Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Shower

No! Not mine, silly!

I'm throwing my Sister-in-law, Stephanie a baby shower. She is having a boy in February and I'm really excited.

I was wondering if anyone had any good shower ideas? Games, favors - anything.

I sometimes like to be somewhat crafty and I'm making the invites. I'll post a picture someday. If they turn out as cute as I hope.



Kristina P. said...

At the last baby shower I threw, we did a game where we had everyone bring a baby picture of themselves, put them up on a poster board, and try to guess who was who. It was fun. Much harder than I thought.

The Boob Nazi said...

If you had asked about bridal showers or bachelorette, I would've been good. But babies? Ummm no.

Kristal said...

We did what kristina said at my last one. It was fun. We also had to guess which candy went with each thing on a list related to pregnancy/babies. Ex: milkduds=breastmilk, sugardaddy=father, 100 grand=hospital bill, etc.

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

My mother in law is amazing at throwing parties including baby showers. I'll ask her for ideas. I know one thing they do for decorations is put up a clothes line and hang baby clothes from it (the Mama gets to take them home, of course). Also if you are looking for a dessert idea... Sprinkles Cupcakes are amazing but since they're only in California... Williams-Sonoma has the Sprinkles mixes - they're expensive but THEY TASTE SO FREAKING GOOD! blah blah blah. Okay hopefully Ill come up with some more.

Amber and I talked about you today and she said you are fabulous! And we'd get along famously! First time I've ever used that phrase "get along famously". I cannot wait to hang out with you guys in Utah. She also told me you and Jared brought potatoes for everyone and I thought that was hilarious! Casey's in the pool business maybe I'll bring you guys some chlorine tablets.

Life as Ashley said...

My friend did one where she found the face morphing website that you could put two celebrities together and then guess from the offspring who the parents were. She also snuck one in there of me and Jeff. Let's just say, our offspring looked like a troll [not even kidding, everyone gasped when they saw it]. Funny thing was, not even I could tell who it was!

Throwing showers is fun. I'm sure you are going to do a great job! Make sure you show us the invites! :)

Jillene said...

I have the game where it is a match game. Like: Conception=Score and Big Hunk=Dad
and Sweetarts=Mom and Baby Ruth=girl and Almond joy=Boy (because it has nuts) and Hospital Bill=100 Grand etc.

If you want all of them e-mail me!!

Erin said...

I am a shower phobe. Not the clean your body kind of shower, but the kind you are throwing. I hope you find some cool things to do!

Life as Ashley said...

So I left you a long comment on Alexis' (still don't know the correct way to type that) blog. Probably should have just posted it here. :)

PS I think you could start a new blog just about your word verification ponderings. Think about it. :)

*MARY* said...

Nobody ever invites me to baby showers so I wouldn't know, sorry.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Go here: for invitation ideas. This is one of my best friends that is very crafty in the card making department. She even has a baby shower invite on there (it was for mine)!! BUt some very cute stuff! Also diaper cakes are always really fun....I might have a picture of it....i will have to check, If i do I will get your email and email it to you...if you want it.

I am not a fan of games...although the last babyshower I went to we went around and told our favorite children's book, and someone wrote them all down, and then the mommy to be got the list, so she knows some good ones to check out at the library or whatever. Then we played encore, and that was fun!

that is just my two cents!

Teresa said...

Whitney: A few quick ideas:
1.For my sister's shower we made a few scrapbook pages that were blank and then everyone wrote advice for the new mom.
2. Once I played this really FUNNY, DISGUSTING game at a shower where they had baby diapers and put different things in the diapers (mustard, chili, soy sauce, melted Baby Ruth bars). Then, they passed the diapers around and you had to guess what was in it. Everyone was smelling them and trying to guess. It was TOTALLY GROSS, but funny.
3. Freeze little plastic babies in ice cubes. Everyone gets an ice cube with a baby in it and the first person to completely melt the ice and get the baby out wins.
My favorite kind of shower: Eat food, visit, open presents, leave :0)

Kayleigh said...

I'd give you ideas but I don't really frequent baby showers that often (none of my great friends are married/have kids) and I've never had kids of my own...sorry.

ramsam said...

I like the candy bar that relates to prego idea.... we did it as a matching/memory game. IE (I always wanted to type ie) Match up the "Doctor Bill" cards= you win the 100 Thousand Grand. Just go to the store and buy candy, then get creative with the matches.

Me and my sisters used to play this one- get a baby magazine and cut out a bunch of babies, then mount them on a page and cut out a celebrity face and glue it on the baby. It is hilarious, and you can find tricky celebs that make it funny.

Good LUck!

PS- cute baby shower favor is little clear baby bottles filled with pastel M&M's (if you can find them this time of year!)

I'm so glad it's not me throwing the shower!

Wendyburd1 said...

Teresa I saw a "Girls Next Door" that had the diaper thing, only it was ALL different melted chocolate bars, and you had to guess what candly it smell OR *gags* by eating a piece. And it really looked like poop stuck to Mom actually thinks this is a cute idea!

So go to a crappy diaper game Whitney!LOL!

Whitney R said...

Thanks everyone!

I recently attended a baby shower for for a friend and they did the clear baby bottles, diaper cake, and matching pregnancy things with candy bars.

I'm thinking the melting candy on diapers sounds rather entertaining. :)

And making celebrity baby faces.

And gluing celebrity faces to baby bodies.

I've got so many great ideas now!

Thank you!!

Keep em comin if you can think of more. :)

Rychelle said...

we played this game at a shower i had for a friend:

Lena Gilbert said...

At my shower, crystal decorated a cute notebook and then passed it around and everyone wrote advice in it. I still have it and read it once in a while. It was a great idea! I would shy away from games that have to do with guessing her waistline or other measurements. We also taste tested various baby foods that crystal had blacked out the names of and then had to guess what they were. YOu just have to buy simple baby foods...not the ones with 3 names.

Wendyburd1 said...

Tag you are it Whitney!! My blog, the info...yes too bad, likes to hears about ya!!LOL

That Girl in Brazil said...

Just found you from Mary - and I'll be back!

Okay, so one of my favorite games is a "Family Feud" type thing - before the shower, survey a bunch of moms for answers to "What do you do when the baby has a fever?" "What do you give for baby's first food?" "What songs do you sing to your baby?" etc. Then split the ladies in teams and have them go for it! Very fun and educational to the new mom, too.

Wendy said...

not to be a grump! but I hate shower games!!
last one I went to they put the little babies in the ice cubes, then we all had to melt it, you couldn't put it in your mouth, first ones baby who is "born' wins. I didn't try very hard then the prize was a pedicure!! I was bummed

Mina said...

We did one where you take the wrappers off of jars of baby food (normal, guessable flavors) and passed them around, unopened, for people to name.

Also, do a purse scavenger hunt. The girl with the most listed items in her purse wins.

Also, write the first phrase of a nursery rhyme, and the girls have to fill in the next line.

Not a huge fan of shower games. But these are the ones I am good at ;-) Have fun.

Abra said...

Um, okay, so first things first, you are absolutely gorgeous... just so you know, in case you forgot.

Baby shower games, there's the memory game... a tray of baby goodies give everyone a chance to look, then cover it up (or, more challenging, take some away) they have to write down what they remember or what's missing.

Baby Diaper Pin Game
Everyone upon entering gets a Diaper pinned to their shirt, if someone overhears them say the word "BABY" they get to snag that person's pin... gets pretty competitive... but it's fun

clan of the cave hair said...

My fave is the kind where you eat, open presents, visit, leave. Decorations that include baby pics of the mom and dad and maybe even grandparenst are could throw darts at them if you just had to have a
( can you tell how much I love shower games?)