Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taggedy Tag Tagg

I think I'm going to start adding a 'g' to the word, "tag" every time I get tagged. It's going to get so long! Maybe? Maybe not! (I've been tagged twice today and I'm going in order)

Here I go....

8 TV shows I love to watch
  1. Heroes
  2. John and Kate Plus 8
  3. One Tree Hill
  4. Chuck
  5. Greys Anatomy
  6. Burn Notice
  7. Supernatural
  8. House (and a lot more....)

8 Favorite Restaurants
  1. Subway
  2. PF Changs (for their lettuce wraps)
  3. Ruths Chris
  4. Texas Roadhouse
  5. Johnny Corinos
  6. Bajios/Cafe Rio (depending on which state I'm in)
  7. Jakers (the place where Jaren took me on our first date and I tried and fell in love with calamari..Mmm)
  8. Arbys (the best roast beef sandwich evah)

8 Things that happened to me yesterday (Monday)
  1. Ordered a new computer plug in charger thingy because Jaren accidentally spliced mine in the recliner... oopsey!
  2. Bought some groceries (not as expensive as the last time)
  3. Forgot the milk when I bought groceries, dang! (but I went and bought two gallons today)
  4. I made and ate dinner by myself, then foiled Jaren's and put it in the fridge for him to eat when he got home super late ( oh wait.. I did that again tonight)
  5. Took a quiz
  6. Got a horrible head ache/migrain ( oh wait... that ALSO happens to me everyday lately)
  7. had my achey head shoved in my Kinesiology class forward to "demonstrate" why more than the atlantooccipital joint was being used. (thank you really annoying guy. I could have FIGURED IT OUT MYSELF!)
  8. I set my alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. to wake up. Did I? Kind of... snoozed until 5:55 :)

8 things I look forward to:
  1. The end of spud harvest so I get my husband back
  2. Graduating in April so I can be finished with school (for now)
  3. Getting knocked up some day
  4. Becoming a mommy
  5. Getting my house clean
  6. Ironing ALL of Jaren's white church shirts
  7. Building a home someday
  8. Shopping next weekend (and the meet and greet!)

8 things on my wish list
  1. Clean my WHOLE house!
  2. Black dressy coat
  3. New jeans
  4. New sneakers
  5. New heels
  6. I wish for Jaren to come home for dinner
  7. I also wish to be able to sleep in till 8 one of these mornings
  8. I wish that at least one of my (4) blog entries get into that blog book.
Tagging 8 people (woah.. here goes)
  1. Nathan and Stephanie (whoever wants to do it can)
  2. Amanda Boyce
  3. Emily Kinghorn
  4. Jessica
  5. Tamn (think she'll do it?)
  6. Ash
  7. Jen
  8. Victoria (Happy Birthday! Again :)


Miss Lovely's Musings said...

I can't believe you said "knocked up". Pretty funny!

Kristina P. said...

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner on Friday. Do you know that they humilate you when it's your birthday and make you ride a saddle? I loved it!

Jillene said...

LOVED it!! Sorry about the double tag--oops!

Wendyburd1 said...

Heroes (Peter and Sylar are brothers??!!)
John and Kate Plus 8 ( I want to steal Alexis and Aiden!)
One Tree Hill (Brooke needs to kill her mother!)
Chuck (oh my Chuckie is so funny)
Supernatural (Jensen marry me...Wendy Ackles has a nice ring!)
House (Hugh Laurie=amazing)

LOVE THESE... and a LOT more!TV obsessed, seriously, I use 3 vcr's to tape them all, and night owl that I am, ffwd commercials, all good shows all night!

Ash and Jeff said...

Hey! I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this for your shopping extravaganza when you come to SLC, but there is a store (2 locations that I know of) called Urban Blues. They get all designer jeans in a discounted prices. Sometimes you can find something slightly wrong with them (my husband got a pair of true religions that had the inside pocket folded over slightly--who would know about that?-- for only $100)but most the time, they are just fine. If you want some jeans try there. Sometimes it's hit or miss...especially in the girls section.

*MARY* said...

You iron your husbands shirts? Have you learned nothing from my blog? Harry Potter books are good for more than just holding down sheets when you build a fort they can also be great de-wrinklifiers.

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

I feel your pain, making dinner and then having your hubby come home late. Its so sad. And you look forward to ironing? What?!

Rychelle said...

i love carinos! we finally have one in vegas. yay!

Whitney R said...

Aunt Susan - I say it quite often outloud.. I just try to be a little bit reserved on the blogosphere ;)

Kristina - I haven't been there for anyone's birthday! Awesome!

Jillene - I don't mind :)

Wendyburd1 - Way to go! Commenging on a TON of my posts! I'm very impressed with your beginning stalking ways. We will definitly be friends! I'll add you to my bff's today. And I'll answer all of your other questions, too :)

Ash - No! I didn't know about that place! I'm going to have to look up the location. I'm going by myself, boooooo.

Mary - It's a good thing I have ALL of the Harry POtter books. I'll give it a go (what was I thinking?!)

Alexis - No.. not looking forward to it, looking forward to having it DONE. He has like 10 shirts I need to wash, hang, then iron. For some reason it makes him happy. (for the last 3 months he has been ironing a shirt every Sunday morning... oopse)

Rychelle - Yay for Vegas! Yay for Corinos!! (I hope someday In n Out decides to invest in REXBURG)

Trudy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I thought I was the only person in the world that likes Heroes, Jon and Kate +8, Chuck AND House. My husband thinks I’m crazy. Sure am clad I’m not the only one.

Trudy said...

In n Out, I loooove it!!!!! We got hooked in Cali. I desperately need a fix. I don’t think they have a location in Utah. If I’m wrong someone PLEASE tell me!

Leslie said...

Aw...I'm missing John & Kate + 8. Since I abandoned cable for the duration of the doctoral degree...I love that show!

And...you are taggalicious. Loved your post!

Sara Ann said...

I LOVE John and Kate Plus 8, but sigh, no cable for me:) You are welcome to look at my blog anytime, but sometimes it is not very exciting. Hey up there Trudy, there is an In n Out in St. George! I know, we were very excited too:) You'd better make a trip now that the weather is cooler down there.

Ash and Jeff said...

There is one just down the road from the meet and greet. It's in Draper on 12300 south and 300 east. Let me know if you want more exact directions (I'm not sure how familiar you are with Salt Lake or not)

Ash and Jeff said...

Oh, and were you tagging me, or another Ash? I never know. There is a million of us out there.

Anonymous said...

There are just tagged people all over the place.FUN! FUN! FUN!

Trudy said...

Sara Ann- St. George is a little far away considering I drive an Excursion Bus! Haha

Ash and Jeff- I know right were Draper is! My husband is on a project right by there. Thank you so much, you have no Idea how bad I'm graven there fries.

Victoria Elder said...

oh hey where have i been commenting ??? Goodness. I 've done this tag already haha I am off the hook