Monday, June 21, 2010

Project Clean House

Is underway.  Since I've been done with my race I've not ran more than a mile and a half....  I feel a little guilty, but I'm getting so much done around my house!

My sister has come out and helped me a bit and I am so grateful.  I'm planning on totally ransacking the entire thing then putting it back together again room by room.

First up is the kitchen.  That has been cleaned, but just needs to be maintained.  Oh man how I hate unloading the dishwasher.  Only takes 5 minutes, but for some reason drives me crazy.  But I don't mind loading?  So weird.

Next is the family room.  Lindsey dusted and wiped down all of my shelves.  Just need to fluff cushions, switch cushions, vacuum couch, vacuum floor, clean windows, clean blinds, scrub floorboards and...  umm.. re-decorate.  But that wont happen for a while.

Thursday I cleaned out my closet.  Something I had been needing to do since I could fit back into my old wardrobe.  I have quite the give-away pile.  I still need to organize and dust.  And re-decorate.  Which is something that may happen in the near future! Wahoo!

Bathrooms.  Basic cleaning and need re-decorating.  Cleaning will get done this week, re-decorating may take a few months.  If only money grew on tree's.....

Naomi's room.  STILL have not hung her stuff.  I'm annoyed every time I walk in there because of that.  But I need 2 people!  It's a problem because either she is sleeping or Jaren isn't home.

Dining room.  A work in progress.  Needs picked up and a rug and the hutch sanded and re-painted.  Oh, and new chairs for our table.

Should I post before and afters of everything?  I plan on doing it with the decorating thing.  But maybe not the cleaning thing.  Cause that would show just how messy I've let things get in my quest to run really far really fast consecutively. 


Ashley said...

I also hate unloading the dishwasher-I have no problem loading it is just when I have to unload it. I am waiting for you to finish your series of posts about what baby stuff you liked and didn't like etc. (I am totally getting a monitor that has a video) But I was wondering do I need to have a changing table or is that something I could live without? Thanks Whitney!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I too HATE, seriously hate, unloading the dishwasher. I would rather load it any day!

and yes I REALLY like pictures!

Wendyburd1 said...

It is probably my germophobia but I would rather unload CLEAN dishes, though I won't touch the silverware in case they are still dirty, lol. I can't touch the dirty dishes!

I so want to see before and after photos! How IS your sister doing?

Anonymous said...

Yes pictures :)

Mandy said...

DO the before and after... I've been debating doing the same thing! I'll do it if you will. :)