Tuesday, June 16, 2009

20 Weeks: Half Way! And Some Other Happenings

The funniest thing just happened. I'm laying reclined and so I have part of the computer on my belly. The little girl who is the size of a "small" cantelope (accoring to baby center), or as long as a banana (according to what to expect) in my belly doesn't like to be pushed on. She kicked or punched or head butted or boxed out (if you speak basketball lingo) kind of hard right where the computer was. So, I picked it up thinking it was just a normal hit. Then put it back down - hit again! So, I picked it up and was laughing, Jaren started to get defensive. "she doesn't want the computer on her!" I told him I barely had any pressure and set it back down - wam! So I'm laughing even more and Jaren is trying to tell me to sit up and put it on my lap, to stop "squishing his little girl". I didn't want to do that b/c it pulls on my neck looking down at the screen and I already have a head and neck ache. So, I just pushed it down off my belly and had the belly hanging out b/c I'm hot. And I felt another hard kick and looked down and my belly jumped! Jaren said he saw it and she kept movin for a few minutes. It sure made us happy. She's a lot of fun already :) But Jaren says she is stubborn (which he seems to think she got from me - I have no idea what he's talking about :D

That is what I was going to mention was the first neat thing about this 20th week. This morning I felt some harder than normal kicks so I looked down and could see my stomach moving. It was the craziest looking thing. It sure makes me happy, though!

: Oh man... I can't fit into my pre pregnancy jeans. Not because of my belly, oh no, I just unzip and they SHOULD fit, but nooooo, MY THIGHS ARE TOO BIG!!! It's rather disturbing. Sure, I should be gaining weight, that's fine, but WHY do I need it in my thighs?! Someone told me fat stores. Fat stores my rear (which is also getting bigger). I eat ALL the time. She get's enough food just from my diet! Apparently so do I since I'm packing it on. In the last week I've noticed my face has also gotten fatter. Which has been the hardest blow. I knew it would happen, but I honestly truly didn't think it would happen till 7 or 8 months - NOT 5!! I even asked Jaren if he noticed - AND HE SAID YES!!! Also, I've decided as soon as I'm whole again and she is out I'm training for a half marathon. It should help with not having to buy a new wardrobe. Again. Now, I hope that you all realize I'm just being dramatic. Sure, it bothers me, sure it's depressing at times and sure, I wish I was gaining the weight a bit differently (like some more up top instead of down low). But I eat enough and my number one goal/concern is the health of this little girl. So, none of the "your SUPPOSED to gain weight" stuff. I KNOW. And none of the, "You had better not starve yourself! Your supposed to be eating more!" I KNOW. I do. And NONE of the "your eating for two! So it's okay that you ate an entire bag of hot cheetos in 2 days because it was the first thing that tasted REALLY good that added up to over 1,700 calories" becuase NO, I'm not eating for two. Unless my second half only takes in an extra 300 calories instead of 1,500. Drives me nuts when people say that. That's how I'm going to get fat. Or fatter. I've got 5 more months left to get fat!! Yikes....

And whining and complaining and being dramatic about this stuff helps me cope. But know I'm totally happy with where I am. I fall more and more in love with this little girl every day.

Exercise: I had a bad run for a few weeks. With traveling twice during that time and getting sick and then having it rain and be nasty for the other bit of time I've not gone walking. And really, I'm convinced that's why my face is fat. Also part of why my lower back is KILLING me all the time. So - goal this week. Walk every single day. I usually jog as well, because I can't just walk - drives me nuts. But I do have a treadmill now, so inclimit weather is no excuse. Lofty goal, my friends... but it's the only way I feel okay about the fatness.

I still have the tired days, but lately if I get myself up and take some of that Drenamin that my Chiropractor gave me and eat I feel better. It's so hard for me to fall asleep, though, that I can't take naps very well. It's ANNOYING. Yesterday I laid down for 30 minutes and was wide awake. So was my girl, moving and kicking and keeping me company. I finally got sick of it, got up and ate some Ramen, took some Drenamin and vacuumed my house. I slept amazingly last night!

Today I bought my first pack of diapers. I went to Sams Club and got size 3 huggies - HOLY COW. Almost 50 bucks. Oh my! This was my conversation with Jaren when I got home:
me: Diapers are EXPENSIVE!
Jaren: oh yeah? how much?
me: 50 bucks for a box!
Jaren: so you didn't buy them? (sounding hopeful)
me: of course I did. we are going to have to get them either now or later, mine as well spread it out.
Jaren: yeah......

Also, clearance at Gap Kids - AMAZING. I got three things. I'll post a picture later. Two were 5 bucks and another was 7. I think once a month I'll go raid their clearance. There was a VERY cute pair of jeans for when she's walking, but even on sale they were 17 bucks.... I couldn't do it. I really, really wanted to. But it's still early and I'll find cute stuff again for cheaper. Or so I tell myself.

20 Week Picture
It seems that when I wear some of the stuff that I bought on my maternity shopping trip it falls on days that I don't take a weekly picture. But not this time! The shirt I'm wearing I got at Nordstrom rack, normally 88 bucks. I got it MUCH much cheaper. And I can wear it for just about the whole time, I think. It's a medium where I normally would wear a small. Man I hope I fit into my stuff again. The jeans are maternity. I got them at A Pea In the Pod which used to be MiMi's Maternity. Normally 80 or 90 bucks for 38! Nothing I bought was full priced. Oh wait, some of the stuff at Old Navy was, but it was cheap. I wear them all the time now. Because my beautiful non belly panel jeans DON'T FIT ANYMORE. don't rub it in.
Also, all of my pictures have been inside. I didn't really notice until a cousin of mine posted a belly picture outside. She suggested stainding in a potato field. Brilliant! So I did. The sun was awful bright this morning, but the spuds are beautiful!

The next three pictures are of a dress I also bought with the intent to wear with a growing belly. I am in love with this thing. It has some weird bustle thing in the back, but I don't care. It's light and flowy and cute. I found it at Down East when Victoria was trying on jeans. I put it on over my clothes and walked around the store with it - I was amazed that it fit! It's an XS. But I think it's the draw string thing in the front. I just take out a bit as my belly get's bigger and it fits! It's Deisel and was normally 80 bucks and I got it for 30. Sweet deal if you ask me.
So, it has been brought to my attention that it looks like I'm arching my back in my pictures. I guess it would give you that impression if you had a huge belly hanging off your front and a huge REAR poking out your back. If you remember my 6 week picture (where I am actually wearing the same shirt as the picture below) where I was basically not pregnant, there was just a peanut in there, I still had a rear that stuck out. Well, the rear has gotten bigger and there is no arching of the back. Just a large front and back.

My sister Lindsey came up this weekend to watch her boyfriend, Nate, run a marathon. And spend some time with him. I went to hang out with her while she volunteered at the Dam Marathon (she REALLY wanted the shirt:). She pulled my bag away from me to look at my belly, "Your not that big! You look so much bigger in your pictures. Do you arch your back?" Me - "NO." It really is funny, becuase I don't think I'm very big, then we take a picture and I look huge. She didn't believe me. Until we took this picture:
She agreed that okay, it is as big as it looks :)
Here is Lindsey and Nate.

So, half way done! Every day is a bit closer to meeting my girl! Every day I wonder what she is going to look like. In my mind I see a little girl with dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes. I guess I just see a very cute teeny girl version of Jaren. It's hard to see how I can contribute much when I love the way he looks. Although, we do hope she has my nose. Jaren's is a little bigger and in his words, "a boy nose" :)

Oh, one more funny story. I went to Idaho Falls today with my friend, Sharlene and we were eating at Red Robin. A guy came out to bring us our food. The order was messed up so he went back to fix it. He came back, brought it to us and left. Then our server came over and said, "Don't talk to him very long, he'll get you pregnant." Both of us looked at each other, then at her and said, "We already are." haha. I think she was a little embarrased. I really hope I look pregnant and not fat. But with my face and thighs catching up - maybe not! Also, I'm curious as to the story behind that statement about the boy..... hmmm.....

Also, when I was in Boise I went swimming with Lena and her kids. I thought one of my swimsuits would fit - wrong. I had brought a pair of bikini bottoms to wear with the tankini top I thought would fit. And I also brought the top to wear under the tankini b/c I feel naked in some swimsuits. I ended up wearing the bikini - which was VERY uncomfortable. I'm glad no one was there. I felt like a massive whale chasing a toddler around. Lena let me borrow one of her maternity swimsuits for the summer. I've seen a picture of this swimsuit on the sidebar on facebook. So while I was in Target I found it, tried it on and liked it just as much as the picture - so I got it.
It's so nice being covered up! I don't feel as whalish. I also found a pair of shorts that aren't swim shorts, but should work anyway.


Erin said...

Fun new clothes! I love the laptop story too!

Anonymous said...

ugh, I know what you mean on people telling you that should be gaining all this weight! I hated it! People would tell me that I looked so tiny or that they couldn't even tell that I was pregnant- my response was 'what?! you think I look like this normally?!'

Walking does help and will keep your matabolism up so keep with it! It also helped me get energized [believe it or not]!

[on my super tired days when nothing would help, I would lay down on our couch at work at shut my eyes until a customer would walk in. awkward but I did not care!]

ps. check out www.bellybandit.com This got me back to my pre-prego belly super fast!


you look SO gorgeous...big rear and all! ;)

Kristina P. said...

That swimsuit is seriously so cute! I would get it for non-pregnant me!

Wendyburd1 said...

I loved this post!! Man Whit I am getting more info about your pregnancy than that other important one!! I demanded why don't WE have a dvd of the baby...I think the dad is CHEAP!

It is so cute that Jaren was all protective of the laptop on the baby! it made me go Awww! And you GET to complain about anything, you are now a Mom, thus baby weight, etc is in your contract of things you can complain about...I swear it is what my Mom says!LOL!

Target has some adorable outfits for under 10 bucks so you should SO go there too!! And I adore the pic of you in the fields! I had no idea how big the fields were!!I DID wonder if you arched for pics but if that is your natural back arch, NICE!!;)

Christa said...

My sister in law had a baby a month ago. She gained a whopping 55 pounds during her pregnancy. She gained that much because she took the eating for two concept very literally. She also spent the entire pregnancy sitting on the couch. She wasn't active. At all. I think you're health conscious enough that you have nothing to worry about. ☺ You won't gain nearly as much weight and what you do gain will come off quickly.

Whitney R said...

Kate - thanks! It's true, I think the same thing "you don't look very much different." me - WHAT?! So glad someone else understands. I'll check out the website

Kirsten - why thank you :)

Kristina - you should! I will probably wear it next summer, too.

Wendy - If I don't write everything down exactly how I'm feeling it/experiencing it I forget the details. I've already found myself going back to posts from a month ago reading and remembering. So I've decided that I don't care how long the posts are anymore - I NEED to document, or I will forget. And I really don't want to. For my next pregnancy it will be interesting to compare. Oh, and the field you saw, a teeny teeny portion of one of the fields. Jaren has like 21 or 22 or something like that.

Christa - THANK YOU. I'm aware that doing the couch potato thing and eating ANYTHING will get me gaining an obscene amount of weight, so I'm trying really hard not to.

Whitney R said...

Wendy - I also forgot, the doctors office I go to gives every mommy a DVD at their 20 week finding out what baby is ultrasound. I didn't have to pay directly for it, but I'm sure it's included it the outrageous amount I'm being charged anyway.

Life as Ashley said...

Holy post Whit! How long did that one take ya? ;)

I definitely think you look pregnant, not fat. Your belly is growing so much!

The pic with the spuds is pretty cool too. :)

Sara Ann said...

So fun. I noticed my belly has poked out a lot more since I hit 20 weeks! I feel huge! It really is hard to keep the eating to a minimum. I am trying to be healthy too, but sometimes it's hard! I went for a walk for the first time in like 2 weeks last night and about died. blah.

rychelle said...

that suit is seriously cute! and so are you.

Jillene said...

1/2 way--AWESOME!! But when the crap is this little girl going to have a name?! (0;

The swimming suit is ADORABLE--I needed it for my Vegas trip!!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I have to tell you that motherhood maternity has some super CUTE swimsuits, and they are all very reasonably priced. I got mine I think for either 32 or 37 bucks, which for a swimsuit I thought was a WAY good deal. You should check them out. A girl always needs more then one swimsuit right!!!!

and yes diapers are expensive!! I am hoping to maybe get cambree potty trained before this baby comes so we don't have to buy double the diapers, that just might kill us!

Chad, Chelsea and Dawson Davis said...

Just a word of advice... don't listen anyone unless it's something you want to hear... Everyone thinks they know everything. I listened to my doctor my sister and my mom and that was about it... I was so sick of hearing advice and people telling my I should be gaining more weight or that I should only gain baby weight... WHATEVER!!! Everyone has a different idea... My doctor told me that you cannot do pregnancy wrong unless you are doing drugs and drinking. You are going to be a cute pregnant person whether you gain 15 pounds or 55 pounds... Every BODY is different... there is no right or wrong. Just enjoy that you have an excuse to splurge and eat what you want right now.

Whitney R said...

Thank you Chelsea :)

Nana said...

Whitney reading all that is making me so excited to get to meet her!! She sounds so fun and will be able to hold her own with all her cousins :) And I can't wait till the 30th!!! And you look beautiful. :)

Victoria Gilbert said...

Your pictures are so cute! I love that dress, and the pic of you sideways wearing it is really cute. Jason was impressed by how straight those potato rows are.... very nice Jaren!
that's funny that you bought some diapers... good to be prepared though! Claire still wears size 3, but she's a very tiny little girl so it's kinda odd for her age to have that size. They are expensive though... yes!
Isn't it fun feeling the baby move? My little boy is really starting to hurt me when he kicks!!
I'm kinda jealous of that bathing suit!! it's really cute... I don't think mine is going to last this whole pregnancy without my belly popping out of the tankini!

Kristen said...

Your laptop story was really cute, that is the thing I miss the most when I am not pregnant is feeling and seeing the baby move. I love it! With my first son I was relaxing in the bathtub and he kicked and the water splashed (okay it rippled but I like call it a baby splash) it was so cool! You are smart to start buying diapers now that and formula really add up.

The Boyce's said...

I love the laptop story! My baby totally does the same thing!! Sometimes I purposefully put the laptop on child "it" (only for one more week!) just to feel "it" move! Haha I'm a mean mom!

Rowboat said...

wow! this was such a long post and there were so many things i wanted to comment on throughout it! i love the swimsuit. it is so cute! i need to find a cute swimsuit for my honeymoon. it's hard to find one that looks good though!
and you look so beautiful in that picture in the field. i LOVE the green and red. absolutely beautiful. i like farms. i'm just glad i don't have to work on them anymore. and that is so CUTE that she was kicking your laptop!
what a cute little girl. i'm so excited for you whitney!