Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bye Bye First Trimester

Hello second.

I hear I have less peeing to look forward to. More belly growing, more energy, fetal movement and I'm VERY excited about finding out the gender (on June 2nd).

But I want to reflect on the last 3 1/2 months.

LOTS and LOTS of trips to the bathroom. One day, by noon I realized I had made so many trips that I counted 9 times so I counted the rest of the day and it ended up being SEVENTEEN times in one day! It led me to wonder how much time in a persons life is spent traveling to the restroom. Not even how much time is spent in there - let's not think about that, but traveling time. Whether your in your own house or a grocery store, the mall, class, the wilderness. I wonder, if you take how much time it takes to get from wherever you started (the couch, a tree, a desk, the ice cream isle...) to get to the actual restroom... how many hours, days, weeks would that add up to in your lifetime? I've never had that thought until pregnant. Thought provoking, huh. ;)

I mentioned a few posts ago about finding out we were expecting. I hope its like that every time because that was a pretty magnificent reaction. Telling people was so much fun. I think I assumed everyone would be very excited for us, but that wasn't the case a few times. I wasn't prepared for that and it was hard. Some people just need to digest before they can be excited and that's fine. I was pleasantly surprised at how the boys on Jaren's side reacted (his dad and grandpa). A lot more visible excitement than I thought and it made me VERY happy. We are having the first grandbaby on Jaren's side and the 7th on mine (but I'm the first daughter to get knocked up).

Telling my Young Women girls was the best. I teach the 14 and 15 year olds and I decided I wanted to play hang man. If I didn't have enough time I was going to put "november third" and then tell them that was the official date I needed a baby sitter. But I had ten minutes so I made it super long "whitney is making a person right now" It was long on the board with all the little lines for letters. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly. I couldn't put the word "baby" because the second they guessed that word they would have known. They guessed all of the letters except the "m" and the "k" in "making". They stopped guessing letters and tried to guess the one word; "whitney is dating someone right now??...... whitney is hating a person right now??....." So I told them to keep guessing letters. Someone guessed an "m" so I just wrote in the "k" and sat there with a huge grin on my face. Finally the other leader after a few seconds says.... "wait.. are you pregnant?!" I said yes and there was the loudest screaming I've ever heard. All four of my girls screamed bloody murder and then were squealing and asking questions after. I was beaming. We got out of class and people in the halls were coming worried that we had had some horrific accident. So they had fun telling everyone. It made me happy that they were so excited. And now every time I see them, "Your belly is getting bigger! It's WAY bigger than last week!!" And that makes me love them even more.

My nausea was on and off. It happened every day in the morning and at night and sometimes during the afternoon until 11 weeks. 7up was my saving grace. I took ginger and vitamin B6 pills to help. I think they helped some, but I didn't notice a huge difference. I started taking my prenatals at night and that helped quite a bit. At 11 weeks it let up. Wasn't as strong all the time and some days I didn't have it at all. As of now I've felt pretty good the last few days, it's just when I'm hungry that I start to feel a little sick, but by no means nauseaus.

I am SO THIRSTY. I have never drank so much water in a day in my whole life. Yes, probably doesn't help with my squashed bladder situation, but it tastes SO GOOD. I down at least 80 ounces a day - it's pretty amazing.

I've not been as tired as I would have thought. There's only been a few days that I've really really needed a nap. But... the exhaustion is supposed to let up for this trimester, but the last few days I have been very, very tired. I'm worried I'm all mixed up. I need my energy to get my house spotless and the nursery ready and everything finished before I get too huge to do anything.

The cramping. I found out I was pregnant on a Friday and the cramping started on the Monday before that. So, from day one I have had it. It has got progressively worse. Stronger and more often. It's getting to be a bit more painful which isn't the most fun at times, but I'm not at all worried. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it next week at my next appointment, but since it's been going on the whole time and so far everything is fine I'm not worried. It's just inconvenient and really uncomfortable.

I got my Bella Band yesterday and had to use it on my first pair of pants that I can't zip. With the others I can zip, but I can't button. Well.. that was as of about 4 or 5 days ago, so it's probably changed now. I'm very glad for it and will probably order at least 2 more in different colors. I have two maternity shirts; one that my mom bought for me at 10 weeks that I haven't put on yet and the other I ordered online (it was very much on sale and very cute) and haven't got yet. I don't think I'll need shirts for another month or two - it's the pants I'm going to need. The problem is all of the one's I've tried on I really don't like. And those are the cheaper ones. And looking online the ones that I like and are flattering are the more expensive ones. It wouldn't be such a big deal if I knew I'd be this size every pregnancy. So, I'm waiting and thinking. I'm going to Salt Lake at the end of the month and that's when I'll go try on a bunch of different ones and try and find some on sale. Does Nordstrom Rack have maternity? Because that would be fabulous.

I'm excited. I'm hoping to get my appetite back soon. Even though I'm starving all the time nothing looks or sounds good. Except Mexican and Top Ramen. So, hopefully soon I will start wanting other foods so I don't have to force everything down my throat.

Also, I can't wait to feel this baby move. I know he's too small right now but I'm still trying to feel something, anything. I'm not expecting it for a few more weeks. But I fully expect the emotional hormones to fully rage when I do feel it. I'm going to be a mess.

Here is my 14 week picture. I'm trying to decide whether to post a picture once a week or once every two weeks. Tell me if it would be too many pictures of my belly once a week and I'll do once every other week. Either way I take a picture for myself each week. :)

I'll probably always have that hand on my love handle for the sole purpose that it hides it :D


Lon and Steph said...

I like the every week thing. Towards the end, a week can make a big difference, and I meen that literally, BIG! I had a hard time with maternity pants too, but I actually found a few pairs at Old Navy that I could live with. Plus they were cheap, and I tend to think that Old Navy sizez run big, so I bought them mostly just because they were an "XS" HAHA Maternity pants are the only pants I have ever in my life bought that size, so I had to go with it :)

Christa said...

The peeing is going to come back with a vengeance in the third trimester. You'll be doing it all day and all night.

Whitney R said...

Steph - I went to old navy yesterday and looked at them, but didn't try them on. haha. I LOVE their non maternity capri's - can't they make those with no zippers?!!

Christa - yeah... I was waking up 3 to 4 times during the night but the last 4 nights I've only woken up ONCE! I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

Jo said...

What a cute baby bump! Just wait til you are breastfeeding, my husband used to just be shocked at how much water I drank!

Strawberry Shortcake said...

I think it's funny you think you could possibly have a love handle :) My last pregnancy the peeing never let up. Annoying! You are so cute :)

Sara Ann said...

I hear you on the thirst thing, I was drinking like 2 gallons a day! So I have been buying those smocked tube dresses at ross, they are like 8 bucks, you cut the straps off and the smocking stretches around your belly and makes it a skirt (instead of a waaaay short dress), they have really cute prints!

Whitney R said...

Jo - I can't imagine drinking more.

Strawberry - your sweet :)

Sara - I'm kind of excited! I was just in Idaho Falls yesterday, which is where Ross is. So I'll have to go down soon and check it out.

Trudy said...

Try Jcpenny for way cute pants. They fit like really genes and are so comfy. I'm glad your feeling better, now you can enjoy life and watching that belly grow.

Brigitte said...

Okay Whitney- you are so freakin cute!! Just the way you document your life is adorable and so endearing. And I'm totally stealing your idea to put the hand on the hip to hide the love handles. That made me laugh. Reading this reminded me of being pregnant and feeling so many of the same emotions. I wish I had kept better record of my pregnancies, and taken way more pictures. Post every week!! I don't think that's too much at all. Also- I love how you told your YW girls. It is exciting when people are excited for you. My mom reacted badly on both pregnancies and she still feels bad about that. Some people really do need time to process the news. Anyways- don't mean to be super long but I loved this post. Make sure to do this often! Your little one will love reading posts like this someday!

Kristina P. said...

You look so cute! Love your little tummy.

Whitney R said...

Trudy - I'm checking them out!

Brigitte - I love you for that comment. It made me feel not like a rambling preggysphyco. Thanks for the support :) Also, It makes me really happy when people read the whole thing. I know it's long sometimes and I know it takes time and a lot of patience, but it makes me feel special. THANK YOU!!

Kristina - thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You can NEVERY have too many belly pictures! Every week would be wonderful!

As for clothes, Target is great for tops otherwise I used to manage a maternity boutique in Vegas called Bellies and Blossoms and they have a website you can order off of!! Glad to hear you are feeling better! Now onto eating!!

Victoria Elder said...

Enjoy the relief of peeing once a night! Your definately growing a baby too fun! Love the weekly pics

Wendyburd1 said...

Before I read this I want you to know I have given you an award so go over to my blog and get it you deserve I am off to read your blog!LOL!

Wendyburd1 said...

Post a pic every week it is so cool! I can already see your bump is bigger than the last picture you posted!! I'm sorry some people didn't react the way you hoped that sucks, because we here in the Bloggy World are SO excited for you!! Target is a great place for baby clothes, they have such cute outfits but are nice on your wallet too.

At least Ramen and Mexican you like. Any weird cravings yet?

Life as Ashley said...

If people think you posting weekly is overload...they can just move on their own bloggy way. I WANT UPDATES!

You look great! Definitely have a belly now [but that's what it's all about, right?]

Don't worry about the people who didn't act thrilled at first mention. My own mother [the last person I'd ever imagine!] acted like I was some unwed teen who just told her I found out I was pregnant. I tease her about it now. When she's loving on Kaeden [let me tell you, she LOVES him!] I always say..."See Kaeden, I told grandma that one day she would love you. She was hesitant about it at first....but look! She's really came around." She always tries to backtrack, but there was no denying her initial disappointment. To this day I still don't get it...oh well.

Isn't it the best feeling when the men in the family are into it though? Who would've thought men of all people could be excited about a pregnancy?

Oh...and for maternity pants...try Macy's [or Meier Frank is that is what it still is where you are], they carry a line of the Mimi Maternity stuff that's not as expensive [they're a maternity store that's rather pricey. Look them up online, and it will tell you where you can find samplings of their products in various stores like Macey's]. In that section they also have some namebrand stuff that's not super expensive. I remember there being some Buffalo Maternity Jeans and some other brands. My favorites I found there were actually a $30 pair that looked exactly like the Seven for All Mankind Jeans that have the sort of rainbow looking 7 stitching on the pocket [like my description?]. I almost bought the real things earlier in the day for $200. I figured, it's a good investment, I'll wear them again. Now I know that when I get preggo again, I probably won't even want to touch anything from my first pregnancy. Don't go overboard. You'll regret it. Save your money to buy stuff for the baby. That's where the fun is!

Okay longest comment ever. Sorry. Come see us all in Utah soon!

rychelle said...

you are the cutest preggo chick ever :)

That Girl in Brazil said...

Yup - most gorgeousest pregnant lady EVER.


Whitney R said...

Wendy - every week it is. And, nope, no other cravings. I'm having a hard time wanting ANY food. It all (Except for Ramen and MExican) doesn't taste right.

Ashley - I love you for your long comment! I'll go check out Macey's. I've been looking at a pair of citizens and they are spendy.. so I'm really really hesitant. And I'll be in the Tah end of the month!

Rychelle and Brazil - thanks!

Matt and Katelyn Risenmay said...

You look super cute! Congratulations! Matt and I are very happy and excited for you both. Yeah, they say that in the second trimester you make less trips to the bathroom and you are less tired...not for me. I am completely mixed up from the first trimester but at least the nausea has worn off. That is so exciting that you already know the date that you get to find out what you are having. We are hoping for the end of the month but who knows. Again, congrats! I love seeing how much you post on your blog. It will be fun to keep up with you your whole pregnancy.

Joe and Ashley said...

The more pictures the better I say!