Sunday, May 31, 2009

17 Weeks

I am VERY late with this post seeing as I hit 17 weeks on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll catch up and I'll post my 18 week one Tuesday evening, because with it will be the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

I guess I can reflect back on the last 2 weeks. During my 16th week I ran my first full mile while pregnant. It didn't hurt or pull much and it felt really good. I probably could have kept going but I had to turn around and the wind was no longer blowing on me, it was blowing with me and I got too hot. I went to Utah, then came home sick and haven't had a chance to go again and I'm really sad about it. Tomorrow I plan on getting back into the swing and at least walking if I'm not up to par with jogging yet. The other exciting thing that happened during my 16th week was the No Doubt Concert Monday Night. It was so loud! I don't remember concerts being that loud, even though I know they were. I think I was just much more aware because I'm pregnant and I couldn't help but think, "what is the kid hearing?" "is it going to be deaf because of this?" "wonder if the noise vibrations are sending vibrations through the amniotic fluid and vibrating the baby", you know, things like that. Laugh all you want, but I had to plug my ears and when it sounded muffled and just fine I was able to enjoy it much more. I don't think I've stayed up past 11:00 p.m. since I've been pregnant and so I was dragging by the time we finally got home to go to bed at 12:30 a.m. I had to talk and talk the whole drive up to Spanish Fork to keep myself awake and Victoria was falling asleep and just giving me, "uh huh's" to keep me appeased. Even then I was still up before 8 a.m. gosh darnit. I can't even sleep in properly!

The last 6 days have been eventful. I shopped all day Tuesday and I think it wore me down. That's the day I started to sneeze (first symptoms of that nasty thing I caught). I also went to dinner with a few of my girlfriends and had a good time laughing and chatting with them. Wednesday, Victoria and I went to Ambers and her husband Joe made us breakfast (thanks again, Joe!)(he also wins husband of the year for making his wife and her friends breakfast). Then I started home and about fell asleep at 2:30 p.m. It was horrible, my eyes were closing and I had to call my mom and make her listen to me tell her about each and every outfit I bought. Such a good Mommy (Happy Birthday, yesterday!). I felt the baby move for the first time around 5:30 p.m. after I got home. It was amazing, I cried like a little girl, then was mad because it made my nose run even more. Also that night I got horribly sick - Jaren thought it was Allergies, I did not. So the next day I went to the doc and had him tell me it was most likely strep and if I hadn't come in it could have turned into Pneumonia (how is that for frightening when all you were expecting was, "yeah, a cold, here's some antibiotics). Had to have an antibiotic shot on my rear that STILL hurts like a big bruise and tomorrow is my last day of antibiotic pills. I feel tons better, but am still not quite over it.

Friday went to the Chiropractor and tried not to cough or have my nose run (REALLY hard when your lying face down on a table with your head stuck through one of those holes) so he wouldn't know I was sick. He really doesn't like it when people come in who are sick. But since I was leaving Tuesday and wouldn't be back all week I couldn't go another week and a half without getting adjusted when I had already gone over 2 and was starting to feel a bit out.

Yesterday I FINALLY got a nap (first one in over a week). I also got my hair cut Thursday because it was the only day the girl who I like to cut my hair was in. Again, tried not to cough or sneeze or booger all over her, too. I hate being out and about when I'm sick.

Saturday night I was reclining on the couch and the baby kept kicking in one spot so I called Jaren over and put his hand right where he/she had been kicking. We waited maybe 45 seconds and I said, "come on baby, kick your daddy" and he/she kicked and he felt it! I cried, he did not. Aren't men supposed to get sympathy hormones or something??? It would be nice if I wasn't the one always blubbering. He has felt him/her move today as well and I can't wait for the kid to get stronger so you can feel it even better. I only feel him/her if i'm sitting still. It's still really faint, but sometimes she/he get's in a good roundhouse kick to my belly button and I LOVE it. You will all say, "just wait till the kid is in your ribs!" because that is what everyone else is saying to me. Sure, okay, I'll wait for it, but right now this is the most amazing feeling ever. I can't wait for it to get stronger. In fact, I think even when I'm getting beat up internally I'm still going to be happy becuase it just means I have a strong baby. Yes, I say this now, you can quote me when I start to whine about it in a few months.

Here is my 17 week picture. I always have the one hand above my stomach and the other over my love handle. So here is one without all that. But I don't think you can see the full size of my belly like this.
So I do this!

Tuesday at 9 a.m. is when we find out if we are having a girl or a boy. I'm so stinkin excited I really can't think about it too much. I'm now to the point that if I'm having a girl this will be my reaction, "A GIRL?!!!!! YAAYY! A GIRLL!! oh... but it's not a boy??" And if it's a boy, "A BOY!!!! WWOOHOOO! AN HEIR TO THE THRONE! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! but your sure it's not a girl??" I want both. I told Jaren if somehow there were twins in there I would cry out of joy (and then get nervous and have to do A LOT of mental preparation). I would LOVE it. He, on the other hand, would probably need to be excused to go shed a few tears in the restroom. :)

I'll be driving to Boise that day, so I wont have time to post about it right away. But I'm going to get a post ready tomorrow and so when I get to Boise I'll be able to post it right away. So be expecting it tomorrow night!


Life as Ashley said...

Oh, I cannot wait until Tuesday! I bet you are sooooooooo excited!

Enjoy those kicks. Even when they get harder, you'll love them. I don't think I ever once got sick of them. I loved when Kade would roll around in my belly. That's how I knew he was okay and content. Don't feel dumb for loving every second of it. It's something that only YOU will experience!

Life as Ashley said...

P.S. I laughed at you laughing about the duck job on my post. I'm a dweeb! :)

Wendyburd1 said...

I am sorry you are still so tired and sick, but you sound like you are recovering and that is good! Jaren didn't cry or anything when he felt the baby? Was he at least awed?! I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl! The newest potato in the farm!!

rychelle said...

you look so cute. i can't wait to hear about your next appt.

Whitney R said...

Ashley - THANK YOU :)

Jo said...

Cutest little tummy ever. I never, ever got tired of those first movements. I would wear a secret smile, knowing I was growing a baby and there wasn't anything sweeter in the whole world. Congrats!!!

ramsam said...

You look cute as ever! I can't wait for you to learn that gender!

Would you believe I didn't find out on my first baby? I just wanted to be has so few surpirses, and I love them!
Everyone else was crazy, but it was fun! I am glad you are so happy and healthy!

Phil and Holly said...

oo can't wait to find out what you are having today!

So I died laughing when I read the comment you made on my rollercoaster post. haha I TOTALLY thought you meant maxi pads and not nursing pads and I was like, wow I can't believe she just said that!!

The new rides at 6 Flags have some G-Forces i have never experienced.. sooooo fast it was unreal. If you are going to Disneyland you might as well take a small trip down to 6 Flags from there. Make sure you ride Goliath, Terminator, and X2