Saturday, June 5, 2010

Countdown: 1 Week

So I skipped a week.  And I changed my mind.

When I went home to Washington for my grandma's funeral I ran 8 1/2 miles one morning.  I didn't think I could do that so easily.  And I felt good.  I wasn't even tired when I finished, but my feet were hurting VERY badly.  Especially my left. 

I spent the next two days going through a mental battle - do I run the half and just suck it up?  Or not because my feet will hurt too bad. 

On one hand I was obviously trained enough for it and because I now know how badly my feet hurt I may not be able to run one that often.  So will I be able to train for one and then run it?  I should probably just run this one, suck it up and finish it so that at least I ran one once.  Because right now I'm conditioned enough to do it.

In the end I decided just to do it.  So, I signed up for the half on Monday.

I ran 5 miles Monday, 7 Wednesday and 2 Thursday (busy day....).  Then 10 today!

I didn't stop at all any of those times.  I was pretty impressed with myself today.  Especially since the last mile I ran against 15 mph wind.  That sucked. 

My feet did a bit better for a few reasons.  First I took Ibuprofen before I went (why haven't I done that every time?!).  I also wore a bandaid/moleskin type thing (it's AMAZING) over the arch of my left foot that keeps getting blisters from the soles of my shoes and so that took away that pain.  I also switched the expensive orthotics for the ones the shoes came with and that seemed to help.  So dumb that I paid 45 dollars for those insoles that weren't helping.  My Chiropractor tipped me off to that idea. 

I don't think I'll be able to run the entire half without having to walk for a bit here and there, but I'll try.  Even if I'm jogging 5 mph I'll still be happy that I finished without stopping.  But, I'm okay with having to walk.  My goal will be to make it at least 10 miles nonstop.  Unless I have to pee.  Does that count? 

I'm excited and nervous.  I'm feeling so sore right now and tired that I know I'll need a giant nap afterwards.


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Garrett, Tashina, Breck, and Addilicious!! said...

You'll do great!! I'm so excited for you, and even though i won't be able to run in it this weekend. It is still fun to see you go through the same things i am including the mental blocks, and tired body, oh and don't forget those blisters!! Good luck!!