Tuesday, July 7, 2009

23 Weeks

I was trying to think of what is new this week. And the only things I could come up with are that I spent my entire 22nd week in Michigan and I ate too much and only walked once or twice or three times depending on if you count shopping as exercise.

So that leads into another fat discussion. Or... not fat... but weight gaining discussion. Or more like me whining about it. I ate too many peanut butter surprise cookies and too much dinner and too much snacks and too much 100 grand and just tonight - SIX slices of pizza (but is it really six when the slices are skinny and you don't eat the crust?)...... It's entirely my fault for lacking self control and not exercising and not filling up on good stuff. Like watermelon. So, when I go home and get back into my routine it will be exercising every day and eating MUCH better and not as much. Or so I hope.

My sister in law Vicki is the Queen of second hand baby clothes shopping. She finds the most amazing stuff that looks brand new (and a lot of them are - with tags still on them). So I wanted to go to the stores here, because even though we have a few around Rexburg they are picked clean. Everyone is having babies and everyone is a poor college student and so the people who have nice baby clothes either just give them as hand me downs or the nice stuff get's picked up within hours of being put on the shelf. (I feel like this is run-on sentence post). But here, around Ann Arbor, since there are all sorts of rich people and not as many people having babies there are a lot of beautiful things. So, I found tons of stuff at the first store. A lot of Gap, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren and a Carriage Boutique brand that has really cute things. Then we went to a "higher end" second hand store and I immediately wished I had only spent half of the 47 dollars I had spent at the first store so I could get more stuff at this store. Almost everything still had the tags still on them. Almost everything was 30 bucks or more originally and were marked down to 3 - 12 dollars. I found the most amazing brand, Tea. Out of the 70 some or more items I bought my favorite things are the 4 Tea things. And they were BEAUTIFUL. And they had the tag on them. For example: I bought a little sweater and sweat pants set that were originally 80 bucks for 12. I wish I lived closer so I could go every few weeks to see if they get new Tea stuff.

Oh man. She's only going to wear this stuff for a few months and will pooh and pee in them and spit up - so I don't mind getting things for 2 or 3 bucks. I only buy pretty things that are in amazing shape and don't look worn. I'm picky :)

The funny thing is I bought so much stuff - basically she is set for the first 24 months of her life. Except for pajamas and onsies.... and warm clothes.... and socks and shoes and tights and leggings and shirts and sweaters.... guess I bought lots of dresses. I'll post my favorites. So, bought so much stuff that I can't fit the 70 something or more items in my suitcase that was already 3 pounds shy of the weight limit on the way here. And I really didn't want to buy a new suit case to haul it all home in - so I shipped it in a big box. It will probably get home about the same time as me. I don't think I need to say that Jaren doesn't share my desire to buy lots and lots of super cute baby stuff. He is grateful that I am not paying full price for anything. But when he asked how the shopping went and I told him I had to ship it home all I heard was a very loud, "YOU HAVE TO SHIP IT?!?!" I hope I'm there to see the look on his face when he see's the size of the box :)

So, that has been the last week, lots of family and fun and lots of eating and feeling huge and lots of super cute baby clothes. I have officially decided that as of right now Baby Gap is my favorite baby clothes store and my favorite brand is Tea.

Playing catch up:
22 Weeks
Me: 22 weeks
Vicki: 28 weeks
It's so interesting to me how differently women carry their babies. I'm carrying so low and the girl pushes herself up against my belly and Vicki is carrying a lot higher and more inside. Because I think my stomach sticks out just as far and I'm 6 weeks behind :) And there is only a one pound weight gain difference between us. No comment.

23 Weeks:
None of the pictures we took for this week do I like. But I said I'd post one every week... so here it is.


Life as Ashley said...

I love you Whit.

And I think you look great in both pictures (but even better in person!).

Stop being so hard on yourself.

You are doing great! :)

Whitney R said...

thanks for the better in person comment - makes me feel better :)

Wendyburd1 said...

Whitney the pictures are gorgeous! I think you look great, better than me still, bloody excess skin! If someone asks ME if I am preggo I WILL deck them!

I can't wait to see the Spud's new wardrobe!! I can't believe the places you guys have! Are they franchises because all we have out here is Good Will and everything is used and I am so germaphobic I could never buy Guppie used clothes!

Brigitte said...

You had mail everything back in a box?! hahaha. Must have been quite the shopping spree! I'm curious how big the box is too, you'll have to post a picture when it comes.

And you're looking great Whitney! Wish I looked that good preggo!

Kristina P. said...

You are one of those pregnant women that I hate, that from the back you look totallyl normal, and then BAM!

Whitney R said...

Wendy - those stores are in Michigan. But I'm positive that you have second hand stores that are not goodwill near you. There is a chain called "Once Upon A Child" and they are all over. Look them up! :) As for the higher end one.. man, I really really wish we had one here.

Whitney R said...

Brigitte - I'll post a picture of the box :)

Kristina - Everything is sure wider from the back or front.

Anonymous said...

I love your blue/gray shirt you have on. Where did you get it I want one, and were there other colors? we bought a lot of Connor's clothes at 2nd hand stores I love them especially since they grow so fast and everything at stores run more expensive. I feel better buying a bunch of jeans or shirts for $3-5 each than only getting 1 for $20 or so.

Sara Ann said...

You are so lucky! The only place I have been able to find cheap baby clothes is Ross, and the pickings are slim!

rychelle said...

she's going to be the best dressed kid in town!

Jason said...

Whit that blue and gray shirt is sooo cute!!! it looks awesome, especially in that picture! You can totally tell that I am bigger in our pic together because my belly is long and round and you just have a little bump. And your friend is right about you looking normal from the back and then you turn and see that you're pregnant. I noticed that while you were here.

Victoria Gilbert said...

once again, Jason's comment was from me... obviously.