the weather. You plant them and just hope you take care of them enough so they grow into pretty spuds. This year was a particularly scary year because of the winter. They planted a month later than normal (because the snow just didn't want to leave) and dug just a week later than they usually do. We are so grateful that everything turned out okay and are relieved to have one more year behind us. Since this will be happening for the rest of our lives!!

Meet and Greet

So.... sad news.

I was so excited because Jaren finished digging potatoes last night (1:00 AM) and it meant that he might be able to come to Utah with me. I feel like I haven't been able to spend any time with him the last month between spud harvest and school. It's made me a bit sad. So this would have been a much needed very short vay-cay.

But then we checked the weather. Stupid weather. Stupid snow.

It's supposed to snow here and in the Malad Pass which is kind of how we get to Utah. It's supposed to snow tomorrow when we are going to drive and Saturday evening when we were planning on coming home.

Now. I know what this means. I'm really sad I'm going to miss the meet and greet. And not be able to shop (which was really truly the highlight of my trip. Kidding!) BUT. The weather is supposed to be just peachy NEXT weekend. If I come next weekend, who would still want to meet me?

I will probably come anyway even if nobody wants to see my sad sorry face. So. Who could do either dinner Friday or on Saturday a breakfast or lunch or dinner NEXT weekend?

I'm sorry Kristina! (I'm really sad about it.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An Award! Me? Why Thank You.

Thank you to Wendyburd. Although, this seems like a tag I'll still accept this graciously. Especially since I haven't been in a very witty mood to blog in the last few days.

Here are the rules: I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only! Then I must pass it on to seven others!

This award comes with a list of questions:

1. Where is your cell phone? Charging

2. Where is your significant other? Digging

3. Your hair color? Poobrown

4. Your mother? Online

5. Your father? Farming

6. Your favorite thing? Jaren

7. Your dream last night? (making)Babies

8. Your dream/goal? Mommy

9. The room you're in? Family

10. Your hobby? Crafting (when I'm not schooling)

11. Your fear? Fat

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here

13. Where were you last night? home

14. What you're not? 118

15. One of your wish-list items? TRJeans

16. Where you grew up? Othello

17. The last thing you did? Homework

18. What are you wearing? PJ's

19. Your TV? ProjectRunway

20. Your pet(s)? Jaren

21. Your computer? onmylap

22. Your mood? Tired

23. Missing someone? YES!

24. Your car? Filthy

25. Something you're not wearing? Fishnets

26. Favorite store? Clothing

27. Your summer? Busy

28. Love someone? Always

29. Your favorite color? Pink/Green

30. When is the last time you laughed? Today

31. Last time you cried? Today

Now I'm supposed to list/tag 7 people. I'm going to list the people I think should get an award (if your not listed, never fear I'm always thinking of you. I could only list seven!), but they do not have to do the tag. :) I'm so nice!

1. Aunt Colleen For kicking her cancer in the rear. Or.. arm. (and being a hoochie mama)

2. Chelsea Davis for making a baby. It's almost out!!

3. Chelsi for being my bestest friend for so long. Even though we are miles and miles away I still think about her daily. And she's going to Nursing school!

4. Cordy for making me cry and relate to her story. I am absorbed in her life and she doesn't even know it. I want nothing but for her to get exactly what she wants and to be happy.

5. Ashley because I would like her to post. :)

6. Alexis for being a super cute pregnant lady and she's having a GIRL! When everyone around me is having boys.

7. My Mom! Because she made a blog so she could comment on our blogs and doesn't ever post. So here ya go mommy. Post!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We FINALLY Know What the Glade Lady Is Hiding!

Everyone had hilarious ideas. I laughed and laughed. Then panicked a little because I had no idea who I should pick.

So I brought in the Calvary.

Jaren read and laughed and laughed and let me tell you. To get him to laugh out loud when reading something is pretty good.

We came up with a first, second and third place.

Darummm Rollll!!!!!!

First Place goes to......

Wendyburd! Who said:

She has a sweat shop in her basement, about 100 small asian children sewing her clothes and she doesn't let them out, hello the neighbors would report such abuse! So they never bathe and they have to do their "business" in buckets, with flies swarming all over them. She uses the Glade to disguise the stench and her own family in none the wiser, though they often wonder where she gets the money to buy outfits no one had ever seen her in before. And on cold quiet nights, it's not the wind that is howling, it's the children crying to be let out. They are allergic to sad...

So funny! You win an assortment of Glade products! So you can hide your sweat shop in your basement. I mean, we all really knew you were talking about yourself.

Second Place goes to.......

Trudy! Who said:

Wendy, Gross!
She's running and under ground drug ring.
No wait, under ground cock fighting.
She uses the smell to distract her family form what’s really going on.
That's it!
That has to be IT!!!

We went with the underground cock fighting. Jaren thought it was pretty clever and wants to know if Travis helped? Lol. You win something glade! When you email me your address tell me if you want a candle, spray or plug in smelly thingy.

And Third Place goes to.....

Jillene! Who said:

She is running an underground prostitution ring--she be da pimp! Her house is a brothel so she uses all of the glade to cover up the "sex smells"!

E mail me what Glade product you would like so you can cover up your brothel!

This was really funny. If ever I'm doing a giveaway I'm going to have to make everyone tell me something funny because both Jaren and I really enjoyed it. He even said, "Who are these people?!" while laughing. I took it as a compliment :)

Email me your address! And to second and third placers tell me what you want what you really really want at Whitneykathleen at gmail dot com!!

Help A Sista Out!

I have this friend. Her name is Trudy. Our husbands grew up together and I haven't had the chance to meet her yet but I want to!

And she needs help.

No, not the psycho therapist kind of help.

My favorite kind of help. CLOTHES!

She has a wedding coming up real soon for one of her best friends and wants to look gooood. But she's not quite sure where to start. So.. if any of you know where to find some nice skirts or dresses head on over and let her know. I'm doing some research myself. Oh and she also wants shoe help!!

C'mon and help a blogging sister out!

Friday, October 3, 2008

One Tornado Plus One Calm Whispering Wind Equals

Jaren and I. I bet you could guess which each one of natures wonders is which. Since I'm home a lone again. By myself. It's almost 9 on a Friday night. I'm so cool. I decided to clean my kitchen. Wait wait.... let me tell you what my house looks like.

I've been the only one basically living in it for the last 4 weeks since Jaren has decided to briefly leave me for his CAREER. Boo potatoes. (Until the check comes in, then I yay). But since I am the equivalent to a tornado, both emotionally and in my living habits lately my house really truly looks like it has been hit by one. My patient husband who comes home and doesn't say anything about his side of the couch being COVERED in my books and papers and junk he just sits on the other couch and smiles at me. Even he said something to me about it last night. "Honey... now.. don't take this the wrong way (because I always do) but.. do you find it's hard to concentrate with.... this...." "MESS?!" "yes." So I took it the wrong way and got out the rolling pin to knock some sense into him. No, no you know I wouldn't do that.

I'd use the huge wooden cutting bored. Kidding! Kidding again! Goodness people.

So. I promised I would clean the house spotless tomorrow. And I will. I have been planning on doing this because during the week it is impossible for me to do it. Uhhh, especially this week. Wait. Don't get me started that's not what I'm whining about.

So, I decided that since I was here by myself. And I had already watched an hour of TV and talked on the phone for an hour (to my dad) that I should do something productive. So I started to clean the kitchen. I mean.. I CLEANED that sucker. Oh except the microwave... still need to scrub that. Oh... and the oven.. need to clean that. Oh... and under the sink. Ew. Need to clean that. Dang. I guess I just cleaned off the counter tops and did the dishes and cleaned the stove top and swept the floor. But it looks TONS better!

So after that I felt a little ambitious and decided I'd start on our bedroom. Both of our clothes are every where. And well.. mine are more mostly every where. Instead I decided to whine about it. So here I am.... blogging and whining because in my last post everyone said they actually read my whole posts. So I feel better about writing more.
I remembered why I was going to blog. I was looking through Mormon Mommy Blogs and realized I am SO far down there! And in no real special category. So now I'm having a blogging identity crisis. Where do I fit in the blogging world? Am I just "one of the blogs" or am I "ONE OF THE COOL BLOGS!" (said in high pitched girly voice). I wonder..........

I really have a hard time finding myself funny typing. I'm mostly funny when you meet me and I mutter incoherent comments under my breath about what's going on around me and the person next to me hears it. They laugh. It's usually funny. I'm rarely mean. I try not to be.

In one of my classes we were having a discussion on being sarcastic. And everyone was raising their hands and talking about how being sarcastic is mean and makes them feel bad. And I mean.. okay, when you are making fun of someone to their face in front of their face.... wouldn't that make them feel bad?? So I raised my hand and said, "I think if you are being sarcastic as in being mean to someone or even about someone then it's not very nice. But when you are just making fun of yourself or a situation or something then it's funny. I like to laugh. I like sarcasm when it's not directed at me. I think it can be a good thing." Unless it is being directed at me and I'm cool with it. Then that's okay too.

I'm here in my house by myself in the middle of nowhere and it's totally dark outside and my husband is 30 miles away. Remember my fears?!?! My doors are locked..... but I just got this weird phone call from.... I DON'T KNOW!! I didn't get to my phone in time. By the way, I don't get reception at my house unless I stand by my back door window. Blah. So, I answered just as they hung up. It was a number I didn't recognize so I called back.. naturally. And some old man answered. So I said, "Hello?" And at first I thought it was my Grandpa in law accidentally calling my phone instead of Jarens. Because we have the same last 4 digits and this was his old work phone before I was born. But then he asked who I was and I said, "Whitney" like I expected him to know who I was. Then he told me he didn't know who I was. I told him I just got a phone call from this number. He told me he didn't know who I was and hung up.


What does this mean???? Is there someone out there pretending to be an old guy staring at me through the back window wondering what my name was so he could knock on my front door and say, "Whitney!! I have a present for you! It's Kristina, I just brought over the cupcakes you won!" And of course I don't wonder why she drove all the way here to Rexburg just to deliver my cupcakes that I could have gotten from her in a week. Or that it's even 9 o clock and she doesn't know where I live. No. I'd still go answer the door thinking it was Kristina and.... WHO KNOWS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!!!

Man. Jaren REALLY needs to come home. He called. Should be home in FOURTY minutes! It's already past 9!!! I think it's time I gave up on dinner and ate without him. I'm also going to go watch the season premier of "The Ex List". (With my large wooden cutting board)

Personal Philosophy

I fear writing just super long posts because I think everyone will think I'm boring and decide to not read and just scroll down to the bottom and leave a random comment to make me thing that they read it.

But then I read one of Julie's posts and decided that at least she would read it. I'm not the best writer but I wrote this for one of my classes on why I am going for the health career I am. For those of you who do not know, my major is Health Science. I know it's long. I was going to add to it, because there is a lot to add to, it's so brief, but I refrained. If anyone would like to know more or have any questions let me know and I'll write another post on it.

Here goes.

I have been interested in a career in Health since I was in High School. I have always been very interested in health and its effects and trying to be healthy. There were a few events that happened that steered me in the right direction.

There was a time where I was in a relationship that was not good for me. I felt pressured to be smaller than I already was (and I was very little) and I ended up taking extreme measures to try to get that. I exercised 5-6 hours a day and then cut back on eating a lot. This went on for maybe two months. Friends and my parents knew something was not right but I ignored them. Then one night after running home from Basketball practice and then doing an hour long exercise video I took a shower. As I stepped out I passed out. I woke up on the floor and I realized the toll what I was doing had taken on my body.

It was then I realized how horrible I had been treating myself and what an abusive relationship I was in. It took some time to end the relationship but when I did I thought a lot about what I went through emotionally, mentally and physically. I decided I wanted to help girls in that situation and advise them on their dietary intake. I had made up my mind I was going to be a Dietitian. I even wanted to be a therapist for girls that were going through similar situations but I realized that would take a masters degree and I didn’t know if I would be able to do that. Upon further investigation of the Dietary Degree I found that would also require a Masters Degree.

I went to a high school career fair and listened to a nursing teacher talk about nursing. I was enthralled; I realized that was exactly what I wanted to do. So I planned on that when I applied to colleges and when I was accepted to BYU-Idaho I enrolled in the Health Science department so I could start to get my pre-requisites finished. I went through my freshman year working hard but not getting high enough grades. I knew BYU-Idaho wouldn’t accept anyone with lower than a 3.7-3.8 GPA. I was discouraged and was trying to decide what to do.

It was in my sophomore year that I discovered I could leave BYU-Idaho and go to school some where else. I applied to UVSC and moved to Utah. During this time I was dating my now husband. He farms here in Rexburg and I ended up getting engaged and moving back here to live forever. So I had to change my career goals. My life had changed and I found I wouldn’t have to work for a living. So I decided to focus on just getting my Health Science Degree. Throughout this time I have pondered several different options: getting my Nutrition Degree online and double majoring by going to nursing school since I would only have to take another 27 credits of nursing classes. Then a teacher in the HS department mentioned a new program that they were working on getting approved - Medical Billing and Coding. I could work part time from home and start at $20 an hour. It sounded too good to be true. I knew I did not have to work, but I wanted to help out but I did not want to have to leave my children someday.

I am 10 credits (not including this semester) away from graduating. I know the program won’t be implemented until after I graduate so I will wait for that date and then apply for continuing education and take the five classes it will take to be certified. The whole idea in the beginning was to get a high paying degree quickly so I could put my husband through school. Then I married someone who was just barely finished and that necessity went out the window. My greatest desire is to be a Mother and a Wife. I have one down and I hope to get the other someday soon. My children are who I hope to work with. Having another income would just be icing on the cake and would also give me something to do and feel like I am contributing. That is what I plan to do.

P.S. the contest is still on.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who Can Tell Me??

Alright, it's decided. We all want to know WHAT that Glade Lady is hiding! (See post and comments below) Because, obviously she lies and lies her pants off about smells that she claims came from France. We all know there are some underlying issues here.

So.. what are they?

The video is the first video on the post below. There are many more commercials and if you own a TV and don't DVR and skip through commercials EVERY time then you have to have seen most of them.

I think I'll make a game out of it. Whoever comes up with the best "What else is that Glade lady hiding" idea will win.

Yeah... I hear you all asking, "What will I win???"

I'll also take idea's for what the prize should be. So. Give me idea's for a prize and please please tell me....

What is the Glade Lying Lady hiding?! (besides the brand of candle/scented plug in)

Update! I have decided on Trudy's idea. I'm giving away an assortment of Glade products so that all of you women who like to say they've cleaned all day and really just went around spraying stuff will rest easy for the next month. Also, I recently was a honorable mention on Tamn's blog and received some amazing cards. I'm going to use one of them to Congratulate the winner!!! Oh yeah, and there is another giveaway going on on Christa's blog. Head on over for a FREE credit card in her name!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

She's A Pathalogical Liar, Can't You See It?!

I get a little perturbed every time I see one of these commercials with this woman in it.

It's different every time. She has a candle and lies about it, or a plug in in the wall and lies about it. But in the end, her friends (that keep coming back for more lying) out her for her dishonestness. I looked and looked for the other commercial videos but couldn't find them on You Tube. So I gave up and decided to show everyone something we were showed in my Motor Development class yesterday.

You will honestly be amazed. I sat with my mouth open.. then I very loudly said, "Oh My Heavens... WOW" and everyone looked at me like I was weird or something. How could you not be awed, though!!?

Check it out. My life will never be the same.

I apologize now for the fuzzy video and the no sound through most of it. I couldn't find a better one that was this actual video.

Amazed? I know I am. There aren't a lot of pools around here but there sure are a lot of canals. I'm not so sure it would work in moving water... but I can only hope. I want my children to do this. I don't even think it's offered around here. But I want it!!

Want more? Here is their website.