Monday, June 7, 2010

The Difference 24 Pounds Makes

We had our family pictures taken 3 weeks ago and we just got the pictures back.  I really really like them!

But I had to laugh when I went back and looked at the one we had taken when Naomi was 4 weeks old.

Get a load of this:
Yikes!  We didn't like how either of us turned out, but I had an extra 24 pounds on me - apparently 10 of them were in my face.  On the bright side - the baby is adorable.  And I made that dress!

Hard work, determination and a lot of running and breastfeeding led me to lose all 46 pounds I gained from my pregnancy.  And we now have a family picture that looks like this!
Yahoo!  Doesn't even look like the same person, huh?  And might I say my husband is rather good looking.  And the baby is adorable.  And I adore them both!

Cassie Mickelsen of Pink Paisley Photography took both of these.


Jenna said...

You are my inspiration! Wow, I admit I always thought you were making an extra big deal over your weight, when you always looked really good to me. Now I see the difference though and it's obvious that you've worked SO hard. I want to be able to put up side by side photos and see the difference in myself that we can all see in you!

Whitney R said...

Oh Jenna, thank you thank you! I got a comment/question on my formspring that made me a little worried about posting that. But I guess I just noticed such a huge difference and wanted to show everyone what I had been saying all along. I don't want to make anyone feel insecure about themselves. I'm so glad your referring to me as inspiration because I really think that with hard work and determination anyone can have amazing results. I'm proof! :) Thanks again, you really made me feel tons better.

Katy said...

Uh, I would do a happy dance if I looked half as good as your before picture - that's how much weight I have to lose!

After a month long break from walking and exercising, this motivation will help me get back on track!

You look fantastic!

Phil and Holly said...

Wow good job Whitney! I totally identify with your whole story and wish I would have documented my pregnancies as well! I gained around 45lbs with Bruin and 40 with Crew... miserable and my face was totally fat too. Its so cool tho that you got it all off! That is my goal now! Can you blog about what you did to get it off? Cute pics of your baby girl too :)


Whitney R said...

Oh yeah, I'll post about my postpartum. I kept track of that, too. :)

Thanks Holly! At least you gained less with Crew. I'll consider that a big accomplishment if I do that with my next.