Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

As you read this I am trundeling down the road for 7 hours with Jaren on our way to Portland to go to a wedding. Doesn't feel like a birthday since we are traveling. But I plan on making a tasty cake when we get back.

Also, Jaren let me pick any restaurant I wanted to eat at tonight and I picked Ruth's Chris because never in my life have I ever had steak that good. And we don't get it very often - maybe once a year if that. He didn't complain because it's his favorite splurg, too. So that will be nice.

23. Sure, it's still young, but I feel older. I'm definitely not 19 anymore. My 19 year old body is long gone - I feel older. But being pregnant could have something to do with that. :)

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

26 Weeks: Emotional

****written Tuesday, the 28th*****
I'm not sure why, but this week I have had more emotional days than normal. Things making me sad or cry a lot more and I really really don't like it. I've been easily overwhelmed and can't handle it very well. Jaren has been so wonderfully patient and let's me throw my fits and whine and he listens and is there to hug me when I'm finished being difficult. He never fails to make me feel better. Even when I was frustrated with him Saturday for not helping me clean when I asked him to (so it didn't get done) - he waited for me to finish my rant and then came and gave me a hug and I felt better.

This particular funk started last night. I fell asleep on the couch while he was gone changing water up on the hill (20 minutes away). It was a fitful hour and when he came home and I woke up I had a massive head ache. And I was cranky because of it. He helped me to bed and I didn't do my nightly routine so I woke up with my feathers ruffled. Then I was rushed and was almost late to my doc appointment and then there was a girl in the waiting room that they made wear a mask - I've never seen someone with a cold or flu have to wear a mask. Swine flu? There have been a few cases in Rexburg in the last few weeks. So we sat on the other side of the waiting room.

I was doing ok until they weighed me. And why didn't they take my blood pressure BEFORE they weighed me?! I was trying so hard not to cry that my blood pressure was high agian. Not as high as last visit, but still higher than what is normal. So, I go into the room with Jaren and am fighting tears. I've gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks - I'm at a total I didn't want to be at till I had a month left and even then, I would be happy if that was my overall total. I'm feeling huge and fat and I couldn't fit into a pair of shorts that were HUGE on me before a few days previous so that was still depressing. So Jaren made me laugh by demonstrating the proper way to cough in your shoulder. And it looked more like a dance move than anything else. I love him for it, becuase I stopped crying before the doctor came in.

He gave me the glucose drink for our next visit, then when I told him how much I've gained he said he wanted me in in 2 weeks. I'm thinking he would have wanted me in two weeks anyway, but the fact that he said it after I gave him the weighted total was my first pinch of worry. He said it's wonderful that she is so active - I asked if she is supposed to be sleeping ever, because it seems like she never does. He said she's just sleeping when I am - hope she keeps this schedule!

Then came the ultrasound, I was excited, but the pre existing funk combined with the new one for the weight gain took away some of my excitment. I was most excited to find out how she was positioned because of her kicks. Turns out she is shoved up against my right side - which I could obviously tell beforhand; and she is completely verticle. She is breach, has her face hidden by placenta, feet, hands, arms and umbilicle cord. I want to see her face!!! The head up thing started a discussion on what if she doesn't flip. Which lead into talk about c-section, which led me to freak out a little inside. Which led me to cry after we left because that terrifies me. But in 2 weeks we are going back to check on her progress. We have 3 months for her to flip on her own and if she doesn't we will try everything else before we jump on the cutting bandwagon. It's just a scary thought. Jaren drove me around and let me cry and made me feel better for about half an hour afterwards.

So the rest of today has not gotten a lot better. I'm so emotional - I really really don't like it. And I still have a massive headache. I got tons of ultrasound pictures and saw her moving around - that was wonderful. She has super cute thick thighs - doc said she was very musclar. I call her shapely :) And she is healthy. She is so squirmy and she gave us a thumbs up - Jaren said she was letting me know everything was fine. I'll let myself think that. Yes, she is still a she. But when I go back in in 2 weeks he is doing another ultrasound. I know your not supposed to have a ton during pregnancy, but he is obviously not worried, so I'm not either. He wants to check on her progress and see if we can see her face this time. We want her to start to turn. He tried to move her - oh, the pain. That hurt VERY badly. It was the worst when he hit my linea alba (the ligaments that divides your 6 pack). It's already stretching so pushing on it.... I didn't yelp, scream or cry(then), I was tough. :) But I'm hoping she turns on her own so I don't have to experience that again if he has to try to turn her. Because I'm sure that would be worse.

Besides today this last week has been good. I felt her have hiccups while we were in Yellowstone Thursday night. At least I'm sure that's what I felt. It was a faint little pop that was constant for about 10 minutes. Perfect rhythm. So I figurd that was what was going on.

I've been exercising a ton still and trying to eat healthy. I don't deprive myself of something sweet if I want it. This is why the weight gain is so hard to take. I'm trying. And it's not working. And it's not all baby. I asked my doc how much of it was not baby and he said 10 pounds. hahahaha (that's me laughing hysterically). I'm thinking I'm retaining a lot of fluid. But the thought of even 8 pounds of fat distribtued everywhere (which would explain why my body looks the way it does - and I am not talking about the belly - that's fine getting bigger! Supposed to!) really does wonders for my self esteem. And I'm not fitting into clothes - so I don't feel cute, which leads to me feeling even worse. What makes me feel better? When someone confirms the weight gain(that I oviously look different), but tells me I don't look fat. Great! That's what I see, too! Sure, I call it fat, but what else am I supposed to call it? Extra lipids around my thighs, butt, face and arms? What doesn't help is when someone tells me I look the same as before, but with a belly. I do not look the same! My thighs are bigger! My face is fatter! My arms have lost their muscle tone! And I know it will all come off - it's just hard right now. So I like to vent and I don't need something that honestly bothers me to be pushed aside by those who I am confiding in. Can you tell it's happened? It helps me to joke and talk about it. It's how I deal. But I am still so happy to be pregnant and apparently my body just thinks it needs to gain this much - so it's fine. It's just hard. As I'm sure it is for every other pregnant women who is losing their pre pregnancy thin shape(that I couldn't see as thin then, but I do now).

I can't wait to meet her. I want to see what she will look like - who she will look like. I want to get to know her temperment and her personality. I'm so in love with this little itty bitty 1.75 pound baby that I cannot belive is mine. That she has my DNA. It's amazing. I'm so ready to be a mommy.

Long post - but I feel better.

26 Weeks:
I really wasn't in the mood for a picture yesterday (Tuesday) so we took one today. I woke up feeling much better about everything. I realized the weight came from extra blood and water from the constant exercising and the fact that my belly has doubled in size since 22 weeks. I have time, she has time to flip. Everything is good. :)
Thumbs up!

Monday, July 27, 2009

"What Will You Do If It's A Boy?"


I've been asked this question a lot. I don't ever remember asking someone, "but what if it's not what it is??" I think I just accepted it was what the ultrasound said it was and haven't been proven wrong. I usually get a laugh or a weird look when I tell people I'll cry. I really will. And let me explain why:

We have now known that we are having a daughter for 8 weeks - that's 2 months in pregnancy time! So, naturally, she has really become a she and we call her by her name and call her little girl and all that stuff. I've also bought some stuff for her and I'm very excited for a girl. Of course I'd be sad if I found out this little girl we have been preparing for isn't coming! Then I would get over it and be very excited about having a boy.

Does this mean we are having a boy? No. We are still pretty sure she is a she. But, we are having another ultrasound tomorrow at our appointment so, of course the question has been asked more frequently. After all of the tears I would box up all the beautiful girl stuff and start on my baby boy collection.

I mean.... look at what I have for her:
And this is just the first year. You can't see the box very well that I shipped it all home in, but I have other pictures I'll post later with it in them. It's a normal sized moving box. What's funny is when I laid all of this stuff out - I thought I had SO MUCH, then realized I have no onsies, pajamas, sweaters, leggings, sweats, coats, socks. Basically I have a dress or two for each month group (0-3, 3-6, 6-9.. ect...) and maybe a skirt and possibly a pajama. Yikes! I told Jaren, "I really don't have anything." And he looked at the pile, "WHAT?!" haha. I have stuff all the way to 2T. Buying anything bigger felt wierd. So... my shopping spree just gave me a few outfits for each age group. But since it's summer time and stores stock summery stuff, I have no winter stuff.

Man..... she is so expensive.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who Put This Dog In My Garage?!

Is what I was yelling when I walked out into my garage because I heard high pitched barking/squealing Tuesday.

It started almost two weeks ago on a Saturday when I felt super ambitious and decided I was extending my walk 2 miles. I walked a way I had never walked before and a bit over a mile and a half from my house this black dog with white front paws and a white beard starts following me. Happy as a clam, he was! Would run up to me, nudge my thigh with his nose then run off and play in the ditch, then come back and run off again. I kept telling him to turn around and go home. There were about 5 houses he could have belonged to and I had gone about a mile from those houses.

When I got home the dog was still tagging along. Jaren thought that by yelling at him and telling him to "get" and "go home!" he would just turn around and trot away. No, I figured he had no idea where he was. This is how the conversation went:

J: come inside, he'll go home
W: but he wont!
J: yes he will, if you come inside
W: but what if he's lost and can't find his way home!
J: uhhhh.. whitney..
W: we have to take him back!
J: *muttering under his breath* "the things I do for you...."

It's true, he does LOTS for me. The dog wouldn't get in the back of his pickup - we thought it was because the truck was too high. So I jumped in and Jaren drove the entire mile and a half at 4 mph with the dog running along side. It was so funny. At least I thought it was funny - Jaren? Not so much :)

So, I decided to walk the reverse way so if he did follow me again it was while I was going through the farm and he would just have one road that was easy to follow without the distraction of houses or other roads or cars so he could find his way back. I walked that way twice without seeing this dog. Saw a massive German Shepard that scared me out of my boots when he came runnin up to me - I braced myself. Then he nuzzeled my hand ran forward and followed me for about a quarter of a mile, then ran back home. Perfect! Little walking partner for just a minute.

Then Tuesday I had two of my Young Women girls that wanted to come walking with me. They rode their bikes (4 to 5 miles) to my house, then walked the 4 1/2 with me. While out this dog found us again. Walking through the farm did nothing. He still followed us and was so excited to be playing with us and didn't listen to us telling it meanly to "Go Home!!!" So, we get to my house and we go inside right away hoping the dog will take off. They left an hour later after getting some snacks and water and I got right in the shower. While I was getting ready I heard this high pitched barking. I looked out my window looking for the black dog and the dog across the street having a go at one another but didn't see anything. So I blow dried my hair and finished getting ready. Then I turn my music off and walk into my kitchen and I hear it SO loud - coming from down the hall towards the garage door.

I was thuroughly confused. Our garage stays shut - all the time. I walk out and first thing I see is this black dog super happy to see me running around my car to get to me. Pregnancy does weird things to my emotions because at first I was so so so confused. I let him out, walked around to see if maybe one of Jaren's employee's had stuck him in there because he was bothering them - but that didn't make sense either! They knew we didn't have a dog. And grown men wouldn't stick a random dog in our (their boss's) garage. I come back in, shut the door tightly and walk around the inside trying to see how it could have gotten in. I was stumped. There was no way. I was 100% sure someone put him in there. I thought maybe the neighbors? But why!?! Why wouldn't they come to the front door, knock and ask if this was our dog, they've never seen one here before?

Back to my business I go. I look out the window and see him running down the road towards home - good! Jaren comes home for lunch and a few minutes later I tell him what happened. And he says.... "do you think it was the girls?" Two little girls live accross the street and are out riding their bikes and squealing all day long. One 8 and the other 5, I think. I told him maybe, but why?! Right then we hear the barking again from down the hall and I snapped.

AGAIN?!! WHAT THE HECK?!?! He tells me to stay inside - and I don't. So I came out, yes the dog is in there and Jaren takes him out and walks out towards the road and see's both girls walking accross. This is what I heard:

J:"Hey, you girls!" (I thought he sounded kind of mean.. but he seems to say he was being nice)
J: "Did you put this dog in my garage?!"
Girls: *Stared at each other, then the older one says* "Yes"
J: "Why?? This isn't my dog. Don't go putting dogs or anything into my garage. I don't know who's dog this is, but it isn't mine."
Girls: "Ok."

I was so mad. It was hot! Like 90 degrees and so our garage was even hotter! Poor dog! And that's not even the fact that they came and opened our garage door and stuck a dog inside! Parent's not teach them about respecting other peoples property? Or even that you don't open OTHER PEOPLES garages?? I was fuming for quite some time. And to make it worse Jaren told me I'm banned from walking that way again. And I liked walking that way! It was a loop, I didn't have to turn around and come back home and those can be boring. So I think I kind of blamed it on the girls. So, the day goes by and around 5 p.m. Jaren and I are going to go to Idaho Falls to get a closet system for the nursery and the dog is sitting outside in the shade of our house by our garbage can. Uhhhhgg!

Jaren had had it at this point. He called the people we are pretty sure the dog belongs to and they didn't answer. Twice. So he get's a smaller pick up and tries to lead the dog inside. Nope, wouldn't even come. So we decide to just go and deal with it later because we were an hour late already. One of Jaren's employee's drives up as we were closing up the tail gate and so we talk to him and tell him who's dog it is - he knows who they are. And he laughs. Then tells us if he has time he'll take care of it. Of course, boys - start joking around about "taking care of it" and I'm yelling at them and telling them "the dog belongs to someone!" It's easy to get me riled up, I guess...

Later that night we found out that the employee, bless his heart lead the dog back at 4 mph again all the way to his house.

And now I can't walk that way. EVER. Even though it's not my fault! Stupid dog.

The Dog:
put that sad face away

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

25 Weeks: I'm Now A Belly Dancer

This week has been monumental with her movement. I felt her quite a bit before, but she is constantly moving! I am noticing a pattern. She wakes up with me, within 3 to 4 minutes of when I start to talk to Jaren she starts moving and that's my cue to pull back the covers and watch my belly dance. She's awake anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half (yesterday). Then she goes back to sleep and is up a little before lunch and during lunch. Goes to sleep when I take a nap and then is up when I'm up for dinner and she's up for a few hours (with naps in between, I'm sure) during the evening and night. I'm really hoping this schedule sticks! I don't know what she's doing while i'm sleeping. Sometimes she wakes up when I get up to use the bathroom and I feel her moving around till I fall asleep (that can take anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes). I just want to know how she is positioned. I'll find out this coming tuesday! I get another ultrasound - whoohoo!! I'll have pictures to show, too.

Hunger: holy cow! I want to eat an entire cow! Most days of the week I am constantly hungry. Yesterday was the first day I felt normal. But this last week about 20 minutes after I ate I felt like I was starving again. Full on painful stomach. Not like I was thinking about food and wanted to eat - my stomach was hurting rather badly. Jaren asked - what happens if you just don't eat? It hurts worse!!! I really don't want this to be the point where I start eating constantly and the weight comes on and on no matter how much I've been exercising. So, I bought lots of fruits and veggie's and I'm going to munch on those when I feel that way again. It's ridiculous. I'm eating a lot! So there's no question as to if I'm getting enough food. I am.

I was flipping between Food Network "How it's Made" and a show on HGTV when they were talking about Tastee Freeze's frozen treat. And they showed a banana split. Ohhhh, how I haven't had one of those in years - but I remembered how good it tasted and at 8:30 when Jaren got home he took me into town and we got me the stuff to make it. So, 9:45 (he had to check water up on the hill) I had my banana split and it tasted devine. And then I felt guilty and haven't had it since. Maybe tonight? It's been a few days.

Exercise: I've been doing amazing with my walking. From Tuesday to Tuesday I walked 5 days that week. Didn't go Sunday and Thursday I had a dentist appointment early that morning so I didn't go. Out of those 5 days, 2 were 2.5 miles, 1 was 3.5 miles and 2 were 4.5 miles. I'm not noticing a huge difference with ease in pain yet. I'm hoping it comes.

Pain: I now have knee pain and my upper back is horrible. Constantly cramping and hurting. If anything is wearing me down this pregnancy it's the pain. Lower back, groin, upper back, knee's and hips. But, I figure if anything is going to help me it's the walking. So, I keep going. And I go to the Chiropractor tomorrow. He's started having me go every 10 days instead of 2-3 weeks because I'm doing such a horrible job of holding my adjustments. Good news is we reached our $3,000 deductable! Is that good news? That you've spent that much in less than 7 months on chiropractic visits and doctors visits? I will say it came at a good time when my back is worse and my visits are more frequent and now I just have to pay 20% of whatever the bill is. I laughed hysterically when I was told - she(chiropractor secretary) looked at me funny. So I called Jaren and we both studdered flabbergastedly (is that a word?) because he knows how crazy that is. But with $280 bucks every prenatal visit I guess it adds up. Baby girl, you are expensive!

Dentist: I went fully scared to death and fully prepared to be told I needed 2 -3 root canals. I also was ready to tell him to put his drill away till December. When I floss there are 3 horrible spots that really really really really hurt. I knew at least two of those spots were cavities that had been filled twice (if you have followed my dental horrors, this makes sense - if not here is the post (and p.s. about this post - when I said I was going to wait to have the new one's filled it was becuase I had to wait to find out if I was pregnant, and I wasn't, so 2 weeks later I went in) and one of them has probably been filled three times. So I just thought the next thing was to do a root canal. Which makes me want to cry. But, he poked around and I squealed and he told me the cavities just had overhangs that were catching food (YES - it's really gross when I floss) and irritating the gums and that's why it's been hurting. So, he just has to re-fill them. And when I mentioned the temperature sensitive teeth he said they would take an x-ray after the baby came. When I mentioned the pressure sensitive teeth he said it was my bite and he'd fix it after baby. I left feeling glad since there was no talk of root canals. But then I thought about the cost.... uuuhhhhgggggg. My mouth has costed us close to two grand since we've been married. It's depressing. Good thing Jaren has perfect teeth without all the mad brushing and flossing and rinsing I do. Boo!! Cheater.

Baby showers:
I officially have dates and places for my showers. I'm really really really excited! Between my mom, mother in law and friend I'm getting three. One here, Boise and back in Washington. Washington and Boise will be small and mostly family. I'm spoiled - Jaren doesn't let me forget it. But I'm making my own invites and I'm super excited because I think they are beautiful. I made my sister in law's (I'll just mention how skinny my face is in these pictures:) when I threw her shower back in November and had such a good time making them I wanted to do my own. I'll post about them.

Sunday was the most belly bouncing of days. We were at my in laws having dinner. Afterwards I was sitting with my feet on Jaren and we were talking to his sister. And she was moving and kicking (not my sister in law - the fetus) and I looked down and my belly was really rolling! I was so excited I kept saying, "Jaren!" "Look!" He'd say, "I saw it" "I saw her". But I was much more excited and was dissapointed he wasn't watching my stomach like a TV like I was. I am trying to remember exactly when I saw the first belly movement - did I document that in my super long weekly posts? I'm not in the mood to look back but if I were to guess I'd say it was either 18 or 19 weeks. So it's just been slowly increasing since then. And now it's almost every time she moves you see it. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Bending over? Pretty much non existent now. With how low she is it's VERY uncomfortable and often even painful.

Sometimes I catch myself trying to suck in when squeezing through a small space and I still get stuck. Then I realize their's no sucking in the little person I'm growing in my basketball sized belly and feel silly.

25 Weeks:
This is how I stand and sit just about all the time. Where else am I supposed to put my hands?! I have a nice little/big table just for them. And I usually get kicked. Isn't my belly getting huge?! I feel like every morning I wake up and look down and "HOLY MOLY I'M PREGNANT(er)!"

Jaren was teasing me. This is the look I give him a lot - but without the smile. It was so confusing trying to chastize him with my face and smile at the camera at the same time. I wont be a very scary mom if I can't master this one better. Oh, and with the glare(from the light) it really does look like I'm glowing.Oh! How did I forget to mention the swelling?!! Every night my feet swell and feel like furnaces and my hands are hot plates and my fingers are sausages and my face is perfectly round. This last week officially marked the put away of my wedding ring. I've gotten quite a few looks for my big fake one. I've got a few posts to post this week - that will be one of them. I really don't like feeling like a blimp.

Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July

This fourth of July I was in Michigan visiting my brother, his wife and their kids with my mom. We had a full day with two parades (all before 12), then a nap (of course), BBQ, sparklers and fireworks. I took hundreds of pictures but picked a few to share.

These are from the second parade. It was a town parade and Jason and Vicki go every year. It was great, I got a wonderful tan and some candy. And there was this huge guy riding around on a very small scooter go kart thingy that was absolutely hilarious.

Jason and Josh watching a train

Vicki making Claire laugh
These are from the first activity/parade/breakfast at 8 a.m.
Tired girl
Mom with Claire
Me holding the flag balloon so we would never forget this picture was taken on the 4th
Josh riding his big boy bike (that was 2 bucks at a yard sale) - he was so proud.
Vicki, Jason, Claire and Josh under the hat
Claire's sweet ride
Does this star headband remind anyone else of Rainbow Brite?
Josh made a sign to go on his bike that said, "Happe Amrica Day". Couldn't have said it better myself
These are all taken right before the BBQ after everyone woke up from their naps - SO. MUCH. ENERGY!
Josh asked me to take a picture of him with the Mountain Dew. I told him his uncles would be very proud.

Josh loved jumping off this table, then running to see the picture I got after wards. Claire is looking mischievous.
And this picture is so funny I had to put it up. I think she was throwing a rock or just screaming for the fun of it - all I know is I'm glad I caught it. It should give her a pretty good chuckle when she's older.Handsome boy. It's hard to catch one of these smiles from him.Sparklers!

I had such a good time visiting that when I got home it took about 4 days of serious funkness because I felt so alone. For almost 2 weeks I had people around me all the time - which is what I love. Being at home I'm by myself all day till Jaren can come home unless I get out and find someone to do something with. I was going through serious social withdraws. I'm much better now - back into the groove of things. But I really do wish I had my family closer - like same town closer.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

24 Weeks: 6 Months

This has been a busy week. I've been in Michigan, Utah and back to Idaho during this time. I've put away a lot more of my wardrobe so I'm not tempted to try to fit into them. Shirts, of course, because we wont even TRY the jeans on - too depressing when they only make it halfway up my thigh. I've found a crib I want that we are trying to decide about because it's big. And our nursery is small.... and I've been wanting to buy the matching dresser to whatever crib I get and both of these things wont fit with room to open the door the whole way. But I'm in love with this crib... so we are going to see if we can find a dresser that is smaller that we can stain to match. I'm not so sure how well it will work though.

I spent some time with my friend, Ashley in Utah (thanks for giving me a bed and a cute toddler to play with!). She took me around to a few baby stores and also to the mall where I found..... my fake ring! It's ridiculously big and fake and was 20 bucks at Dillards and was their smallest size and is still too big. But my ring is schizophrenic and is too small if the temperature goes over 70 degree's (my fingers swell up like sausages). And, it's summer time - 70 degree's is just silly. I'm going to do a special post with pictures.

This week had some fun things happen with the baby. She has finally discovered the top of my uterus and every once in a while will give me a bit of a nudge there. I was sitting on Ashley's couch and felt a hit up high and then a second later one really low. I got excited because she was using both her arms and legs! I'm thinking the harder hits are her legs, which are the lower ones. Also, she is always always on my right side. My belly is constantly bigger there and if I lay on my back it really looks weird because I have this ball on one side. I've never felt a kick on that side (it's also where the placenta is). Yesterday when I was at the Chiropractor I went to lay down on the adjusting table and my belly felt a little funny so I look down and my left side was bigger than my right! She decided to venture over to the other side but I don't think she liked it much because that didn't last very long and she was back home on my ride side where she has stayed since. I never lay on my stomach, but while getting my massage there I laid on my stomach which just feels like I'm laying on a beach ball. Not too bad, but a bit weird. After about 10 minutes she started to get annoyed and was rolling and kicking and punching and I kept trying to lift myself up a bit to give her some room but I was laughing because I've never felt that much that strong before! For the next 10 minutes she was protesting. Then after I rolled over she kept kicking really hard (in a bit of a fit, I imagine) and I watched my stomach bounce around. I'll admit I enjoyed it. A lot.

I went to a Shade warehouse sale which was absolutely crowded with tons of college girls. For every 4 door sedan that pulled up 4 or 5 girls would climb out. I was on the phone the whole time with Lindsey (sister) and Vicki (sister in law) describing what I saw. I picked up stuff for them and for me and for one of my aunts. It was an amazing deal. But, while I was there I was talking to a girl in line. She was itty bitty and had a 2 year old and an infant car seat. Both were girls so I started talking to her about them - the baby was 2 months old (I wanted her secret for how she looked like a prepubecent girl after 2 kids). I mentioned something about hoping it all comes off when she's born and she looks at me, then down to my stomach and says, "Oh, your pregnant?!" I about died. I was wearing a non maternity white shirt - so it was a bit tight and I am obviously pregnant!!! 6 months! I didn't even take it as a compliment. She said, "Oh, you had your bags in the way". Uh huh.... whatever. So, I bought the stuff and walked out the door only to help a mommy pushing a stroller with two kids out. So we started to talk and I said something that implied I was expecting and she looks at me (and both my hands were at my sides holding my bags and purse - belly very visible) and says, "Oh, your pregnant?" I was a bit annoyed now, "YES! Please tell me it's obvious." She says, "Well, now that you mention it I don't know how I didn't notice before!" Seriously?!?! By 6 months I figured I'd be looking pregnant. And I feel VERY pregnant. I about said, "You think I have a wierd looking gut like this normally?!?!!! No!!!!!!!!!" Not cool girls with two kids - NOT COOL.

After coming home and stepping on the scale to see that in the 10 days I was gone I put on 4 pounds I vowed to really quit with the junk and get to better eating and exercising. I had vowed that the week previously, but I meant it even more this time. I pulled in late Thursday, so early Friday morning I went out and walked/jogged 2 1/2 miles. The jogging was rather uncomfortable. It had just been 2 weeks since I'd jogged last so I was surprised. But along with the bottom of my uterus hurting my knee's were hurting. So I walked the rest of the way. Saturday I went 4 miles - I was feeling ambitious. Monday I went 2 1/2 and today I went 4 1/2. I'm so proud of myself! Even if the number's on the scale continue to go up a bit too fast I'll feel like I'm doing everything I can.

I've been a bit hesitant to mention this. But, for the last month I have had a lot of groin pain. And even worse low back pain. I got(/am) so annoyed and started trying to figure out what exactly it was that was hurting SO bad every time I stood up, or am standing on one foot to put pants on or shoes. It's my hip adducter muscles that are there, and the only thing I can think of is that I am working them while walking and then my hips are spreading at the same time so that's why? Then I mentioned it to my chiropractor and he said one word, "ligaments" and I thought, DUH. It's probably not all muscles it's ligaments - EVERYTHING is ligaments right now that are hurting. I'm sure I'm not the only preggo that has experienced this, right? Oh, it's painful. And it's worse after I exercise. It's something I don't enjoy at all. It makes me feel huge and old! Not cool, hips for stretching my hard working ligaments to the point of sharp pain that lasts and lasts.

I'm getting closer! If you go by 40 weeks and 4 weeks equalling to a month I have 4 months left, but if you go by actual month time from now till my due date I have 3 1/2 months left. I'm feeling really unprepared physically for her. I'm ready personally and mentally for her, but I have no newborn diapers, no onsies, no pajamas, no little bath, nowhere for her to sleep (but I did tell Jaren we could just pull out the bedside table drawer - which he thought was funny, then said he would push it in, but leave it a little open so she could breathe - he's such a nice daddy). All of these things will be taken care of eventually and my goal is to have everything by October so that all I have to do is get the house ready. I've got time... (2 1/2 months till October!!! ahh!)

24 Weeks:
Here is the question: with or without belt?
This shirt is not maternity, so the waist band falls right at the waist and isn't empire waist. So, while pregnant the waist band isn't flattering - at least to me. So, I grabbed the belt I normally would wear with jeans that would fall off me. That was before the soccer ball sized uterus. I put it on at the empire waist spot to hopefully be more flattering. I don't know if it looks good. If not - I'll put this shirt away, but if so, I might wear it again. Help?
Sometimes I'm not in a smiley mood (really really not very often). But tonight was one of those nights.
Opinions everyone.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

23 Weeks

I was trying to think of what is new this week. And the only things I could come up with are that I spent my entire 22nd week in Michigan and I ate too much and only walked once or twice or three times depending on if you count shopping as exercise.

So that leads into another fat discussion. Or... not fat... but weight gaining discussion. Or more like me whining about it. I ate too many peanut butter surprise cookies and too much dinner and too much snacks and too much 100 grand and just tonight - SIX slices of pizza (but is it really six when the slices are skinny and you don't eat the crust?)...... It's entirely my fault for lacking self control and not exercising and not filling up on good stuff. Like watermelon. So, when I go home and get back into my routine it will be exercising every day and eating MUCH better and not as much. Or so I hope.

My sister in law Vicki is the Queen of second hand baby clothes shopping. She finds the most amazing stuff that looks brand new (and a lot of them are - with tags still on them). So I wanted to go to the stores here, because even though we have a few around Rexburg they are picked clean. Everyone is having babies and everyone is a poor college student and so the people who have nice baby clothes either just give them as hand me downs or the nice stuff get's picked up within hours of being put on the shelf. (I feel like this is run-on sentence post). But here, around Ann Arbor, since there are all sorts of rich people and not as many people having babies there are a lot of beautiful things. So, I found tons of stuff at the first store. A lot of Gap, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren and a Carriage Boutique brand that has really cute things. Then we went to a "higher end" second hand store and I immediately wished I had only spent half of the 47 dollars I had spent at the first store so I could get more stuff at this store. Almost everything still had the tags still on them. Almost everything was 30 bucks or more originally and were marked down to 3 - 12 dollars. I found the most amazing brand, Tea. Out of the 70 some or more items I bought my favorite things are the 4 Tea things. And they were BEAUTIFUL. And they had the tag on them. For example: I bought a little sweater and sweat pants set that were originally 80 bucks for 12. I wish I lived closer so I could go every few weeks to see if they get new Tea stuff.

Oh man. She's only going to wear this stuff for a few months and will pooh and pee in them and spit up - so I don't mind getting things for 2 or 3 bucks. I only buy pretty things that are in amazing shape and don't look worn. I'm picky :)

The funny thing is I bought so much stuff - basically she is set for the first 24 months of her life. Except for pajamas and onsies.... and warm clothes.... and socks and shoes and tights and leggings and shirts and sweaters.... guess I bought lots of dresses. I'll post my favorites. So, bought so much stuff that I can't fit the 70 something or more items in my suitcase that was already 3 pounds shy of the weight limit on the way here. And I really didn't want to buy a new suit case to haul it all home in - so I shipped it in a big box. It will probably get home about the same time as me. I don't think I need to say that Jaren doesn't share my desire to buy lots and lots of super cute baby stuff. He is grateful that I am not paying full price for anything. But when he asked how the shopping went and I told him I had to ship it home all I heard was a very loud, "YOU HAVE TO SHIP IT?!?!" I hope I'm there to see the look on his face when he see's the size of the box :)

So, that has been the last week, lots of family and fun and lots of eating and feeling huge and lots of super cute baby clothes. I have officially decided that as of right now Baby Gap is my favorite baby clothes store and my favorite brand is Tea.

Playing catch up:
22 Weeks
Me: 22 weeks
Vicki: 28 weeks
It's so interesting to me how differently women carry their babies. I'm carrying so low and the girl pushes herself up against my belly and Vicki is carrying a lot higher and more inside. Because I think my stomach sticks out just as far and I'm 6 weeks behind :) And there is only a one pound weight gain difference between us. No comment.

23 Weeks:
None of the pictures we took for this week do I like. But I said I'd post one every week... so here it is.

Monday, July 6, 2009

22 Weeks

***Still in Michigan so I don't have a weekly picture, but I'll post both 22 and 23 weeks when I get home. I wrote this on July 1st***

Big thing this week has been a change in movement. Last weeks development update said that now her nerves have connected with her brain stem - or something like that. So she has voluntary control of her movements. It's interesting because in the last week I've noticed a lot less jabs and kicks and a lot more huge rolls and bigger movements. And for a lot longer and a lot more often! It's so much fun. She will roll and kick and shimmy for 40 minutes at a time. It doesn't hurt, it has yet to get annoying - I'm still enjoying it thoroughly. It makes me smile every time.

She has gained her first full pound! I'm so proud - gaining just like her mommy. Oh wait, no, I'm putting on A LOT more. Although, I had a dr. appointment Monday morning and according to their scale I've gained about 4 pounds less than my scale. It makes me feel much better. She is also 8 inches long - she has graduated from being compared to a fruit (large banana last week) to a small doll!! And in less than 4 weeks I get another ultrasound. I get to see her cute little self again. I just wish I had a see through belly so I could watch her all day long.

I'm feeling more and more chubby - I'm really down to the last few days of getting to wear my wedding ring. I'm in Michigan now and am hoping I can keep it on until next Friday when I get back home. Meanwhile, I'm on the search for a big fancy fake cheap ring. And my thighs are just growing and growing. So is my belly - lookin more and more pregnant every day. So is my face, looking less and less like myself. So are my arms - loosing less and less definition. And so is my lack of self esteem - feeling less and less cute every day that I put something on and it doesn't fit anymore. Such is life now-days, I guess. I don't mind too much, just hoping that when she comes out, it comes off with her.

My trip so far has been interesting. Monday I had 2 doctor's appointments. They started to measure my belly with the measuring tape and I'm right on. Measuring just about 22 cm - and you are supposed to measure as many centimeters as you are weeks (did not know that!). Also, my blood pressure is higher than normal. He said we'd see how it was next week and then we would know if it was something to worry about. It's still good, but high for me. I'm thinking maybe I was a bit too worked up thinking about everything I had to do. Which was after that, a chiropractor apointment, run home, eat lunch, say bye to Jaren, finish packing, drive to Salt Lake, get my most beautiful expensive favorite pair of pants taken into Norstrom so they could fix the tear under my right cheek pocket that happened because I'm stupid and obviously chubby (since I ripped my favorite most expensive pair of jeans!!!!! I'm still very, VERY sad about it). Then, go to my aunts, sleep, wake up at 5 a.m. get on a plane, fly to Chicago go all the way from one end of the huge airport to the other only to barely get to the gate as they were boarding the last 5 passengers (flashbacks). Get into Detroit and then get a gate shut so I can't go get my luggage and watching lots of poiceman and dogs running to the other side of the gate for about 20 minutes till they finally let us through - still don't know what happened. Whew. That probably is what did it.

I'm having a really good time with my family, though! I miss my husband like crazy. He has a long to do list to get the nursery done before I get back and he crossed thing off the list today - so proud!