Wednesday, August 19, 2009

29 Weeks: Lots of Adventures

Baby girl had a lot of new happenings this last week:
  • Longest car ride ever to Lake Tahoe
  • First boat ride (didn't much like the front of the boat, but loved the back)
  • First sun burn (not on the belly)
  • First time playing badminton - too bad she prevented her mommy from diving for the birdie and making some awesome saves
  • First trip to the beach
  • First dip into Lake Tahoe
  • was mauled and kicked by her cousin, Lucy(6 months old) - surely not the last time
As for me:
  • First walk with constant cramping - not cool.
  • Sore throat
  • fatter face - do I even look like myself anymore?
  • so incredibly glad to be home and not have to get up and go somewhere else to live out of a suitcase
  • had a wonderful time in Tahoe with family and friends
  • more achey - it's really something when the thought of what your body will feel like picking up that thing you dropped prevents you from picking it up so you ask the next able bodied (which is everyone but you) person to pick it up. Nothing makes me feel more lazy.
  • Lots to do, lots to do in the next few weeks
  • loving my huge belly (probably until I find stretch marks)
  • not loving my huge everything else
  • more tired - feel like I need a nap every day and when I don't I'm dragging by 5 p.m.
  • missed my husband incredibly this last trip - so glad to be back with him
  • mom bought me a swing - first big baby thing to come into our home... feels kind of weird.
  • weirder thought is that in 9 weeks I could have my kid
Lots of people are wondering about a name. When we first found out we were pregnant we tried to decide on a boy name and girl name. No such luck agreeing on a boy name, but we had a list of our first 3 girl names. When we found out she is a she we narrowed it down to two and decided to wait till we saw her to see which one fit her best. Since she has to wait - you do too :)

29 Weeks:
it's getting a bit harder to post these pictures since I really am starting to feel very very very unattractive. Especially my face - really don't feel like it looks like me. Look at past pictures and you'll see how it's grown without my permission.


Amy said... can i say this without sounding rude...I should probably just mind my own business...anyways, i totally understand how you are feeling about getting "big" while you are pregnant. I remember feeling the same way. But, I think you mentioned you were documenting your pregnancy in part to share with your baby when she gets older. Do you really want her reading all this stuff about you hating your body and feeling fat all the time? A mother's example to her child (especially a daughter) is so important in whether or not they develop a healthy body image. Anyways, don't hate me, just wanted to get that off my chest. And I love your blog by the way :)

Alexis Treese said...

Dear Amy, Dont hate me for saying this, but... MIND YOUR OWN PREGNANT BUSINESS!!!!!! I am sorry, I dont even know you but you are SO out of line. Whitney can and should say how she feels. For some people pregnancy sucks and thats fine and it wont affect her baby's self esteem in the least, give me a break. I guarantee as soon as that baby comes she'll say , it was all worth it. I documented my very sucky pregnancy as well as my labor as well as the ups and yes, downs (gasp) of being a mom and I will show my child it one day and I am confident she will know how much I love her because I went through hell, documented it, and would do it a hundred times over just to have her in my life. UGH I probably shouldnt have started my day off so heated. I probably should have said Mind Your Own Business in a better tone but I think you are way out of line and quite ridiculous. Love, Ali

Dear Whitney,
Sorry for going off on your friend or family member. BUT trust me nothings wrong, NOTHING IS WRONG with documenting how much you hate your pregnacy. Now if you said I hate my child, I could understand why that might hurt her feelings down the road. but there is zero correlation between how you feel about your body, face, morning sickness, traveling troubles, your constant state of discomfort and how you will feel and do feel about your baby. SO I SAY, KEEP GOING, be honest, there are too many fake people out there blogging about how wonderful their lives are conveniently leaving out the parts they want to. I love you and I think you are a GORGEOUS lady with a BEAUTIFUL face and body and personality.

Tah-Tah for now, Im going to sprinkle my protective fairy dust on to others.


Victoria Gilbert said...

You are a beautiful lady :)
And I totally understand about not wanting to pick up anything. I told Josh that he can no longer wear shoes that require tying, because I simply can't do it... it's velcro or flip flops from here on out!
Wish I could have been there with all you guys this week!!! Kinda lonesome out here in michigan without contact to anyone... didn't realize just how much we all talk to each other all the time!! Anyways, glad you had fun!! You'll have to post some more pictures of everyone and everything you did. Love ya Whit :)

Life as Ashley said...

And that's why I ♥ Ali! :)

To Whit: You are almost there! The last stretch is the longest and most uncomfortable (I can't even imagine doing it in the heat of summer!). Hang in there!

Halftime Lessons said...

Aww Whitney, I hope you dont feel like that!! You look FANTASTIC, you are SUCH a pretty Mom! It may be hard to see it from your perspective, but just know that there are few other things as beautiful as a pregnant woman.

Be happy!! You have plenty of time to be miserable when you are up all night.



Halftime Lessons said...

And I hope this was taken as a bit scared when I read the comments above.

Please remember, I am male, and therefore an idiot.


Jillene said...

WOW--little bit of drama over here today!! (0;

Anyway--I think that you look beautiful.

Wendyburd1 said...

I think you look gorgeous and like that lil spud has a mommy that is making sure she will be born healthy and happy!

So are you still planning a private blog for all baby spud talk and pics? I can't wait to see who she looks like!! Do you have middle names selected too?

Whitney R said...

Yikes - drama for sure!

Thanks Ali :)

I don't want to get into a big discussion because I feel I have expressed how I feel about everything throughout my weekly posts. I know they are long and most skip right through them - that is fine, but I go over these things in them. But I will say this. I am documenting this for her, but more for me. I want to be able to look back each pregnancy and compare. And I wish I had something like this from my mom. I would love to read about her frustrations and excitements and know I'm not alone. So, I tell exactly how I feel and there is nothing personal towards the little girl - it's all pregnancy related. I'm sure I'll feel/go through the same things with each pregnancy. I blame nothing on her - I want her, very very badly. Even when I'm on an emotional low, NEVER do I ever regret getting pregnant. I keep a separate journal with much more personal stuff that is for her to read. Just don't feel that is the place to share that stuff.

Whitney R said...

Jay - very supportive - thank you :)

Wendy - we have a middle name for our number one choice, but not for the number two... I'm working on that. Yes, she is very well fed and healthy :) And yep, private blog is still on. I just wont start it until she is born.

Kristen said...

I know you don't think so but I think you look just as adorable as ever! I never feel cute as a prenant person but I think everyone else is. Also, you are okay to let people pick things up for you it really does get hard to bend over and get it yourself besides when your baby becomes a cute little toddler and discovers the "drop this to watch mommy pick it up game" you will more than make up for the times you asked people to pick things up for you. :)

ramsam said...

I guess I never really worried about the girl thing, I haveboys, and we laugh together at my pregnancy pictures and how bad I is a running joke in our family and I am glad we can all laugh about it, but my sisters little 7 year old complains aboput feeling fat and talks about skinny girls- so it is something to think about. When her daughter makes those comments it brekas my sister's heart!

Whit- you look adorable and healthy and have nothing to worry about!

DId you get the stroller?