Tuesday, September 29, 2009

35 Weeks: Random Updates

Anything new?

Just that the cramping has come back (and is more painful) even though I'm still taking those pills. I feel like it's such a waste of pain if it's not causing dilation. I wont find out if it is (and it's probably not) till next Tuesday.

Each day I think it's impossible for my body to be more uncomfortable and in any more pain. Then the next day I'm proven wrong.

I would LOVE for her to flip so her head isn't nestled under my ribs. Each day she get's a little bigger and so she get's a little higher and now I'm constantly trying to arch my back to relieve some of the pressure/pain. It has to be rather uncomfortable for her, too, right? She is still kicking pretty good, but they aren't as hard. I'm thinking she doesn't have much room to wind up.

90% of the time I move there is grunting and wincing. I asked Jaren if it annoyed him and he said no. I said, good, because I can't help it.

I came to the realization last night that there is no part of my body that is mine. That is what I worked so hard for all of my life since I was 15. Nothing familiar. That, of course, was something I shouldn't have thought about because it caused a not so fun breakdown.

I prefer crying in the shower because then you can blow your nose without the gross boogery-in-kleenex feeling. Have I ever shared my phobia of blowing my nose?? Ohhhh it grosses me OUT.

I've been super amazingly domestic. I want to share the stuff I've made, but some are gifts and we will just have to wait till the recipients get them and then I'll post pictures of my awesomeness.

I am working on some projects for the nursery and as soon as they are done I'll share pictures of the nursery. Or maybe I'll post some anyway with naked walls so I can post some later with not so naked walls.

Where did my nesting energy go? I'm in a funk. I get up, eat breakfast, then want to lay back down and go back to sleep. Waste my WHOLE morning. I need a kick in the rear. Which I think will only come from my own foot. But it's hard since I cant even touch my foot.

This is projected to be Jaren's last week of spud harvest. It will be full of late nights and a super bored wife. But come Sunday morning - he is MINE!!! Very, VERY excited about that.

Weight is still piling on. Faster than the "in the last trimester you gain about a pound a week..." nonsense. I'm eating well, VERY well and not a lot at all. I'm not going hungry, but I am not shoving all sorts of calories down my throat. It's been a month since I've stopped eating sweets and it's seemed to do diddly. I seem to be getting even more swollen, too. Even my lips. UHG.

Unless it's below freezing in our bedroom at night I am HOT and sweating and trying (unsuccessfully b/c it hurts too bad) to roll around to get comfortable. And I'm not exaggerating about the temperature. It needs to be around 32 degree's. Thank heavens Jaren likes to sleep in the cold.

PSD pain is getting worse and worse. Now when I wake up in the middle of the night to waddle to the bathroom I'm about brought to my knees. But falling down would mean having to get back up, which would hurt worse and when I really REALLY have to pee that process just wont work. So I just wince and make noises.

Jaren sleeps through all of my painful noises when I get up to go to the bathroom and the grunting trying to get back into bed and the rusteling of the covers as I try to get them back over me. Then when my head hits the pillow he wakes up and tries to put the covers over me and asks, "are you ok? What do I need to do?" With which I laugh and tell him to just go back to bed. And he does. :) Wonder if this will be how it will be with the feedings?? We'll have to see.

Read that pregnant women have an increase of mucus (gross, I know). I didn't know it would be like a constant stuffy cold!! Thank heavens for Mucinex D.

35 Weeks:
I am totally completely swollen. I've put on 4 pounds in the last week (HOWWWWWWW?!?!?!!!) and the only thing I can think of is that it's more water. Which would explain why my face is swollen, my LIPS, my hands (can't hardly see my knuckles anymore), and of course, everything else. I can't hardly bend over to put lotion on my calves. How many more weeks do I have?????
Finger on top of her head and hand cupping her rear. She is getting rather large.
Drum roll please.....
I talk about how she is only on one side. She is this large lump that doesn't like to go past my belly button (towards the left of my uterus).

Well, here it is:
From top of head looking down while I'm laying down. So your looking at the top of her head. the smaller lump is her legs.
Please ignore the messyness that is my house. Lots of unfinished projects and I'm currently in the process of decorating for Halloween and Fall. In between naps.

Looking at my belly from underneath. This seems to be the most revealing of shots. My fingers are centered above my belly.
I have room for two in here. My left side is totally empty. Although, since she is getting rather long her legs have taken up space on the bottom left. The thought of two babies in there.... the same pain in BOTH ribs?? Uhg. I'll take my stubborn little one.

What is funny is that people have commented, "is she right there?" while pointing to my right. It's now quite obvious just while standing or sitting. My chiropractor says, "Wow, looks like your pregnant" and I respond, "Yeah, just on one side." Makes him laugh, but he does this every time.

I sure hope this girl flips on her own SOON.


Joe and Ashley said...

That is so crazy you can see exactly where she is! I hope she flips soon so you can be more comfy!

Lena Gilbert said...

Yea, being pregnant kind of sucks.I empathasize but I'm really glad I have two done. It feels much better when it comes out.Hope she flips for you. Have they given you anything else to try?

Happy Dash said...

Wow - that is so crazy. She is so incredibly packed on your left! I've never seen that before (or never really given much attention to it). Hang in there! You're getting so close :)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

that last picture is really crazy!! I LOVED your description of going potty at night...I could have written it word for word!!! I too grunt and groan everytime I move. NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!(although, I found out today I have to be there at 5:30 in the a.m. I am going to be SO tired)!

Whitney R said...

Ashley - me too!!

Lena - the thought of another pregnancy like this brings me to tears. And no, I haven't gone in. I have an appointment Tuesday and I figure I'll just wait till then.

Happy Dash :) I've never seen anything like it either. Until myself.

Tiffany - 5:30 a.m. my rear - I'm JEALOUS.

Anonymous said...

Your right Whit, the extra weight is a lot of water and the good news is, it'll all go away so quickly once she comes. You'll have to work on the fat weight of course, but since you won't be cramping all the time, you won't mind. *G*

Jordan and Michaela Spence said...

So is she always positioned like that? With Calin I had two bumps, one on my lower left, and one on the upper right side of my stomach, but not always, usually just a few times a day.
You are getting so close to the end!! :)

Jordan and Michaela Spence said...

So is she always positioned like that? With Calin I had two bumps, one on my lower left, and one on the upper right side of my stomach, but not always, usually just a few times a day.
You are getting so close to the end!! :)

Whitney R said...

Michaela - yes! always! She doesn't budge, which is why they are worried there is some reason she is stuck over there. Which is why a C-section is such a possibility.

Aunt Lori - I can't wait to exercise again!!! Well.. once I don't feel like this. Cause I can't even walk or climb the stairs without lots of pain. Blahhhh.

Life as Ashley said...

Those pictures are crazy! Glad you got them to document them, no one can really imagine what you are talking about until you see it!

Your belly is so big now! Sure you're swollen, but you still look great! :)

Life as Ashley said...

P.S. When are you going to teach us how to make that star in the background of the last pic?

Sara Ann said...

Wow, I hope it's okay that I laughed out loud at the lopsided belly picture! Your jeans are so cute by the way, I can't wear jeans to work so I only have like one pair, not even all that cute, sad:(

Kristen said...

Oh you poor sweet girl, I really hope they take you early and you only have 3 weeks left. In all five of my pregnancies I have never had my tummy be lopsided like that, I have had them shift for a minute or two but never just stay on one side. Now I know why you are so uncomfortable. I promise you will think it is all worth it once you get to officially meet her. I will be praying for you.

Whitney R said...

Kristen - I've not loved anyone like I love you right now for that comment. SO glad someone can see how this would be uncomfortable. THANK YOU for your sympathy :) It makes me feel so much better!

Sara Ann - I'm glad you laughed! It is funny. Funny and crazy and frustrating. haha. Thanks for the jean compliment - they are Gap maternity. I LOVE THEM. I have another pair that are just as great.

Ashley - thanks for agreeing that I'm swollen :D Cause I feel so blimpy. And I'll teach how to make the stars. I'm making one for her nursery so I'll take pictures while I do it and then post about it.

Alexis Treese said...

Man, that last stretch is the worst.
The other day I was reading my friends blog and she's 5 months along and she said...
"So far pregnancy has been pretty sweet. I havent had morning sickness or anything like that, just a little tired."
I was like, "UGH, youre one of THOSE."
Mostly Im just jealous, I would have loved to have an enjoyable pregnancy.

So let me get this straight... Youre lips are swollen? I've always wanted bigger lips so that actually sounds pretty awesome, I know you want to slap me right now but, just sayin.

I hope she flips for you! I'll send her flipping vibes through the universe :)

You are so close, Im very excited to see this little child who has already turned life upside down. It's so incredible to see the fruits of your labor. no pun intended :)


woah...those last few pictures are amazing!
You should be so proud of yourself, you've had a lot to deal with, and even though you are bigger than you were before, I think you look simply gorgeous! good job chica! You're so close to the end.
Can't wait to see her (as I'm sure you can't either).

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a flip, no one wants a c-section if possible.


Anonymous said...

I remember being sooo incredibly happy as soon as each child was born because they were here and I loved them, but also because I could have my BODY back! I remember getting into the car for the first time after having Michael and turning to pick something up in the passenger seat. I was like, 'my belly doesn't hit anything or get in the way!! I can bend and move!' I used to turn the washer and dryer on with my belly. It was awful!!