Monday, October 27, 2008

The Potato Heads: First Encounter

Jaren is going to have to tell most of this because I don't remember a whole lot of it. After he tells about it I'll tell everyone what I remember.

Goes to show what a great first impression he made ;)

The end of February was a cold one, with no end in sight. My parents had acquired a taste for hamburgers from a particular eatery. It was for this that I came into town to pick up these particular hamburgers, and low and behold there she was right as I walked in the door. She wore a red t-shirt and a green apron. I thought she was very cute. I gave her my order and sat and waited. I noticed that she had a class ring on that was very similar to the colors of a neighboring high school, so I assumed that she was from around here hopefully going to college as I was, hoping that she was not still in high school. But to my dismay she was on the phone with someone talking about plans that evening and they concluded by saying I love you over the phone. There was no need to continue pursuing this girl, for one minute more. No need to ask for her number. As I paid and picked up the food I asked if she went to this neighboring high school, she pulled this face and said no, I'm going to college. Well that did it. Little did I know how things would change.

He' s such a good story teller :)

I remember a guy coming in and ordering take out. It was slow and he sat across from the counter where the till was. I think i chatted with him a little, but I was mostly runnin around. My roommate at the time, Lindsy had called and asked when I was going to be home. We said "I love you," at the end of the conversation. And Jaren thought I was telling a boy that. haha.

When he was paying he asked if I went to the High School there and I was so disgusted because people thought I looked like a High School student all the time and it drove me nuts! I was only 19 and I'm sure I looked like I was 17, because even now people tell me I look like I'm 18. I told him very matter of factly, "No. I go to the college. I've been out of High School for almost 2 years." Like I was so old or something. :)

That's all I remember about it. When we started to date he told me about this and asked who I was talking to on the phone and I barely remembered that night. Since then I've really dug at my memories to remember any thoughts I might have had. The only thing is that I couldn't believe he thought I was in High School or from Idaho.

I'm sure glad he came back the few weeks later.

To Be Continued.....

My Mother - In - Law had a great idea of blowing bubbles while we walked down the stairs. The pictures turned out pretty but in quite a few of them bubbles were in Jaren's face - but not mine. Haha. Now, he must have thought he wanted to make this look, "natural" by smiling at everyone and me.
But I didn't. I walked down those stairs hamming it up for the camera. It's so funny to look that them all in a row. There is not one where he is smiling at the camera. And there were a lot more - I just narrowed it down to posting three so you could get the idea.
Awwe... he wanted to share this happy moment with me but all I wanted to do was share it with the camera. No surprise there - I'm a total camera hog.
But with this one my face isn't the most cute, which makes it all the more funny to me. My dress was pulling me behind it. It was very hard to step down the steps feeling like I was dragging 20 pounds.


Kristina P. said...

I love the bubble idea. I haven't seen that done before.

I recommend doing things that will kill birds.

Whitney R said...

Kristina, No way. I posted this for like two minutes and you commented! Did you read it? lol. Or do you just read super fast? Or did you just want to comment first?

Erin said...

Ooh, pretty bouquet. And yes, I did read the whole thing. I like the bubbles idea too!

b. said...

I love that he couldn't take his eyes off you!

Soooo sweet!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Seriously Kristina is the fastest commenter in the world!! What a good sport J is for telling his side of the story. I dont think I could convince Casey to sit and type how he fell madly in love with me. I do however have a video where we tell a little of our story... I have to figure out how to post it.

Also my dress was soooooo difficult too. But I didnt care. I made them completely alter it and make it mermaid style. I told them to take it in so much I couldnt breath and my steps were like shuffles. But I dont care its worth it to feel glamorous on your wedding day.

Oh my gosh! I am typing this comment with Gossip girl on in the background and some HEAVY DRAMA going on. Yowza!!

So me you and amber are on the same page for Utah! Cant wait.

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

I forgot to add... Youre such a beautiful bride!! I cant wait until I can afford to get our wedding pictures. Can you believe I still have a balance?!

ramsam said...

These pictures are so fun, I too love the bubbles. You guys look great and I totally get all sappy over the way he is staring at you, you guys are such a cute couple.

How nice that he is playing in blog land with you! He deserves and extra dessert or something else sweet! :-)

Rychelle said...

your hubby is so sweet to embrace your blog.

Life as Ashley said...

Awwww. So cute of him to type out his side of the story. Funny about the "love you" part. That could have ruined the whole thing! :)

Kayleigh said...

It's cool to see the different perspectives from your first encounter. So, was this the time that you talked about in your myspace post a few days ago when you first met, where he bought the milkshake, or was that a different time?

Mommy Madness said...

You look absolutely adorable. You two make a cute couple. ...Bubbles, great idea but it kinda makes everyone look funny, at first it looks like everyone is holding Q-tips. Seriously, the pictures look great. What a great day that must've been.

BTW-Kristina is a scary fast commenter. Once I hit the publish button and when I clicked to view there was a comment. Guess who it was. Do you suppose she is watching us?

Wendyburd1 said...

Awww I hope to hear from Jaren's perspective!! This is so nice!

Whit are you wearing flip-flops under your wedding dress? If so, you are my hero! LOL

Wendyburd1 said...

I meant hear MORE....OY

*MARY* said...

He is a great storyteller.
One time my husband looked at my blog, but that was it, you're so lucky to have a guest writer.

hello, my name is amber. said...

i totally want to make joe do this! very sweet! that's so funny that he wasn't going to pursue you because you said 'i love you' to someone on the phone... i tell everyone that calls me that i love them. even the telemarketers.

i'm in the same boat as mary. joe looks at my blog when i tell/beg him too. otherwise he's busy with fantasy freaking football. ;)

can't wait for the story to continue!

Willis Family said...

The I love you thing was so funny. So glad it worked out for you though. Yeah...and up until about two weeks ago my husband still had to ask me for our blog address. Shows you how involved he is...our address is just our names. So hard to remember, I guess!

Wendy said...

OH! I love it. my sister did bubbles it was fun!!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Amber... you tell telemarketers you love them?! I thought I was special?!

Dads(2) said...

Super cute! Everyone should have bubbles at their wedding . . .

Whitney R said...

Oh, these comments have made my horrible day a bit better :)

Erin - I feel so special when people read the whole thing :)

Brenda - you noticed?

Alexis - This took me three days of begging. I don't know WHAT I'll do when I get further into the story. I keep telling him, "Don't think this is for blogging.. it's for our CHILDREN" I might have shed a few tears, too :) I can't wait to see the video! Oh, my dress was a lace up back and I couldn't breathe either. Seriously, I got light headed a few times. I kept telling my mom, "MAKE IT TIGHT MOM! THESE PICTURES WILL BE HERE FOREVER!!" I'm excited for Utah!

Ramona - as soon as I don't have to spend an ENTIRE day studying for a test I still do horrible on - he will get something sweet.

Ashley - it would have had he not got the guts the NEXT time he came in to ask me for my number anyway.

Kayleigh - No. I didn't mention this in the myspace post. That one will be the next post. Probably will take me 3 more days to get him to tell his side so expect it in about a week :)

Mommy Madness - I giggled at the Q-tip comment. lol

Wendyburd - yes, they were flipflops. I couldn't breathe but my feet were Comfortable :)

Mary - I really did have to shed some tears (and exasperated sighs) to get him to do this.

Amber - your so nice to those telemarketers. I have learned they have an extra number in their phone number so I avoid them!

Willis family - I have to get the page all open for him then hand him the computer. :)

Brigitte said...

Yea for Jaren's perspective! I'm glad you decided to do that. :)

So did he not remember ordering vanilla ice cream? I was curious what he thought of you when you mocked him. Was it pure intrigue or shock that someone would actually make fun of him?

I can't wait for the rest of the story!

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Jo said...

You guys are so dang cute! Keep the stories coming, I am enjoying them, especially the he said/she said part.

Whitney R said...

Brigitte - That's our second encounter. :) That will be the next story. I'm interested to hear what he thought when I made fun of him, too. Because whenever I ask I get a, "I thought you were cute." and that's it! I'm thinking so much more had to have gone on in his brain.

Meemo - I already know everything.

Jo - thanks:)