Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mice... the Count Continues

Remember this guy?

Back in September I posted about the home I live in and the mice experience we had when we had lived in it for about 3 months. If you don't want to read here is a summary:

After 3 months of peace we saw one mouse. We set traps. We caught 22 over the course of a few months then never saw another again. Until squeaky up there in September. He made 23.

Since I have to get up all throughout the night to pee, sometimes I wake Jaren up. He takes the opportunity to use the restroom himself. I go in the bathroom in our bedroom (my bathroom) and he goes in the one in the hall (his bathroom. Unless guests are here). My bathroom has a standing shower, his has a tub shower. At 4 a.m. he goes and hears scraping. He looks in the tub and there is a little mouse trying to get out and scaring the poop out of himself. I didn't know mice could poop SO MUCH! Jaren, in his sleepy state goes and get's a mouse trap, puts peanut butter on it and sticks it in the tub. He goes out into the kitchen again, comes back and the mouse is GONE. Pooh on the paper plate the trap was on, but no mouse in the trap.

Gross. We decide we are going to put tons and tons of traps out agian.

See, I'm aware we have mice. I'm sure we have A LOT. We don't see them, we don't see the poop but the fact that they are there bothers me. The fact that I know they are dying in the walls or somewhere else bothers me even more. Someday Jaren and I plan on building a home and that home will be super sealed, mind you. But we are saving for that glorious day and didn't plan on starting that project for at least 8 years from when we got married. We figured around 10. See, we could probably get away with building one sooner, but we don't have the children to fill it so it seems pointless. 2 years have gone buy so that puts the count down to 6 or 8. I love the home we live in. It has been completely renovated and is like a brand new home. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 levels (main and basement), 2 huge family rooms, a dining room, kitchen, laundry, lots of storage. I'm spoiled, I know. I have so much room in this home to fill with kids! It is just so hard when we see/smell the mice we know are around. I'm just tired of it.. Jaren seems to be the one who it bothers more now. He's thinking of lowering the countdown to new home. I'm not complaining, but I really feel like we haven't spent enough time in this home.

Back to the mouse story:

Jaren pulled out the garbage the other night and there was a little guy in there eating away at the bread I had just thrown in there. He tied him off and threw him out. That makes 24. Jaren sets a trap 2 nights ago and tells me the next day that it caught another one. That makes TWENTY FIVE! We are setting out more tonight. We make sure there is no food anywhere, the garbage is empty when we go to bed and we wait.

He is the designated mouse getter. I can't see them after they have been caught. It's too gross. We don't know what else to do. We wont lay out poison because they eat that, run off and die somewhere in the house. I want to bomb the entire house one of the weeks I'm gone, but is there a bug bomb strong enough to kill mice? And then that leaves them whereever they were dead. Gross again! We can't knock down walls and if we did that would be terrifying to see what lies in them. So, the only option is traps. One by one. The house has been sealed since the 22 count. We got new siding and as he did that he sealed the home and we have seen less spiders as well.

Anyone else have any mice stories? As many as 25?!

Not to worry, I'll update as we keep catching. I know your all dying to hear about it. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been in love with this thing since I first laid eyes on her a few years ago. The problem is I have nowhere for this to go - yet. Someday, I will have this and someday, I will have a place for it. The other problem is convincing Jaren that it really is beautiful, because he just doesn't see it like I do.

The funny thing is when I was looking for this picture I found this for $169 on one website, then went to another and found it for $269. I think I'll do some shopping around when the wonderful day comes when I give this baby a loving home.

I JUST remembered this chair in a room I saw at a home during the parade of homes last summer. The picture of the other side of the room is on this post. I really wouldn't mind recreating this room someday for a little girl.
Actually, I love black and white with one color so much that in one of my extra bedrooms downstairs I painted the walls green.. really green. It's grown on us and I've bought a few black and white accent things to go with it, I just haven't put it all together down there. Someday, when I do, I'll post pictures.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Sweet Threads

I can't help myself. Every day I look up maternity clothes and bookmark the cute ones. I'm already walking around with the button unbuttoned on a few of my jeans. Yesterday was the first day I had to do that. Maybe I'll post some cute stuff I found.... maybe I'll wait till I actually buy some and post those.

This is about some baby clothes. I have a hard time looking at baby stuff that's not crib, stroller, high chair or maybe even diaper bags. Until I know what I'm having will I let myself really want/look at any of them. But yesterday I went to the mall with a friend who is 4 days more pregnant than me. And she suggested we look at the baby clothes in Macy's. BIG MISTAKE. I about died. I wanted EVERYTHING. Although, I did narrow it down to two really really cute outfits: one boy, one girl. But I walked away without them. I know someday I will probably use it, but I don't want to buy stuff that will just sit in my closet for years.

That brings me to this post. I caved and typed in "baby clothes" into google. I clicked on "Retro Baby" and some of the stuff is so funny. I don't think I'd pay 18 bucks for a onsie, but some are really cute - I had to share some of the best.

Thing 1 and Thing 2
"That's How I Roll"

I put a few of these fake dress shirts up, but what I really want is a drawn on coverall with straw sticking out everywhere so he can be just like his(or her) daddy during grain harvest.
"I Like To Hit the Bottle"

"Give A Hoot Don't Pollute"
"Party at My Crib"
"I Just Spent Nine Months on the Inside"

I see this on my 18 month old girl with a skirt on a summer day. Screaming....

"Fat kids are harder to kidnap" I think I might spend the 18 bucks on this one.
"Does this diaper make my butt look big?" Like mother, like daughter.
I like the suspenders
This will be very true in my house
Baby Bling

Here is the website in case you see something you HAVE to have. There are a lot of Dr. Seuss stuff. I do think I want the fat baby one......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BYU-Idaho's Own Post Secret

This was in the building where just about all of my classes were. (Goodness... see that word? WERE. Such a beautiful word) I walked past it for a few days, then got curious. So I read every single one on there. Some were very funny, some were to be expected at a Church school, others.. of course, were also to be expected but were still sad. It doesn't matter where you are there are every type of issue and problem. Just because a lot of it is not on the surface, it doesn't mean it isn't there. Hope you can see what some of them say.

Enjoy!The writing under the "I heart Jordan Killpack" says, "been there, done that". The top right sticker says, "I think like a lot of guys do" The black writing sticker next to the jordan one says, "I secretly stalk my teacher's son because I want to marry into his family".
This is my favorite. The "duh", in particular.

The "your not the only one" in red is referring to a sticker above it that said, "I have stolen over $2,000". I know some are hard to read. Sorry :)

Yep, in the light blue that says, "My wife doesn't know I'm gay!"
"I'm attracted to men with speech impediments and receding hairlines!"

This was a final project done by a Communications major.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am officially out of the pregnancy closet!

I've been dying to talk about it all, but since I had the opportunity to tell just about all of my family in person I kept my mouth shut until everyone heard it from me. This last week I told the last of them and so it meant I could squeal to everyone else whenever I wanted. So I waited 2 days. :) Another thing is when you tell people right away it makes the wait SO LONG for them. And it's already seemed long enough for me.

I'm 3 months, two more weeks left in my first trimester. I'm due November 3rd (my best friends birthday). How have I been feeling? Sick. I have not been throwing up, which I'm very grateful for. Not that I don't feel like I need to quite often, my body just likes food so much, I guess, that it doesn't want to waste any of it. My thighs and face will confirm that. I started taking my prenatal before bed and it's seemed to help a bit, I've not been as nauseous the last few days. It's been nice not having to eat every 45 minutes. Food; nothing really sounds good. I've really liked Bajio Salads. When I went home I had the best tasting Mexican food I've had since... well, the last time I ate there. It's too bad nothing is as good here.

Cramps. A lot of cramps. Anyone else go through their entire first trimester feeling every itty bitty stretch and pull of your uterus? Only sometimes are they painful, most of the time just uncomfortable. I've already made sure everything is fine. But since it's been constant through my whole pregnancy (started before I even knew I was pregnant) and I've made it to 12 weeks I'm not worried. I think I'm just a bit more sensitive to the changes goin on.

I've had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and the little guy was moving quite a bit. Didn't like the spotlight. Every time the ultrasound thing would push on my belly to get a better view he'd try to move away. Doesn't like the spotlight? Or his picture taken? A lot like his daddy, I'd say. We go in tomorrow to hear the heart beat. I'm excited :) It will just confirm that everything is moving along well. Oh, I keep up on the weekly updates of the development and my kid has fingernail beds, nostrils, elbows and knees, no webbed fingers and a brain. He (yes, I'm calling it a he until I hear otherwise) has a lot of other things, too, but I get excited about the new things. :)

Some of you understand how very much I have wanted this. I am so incredibly happy. I'll whine about some of it, but I am constantly happy with my situation. I feel so blessed that everything has happened at a time where it is perfect (even though I couldn't see further than what was in front of me 5 months ago). I'm finished with school, we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary, we'll have been married for over 2 1/2 years when the kid pops out. I'll be 23, Jaren will be weeks away from 28. Now I get to enjoy making a baby, and getting the house and our lives ready for the change. Which I completely understand will be drastic. But we are very much ready. :D

I'm experimenting with my blog layout. Anyone know how to put your own background into the "layout"? Some sort of code...? I'm not sure how much I like the header I have at the moment. You will probably see a lot of changing going on till I find something I like. Your feedback would be wonderful!

Here is my 12 week picture

I look great, huh! Haven't gained an ounce.






Hah, yeah right. That was 6 weeks. Here is 12 weeks and very much GROWING.
What bothers me is when I'm SO excited about actually looking pregnant and people think they are being nice by telling me I don't look any different. Yes, I realize that unless you've seen me on a regular basis I just look fat. But by no means do I feel like I look the same as I did 3 months ago (or even 6 weeks ago!). So, take note, when a barely pregnant girl says, "Look! I'm showing!" with a smile on her face, don't say, "Oh, no, sweetie, you look the same." Or, "I can't tell any difference." Because what do I hear? "You looked that fat 3 months ago when there was hardly any baby in you." Instead say, "Yeah! you sure are growing." something, anything to confirm there is a DIFFERENCE.

Yes, the difference is minimal to everyone else but me. But don't rain on my parade... I'm excited about the change.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Home Again (With Pictures and A Video)

I'm finally home. I finished school, graduated, left, drove 10 hours Sunday to Washington, woke up the next morning drove 5 hours to Oregon, 2 days later drove 5 hours back to Washington, then 2 days later flew back to Idaho and am now currently sitting on my couch. I'm exhausted. It's so nice to be home. I'm very excited to get started on projects and just living my non student life. I've already read one book and am working on another. I'm going on a long walk around the country tomorrow. I'm sleeping in, doing laundry, have to run my Young Women around, have dinner with friends, prepare a lesson. Still feel busy but no pressure. If I don't get everything done tomorrow... so what. I'm really looking forward to Sunday. It will be the first Sunday in quite some time where I will be able to be home and not be doing/worrying about homework. It's such a nice feeling. I am terrified I'll forget everything I've learned. But I can't say I'm super willing to go through my notes and tests and stuff every once in a while. I can't wait to start cooking, even though Jaren isn't home at dinner time, I might be able to get him to stop by long enough to eat a plate before going out for another round.

Anywho, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

In my costume for my Jazz Dance final (video all the way at the bottom)

Jaren tried... I couldn't see him in the crowd of people so I just stood there and kind of smiled into the crowd. Turns out he couldn't shove his way to the front - too many people!

So after wards I had him come take a picture of me recreating the moment.

Here is my family. Jaren wanted to take the picture - not be in it. ButI think I got a pretty good one below.
What is funny is that I was SO busy the last 2 months of this last semester that Jaren did dishes, washed laundry and picked up after us. I've never seen him clean like that! So, Saturday I did laundry, cleaned, did dishes so the house would be clean for him before I left and that night he says, "Yay! I got my wife back!" Now if I could just get those shirts of his ironed that i keep promising him I'd do.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the most amazing dancer. Not professional even a teeny bit. This is a beginning Jazz Dance class. We didn't get to practice this dance NEARLY as much as I would have liked. I messed up a good 5 times - most of which are noticable. Poor posture and horrible technique. I wish she had given us more than once to perform this. I choreographed quite a bit of this :) Enjoy! But don't make fun. :| (that is my stern face) And I think you can all possibly figure out which one is me. (front middle - your welcome)

Monday, April 6, 2009

This Week and Next

Today: Jaren and My 2 year anniversary :) (a VERY happy day)

Wednesday: Last day of classes (also a very happy day)

Thursday: I walk with my cap and gown and get my Bachelors in Health Science ('bout time)

Friday: Commencement - listening to Neil L. Anderson (newest member of the 12)

Saturday: Possibly go on a date with the 2 year old husband

Sunday: Go with my parents back to Washington (9 hour drive... gonna get tetris for my phone)

Monday: Drive to Oregon (I'll also get a book to read - along with my Tetris I should be entertained)

Tuesday: Celebrate my cousins wedding (woohoo for her!)

Wednesday: Go back to Washington (the homeland)

Thursday: Fry shrimp with my grandma (I LOVE shrimp)

Friday: Fly back into Idaho - arrive at 5:30, drive to Driggs to attend a baby shower at 6:30 - THEN go home and see my two year old husband. (Hopefully he hasn't starved to death)

Saturday: who knows... laundry? sleep? read a book.... do WHATEVER I want cause I'm finished with SCHOOL!!! (p.s. I'll be catching up on blogs all the while during that second week :D)