Tuesday, August 11, 2009

28 Weeks: Adios 2nd Trimester

Bienvenidos 3rd

I think I'm going to do this one a little differently. A list with bullets of all the new things.
  • ribs hurt
  • especially the right side where she is constantly
  • feeling confined just sitting so now have to lean back to take pressure off ribs
  • baby still right side up - having daily talks to get her to turn upside down
  • nothing says welcome to the end of pregnancy like having to pee more than one time during the night again
  • bought more maternity clothes because my wardrobe is tight and depressing
  • all clothes came from gap and I love them, they are amazing - but the jeans were expensive (didn't want to spend my birthday money on baby clothes for mommy... but had to anyway)
  • still have enough birthday money to get me my sewing machine - just need to figure out which one
  • feeling sick regularly because of the squished organs, I think
  • took baby floating down a river/stream/canal thing for over 2 hours - we both liked it quite a bit
  • had first baby shower and I really enjoyed it (thanks to those who were able to make it and for those who brought a gift when they couldn't make it :)
  • noticed my face is chubby enough that my double chin can't be hidden in pictures - it's inevitably there
  • belly got quite a bit bigger - my father liked to point this out multiple times the last day I was home in Washington
  • Lindsey said it looks rounder and more "full" than pokey outey - kinda like it is wider.
  • belly feels much larger so I agree with all of it
  • walking is harder
  • out of breath much more regularly
  • belly cramps more while walking
  • legs are harder to propel forward
  • paid 29 bucks for a mani/pedi that was horribly botched - bff Chelsi redid all of it for me. Bless her heart.
  • getting more tired (already!!!)
  • nervous for upcoming long drive to Lake Tahoe this week
  • excited about reunion in Tahoe
  • baby girl is 2.55 pounds
  • This Morning:
  • --doc appointment
  • --drank glucose drink, not as bad as I thought it was going to be
  • --blood pressure is 126, makes me nervous, but I guess it's normal for now
  • --somehow gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks; i'm exhausted with trying to keep it off since it just keeps coming no matter what I do. I exercise, I don't overeat, I eat well.
  • --weight is a great source of my moodiness - wish it wasn't, trying hard to get over it
  • --had both of her hands and feet in front of her face today - what is she hiding?!
  • --3rd check; still a girl
  • --was told to sleep on my left side in the hopes gravity will take it's toll and make her venture somewhere other than my right side
  • I love her oh so much already and am just praying I go into labor by myself and don't have a huge baby (or a c section)
  • telling her to stay in until she is fully developed, but I wouldn't mind her developing fully sooner than later.

    28 Weeks:

    big belly and big baby!
    And new jeans that fit! And stretch and have room to grow. And I love Gap for having their sizes run big so I don't feel so huge.


Jillene said...

Aaaawwww....cute pregger picture!! Your baby is growing bigger by the week!! Before you know it--she will be here and in your arms!!

Life as Ashley said...

Yep. Definately bigger and rounder than the last pic. So cute!

Kristina P. said...

You look like a cute pregnant lady!

Scooby and Jon said...

cute belly...and what double chin?

Rowboat said...

yay how exciting! good luck toughing it out.

Jon, Julee, and Maddie said...

Double chin my rear...honestly Whitney.

Jon, Julee, and Maddie said...
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Whitney R said...

Julee - I'm really sucking it in. Wait till I post some baby shower pictures

Victoria Gilbert said...

I still say you look really good! And I love your shirt....new?? very cute. The jeans are flattering too. Wish we were going to Tahoe with you, although I wouldn't like that drive....hope it's not too uncomfortable. Hopefully you'll be able to get out and stretch your lets and get the blood flowing several times during the trip... I'm sure your bladder will take care of that for you, unfortunately! haha :) Ya i counted 8 times one night in nova scotia that I had to get up and go potty. Not fun....but worth it in the end, promise :)

Joe and Ashley said...

Your getting closer! How exciting you are a cute prego girl.

Lena Gilbert said...

Once she flips you'll probably notice a big change in the shape of your belly. And also be able to breathe. Yes, this post makes me glad that I am not currently pregnant

Wendyburd1 said...

Think of it like this Whit. When you have another baby, you will have the clothes you need and can save money next time!! :)

Alexis Treese said...

You are so adorable. Im kinda glad youre so honest about how freaking crappy pregnancy is, I thought for sure you'd be one of the few (like my delusional mom who insists being pregnant is the BEST THING EVER...blagh!!) but nope- youre normal. It freaking sucks, although it has a few perks. Like everyone being super nice to you without negative pretenses. But this too shall pass and you'll have the most incredible, heavenly girl in your arms and the "poking the rib" crap will be forgotten. I cant wait.. names??

PS Thanks for your comment on my blog makeover, now I need to figure out the signature part. I love yours!!

Lots of love and luck on some rib relief.

Victoria Elder said...

I like the bullet layout! I still can't freaking believe we will be in tahoe the same time! weird!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!