Wednesday, October 1, 2008

She's A Pathalogical Liar, Can't You See It?!

I get a little perturbed every time I see one of these commercials with this woman in it.

It's different every time. She has a candle and lies about it, or a plug in in the wall and lies about it. But in the end, her friends (that keep coming back for more lying) out her for her dishonestness. I looked and looked for the other commercial videos but couldn't find them on You Tube. So I gave up and decided to show everyone something we were showed in my Motor Development class yesterday.

You will honestly be amazed. I sat with my mouth open.. then I very loudly said, "Oh My Heavens... WOW" and everyone looked at me like I was weird or something. How could you not be awed, though!!?

Check it out. My life will never be the same.

I apologize now for the fuzzy video and the no sound through most of it. I couldn't find a better one that was this actual video.

Amazed? I know I am. There aren't a lot of pools around here but there sure are a lot of canals. I'm not so sure it would work in moving water... but I can only hope. I want my children to do this. I don't even think it's offered around here. But I want it!!

Want more? Here is their website.


Anonymous said...

That clip about the baby just sent chills up my neck. That's just amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Whitney R said...

Me too! I'm so amazed. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your welcome :)

*MARY* said...

I saw a story on the news about this last summer, it's amazing. I'm pretty sure they teach it somewhere here in SLC.

And I'm so sick of that Glade woman as well, why can't she just admit she uses glade? What's the big deal? She needs help. You should help her Whitney.

Kristina P. said...

Ummm, I'm pretty sure the reason that drowning in the leading cause of death for small children is because their parents throw then in the pool for the purpose of an instructional video.

Yeah, I don't like swimming babies. Sorry, Nirvana.

Denise said...

That is amazing.

Wendyburd1 said...

What the shittake mushroom?! Throwing your child in the pool to show people he won't drown and leaving him there for FIVE minutes?! I don't care that "dad" was apparently in the pool...that was just wrong! It's amazing that SOME children can do this, but the video just creeped me out. I was like, WHY isn't the person with the camera running to save the baby??

And the Glade woman..."irks me...she's irksome", as The Mentalist would say. If their your friends, whats up with the putting on a front?

Mandy said...

Wow! I can't believe that! Amazing! I'm still in awe!

Anonymous said...

I saw that last year too, crazy!
You should see the swimming lessons they do in Arizona, nothing like the blowing bubbles here in Utah, they dunk that kid right under and make them swim! I am talking 2 year olds can swim underwater, I think it is like that because of all the pools there. We have a pool and have had 3 near drownings by dogs, everytime it freaks me out so much that it could have been a child.
Kristina, your comment made me laugh out loud!

b. said...

The baby one makes me VERY uncomfortable....I started and stopped watching several times before actually watching the whole thing a couple of years ago...still, it creeps me out.

Sara Ann said...

That Glade lady bugs me too! I can't figure out why she always has to lie and say her candles are French, who has every heard of French candles anyway? That video disturbed me at first but then I saw that the baby was happy at the end and they had probably practiced it a million times so he was fine. I think that teaching your kids to swim young is so so smart.

Whitney R said...

My first reaction when seeing it was the same as every one elses. WHAT?! WHY AREN'T THEY SAVING THAT BABY?!?! And I was bothered they didn't do anything about it while he was floating there. There is another video where it has more sound and the baby is laughing and talking. In this one they just let you hear him crying. I think they just wanted to show that if your baby learns to do this properly (and there are some that lack the motor capability to do this so young) they can be there making noise for over 5 minutes or who knows how long. I know it seems cruel, but if something like this would save my infant for the one time he found his way into a pool then it would all have been worth it. I think it is so amazing that infant/toddlers learn to float and turn themselves around in water. I personally think this is an amazing thing.

Mary - I think I will. I think I'll write to the Glade people and let them know they are teaching incorrect principles and that the friends ALWAYS find out anyway!

Kristina - when that album was in stores all of the price stickers were over that little boy's member. I was in Elementary and my older brother bought the CD and when I saw the whole thing I blushed. I was like 11 or something.

Denise - yes. It is.

Wendyburd - I felt the same way at first. Then I couldn't believe it. And so I watched more video's and saw how they teach the babies and read more into it and now I'm just intreagued.

Mandy - me too!

Wendy - They definitly wont let the kid drown while in the lessons, so I would trust them. But it would be no different if the child fell in itself. I think it's a great thing. They should dunk em in Utah, too. I met someone who found their little sister in a pool when she was little and the girl has never gotten over it. It's a horrible thing when a child drowns. Esepcially when something could have been done to prevent it.

Brenda - I understand.

Sara Ann - I'm so glad you agree with me on all of it :)

Jill said...

It kind of makes you wonder what else the Glade lady is lying about.

The other video was amazing.

Brittany said...

That video is probably of Que when he was a baby. LOL I swear, if he could, he'd live under the sea.

And yes... what ELSE is the Glade Lady hiding??

Anonymous said...

I know they wouldn't let the kid drown in the pool!! and I didn't say it wasn't amazing. I was noting the huge difference in swimming lessons in Arizona and Utah-- and complementing Kristina's humor!! that all, I am all about preventative maintenance baby!

Rychelle said...

it kind of makes me mad that people have pools without a fence, child proof gate or safety covering.
drownings are a big issue here in vegas, where there are lots of pools.
teaching your baby to swim or float is great, but the fact is the child should not have access to the pool.(without a parent letting them in) period.
sorry. i'll get off my soapbox now.

Jillene said...

Crazy!! I would NEVER do something like that--I worry too much!!

The Glade lady--she's just creepy! Who knows what else she's hiding!?

Whitney R said...

Jill - I agree... Hmmm.... Another post?

Brittany - Can he still float like that? lol I wish I could

Wendy - I completely agreed with you. :) I was just continuing on with the thought. And yes, preventative maintenance!

Rychelle - I agree. It would take care of the issue if parents took the correct measures. But sometimes babies toddle on out and could end up in a neighbors pool. I was two and I walked out our backyard and someone down the street picked up me, took me to the police station and one of the officers there recognized me from church and called my mom. lol. It can happen! :) (Oh, and I agree with your soapbox... wanna share?)

Jillene - that's it! I've decided... I'm doing another post.

Victoria Elder said...

I thought I commented on this...oh well I agree with Kristina lol

Trudy said...

That's all I have to say.
My kids will defiantly be taking this class.
Thanks for sharing!

Christa said...

That second video freaked me out so bad, I couldn't watch all of it. Plus, I had nightmares about what I did see last night.

Wendyburd1 said...

I would totally want any kids of mine to be taught this even if we didn't have a pool or whatever. But babies have only so much strength for so long before they like grown adults can drown. Babies can drown in 2 inches of bath water. Maybe if they showed someone in the pool the whole time I would be less freaked, but still, they should mention that no child should be near a pool alone, and that this can't save them forever. There are so many what if's. What if they were dragged down by a pool toy or lanai chair? What if they went in with the dog and their shirt or pant leg was stuck on the collar and....aaahhhh! They should teach kids to do this and then never let them near a pool alone and have gates everywhere!

Whitney R said...

Victoria - Yes, Nirvana baby a big No No.

Trudy - Your welcome!

Christa - I'm sorry!! It's a scary thing but this gives me hope for the Children that do take this and someday, heaven forbid, have to use what they know.

Wendyburd - this video had camera people outside of the water and I'm sure a few people in the water. It was just to show what could happen and how your baby would survive if they learned how to turn themselves around in the water and float. I completely agree with you. And that has to be taught where there are places with a lot of pools, right? To child-proof them and I think someone would be one sandwhich short of a picnic to think it was okay to let a baby be out by the pool by themselves.

Rowboat said...

okay, here's another entry for the prize, in the post above this one. i think its obvious that woman is having an affair! who goes out to a fancy dinner like that on a weekday just for fun? no one. exactly.