Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taggedy Tag Tagg

I think I'm going to start adding a 'g' to the word, "tag" every time I get tagged. It's going to get so long! Maybe? Maybe not! (I've been tagged twice today and I'm going in order)

Here I go....

8 TV shows I love to watch
  1. Heroes
  2. John and Kate Plus 8
  3. One Tree Hill
  4. Chuck
  5. Greys Anatomy
  6. Burn Notice
  7. Supernatural
  8. House (and a lot more....)

8 Favorite Restaurants
  1. Subway
  2. PF Changs (for their lettuce wraps)
  3. Ruths Chris
  4. Texas Roadhouse
  5. Johnny Corinos
  6. Bajios/Cafe Rio (depending on which state I'm in)
  7. Jakers (the place where Jaren took me on our first date and I tried and fell in love with calamari..Mmm)
  8. Arbys (the best roast beef sandwich evah)

8 Things that happened to me yesterday (Monday)
  1. Ordered a new computer plug in charger thingy because Jaren accidentally spliced mine in the recliner... oopsey!
  2. Bought some groceries (not as expensive as the last time)
  3. Forgot the milk when I bought groceries, dang! (but I went and bought two gallons today)
  4. I made and ate dinner by myself, then foiled Jaren's and put it in the fridge for him to eat when he got home super late ( oh wait.. I did that again tonight)
  5. Took a quiz
  6. Got a horrible head ache/migrain ( oh wait... that ALSO happens to me everyday lately)
  7. had my achey head shoved in my Kinesiology class forward to "demonstrate" why more than the atlantooccipital joint was being used. (thank you really annoying guy. I could have FIGURED IT OUT MYSELF!)
  8. I set my alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. to wake up. Did I? Kind of... snoozed until 5:55 :)

8 things I look forward to:
  1. The end of spud harvest so I get my husband back
  2. Graduating in April so I can be finished with school (for now)
  3. Getting knocked up some day
  4. Becoming a mommy
  5. Getting my house clean
  6. Ironing ALL of Jaren's white church shirts
  7. Building a home someday
  8. Shopping next weekend (and the meet and greet!)

8 things on my wish list
  1. Clean my WHOLE house!
  2. Black dressy coat
  3. New jeans
  4. New sneakers
  5. New heels
  6. I wish for Jaren to come home for dinner
  7. I also wish to be able to sleep in till 8 one of these mornings
  8. I wish that at least one of my (4) blog entries get into that blog book.
Tagging 8 people (woah.. here goes)
  1. Nathan and Stephanie (whoever wants to do it can)
  2. Amanda Boyce
  3. Emily Kinghorn
  4. Jessica
  5. Tamn (think she'll do it?)
  6. Ash
  7. Jen
  8. Victoria (Happy Birthday! Again :)

Monday, September 29, 2008


But not from me! Kristina(/Blistina) is giving away something so amazing, so dilish, so extravagant that I couldn't resist spreading the love!

And I get dbl. entry bonus points. So head on over, enter and have a chance to win a free lazer hair removal package!!

just kidding about the hair removal... head on over to see what it really is. I don't want anyone coming to my house with pitchforks and logs on fire because I kidded a litt.e

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hooker Heels or Not Hooker Heels?

So, I've been thinking about clothes a lot lately. Especially since my birthday (July 31st- mark your calendars) just passed. I put my birthday money away and have been also saving my little monthly "allowance" I get to spend on whatever I want.

I ordered a few things from the internet that I had been needing/wanting and then the rest is just sitting in an envelope in my secret place. I'm planning a trip to Utah in a few weeks and have been kind of setting it aside so I can do some fall shopping. I can't decide what to spend it on. I know I need a new pair of jeans.. but what kind? Wide leg? Or boot cut or flare?(You will never see me wearing tapered skinny leg jeans) And what brand? And from what store? I just can't decide!

I've also thought about spending some on shoes... Oh how I love shoes. All shoes. Since high school I have owned 3 different pairs of Etnies shoes. They are the perfect white sneaker and they are so comfortable. I have had my current pair coming on 3 years and I wear them ALL the time. They are very worn and I have been looking to replace them. Should I spend some on those?

I don't like the plaid pattern on these, mine would be a plain color. Preferably white with a black E.
Or there are Converse's. I have been eying those for some time too. I like the way they look with jeans and a t-shirt. So... a new pair of Etnies or a never before had new pair of Converse's?
I have also wanted to try flats. I shied away from them for quite some time since they have been out because I can't stand to look stalky/frumpy. I am flat footed and short (5' 3 and 3/4" (there is no way I would leave out that last bit)) and I personally think I'm a little hippy so I just couldn't see flats flattering me at all.

Until I saw them with wide legged jeans. I love that look. So I have been on the lookout for some comfy cute looking flats. I don't own a pair yet, but I want to. Then as I was perusing for a nice pair of Converse shoes I ran across these babies.

Converse flats! I think they are cute-not 100% sure they are what I'm looking for, but it's an option. I don't like uncomfortable shoes or flats that show your toe cleavage. So that rules out quite a few.
I also absolutely love high heels. I haven't been brave enough to wear them with jeans, yet. I also need to buy a pair that are longer so they would actually look good with heels. That could be the length of new jeans I buy in a few weeks. I have also been looking for a new pair of heels. Preferably brown or red or yellow. I have outfits these colors would go with.

Then I saw this post and it made me wonder... do I wear hooker heels?

They can also be referred to as stripper heels. I place probably too much importance on dressing nice and looking put together. I try to dress nice but I LOVE high heels. 95% of the time I am in heels at church. I'm always modest-no short skirts for me. I also try to avoid super tightness. I mean... who wants to see EVERY curve?

So I decided to show everyone what type of heels I like and wear.

I don't own any of these, but if I could I would.

So, what do you think? Hooker heels or no? Or are any of them a little scandalous? Or does anyone have any idea what I should spend my small(ity bity) fortune on? I LOVE to shop. Especially when I'm feeling good about myself and so far (I know many of you say "wwhhy?" and I say, "why not?") I've lost 3 pounds on my diet I started 4 days ago. I'm pretty proud of myself and I'm feeling good. If I keep this up in a few weeks I'll be REALLY ready to shop till I drop(or run out of money).

Again... hooker heels? And what to buy?!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Once Upon A Time In A Far Away Sand Dune

there was a girl named Nitney. Nitney decided she wanted to document thoughts and events in her life so she started a blog. After her first few posts she realized she looooved comments and 2 or 3 definitely wasn't enough. So after becoming addicted and needing humungous fixes she started posting just a little bit more. And still, only 3 or 4 comments.

Nitney recieved an email from a friend who linked her to Samn's blog. Samn had posted a good 3 or 4 times before she discovered it but she was a little afraid to comment. She didn't even know Samn! But after reading a few more posts and finding them rather funny she did it. She commented.

All the sudden a new world was opened up to her! She started clicking on other people who commented on Samns blog and laughed but didn't comment. After a month or so Nitney decided to take it one step further. She found a blog she had been to a few times and commented on Blistina's blog. Blistina was hilarious, Nitney noticed she had MILLIONS of comments on EACH post! Nitney also saw that she had a list of "gliber-bff's" and thought... wait? These are people Blistina is friends with ONLINE? Not in real life? Like maybe... me? After commenting Blistina added Nitney to her gliber-bff's and she felt so special!

Days went by and little by little other people started to find Nitney's blog and she found others and was very brave and commented some more! Many moons went by and she had quite the faithful followers which she was grateful for and had really come to apreciate.

Then.... she found something called, "Site Meter" through one of her smogarific bff's, Blary. So she added it to her site only to find that many more peole were stopping by her page than were commenting. Now, this broke her fragile little heart and she wondered.... do these people not have an opinion? Do they point and laugh and then run away? Are they shy? Have they not discovered the world of blog stalking friends? Maybe they are just perusing and don't care for this blog? Or maybe they just don't know how to comment.

So Nitney just wants to know who's looking and what they think. She told me to ask you all not to be afraid and to make yourself known if you wish. Or just take the poll on the top right corner and let her know if you like to read, but not comment. She also told me to tell you that if that's what you like to do, then that' s okay, as long as she makes you happy or even chuckle or just feel entertained.

Oh, and Nitney wants to thank all of her awesome smogarific bff's for being so faithful and commenting all over the place! She also says thank you to those who she knows in person that comment. She said she is excited and nervous to meet everyone next month. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Alright, this is a first for me, no being thankful isn't a first because I have been thankful for things in the past. This my first Thankful Thursday post. Okay.

A few things I am thankful for:
  • Jaren actually liking the diet food I am making him. It's really nice to not feel like I'm shoving nasty food down his throat. (Just the V8 Juice.. blah)
  • 10 calorie Jello cups. Who knew about these? Really, where have they been hiding because I just BARELY discovered them!! And they are heaven. Mmmmmm.
  • V6 engines. Zippy. I love zipping around in my car. I can't do that in my SUV, it just doesn't turn as tight and you can't speed up in a turn. Lately I've been randomly slamming on the gas pedal just to speed up. Makes me smile :)
  • Chapstick. Without which I would die.
  • That I'm addicted to blogging. Because if you look at my past posts you'll notice that there is like 2-4 per month until the month of September when I discovered blog stalking and how much I love blogging about absolutly nothing. By the way, this is my 50th post! I am going to have something special for my 100th. (ppssst.. so stick around, ok)
I would like to add to this with some stuff I am UN thankful for:

  • Kinesiology. I mean, really. Why would I need to know what muscle stabilizes which movement and what other muscle also neutralizes the movement and what type of joint it's(it being the muscle) going over and what plane the movement is happening in and which plane is the axis of rotation and just please, shoot me now. I'm not kidding when I say my head hurts worse when I walk out of that classroom than when I walked in.
  • Really really old (like late 80's or early 90's) men yelling at their really really small fragile old wives. Especially when the man is wearing oxygen and she is just sitting there with her head hanging down crying. Has she delt with that for 60 years?! Poor girl.. I really hope what I saw wasn't what I am pretty sure I saw.
How about you? Thankful or Un Thankful. I'll take either.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Day I Almost Died

Okay.... So really, I'm pretty sure I could have almost died. Yesterday I was driving to Wal Mart to get me a new blow dryer since mine went up in smoke a week ago. So there I was, just driving along, driving along, minding my own business with my window rolled down because it was nice outside. I have my sunglasses on so not only will the sunlight not burn my retinas but no one can see my eyeballs. So, there is the setting....

Then I hear this loud roar/rumbling. I look in my rearview.. nothing.. look in my side mirror.. nothing. What is that?! I mean, it couldn't be coming from my car. I have like, the quietest car on the planet. A Honda. So I lean forward to look out my side mirror again and I see the front end of a massive jacked up white Nissan Titan. Oh! That's where it's coming from. Relief!

THEN, the truck swerves, not even kidding swerved like a crazy nimble person right behind me. So I lean forward a little again and am looking out the side mirror with my mouth open, you know the mascara face to see who is behind the wheel. It was some guy. So.. no big deal, right? Right. WRONG!

I glanced into my side mirror(to see if I would maybe recognize who this boy was) while I was waiting at the red light that came like 2 seconds after big whitey wanted a nice close view of my rear end and I thought I saw the guy looking at me. So, I looked, you know, my mouth open cause I'm a weirdo, trying to figure out what expression is on this guys face. Then I saw it. He was mimicking me, making fun of me. Making a really really ugly dirty face with his mouth hanging open staring strait at my mirror at my face. All sorts of feelings went through me at that moment: disgust, fear, who does this guy think he is?, I didn't look like that did I?, and why is he acting like he's 6?

So, I pulled into the parking lot hoping that he wasn't going to follow. He did. So I took a quick left instead of continuing to the front of the parking lot. He went to the front. I parked near the entrance and I was about to get out when the big scary nasty truck guy was driving by real slow past the row I was in and I got all scared. I was by myself! So I called Jaren just to have someone on the phone. I couldn't hear the massive growl anymore so I got out and walked into the store. They were already there! Two of them, I honestly didn't even have to recognize them to know it was them.

They were standing at the customer service and were glaring at me. Like they wanted to rip me apart! I'm not kidding. Fear went through me and I continued talking to Jaren and what else did I do? I stared them down right back. I was mad! I get kind of stubborn when people think they are better than anyone else. So I tried to have a mean face on and looked them up and down and walked past them without even sort of looking back. I WAS FREAKED OUT!! They looked a little rough around the edges if you know what I mean. But young, like my age or younger. So I purposefully took a long time in the store, I told Jaren about it and he told me to let him known if they were following me.

I went to check out and I didn't see them anywhere. I was sure they were gone. So as I was about to walk out of the store I saw them, walking out too. I turned around and acted like I wanted some pop. I was terrified. Seriously. It was a death stare. So I walked out and they were just getting into their truck. I know they saw me, because one of them looked out as he was getting in and I turned my head away from that direction and got into my car; waited for a minute hoping they would leave. I didn't see where they went so I went around the long way out of the parking lot and headed out of town. I couldn't keep my eyes off my rear view mirror the entire time. Remember how I told you one of my fears is being attacked, especially at home. Well, here it was about to happen, them following me home and then attacking me. But they didn't follow me home. I hoped they didn't pay attention to my license plate. There are about 2 other white Accords with tinted windows that look exactly like mine.

All day today I've been looking around paranoid. Haven't seen the big bad wolf. Then I went to Albertsons to get groceries which by the way were SUPER EXPENSIVE!! Brittany, I decided to try the SB diet. I figured, why not? So I went to buy the stuff for only the first three days of phase 1 and I cannot believe how much it cost. Please tell me it get's cheaper as you stock up on stuff.... please.

Oh yeah, back to the grocery store. I had just gotten in, got some eggs and I heard a boy singing really loud whatever the old song that was playing on the speakers. So I look up and it was TOTALLY THAT SAME SCARY GUY!! The driver of the truck. I didn't even look long enough to see if the boy behind him pushing the cart was the passenger. I don't know if he recognized me. It seemed like it. He wasn't looking at me nicely. Again, fear, going through me. I just ignored it and kept shopping. I didn't see him again, he was stocking shelves on the alcohol isle. Figures he'd work at a grocery store.

So, there's my traumatic story. I'm still a bit sacred because really. Death stare. Like they hated me and wanted nothing but for me to die. I'm not kidding. Anyway... I'm still on the lookout. Hmm... maybe I should buy some pepper spray. ;) Jaren was pretty mad that these guys worked me up. He's trying to figure out who they are. I love having a protective husband.

Anything like this ever happen to you? Oh, if it's too traumatic, you don't have to share. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tag, More About Me!

I could care less that I have a dbl. chin in this picture. This is my niece, Claire. I want one just like her, wonder if I can pre order one now. (read the rest of the blog to find out why I chose this picture)

Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 regrets, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 facts about yourself.
Tag 3 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

I've been tagged by Jacque, thanks!

1. When Jaren comes home, especially when he comes home early (like 6 or 7)

2. Just completing my star(idea from amy) I didn't think I could make pretty, and I think it's pretty.

3. Having a home. I love being here and any break I get in school where there is enough time to run home in between classes (because I live 20 min out of town) I will.

1. Something bad happening to Jaren. If I watch a scary movie (or am just in a sad mood) where a husband was taken or something, I'll cry and cry and then Jaren comes home to find me in pieces and I tell him, very sternly, "Don't die. You are NOT allowed to die until I die."

2. Any of my family getting into severe car accidents and leaving this world before I say so(cause I'm boss).

3. Someone breaking into our home when Jaren isn't home. I live in the boonies, and who is going to hear me scream? Jaren thinks I'm crazy... but I don't.

1. To start exercising regularly again and try a diet (why not?)

2. To do well in School and not let myself get overly stressed out (because I do that a lot).

3. To have a baby sometime next year, preferably before December. Brrr, it is SO cold here.

1. Not taking more credits when I was single so I could be done with school by now and wouldn't have to wait to get pregnant (I'm super baby hungry, can you tell?)

2. That I stopped running when I moved back to Rexburg from Utah.. it's never been the same since.

3. That I went to that dentist that took my one cavity and found 9. Maybe someday I'll tell that horrific story.

1. Blogging. It's a disease. (I can't get enough!)

2. Babies and pregnant women. Really... I envy them. Some of you may roll your eyes, but I want to be a mommy really bad and I know that I have to wait just a bit longer till it's the best time for both Jaren and I. But that wont stop me from wanting(and crying daily over how badly I want to be done with school and be a mom. It's true... now everyone knows me a little better).

3. Clothes. I look and look online all the time. I'm saving for my trip to Utah in a few weeks where I can buy a few much wanted things. Oh and shoes, I'm very very obsessed with those as well.

Facts about me...
1. I love to cook and bake. I just wont do it unless I have time (and there's not a lot of that with school) and unless Jaren comes home before 7(which doesn't happen until after about mid October).

2. I am a people person. I love to be around people, I love to meet new people. I want some friends that are close that don't mind that I live out here in the sand that like to hang out. Since I've lived out here I have felt quite lonely for friends. It' s something Jaren tries to understand because he grew up here, he has his friends he likes to hang out with. I lost all of mine throughout the years and moving out here. So... if your from Rexburg (and will be here forever, I'd like to make forever friends, here)(and almost basically friendless like me) and want to do something, please let me know.

3. I eat brownie batter. I love it(better than actual brownies). It happens about once every 3 months around the time I start my new 28 day cycle. It's just so good. I'll make it, and just sit with the bowl on the couch in front of the TV and eat and eat. Then when it's gross and makes me feel sick I cook it and eat the brownie's the next day. In fact, all day today I have been wanting brownie batter rather badly. Last time I did this was.... probably April or May and I couldn't find any brownie mix!! I about had a conniption until I realized I had a jar with all the dry brownie ingredients all pretty in waves sitting on my counter. Thank you Vicki for taking me to your Relief Society enrichment dealy where we made these. Because in about an hour I'm going to make it and add my own chocolate chips and eat it. Oh, after I borrow the egg (because it needs 3 and I only have 2) from my MIL down the road.

I tag:
1. MARY! (Because I know she LIKES it!)
2. Jillene (Because I'd like to know more about her and I think she's the only other blogarific BFF that doesn't mind being tagged... or am I wrong?)
3. Chelsi (my BFF from high school)

P.S. I got my hair cut yesterday and I let her try more higher layers because for those of you who don't know, I recently recieved a DRAMATIC hair cut and Ive been getting used to it. Trying to decide if I want to grow it out again or keep it short. Well.... I hate this. I'm going to have them cut another inch off because I think I look like a wet dog. Then I think I might have decided to grow it long again.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I know it was a touchy subject for some, but I value everyone's opinion and I hope to post some more blogs that will bring some pretty good discussion later

Friday, September 19, 2008


Today in my Health Promotion Methods class we had a discussion on ethics. We talked about a lot of different experiments people did that went wrong. We talked about how the Nazi's documented everything in great detail and how that information is used today and is it ethical? We talked about the German women swimmers who won all the gold medals during an Olympics in the 60's because they were being injected with large amounts of steroids and did not even know. How that messed up their lives, some died from it. Others had children but they were so severely deformed that they just tossed the babies aside (I know.. shudder). What interested me was something I knew nothing about. The Needle Exchange.

Anyone ever heard of it? I can't believe I did not know what it was because it was going on in Spokane, Washington. I grew up 2 hours south of there. For those of you who don't know; The Needle Exchange is a program where any drug user can come with a dirty needle and get a brand new clean shiny one. For free. No questions asked. Now, you have to come with a needle to get a new needle. They also give you a pamphlet and that's that. The police have agreed (much to their angst) to not arrest anyone coming to The Needle Exchange. My first reaction was, Isn't this condoning drug use? Isn't this helping a bad behavior? Isn't this saying that the Government supports it? (by the way, I don't know if isn't is a real word or not, I'm not an English major, so I really don't care :)

But then we started to talk more in depth about it. This is preventing the spread of disease. The spread of AIDS and anything else transmittable out there. Suprisingly, since this has been going on (started in the mid 90's) there has been a 20% increase in the amount of drug users coming in for help. I thought, now why is this?

Because it's showing these drug users that people care. That even though we acknowledge their drug use is wrong and illegal, we still care that someone does not get sick. Now, my teach said that we would all be surprised at how many BMW's, Audi's, Range Rovers and Lexus's come to exchange needles. So... I got to thinking.. maybe this isn't such a bad thing. I guess if you think of it in the helping people perspective. I'm still so undecided on exactly where I stand.

I want to know what you all think of this, but first, this is what my teach said before we left. That if we look at these people like they are our brothers and sisters are we not happy that they are getting help in some way? Are we not happy that these children of Heavenly Father are being taken care of?

The people that are drug users are obviously pretty far gone to be having to inject the stuff into their bodies. But they are never far gone enough for help not to actually help. It was so crazy to talk about and discuss this in an optimistic sort of way. You just have to take one, or two, or thirty steps back and look at it from every perspective.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music Please!

I decided to put up a music player. It's all the way at the bottom of the page and will only play if you press play so that your not wildly annoyed when you come to my page and it starts playing and scares the pants off you. I put up a bit of a variety. I have a massive taste in music. I love soft, hard, pop, whatever. If any of you have discovered someone good and want to share, I'm always wanting to hear some new good stuff. I would leave Mindi's blog up and listen to her playlist-it pretty much rocks. So I thought I'd put together one I could leave on. Go check it out and let me know what you think. If you think something is missing, let me know. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need A Good Laugh??

SO SO SO Funny!!!!!

Please tell me this made you laugh. I almost cried.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dating Decisions

My first lesson to teach was today. On Dating Decisions. Great...... I wasn't too excited about it, but I decided that it couldn't be that bad. Right? Well... kind of right.

I started by asking them if they had set any dating standards yet, since most of them are 15. And I got some basic answers and I gave some basic explanations. One of the other leaders in the class said that you needed to decide what your physical intimacy limitations were. Like, holding hands, kissing, no making out, no parking. And one of the girls asked what parking was... great....

"It's when a boy takes you somewhere where you are alone and then usually tries to pull moves."

One of the girls says, "Oh yeah, like there is anywhere to park around here."

Oh us leaders (weird weird weird to have just said that! I feel so old) laughed and told them there were PLENTY of places to park. Anywhere, especially since there are so many fields. Then one of the girls looks at me..

"Have you ever parked?"

Awkward...... "No." At least I tried to remember if I had. And I remembered this boy from Mexico that took me out on a date my freshman year in college. He asked if I had ever seen the view of Rexburg from up on the hill. I said, no. And then on the way up there I started to get really uncomfortable and realized what was going on. We parked and I pushed myself up against the passenger door as far away from him as possible and his wanton eyes, and said, "wow, yeah, this is really pretty.... Can you take me home? I have a lot of homework to do" (thank HEAVENS for that excuse, because, really, who doesn't have tons of homework ALL the time?)

He took me home, I was glad because he was starting to talk about how his family owns a pharmacy company in Mexico and how useful I could be in that business (because I was majoring in Health Science). Ehhh, creepy! I met this guy while I was stretching in the gym. Weird, huh. He asked me on a date then. And then took me to Ramierez, anyone who knows what that is will laugh. On a date.... to a fast food Mexican place- probably to set the mood.

And so I was glad, that I hadn't really ever parked so when I told the girls no, I was telling the truth. I almost want to teach them that.

"Girls, when you are tempted or in a bad situation, think about how you could be teaching a Young Womens class someday and then how one of your girls will ask you if you've ever done what it is your about to do." Yeah... that'll put their chastity belts right back on.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Charlotte is NOT So Cute

This is one of my phobia's. I hate spiders. Can't stand them, they really ARE out to get me. All of them! People laugh, go ahead, laugh. Then you'll see one on the ceiling in the same room as me and I'll see it too, I try to ignore it because everyone thinks I'm crazy and I see it, out of the corner of my eye, COMING AT ME! Always.... it always does, then I loose it and run away screaming at the top of my lungs.

My husband has learned to not even say anything if he sees one. I know though, cause he'll walk away without saying anything and come back (not even listening to me as I am trying to talk his ear off about everything and anything I can think of) with TP and grab at something, then walk away and I hear the toilet flush.

I'm pretty sure this one time, he lost 8 months off his life when I turned around and saw a huge black one on our bedroom door and I screamed bloody murder. I guess he thought I saw SOMEONE and not something. (he really should be able to distinguish my spider scream from my someone is in the house and is going to kill me! scream by now)

I have plenty more stories about my traumatic experiences. Actually, one just a few days ago, but this one here, this one happened about 3 weeks ago.

It was a calm day outside, with the sun shining and birds chirping. Innocent, you might say. Especially since I live in the calm boonie wilderness. But not so, my friends.... not so.

I walk out into the "dining room" if you could even call it a dining room and look out the back door onto our deck where I thought I saw.... wait... no.... double take, OH MY STARS AND GUARDERS it was a HUGE HUGE HUGE spider! Just hangin from the roof of the deck. Massive. I did not know that one that big existed up here. Well... I kind of did because last summer there was another big one in that EXACT same spot. But it was black and yellow.. a garden spider I found out.

But this one.... oh no... not black and yellow. BROWN. A big brown scary thing that.... that just fascinated me. I stared and stared and then I ran, grabbed my camera, went out onto the porch and braved the beehive or wasp nest that Jaren hasn't taken down yet and took two pictures. One didn't turn out... but this one did. I think the monster was a bit camera shy because after he wrapped up lunch he ran... yeah... ran, super fast up his web and into his little cave thing made by the space in between the roof and beam (2x4).

Here it is..... if your as bad as me, don't look! Or at least warn everyone that no one is breaking into your house before you scream. I didn't name him.... I was too frightened. I walked into the house shaking and shaking and I never saw him again. I think he moved away...... probably didn't like the paprazi taking pictures while he's hunting.I really hope you can see how big he was. His body had to have been an inch in diameter. I promise I'm not exaggerating.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to School.... Back to School.....

I started school Monday. I'd like to share a few facts about the last four days. And I'm doing it in bullets.
  • My Children's Language and Lit class (for my Child Development cluster) is rather foreboding. The teach is a small older woman who smiles while she talks and told us rules upon rules and massive amounts of work we were going to have to do for her teeny 2 credit class because it was her hobby. I think we all had the same look of horror on our faces because she walked into the middle of the classroom and whispered, "I want your soul." Not even kidding.
  • My pregnancy class is my favorite by far. I know so many of you were suprised and laughed that there was such a thing. But let me tell you.. there is not a more fun class than a whole bunch of women, some of which are pregnant and most of which are not getting together to talk about womanly issues and giggle about sex and making babies. I am learning a lot of things I didnt already know. Except... everyone looks at your belly and when you say your not pregnant they all have looks on their faces that are like, yeah right you big soon to be fat liar. While I have this innocent offended look on my face that says, I am NOT! You wait and see my tummy SHRINK in the next 3 months.... yeah, that'll show you.....
  • My Pregnancy teach is in her fifties and birthed 9 babies and adopted 2. She talks about how she was (was because.... you know what happens when you get to that age) the most fertile person in the world. Obviously since you had 9 KIDS!!!
  • My Sports Conditioning class has a day a week (I only go to this class twice a week) where you have to dress down and work out during class time. I had no idea I signed up for an EXERCISE class!!! Not that I mind, mind you. I like to work out.. but in front of everyone??? I'm so out of shape! Every day since I found out(on Monday) this juicy nugget of information I have been planning to run and every day I have SO much reading that I can't. And I'm dreading Monday where I have to dress down to do a "warm up" exercise that I have already been warned will kill those who are out of shape (he was looking at me when he said this).
  • I was late on my first day to my Motor Development class. I thought class was at 10:30, when it was actually at 10:15. Now... I knew class was an hour and I knew class got out at 11:15.... I was in the library checking blogs and I think my subconscious wasn't done so it confused me. So, I walked in at 10:22 into a class of 40 kids with my ipod on and my ear buds (I hate that name anyway) in and think, "wow... EVERYONE got here so early!!!" Then I look and see the teach sitting at his desk staring at me. I take out my buds and he says, "Late! What's your name?" I said it as I scanned the room for an empty seat and found one and took it. He said, "Raybould?" Yes..... Then he told me my picture now had a beard. I thought he drew one because I was tardy. I told him he didn't need to do that because in that picture I was 20 pounds heavier (I gained the freshman 20 in 2005 my first year at college and we had to re take our ID pictures at the end of my first year.... HORRIBLE. The picture is horrible. I lost all the weight in 3 months and I honestly get reactions when people see that picture and look at my face now) and that was punishment enough that everyone has to look at that nasty picture. He looked at the picture.... looked at me and said, Huh...... and that was it. What does HUH mean?! Huh as in, "yeah, I can see that..." or huh as in, "Don't see it, you look the same." I sat there that whole class thinking about it...... I know it's a horrible picture. I showed my husband pictures of when I gained all that weight because he didn't believe that I looked fat or that I really did gain it. When he saw the pictures he said, "Woah....... yeah, don't let that happen again." Not even kidding. I have a witness.
  • I showed up today for my Kinesiology lab only to find we didn't have one this week. I drove the 20 minutes into town only to walk into the building, go to my teach's office and ask which room our lab was in because I forgot to look it up. He just looked at me confused, I said, "the one we have right now." "Ohhhh," he tells me, "we don't have lab this week. It's in the syllabus." Shoot. I didn't even look at the syllabus because I only look at that thing when I know there could be something due. And on the first day of a class there usually isn't anything due. Boo. He said, (because he knows I live out in the boonies) "Well, have a nice drive home. hahahahahahahaha....." HAHA yourself!
  • I officially have way too much reading to do. I have had the HARDEST time finding time to blog this week. I get kinda panicky when I get on and see I have 10 blogs to read and catch up on and I only have 20 minutes on the computer. Really, I get all stressed out. I have to talk myself out of the stress and say.... just one at a time.... just one at a time, you don't want to get behind because that would be BAD. I really am addicted to this darn thing.
All in all I am just so relieved to have started my second to last semester. That I only have a few more classes to complete after this and then my brain can start to mush out of not being used anymore.

P.S. I have a number of blogs in mind to post. So be prepared for most of my postings to come during the end of the weeks as in, maybe Thursday, like today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday(yes, smarty pants, I know this is the beginning of the week. So what.).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nuts, Anyone?

I just thought I'd share a face I guess I make a lot. At least according to my sister, Lindsey. Mindi blogged about pulling a face while doing her makeup. I already know I open my mouth and look up while putting on mascara... not a cute picture. But, I guess neither is this one. Lindsey said, "Whitney!" and I looked and this is the picture she took. This was while we were at Yellowstone last month and I couldnt believe I walk around with that look on my face! Yes, it has been dubbed, "chipmunk".

I thought I'd share a falttering picture to balance it out. At least, I think this is flattering for a few reasons.

1. I am archering.. is that how you say it? And that's cool, right?! I even hit a bullseye. We wont divuldge how many arrows I had to shoot before I got the bullseye and then if I shot one afterwards.
2. Soccer ball on the back of my shirt. Show's my love for soccer
3. Shows my love for the outdoors. I'm in middle of nowhere Utah.
4. I'm so nice, I even put a picture of my SIL, Vicki.. yeah... she's the one infront of me, can you see her?
5. I think I have great form
6. You can see my cheek bone... isn't that something good?
7. You know I wouldn't leave out the fact that my bum looks amazing. I don't know how, but it does. I have to document this sort of thing cause with all the sitting I do and am bound to do in the near future it wont look that perky for long.

Let's just encourage me to keep up the running.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh No You Did Not Just Say That

Wow. I was watching the MTV VMA's... don't judge. I like to watch the performances. And this Russell Brand character was opening and really liked to endorse Barack Obama and bomb on Republicans and George Bush. Now, I'm not going to get into which candidate is best suited for the job-that's your decision.

But I do want to discuss what he said, "People say that America is not ready for a black president, that they are racist. But I disagree!"

Here I thought we were all about who people are as people. Doesn't matter the color of their skin or their cultural descent. But what type of a person they are. Just because someone does not want to vote Democratic, does that make them racist? Aren't we trying to judge every candidate by who can best run our country and get us out of the crises that we may be in?

I was taught that no matter what someone looks like, they are human just like me. My vote this November is not based on who is black or who is white, but who I think can help our Country get out of this rut.

I wish I wasn't so bothered by his rant, but I am. Who is he anyway? And, yes, we have freedom of speech. We can voice our opinion's about our current president, but why why why whwwwwhhhhhyyyyyy do it on national television when you are not even an American citizen??! Blah. I don't even know what to say anymore, but I really really just needed to get that out.

We should judge by the fruits of a person's labor(doesn't that define their character?) and not by the color of their skin. Just, please, do your research on both candidates. Make sure you have your decision made based on your personal beliefs and who is best qualified.

The whole reason I'm writing about this is that I'm really bothered that the first thing out of this guy's mouth is that America is racist. He implied that if someone does not vote for Obama that they are racist. Not that maybe, they think he is not the best person for the job. It has nothing to do with the VMA's... just that he came right out at the beginning of the show and blurted that. Not that he could talk about the performer's, because, well, the show IS about them, right?

Again, I'm not voicing my opinion for either candidate; just that I don't think the color of anyone's skin matters. That it shouldn't be about that. That it should be about the type of person they are.

Needless to say we changed the channel to Ice Road Truckers. I'm taping it and I'll skim through it tomorrow to watch the performances I want. I love my DVR.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Taggedy Tag Tag

I've been tagged. This one seemed a bit fun and easy.

Here are the rules: Write five things about yourself that nobody knows or that is unique to you. Then tag five of your friends.

1.) I actually get a bit angry when people don't use their blinkers. I mean, your turning, right? Or changing lanes? I need to know about it!!!

2.) My husband owns a sports car and I have never been behind the wheel. Sad, I know. He keeps saying I can drive it but he never get's around to it... yeah right. It's his baby.

3.) When I was a Sr. in high school I was voted 'Best Eyes', 'Most Athletic' and 'Strongest'. Unfortunately you could only technically win one, I ended up with 'Best Eyes' which I also got in 8th grade. I felt so special!

4.) I'm horribly afraid of the dark. When we go to bed at night I have to just close my eyes and keep them closed or I get scared. I think I see shadows if I open them and then I scare myself and I know it's all in my imagination... I know, I'm crazy.

5.) I used to lift weights. I was able to bench 145 when I weighed 120 pounds. I won a bench press competition my freshman year in college and got a gift certificate to Johnny Corino's. I was strong, but still looked like a girl. Now I think I have fat arms and I know it's because I did not keep up my weight lifting habit. I only need to lift a little a few times a week and it would go away... I just lack the motivation.

Here are 5 things about Jaren. I got what he wanted listed from him, but I wrote it.

1.) Jaren loves history. He's thinking about getting his master's and one of his options is History. If he were to ever not farm he thinks he would like to teach History.

2.) When Jaren was a little boy his dad made farm equipment for him. Mineature sized everything. All welded together and painted the appropraite colors. Tractors, Circles, Potato digger, potato piler, and other equipment. I've seen them and it's quite amazing. Jaren would set up his farm in the back yard in the dirt and farm it. I wish his mom had pictures... she might, I don't know.

3.) He likes to mow the lawn. (he talks to himself while doing it. I find it rather cute. I'll just watch him from the window while he has a conversation with himself. I'm glad he can get his frustrations out; he comes in the house quite content :)

4.) Doesn't like to get dirty. But he farms..... When I first met him, I didn't believe he did anything. I honestly thought he just rode around in his pick up all day and pushed buttons (sometimes it seems that way... lol) because he was so clean. My dad's hands are permanently stained dark because of all the grease he has gotten on them. Jaren is the cleanest farmer I've ever met.

5.) He does not like college kids in his town. He grew up here in Rexburg and said it was just great when the college was just little and only a 2 year university and now it drives him nuts. I noticed this when we were dating that he'd make smart comments about the college kids. I'd always say, "but I'm a college kid." He'd tell me that I'm not stupid like them.

Uhhhh.... I tag anyone who thinks this would be a fun post to do.

Friday, September 5, 2008

If I Could Be a Fly On The Wall......

Jaren and I went into town tonight to get some Bajio's because I wanted the yummy yummy shrimp taco(you know you think it's yummy, your all just too afraid to admit it:). We were on our way in when we passed the DI. There was a truckload of boys loading up a mattress. Already in the back of the truck was
1 mattres
1 poker table
1 couch
and who knows what else.

Now.... what do you think they were planning on doing with all of these things?

Jaren thinks it's a gambling sex ring.

I think these boys think BYU-Idaho is gonna be a pretty fun place for them.

And if I really were a fly on the wall I think I'd wish I had a few less eyeballs.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hickory Dickory Dock....

Disclaimer: This is not for the faint in heart or the wimpy scardey cats. So... if you have a weak stomach, I might not continue onward.

The house that Jaren and I live in was built in 1975, so it's 33 years old. It's on their farm and he grew up in this house till he was 12 years old. His parents built a new home and then another family moved into this one. Once they moved out the house was unoccupied for 10 years. It was basically used as a storage unit.

The first time Jaren brought me out here to see it it was night so I couldn't see very well. We had just gotten engaged 5 days before. My first thoughts were... this is WAY out here in the boonies (I was correct). Then he pulled up and the lights caught this beautiful scene.....

Split level (great... hate those things... Do I go up, or down?? I can't choose!!!!)

Overgrown bushes covering all the basement windows and sprawling out over the sidewalk onto the lawn. (eeewww... I know they are spider infested. I HATE spiders!!!)

So we walk up and Jaren opens the door and flips on the light.....

70's decor everywhere... couches, boxes, random things all over the place. I can't tell what's downstairs but I can see there is no carpet, just cement and probably more stuff(I was right). Upstairs there is white dirty carpet and.. no... no no no no, PANELED WALLS!!!!! Needless to say I asked Jaren multiple times.... "Were living HERE??"


"Do we have to?"

"No, but if you'd like a significantly lower rate you'll live here."

"Uhhhhhhh... all RIGHT"

"It was a very nice house when I lived here."

"Fifteen years ago...."

I knew that they were going to renovate so as we walked through I asked... "Can we get new closet doors?" (they were the accordion type.. I'm not a fan)

"Yes"(Uh huh, still has yet to happen)

"Can we take off the paneling? (Ohhh please please please!!!)

"Yes" (It wouldn't actually come off, so they drywalled the whole thing, plastered, painted and it really looks like a completely different home)

"New Carpet?"

"Yes"(I love love love my carpet!!!!)

The kitchen was the most scary of them all. Small, sort of a gallery thing and all of the appliances were all there. Dusty, old and scaring me half to death.

"New Kitchen?"(See if you ever get me to cook on those...)


And so there it was... I wont even mention the bathrooms. The one plus (besides the fact we were getting a house that was going to be fixed up) was the fireplace (nope.. not even used it yet... something about a fire hazard?) As we walked around and as the renovations took place I noticed mouse poo everywhere but thought of course there were bound to have been mice here. I'm in the middle of nowhere and this has been unoccupied for EVER. I also asked if we could bug bomb the thing.. cause eeeck, spiders! He initially told me we could probably do it, but it didn't get done and we spent the first 3 months setting traps and finding the eight legged daemons everywhere. Luckily, I don't think I ever got bit.

We also got new windows, siding, a completely new kitchen, and roof. But.. that isnt even the reason I am posting.

One night, after we had lived here for about 2 months, we were sitting quietly on the couches. I was doing homework and Jaren was reading when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something by the fireplace. I look up and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A mouse!!!! I screamed, it scadoodled, Jaren lost 2 years off his life and we both jumped up and ran over to try and catch it.

Now... you see, I'm not afraid of mice. Not at all. I'd rather they not bite me, but my fear of spiders is on a much more epic level. We couldn't catch the darn thing and it found a small hole in the bottom corner of our wall of cabinets (I guess you could call it our pantry). So Jaren stuffed the hole with some stuff so it wouldn't get out so we could get traps the next day.

We purchased many traps over the next 4 months and caught tons and tons of mice. I couldn't believe it. I was so grossed and bothered that there were so many. I counted. 25. TWENTY FIVE WHOLE MOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We used all sorts of traps: snap traps, sticky traps, catch all traps, and our own creations. The only thing that didn't catch any mice was the catch-all. It's a small metal box that has a hole for a mouse to crawl in and then it will continue through the mechanisms and then it's trapped!

I thought I'd be clever and put peanut butter in there to lure the unsuspecting victims to their demise. No such luck. Well, the mice stopped being caught and we eventually cleaned the house of the infestation.

Tuesday Night.
Same thing, but watching TV with my friend Jessica, and Jaren was reading on the couch. He put his recliner down and his eyes got real big and he sat still and was staring at my blanket(I'm always wrapped in a blanket). "Where?! Where is the SPIDER! Do you see a spider?!?!!?!" (as I'm trying not to jump up and run for my life).

"I think..... I think I saw..... THERE IT IS!!!" A mouse runs over to the fire place from the couch and runs strait for the pantry.

"GET IT!!! Before it goes in the hole!!" Nope... it went in.

Were pretty sure it came in when Jessica was coming in. Drawn by the light from our house and it was cold outside so it would have been all warm and toasty. You know, seemingly welcoming. Jaren said he'd get a trap the next day.

Forgot about the trap. Forgot about the mouse.

I was walking by our back door and looked out onto the deck and there was the silver catch all trap out side the door.

"Jaren.... why is the trap outside?"

"Well, I woke up this morning and heard this, clickity clickity clickty.... So I opened the closet and peeked in the catch all and there he was."

HAHAHAHAHA, I couldn't stop laughing. So funny that the mouse randomly found the trap in the closet with the crusted over peanut butter from over a year ago and went in. The trap that couldn't..... finally did. Jaren is going to release him out far far away in a field. He's just a little guy.......


Yep.. I named him. And the nasty crusted over peanut butter. At least he has some food.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Video of a Funny Boy

My nephew, Isak is a silly boy. He is a very rambunctious 15 month old. I think he's entertaining, his mother thinks he's exhausting. :) She posted a video today that I thought was hilarious and since I don't have any kids of my own I post about my nephew's or niece. Or.. I guess the two that are still growing also. She said it was okay for me to send you over to her post. He has learned to crawl on everything and that's the subject of the video!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What A Dumb Long Morning and Afternoon


I've had a bit of a hectic crazy morning/afternoon. First, I had a Chiropractor appointment scheduled for 12:45 today. My Chiro(gona call him that cause it's easier and sounds cooler) is in Ashton which is 30 minutes away from my house. I knew I needed to get in my bit of exercise before. So, I did what I do every morning, woke up- ate and caught up on blogs, then I went running (or jogging... ok, so I like to walk most of the time). I got home to find a text message from one of my friends I have been wanting to hang out with (cause I'm super social) so I called her. She was in Rexburg and hasn't seen my house yet so she wanted to come over. Well... It'll take her 15 minutes to get here.. I can get in and out of the shower by then. It was 11 and I had to hurry so I could leave by 12:15. She got lost so it took her longer to get here and by the time she did my hair was an afro being blow dried. I gave her a quick short tour and made her sit on my bed while I finished getting ready. Well, I left the house 10 minutes late and sped all the way there. Well.... on the way I had this thought....

Was my appointment at 12:15 or 12:45? They usually take lunch around 1 so why would they schedule me when they would KNOW I'd for sure be taking longer than 15 minutes(I'm a piece of work let me tell ya). Hmmm... I'd better call Jaren so he can look at the card for me and tell me.

Ring Ring..... Ring Ring... no answer at the house.. Hmmmm thought Jaren was goin home for lunch..

Ring Ring... Ring Ring... no answer on his cell phone.
What?! Come on now.. Grrrr.. Maybe he's a little "preoccupied" and can't get to the phone.

But I need to talk to him!!!
Ring Ring.... Ring Ring... no answer at the house! AAArg! I got annoyed so I just kept driving. I got to the Chiro and as soon as I walked in, Loise, the receptionist says, "You missed it."

"What?!?! I did???" aahahhrhrgggg(I really do say that out loud, by the way. Just not in front of Loise)..... I needed this appointment! It's been 3 weeks since I last went and I needed to go a week ago but when I called to make the appointment this was their soonest opening.

"Yeah, I was wondering why you didn't call." She wonders this because I call if I'm going to be late or going to miss an appointment. I don't ever just not show up without a word.

WELL, I was wondering why YOU didn't call!!!
They normally call the day before to let me know when my appointment is so I'm reminded and don't have THIS happen. Because once I was about to run out of the house(to my Chiro appointment) and the phone rang, so I turned around and answered (lucky cause normally I would just let the machine get it cause I was IN A HURRY!(yes, late again)). Well, good thing I did because it was my Chiro reminding me about my appointment for the NEXT day.

Turns out my appointment was for an HOUR before. 11:45. Boo... So, Loise say's, "Well, take a seat and we'll see if we can fit you in." I turn around and there are already 3 people sitting there... waiting. I knew I needed an adjustment, massage and my atlas adjusted so I knew I would be there for a while. I didn't want to sit and wait for over an hour for the 3 to get done. So I asked to be rescheduled for sometime later this week. Thursday at 5:30.. perfect.... an already week long head ache extended another 2 days.....

So I drove the 30 minutes to Rexburg and washed my car. It was sooooo dirty. Grossing me out. And there were so many nasty squashed bugs on the front of it and I couldn't and didn't get them all off!! Only so much you can do without pulling out your toothbrush and scrub it. Then I'd have to get a new toothbrush and I like mine!

Next stop was to the BYU-Idaho book store to get my books. I'm only taking 12 credits this semester(since I only have 19 left, Woo Hoooo!!) which is 6 classes. BYU-I is remodeling quite a bit of their campus. The bookstore is no longer where it has been forever- it's been moved. I walked in this scary plywood hallway that they tried to make pretty by painting it white till I got to a big white metal door. I walked in and I couldn't believe what I saw... picture this.. to the left is sweaters, sweats, hats, beanies, shirts, blankets, mugs, picture frames and all sorts of anything you can think of BYU-I perefenelia(spell check doesn't even know how to spell it). To the right are 8 check out spaces, 8!!!! All pretty in wood and blue. Strait ahead is school supplies galore and electronics and am I in Wal Mart??? Anywho, the bookstore was awwe inspiring and beautiful. Then I got to the books. Six books in my little blue carrying cart!!! Soo, you say, your taking 6 classes of course your gonna have 6 books. But they are HUGE and I've never had a book for each class before. Book total: $408.33 Ouch. The most I've EVER paid for books before. Good thing next semester I'm only taking 3 classes. And then GRADUATING!

So... to end this little rant I'd like to say, check your appointments. Don't drive an hour out of the way just to say hi to Loise. Can't help your already massive head ache because of your dumb spine.

P.S. - I'm taking a pregnancy class, (Surprised?) and guess what the text book is for it??? What to Expect When Your Expecting! I'm kinda excited about it. I'm sure it will be the only text book (besides my exercise phys book) that I'll enjoy reading.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Can't Get Enough!

I can't get enough. I want I want I want. What do I want do you ask? Well, normally it would be clothes or shoes but right now it's food. I'm full, I just ate but I still want Bajio's, which is the knock off of Cafe Rio for Idaho. Or at least Rexburg. I usually like to order different stuff whenever we go out to eat to, you know, try it. I love trying new things which is why if I ever come across Kristina's Chacon, I'll eat it. But this.... is special. I don't like those big huge stuffed burritos with EVERYTHING in those little plastic bins in it. I don't like their salads because they put EVERYTHING in those little plastic bins on it. So I tried and tried to find something good so that when friends wanted to eat there I wouldn't throw up right there on their shoes. (Because then they might not be my friends anymore... and I like friends)

I like seafood.. I love love love shrimp. Hey a shrimp taco? Can't be too bad, right? I'm just tryin everything tryin to find something yummy.

"What would you like?"

"Two Shrimp tacos"


They dump out a pre-measured bit of shrimp and some sort of sauce into a pan. Wearily.. I move forward along the counter. Then I pick out my rice (Mexican, of course) and beans (Black!). So then they put the gooey shrimp concoction into the pretty little flower tortilla and ask,


"Yes, please (cause I'm polite)"


What? Mango? I LOVE mango!! On shrimp? Is that good? Well...again I'm a trier.


So I pay. I eat. Mmmm these taco's are great! But the rice and beans.... I dunno so much. I usually like rice and beans but these just didn't taste so yummy. Maybe it was because it was next to the most amazing shrimp mango taco.

So every time I go, that's what I would get. But one day I decided i didn't want the rice and beans. So I told the lady that and she said,

"Well, do you want a side salad?"

A side salad??? You can do that? Here? At Bajio? Of course I want one! I am(was), after all not exercising so what I ate actually mattered. If I wanted to not have to go out and spend a whole bunch of money on new clothes. Which I didn't, cause I like my clothes very much. So, salad. Romain lettuce, and that spicy ranch dressing and pico de geyo(spelling?). Which, by the way, why is a bunch of cut up tomatoes called that?

Oh, the perfect combination. The side salad, the taco. All of it so good. I had to have more. So I've had it 3 times in the last 2 weeks. And I am not done. I'm full right now with dinner that I so lovingly cooked from a bag from my freezer. But I am still longingly wanting the shrimp mango taco and side salad.........

P.S. - I couldn't find a picture of the yummyness, so your gonna have to order it to see what it looks like. And while your looking, go ahead and take a bite. And then you'll be hooked! Just like me.