Monday, July 26, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

If you saw the weird girl taking pictures of herself and her husband in a mirror in an ice cream shop in Jackson Hole last week... it was me.

I was still trying to get a picture of the two of us together and thought it would be perfect to get one in the ice cream shop.  But there were a TON of people and I still haven't quite perfected the "Hey will you (drop everything your doing, your conversation, your ice cream, your purse, your own camera and) take a picture of us?"  I mean, I don't mind at all when I'm asked... but do others?

There we were, standing in line and Jaren get's a phone call.  He goes outside and I'm standing in front of this mirror and I want to get him in it, too.  So, I'm testing it out and taking a few pictures of myself to get the settings right and the line is moving!  There is a little break in line in front of me and a guy starts moving towards it.  And that is where this comes from:

See this face?  It says, "Who do you think you are?  Can't you see I'm in LINE?!"  Then I saw that he was just going to talk to his wife who was in front of me.  Oopsey....

Jaren came in and I was past the mirror.  We got our ice cream and I asked the people who were about to move in front of the mirror if we could take a picture.  He waited, but obviously his look says, "Hey lady, hurry up so I can get MY ice cream!"  Jaren wasn't very excited about the idea, if you can't tell.  But being the good wonderful husband he is he stood there for me.  But didn't smile.  Ah well.  It was a little awkward. 

On a side note I'm running an August Special for my photog business.  Here is the flier or check it out at 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jackson Hole

FINALLY.  Finally after four years we made it to Jackson Hole.  Back in 2006 while we were dating Jaren took me all the time!  In one summer we went three times, which was quite a bit.  Every summer since then we talk about going, make plans to go and then things come up and we never do it.  I'm always very bummed.

For the last 3 weeks we've been talking about going and planning on going and then push it back and back and back.  Well, it went from Saturday to Monday and then to for sure Tuesday.  I never really get my hopes up.  But this Tuesday it was!

We didn't get on the road till 1:30 because he still put in half a day of work, then we got Naomi ready to go to her Grandma's after she woke up from her nap.  But it was just so nice being with him - I don't get to see him all that much because he is so incredibly busy.

I wanted our picture in front of the signature antler thinger, but couldn't stop anyone to take it, so we did some individuals.
Isn't he so dreamy? :)

And Jaren was so sure he could take one of the both of us.  So I let him try, but told him my lens wont allow that. 

So, we walked around for an hour and a half, going through shops.  We found Jaren a super snazzy beautiful (well I thought it was beautiful) shirt.  We got some ice cream and ate it in the park.  We wanted to have dinner at the Cowboy Bar or whatever it's called but they and every single other eatery didn't open till 5:30!  And Naomi decided that she didn't want us to have a real date day and only napped an hour so we had to cut it short.  So instead we headed back and ate in Driggs. 

But before we left I asked someone to take our picture!
And I took one of the arch msyelf.
And Jaren took this one of me.  I think I may put it as my profile picture I like it so much.

All in all it was so nice to finally have some time to just talk and be together.  Even though I didn't get to ride the Gondola like I wanted or the Alpine Slide like I hoped the time we were able to spend together was priceless.  Although I'm hoping for another trip before snow falls so I can finally ride that Gondola!  And next time I wont wear such squeaky shoes....

We stopped in a clearing of wild flowers on the way home that I'll post about next. 

Oh, and like my new header? 

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have been busy!  Busy cleaning, busy exercising, busy mommying, busy trying to create my website and busy taking and editing pictures!

I am pretty excited about this new adventure I am now on.  It's been a month now since I've decided that I'm for sure going to do this and I've thrown myself into it.  I wanted to do it right the first time so I've been taking my time with things.

My website is up and running.  It is a work in progress.  For one I cannot figure out how to get text under my photos - it's under it while I'm composing, but when I publish it goes on the side.  I'll be working on that.  So, be prepared to see plenty of changes in the next days/weeks/months.

The name.  So, the poll on my sidebar - Whitney Rae won and it happened to be the one I liked best anyway.  Well, was taken and I debated whether or not to go through with the same name anyway - I mean, her business is "coming soon" and mine is here and I doubt she is in South Eastern Idaho.  So then I checked Whitneyk and that was taken.  So, I figured I am probably the only Whitney Kathleen in existance, and turns out I pretty much almost am.  At least I am in the photography world.  So, Whitney Kathleen it is.  I still like the sound of Whitney Rae better, but Whitney Kathleen works.  I just wanted something simple.

My site is and I have a facebook page as well - it's on my sidebar.  I'm still doing my free shoots for the next few weeks in July.  I've done 3 and have 4 more.  I'm ready to start making money so I can expand!  I.E. (did I use that properly?) equipment/photoshop stuff/new camera/pay things off.

Currently I am working on my packaging.  I really like what Jenna has done.  I want it to look nice and professional.  I want it to be something people look forward to about booking with me.  So, I'm trying to come up with my own stuff (and using some with permission- the tin and tissue paper and box idea).  Thanks Jenna!

Here is one I took of my super cute nephew last week:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Favorites: Part 3

Ointments, Creams and Pastes:  One thing I didn't know - I'm sure this is common knowledge to all Mommies, but no matter how much baby sitting I did (a whole lot) I never had this explained or did I learn this.  But you should always use an ointment, paste or cream when changing a diaper and not just baby powder.  We didn't know and alternated between both when Naomi was first born and she got a really bad rash.  We then only used an ointment and it went away and she didn't get another till she was 5 months old and eating solids.  And even that was only caused by the Carrots.  Or her sitting in her poo for too long (when she started sleeping through the night).

When she got her first really bad open sore one I went on a massive diaper cream/ointment hunt.  I had to find which one worked!  Amazingly the best thing was lots of nakey time and lansinoh (did you know it's not just for boobies?) right on the owie, then I put the thickest cream I could find.  I changed her diaper every 2-3 hours and have continued with that.  I tried out two different Desitin paste's/cream's (the two tubs you see) and found that the light blue "rapid relief" comes off easily.  I wanted something that didn't.  So I found the purple tub "maximum strength" (also super expensive.. yikes) and that was wonderful!  It didn't come off easily (which means you use quite a bit of diaper wipes during diaper changes) so that when she pood or peed it would stay.

Once her rash was gone I went back to Aquaphor during the day (it's a clear ointment and is easy to remove and does a good job of protecting) since I change her diaper every 2-3 hours.  Then at nights I put the purple thick cream on and it's still there in the morning with her super full wet and or poopy diaper!  That's my diaper cocktail.

I like triple paste, too, but it's uber expensive as well, but only a few bucks more than the purple Desitin so I may try it once I'm out of that tub.  I haven't seen what all the hoopla is about with ButtPaste.  I've used it and it comes off pretty easily. But maybe the tub is thicker paste like the Desitin tubs?

Mommies, share your thoughts!