Friday, October 3, 2008

Personal Philosophy

I fear writing just super long posts because I think everyone will think I'm boring and decide to not read and just scroll down to the bottom and leave a random comment to make me thing that they read it.

But then I read one of Julie's posts and decided that at least she would read it. I'm not the best writer but I wrote this for one of my classes on why I am going for the health career I am. For those of you who do not know, my major is Health Science. I know it's long. I was going to add to it, because there is a lot to add to, it's so brief, but I refrained. If anyone would like to know more or have any questions let me know and I'll write another post on it.

Here goes.

I have been interested in a career in Health since I was in High School. I have always been very interested in health and its effects and trying to be healthy. There were a few events that happened that steered me in the right direction.

There was a time where I was in a relationship that was not good for me. I felt pressured to be smaller than I already was (and I was very little) and I ended up taking extreme measures to try to get that. I exercised 5-6 hours a day and then cut back on eating a lot. This went on for maybe two months. Friends and my parents knew something was not right but I ignored them. Then one night after running home from Basketball practice and then doing an hour long exercise video I took a shower. As I stepped out I passed out. I woke up on the floor and I realized the toll what I was doing had taken on my body.

It was then I realized how horrible I had been treating myself and what an abusive relationship I was in. It took some time to end the relationship but when I did I thought a lot about what I went through emotionally, mentally and physically. I decided I wanted to help girls in that situation and advise them on their dietary intake. I had made up my mind I was going to be a Dietitian. I even wanted to be a therapist for girls that were going through similar situations but I realized that would take a masters degree and I didn’t know if I would be able to do that. Upon further investigation of the Dietary Degree I found that would also require a Masters Degree.

I went to a high school career fair and listened to a nursing teacher talk about nursing. I was enthralled; I realized that was exactly what I wanted to do. So I planned on that when I applied to colleges and when I was accepted to BYU-Idaho I enrolled in the Health Science department so I could start to get my pre-requisites finished. I went through my freshman year working hard but not getting high enough grades. I knew BYU-Idaho wouldn’t accept anyone with lower than a 3.7-3.8 GPA. I was discouraged and was trying to decide what to do.

It was in my sophomore year that I discovered I could leave BYU-Idaho and go to school some where else. I applied to UVSC and moved to Utah. During this time I was dating my now husband. He farms here in Rexburg and I ended up getting engaged and moving back here to live forever. So I had to change my career goals. My life had changed and I found I wouldn’t have to work for a living. So I decided to focus on just getting my Health Science Degree. Throughout this time I have pondered several different options: getting my Nutrition Degree online and double majoring by going to nursing school since I would only have to take another 27 credits of nursing classes. Then a teacher in the HS department mentioned a new program that they were working on getting approved - Medical Billing and Coding. I could work part time from home and start at $20 an hour. It sounded too good to be true. I knew I did not have to work, but I wanted to help out but I did not want to have to leave my children someday.

I am 10 credits (not including this semester) away from graduating. I know the program won’t be implemented until after I graduate so I will wait for that date and then apply for continuing education and take the five classes it will take to be certified. The whole idea in the beginning was to get a high paying degree quickly so I could put my husband through school. Then I married someone who was just barely finished and that necessity went out the window. My greatest desire is to be a Mother and a Wife. I have one down and I hope to get the other someday soon. My children are who I hope to work with. Having another income would just be icing on the cake and would also give me something to do and feel like I am contributing. That is what I plan to do.

P.S. the contest is still on.


Christa said...

I always read things through all the way to the end. It wasn't boring at all. Good for you. I'm glad that you're doing something you enjoy.

Kristina P. said...

Plans change all the time. I never thought I would be 30 with a husband in school.

But it sounds like you have things figured out and enjoy what you are doing.

Kristina P. said...
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Lisa said...

I went back to school two years ago to become a nutritionist...but then, things changed and we no longer were eligible for financial aid ( yeah!) but we couldn't afford to pay for school on our own (boo). But I understand your desire and appreciate it!
When we were in Iowa, I was surrounded by so many people who had become diabetic due to decades of poor food choices that I saw the writing on the wall as to where the dietician/nutritionist professions are going. Hopefully I can get back to school again someday and follow through on that plan.

Trudy said...

I always read, right to the end.
Believe it or not I never miss a post.
It’s just taking me a little time to comment :)
What can I say, you’re just so interesting!

Trudy said...

That would be great. I mean all of it. I have never tried a dress. They really have always scared me off. You know that broad shoulders and short legs kinda hard to fit. But I see all of these new moms wearing them to cover there baby bellies and think ‘wow what I have been missing’. YA! Send them over. I know that my blog is no that interesting it's more to just keep the fam. up on the kids. But you all have opened my eyes to the real blogging world.
I need all the help I can get!! If you would like to look that would be great. But don't take your time for me. I mean it!

Brittany said...

I pass out when I get my blood pressure taken, so I'm always in awe of people who take to nursing and health sciences, etc.

I'm sorry you had a hard time- I think a lot of girls struggle with self-esteem and body image and relationships at that age. (I did!)

*MARY* said...

Do you think nobody will read all the way through because you don't read all the way through other peoples posts? I see.
I enjoy getting to know you better, it makes me wonder if I should post more serious stuff on my blog.
I know that feeling of wanting to help and give back to society. I've decided that when my youngest kid goes off to school I will too.

Rowboat said...

i think its cute that you decided to share this with us all. i was impressed with your story and how you were so determined to change and help other people too. i think you'll still be able to, whether you make it a "career" or not.

Donna said...

Hi Whitney, I think this was well-written and that your career decisions are smart ones. I've heard that medical billers can make good money working from home on their own time. It's something you can continue to do when you become a mommy, too, if you want. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I always think that too, if it's to long, no one will read it! But don't worry! I'll read it! wow 10 credits away, good for you.

Whitney R said...

Everyone's comments are making me happy, thanks guys :)

Christa - Good to know.

Kristina - I know, it's weird that what you have planned for yourself usually isn't what happens.

Lisa - I love love love nutrition. I really hope you can finish it someday. I even wish there was some way I could eventually get my Masters in that. I could try online and I think I'll look into it.

Trudy - thank you :) I appreciate that you try to comment. I love getting them. I'll send people on over in a post probably tomorrow :) It's fun to meet so many new people on this thing!

Brittany - Yeah, it's kind of hard to really gross me out. Oh, unless it's formadelhyde(sp). Bleck.

Mary - I knew someone would say that. lol. But I do read everyone's post all the way through. Sometimes I am pressed for time, so I will come back and finish reading. I think a serious post every once in a while is fine. Or you can keep it funny, everyone likes that. I like getting to know people and good conversations. I wish I was as funny as you, though. Mrs. I now get millions of comments. :)

Ariana - I appreciated your comment. Thank you :)

Donna - That's the plan. To get certified and be able to work from home when I want and be a mommy all at the same time.

Wendy - I can't wait to be done!!!

Leslie said...

Isn't it 'funny' how life plans get changed. I love the path you took and loved reading about how you got there!

Thanks also for sharing your story of getting past an unhealthy stage of your life. It brought back some memories...

Victoria Elder said...

So at least something good out of all this came from *ouR* Jerk of a boyfriend ;) I am happy to know he still alone loser living with his mommy, & we have moved on to bigger & better things....i.e. are RADICAL HUBBIES!

Erin said...

I just found you through Mary, and now you're my friend. I'll be back!

Jessica said...

Okay, don't take this the wrong way but, it makes me happy to know that other people aren't 100% sure all the time about what they're doing either. Because like, doesn't it seem like you see other people and it looks like they're super confident and put together and what not. And sometimes I feel like, "Okay, I don't have a clue what I'm doing..." It's nice to know it's not just me! :) And that it all works out how it should-- even if it wasn't the original plan!

Julie Anne said...

Becoming a dietitian doesn't require a master's degree. Just an internship! But my sister did just get her master's in it, and she LOVES IT!

Whitney R said...

Leslie - Your Welcome. And I knew I wasn't the only one. :)

Vic - I knew you would know who I was talking about. lol.

Erin - Hi new friend!! So nice of you to come on over. I'll be checking out your blog :)

Jessica - Oh yeah, I think everyone ends up not quite where they expected most of the time. But surprisingly (but it should be a surprise when your doing what your supposed to do) we end up right where we are supposed to be.

Julie - really? Do you know how long of an internship? And where?

Jillene said...

That is AWESOME!! I love that you have goals and want to accomplish them. (I read the entire post by the way--not boring). I think that you will GREAT at whatever you do!

Wendyburd1 said...

I read the whole post too, Whitney, it was a really good one. I'm worried about long posts too, I just did a doozy of a one and I worry it was boring or that I went ON too much. I am NOT the writer in my family (that's my MOM, the nurse. She was published in Friends magazine a long time ago, a few stories including "Cindy and the Treasure Chest") but I hope it wasn't too horrible.
Wow a dietician that's great. I can ask you any questions I have instead of having to wait months to get an appointment with my surgeon just so I can make an appointment with his/my dietician. That was a mouthful. Cuz I probably eat like crap for a diabetic and a post-op gastric bypass patient (what? I haven't gotten to a post THAT long yet, it'd go on forever and be boring, who wants to hear about surgery?!). I also get hypoglycemic way too often since the surgery, maybe you can help me figure out why. It's SO scary.

Hey I'm looking into either Medical Billing and Coding or Medical Transcription as a "career" since I don't do so hot in places with lots of people ya know? The school I've looked at can teach you online and claim (i hope its true) you can find work from home easily in these careers. I can't do nurse like jobs, I gag way too easy...yeah how did I wind up in a family with a nurse, a future phlebotomist and Katie is aiming at either Occupational Therapy Assistant or Dental Hygeine (since bellydance isn't THAT reliable)?!! Freaks they are! I can probably transcribe crap though...I know I sound so professional.
I always, when I was growing up, wanted to be just a wife and stay at home Mom. Neither seems to be in the cards for me (not that I could handle it at this point), so it's nice to be told (ok sometimes it's nice, sometimes it just makes one feel like a failure in mormon eyes)that maybe you find the one when ur dead...that whole afterlife those crazy mormons teach...oh wait, crap I'm one of the crazy mormons. Snap!

Wendyburd1 said...

Crap I'm the leaves too long a comment blogger!!

Julie Anne said...

Sorry I just read the comment back from you. The internship was hmmm like 9-12 months or something (okay maybe even 6 months. I'm not sure). You have to apply and be chosen, and it can be kind of difficult to get one. Some people in my sister's program didn't get an internship the first time around, so they had to apply multiple times.
She ended up doing an internship with the VA, so she got paid for it, so that was cool. It was at OHSU in Portland. Now she works as a dietitian at a hospital near Seattle.