Tuesday, October 6, 2009

36 Weeks: Preeclampsia

Yeah, it's true. 

I'm still kind of.... in shock?  Umm, I can't quite figure out the right words for how I'm feeling.  Like this is unreal?  I woke up this morning hoping to see if we can flip her or not at this doctors appointment.  Walked in and was excited to see that I hadn't hit a 50 pound weight gain yet.  And then the first thing my doc said when he walked in was, "Swollen?".

I held up my hands and said, yeah, can't see my knuckles.  And he said, "Your face."  Yes, I'm sure glad it is that obvious that my face isn't supposed to be this fat.  He looked at my ankles and calves and said he wanted to check my urine for protein.  He walked out, walked right back in and said I had WAY too much protein in my urine.  Which is bad.  I have 2 of the 3 preeclampsia symptoms.  My blood pressure isn't too high; I have been taking those "stop cramping" pills that are also used for lowering blood pressure.  I have been taking them twice a day every day for 3 weeks so we are going to wait till they are out of my system (since I stopped taking them today) and take my blood pressure again. Because they could have lowered it.

With this new development a version was out of the question and without a version my baby wont flip which means c-section.  He told me that even with a version the chances of us turning her were really low given the fact that she still wont budge from her comfy little right side of my uterus.  Doing a version would cause too much stress on her given the fact that my body is already under stress.

All of the symptoms he asked me about I had.  The swelling, the seeing stars, the headaches, the pain under my right ribcage (liver).  I attributed all of these things to just being pregnant.  Especially the rib pain, and most of it is her, but in the last week I have been having sharp pains there every once in a while.  Which could not be her and is my liver.  Unless she's sprained or broken ribs - which I thought was a viable possibility :)

He is glad I'm 36 weeks so she is developed enough to be outside of me and live on her own.  They will try to get me to at least 38 weeks.  I go in twice a week for nonstress tests at the hospital (first one is this Thursday) and will be seeing him (the doc) every week.  But, I could be scheduled for a c-section in that amount of time.  We don't know when, it all depends on the stress tests and the blood work I gave them today.  I wont find out those results until tomorrow morning.  I was also given a big jug (I'm posting a picture - it's too hilarious) to put all of my urine in for the next 24 hours.  I have never heard of this - I was laughing hysterically.  AND to make it even better, you have to keep it in the fridgerator.  I am going to put a post-it that says, "NOT O.J." for Jaren.  :)

I also had an ultrasound.  Her rear is too far into my pelvis we couldn't see it.  We got a split second glance at her face - our first!!  Chubby litle cheeks with a little nose.:D  I'm so glad to know she has at least those.  Her feet, BOTH of them, were up at her face.  So funny, she is folded in half, but still kicks me super low!  So it means she will put her legs down, give me a good kick, then bring them back up.  It makes me laugh.  I love this little thing.  She is "Frank Breach", he said.

I wouldn't let him leave the room until he answered EVERY SINGLE ONE of my questions.  I had him go over every little detail about a c-section and what I needed to bring and what happens before and after and the recovery.  One of my biggest concerns was where she was going to go after she came out.  I didn't want her out of either (Jaren or I) of our sights if she didn't need the NICU.  He told me that after they get her all cleaned up and wrapped up they will bring her and give her to Jaren, unless she needs the NICU - which I'm really hoping she doesn't.  And she shouldn't since I'm as far along as I am.  Or will be.....

My recovery shouldn't be too rough if I do what I'm supposed to and I TRY(instead of just lie there lazily) to recover.  I want to be active again so I'm not worried about that.  I'm also going to buy a sort of girdle thing that you can wear while your sleeping - or not, but it should help hold everything together and help with the recovery.

This is all so weird.  That's all that I can think to describe it.  Weird.  I didn't think I would have anything like this ever.  I thought I would have a normal pregnancy.  I'm not going to get into it on this post.  I'm going to write a seperate one on how I feel.

Moving on to this last week:
  • stronger worse cramps in front and back
  • sharp rib pain
  • lack of nesting, lack of motivation
  • found I like decorating onsies and I am currently making a boppy cover
  • made two nursing covers and am going to make two more - very impressed with myself
  • trouble sleeping - saturday night or sunday morning I was up from 4 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.  I layed in bed for an hour and a half trying to fall back asleep.  Finally, after starting to feel really sick to my stomach I got up, ate and read and then went back to bed.  
  • had one day where she didn't move until late afternoon and it scared me to death
  • then every single day after that she has been moving nonstop it feels like - I can't believe it.  She is SO ACTIVE!  
  • the poor thing hiccups 5-10 times a day.  Probably more like 10.  And it is a hard thumping that reverberates through my uterus.  You can see my belly jump.  
  • bought the last of the things I need.  2 bottles and a sleep positioner.  I'm ready - good thing too, since she could come any day.
  • Jaren is afraid to leave me alone because the doctor mentioned seizures.  I'm not worried, they will take her out before it ever came close to that.  And it's weird because I feel okay.... so it's weird to know what's going on with my body.
36 Weeks:
Swollen body!  Big baby.

The JUG.

Big belly, but no stretch marks! (On my belly... other places - that's a different story)

Belly button is still an innie!  Rather shallow and small now.


Chelsi Leavitt said...

I recognize that jug! 24 hour urine test! feel lucky because most of the time we admit ppl to the hospital to do one of those to make sure it gets done. ALMOST DONE!!

Jillene said...

Welcome to my world. At least you are 36 weeks and not 20 (my first)1 month bed rest, 2-1/2 days hospital bed rest and then delivering at 34-1/2 weeks (he had to stay in the NICU for 7 days), 30(my second) 2 months bed rest delivered at 37-1/2 weeks but she was just fine, and finally 34 weeks--two weeks bed rest, went in for a stress test at 36 weeks and protein was so high they started induction.

The only one that had problems was Zach but he was also born the earliest. You and the baby will be just fine. Olivia was born at 36 weeks--weighed in at 6lbs. 8oz. and was super healthy and just fine. Just make sure to follow Dr.'s orders--they really know what is best.

Jillene said...

And I had a pee jug with my first pregnancy. Super fun huh?! (0;

Lena Gilbert said...

Aren't those jugs awesome? Hope eveything goes well this week and your baby behaves herself. Did he by chance do any bloodwork on you? You're brave to wear a post pregnancy girdle..those things scare me and look extremely uncomfortable. Call me sometime if you want to chat...or feel better!

Lena Gilbert said...

Aren't those jugs awesome? Hope eveything goes well this week and your baby behaves herself. Did he by chance do any bloodwork on you? You're brave to wear a post pregnancy girdle..those things scare me and look extremely uncomfortable. Call me sometime if you want to chat...or feel better!

Aaron and Amber Yount said...

Good luck sweetie! I had toxemia with Kaden and they took him 2 weeks early...but I haven't had to have a c-section yet, so I can't give you an advice there. Oh, and they took Peyton almost 3 weeks early due to high blood pressure.

It is kind of strange walking into the dr. appointment and they say, "Oh, well, it's time to have a baby...like NOW." Although I was extremely happy to not be prego anymore and to finally see my baby, that was a little overwhelming.

Hope all goes well and can't wait to see her cute baby pics:D

Victoria Elder said...

I had preeclampsia as well!!! I hated that pee jug what made it worse is that we were living at jakes parents house at the time I did that so it was in the fridge for EVERYONE to see & gross them out!!! I felt so stupid

Life as Ashley said...

Any. Day. Now.

And I totally agree with your doctor. If you WANT to recover, you will quickly. I was doing all the No-No things waaaaayyyyy before my 10 days were up. But it was ok. I felt great! Part of it was out of necessity. We were trying to sell our house, and I constantly had to hurry and vacuum and clean up before people came through it.

Like I've said, perhaps I was lucky with my first one, by my whole c-section experience was really no big deal. I hope your is the same!

Anonymous said...

Holy wow! I can't believe they want to have ALL of your pee! I hated having to pee into the little cup every visit but to have to pee into something every. single. time. you go, eeeee! I feel for you!

ps, I love your pants and SUPER cute belly! I had a pair just like that by Elly B and lived in those and my J&Co jeans.

That Girl said...

I was preeclamptic too - they took me off salt completely (a totally NO FUN diet, bytheway), and it helped for about two weeks. Then my pressure spiked again and they induced.

That was my first though. Apparently it's REALLY common for your first pregnancy. I've been fine for my other two (and a half!)

Wendyburd1 said...

It said my comment was saved but where is it??!!

Wendyburd1 said...

It lied. Okay, I KNEW your pain was not normal and I have never been pregnant. But that pain was too odd, it makes sense to find out something like this, and you do not have to think you'd get it with every pregnancy. I think, I believe, it is a pregnancy by pregnancy thing.

And again, well for the first time for you, get the girdle!! We had them after our bypasses and for my sister, it made her feel like everything was protected and in place and would stay put. It gave her comfort.

Brigitte said...

No way!!! I'm so sorry girl! At least you know now though and it's not a last minute emergency C section. That has happened to a couple of my friends and it's WAY more stressful when it's last minute and completely unplanned. Not to downsize your stress though.... :S

Good luck!! Especially with that pee jug. Man that thing is mongo huge. Can't believe you have to keep that in the refrigerator!! Nasty.

Sarah Nicole said...

That peej jug is AWESOME! That you have to keep it cold is even better!!!

C-section will be fine, knowing in advance is so much better than being rushed in for sure!

I do recommend a belly support. I used one of those big wrap deals that are for working out. It really helped keep pressure and things tight. It also made swelling go down and help me slim down quicker! Gotta love that.

Also, please add me to your new blog list my email addy is sarahnicole5@sbcglobal.net

Good luck with everything!!

Sarah Nicole


oh whit! just hang in there, you're so close! and seriously, all will be forgotten soon once you're holding her. Good job managing all the surprises you've had in this pregnancy, cause you've had a lot!
I'll be praying for you!

Sara Ann said...

Oh man, that is rough and I am sure disappointing. Good luck, I think it will be all worth it when you get your little girl! :)

CaJoh said...

Even though it is disappointing, you are in good hands. The baby will be here before you know it and it will soon be like a bad dream.

Kristen said...

Whitney, I really hope this is over for you soon, I promise it will be worth it in the end but I am so sorry for what you are going through now.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

whitney i am just catching up on your blogs since I was in the hospital with my baby!!! The C section went SO GOOD!!! and even though my baby had to go to the NICU David NEVER had to leave his side. HE went and sat in there for a few hours until I could get out and go down there. Yes I walked just a few hours after the surgery, it was GREAT!!! JUst make sure you ask for LOTS of pain meds!! My doctor ordered one of those belly binder girdle things and it REALLY did help, although, a little uncomfortable to sleep in. Good Luck, it will all go SO well, just tell them what you want and when you want it!!! Enjoy that baby she will be the best and you ARE right C Section is def. not the "easy" way out.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

oh p.s. I had to do the 24 hour urine test too, and I filled up 2 plus jugs, CRAZY!!!