Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Alright, this is a first for me, no being thankful isn't a first because I have been thankful for things in the past. This my first Thankful Thursday post. Okay.

A few things I am thankful for:
  • Jaren actually liking the diet food I am making him. It's really nice to not feel like I'm shoving nasty food down his throat. (Just the V8 Juice.. blah)
  • 10 calorie Jello cups. Who knew about these? Really, where have they been hiding because I just BARELY discovered them!! And they are heaven. Mmmmmm.
  • V6 engines. Zippy. I love zipping around in my car. I can't do that in my SUV, it just doesn't turn as tight and you can't speed up in a turn. Lately I've been randomly slamming on the gas pedal just to speed up. Makes me smile :)
  • Chapstick. Without which I would die.
  • That I'm addicted to blogging. Because if you look at my past posts you'll notice that there is like 2-4 per month until the month of September when I discovered blog stalking and how much I love blogging about absolutly nothing. By the way, this is my 50th post! I am going to have something special for my 100th. (ppssst.. so stick around, ok)
I would like to add to this with some stuff I am UN thankful for:

  • Kinesiology. I mean, really. Why would I need to know what muscle stabilizes which movement and what other muscle also neutralizes the movement and what type of joint it's(it being the muscle) going over and what plane the movement is happening in and which plane is the axis of rotation and just please, shoot me now. I'm not kidding when I say my head hurts worse when I walk out of that classroom than when I walked in.
  • Really really old (like late 80's or early 90's) men yelling at their really really small fragile old wives. Especially when the man is wearing oxygen and she is just sitting there with her head hanging down crying. Has she delt with that for 60 years?! Poor girl.. I really hope what I saw wasn't what I am pretty sure I saw.
How about you? Thankful or Un Thankful. I'll take either.


Kristina P. said...

Like I said on my Thankful Thursday blog today, I am grateful for kind people who set up phone accounts in other people's names.

Oh, and potatoes.

Jillene said...

So much to ponder....I am UN thankful for having to wait 30 minutes to see Zach's teacher today. Our appointment was for 4:30 and she was so far behind that we didn't get to see her until 5:00. It was BLASTED hot in the school so I had to sit and sweat buckets in there for almost an hour--we should have only been there for 15 minutes!

I am thankful, however, that he is doing well in school and is one of her favorite students.

*MARY* said...

I'm thankful Jim finally proposed to Pam.

Ash and Jeff said...

I'm thankful for sleep deprivation because without it, my eyes wouldn't have this lovely red hue to them.

I'm also thankful for the old people at my work (I office out of an assisted living) who are not mean like the little old man you saw today, but usually just delirious and sometimes perverted. I'm talking about you Pervin' Irvin.

I'm also thankful for your blog. I enjoy your posts, and you seem like a very nice person.

Ash and Jeff said...

Oh, and I'm thankful that I am only the 4th person to comment on this post, rather than the 30th. How the heck is Kristina #1 on every blog I read?

Victoria Elder said...

I am thankful as well for 10 calorie 0 carb jello snack cups...where have you been Whit?!?! Sugarfree Jello has been around forever, it's better to make a pan of it!then you can pick at it all day without having the emptiness of jello cup which is depressing

ramsam said...

Jim proposed???? I haven't watched it yet.... trying to catch up on BLOGS first! Priorities, here!

ANwhooooo I am thankful for blogging buddies and snippets of my life drawing attention. I love attention.

I am not thankful for Kineseology because in the massage world people have to rub their fingers together, hit a tuning fork, or push on each others arms to 'test' a decision. I want to say..... "Hey! Ever heard of your BRAIN? Use it!"

Jenna said...

I have been in this nasty, boohoo, hate my life kind of a funk all day and I really appreciated this post. It made me stop and think about the things I am grateful for right now. So I am going to say one right now. I'm grateful for family willing to drop everything to help me when I need it. Really, they do that.

Kristina P. said...

Ashley, Google Reader, my friend. I'm thankful that Ashley still comments on my blog, even if she's #43.

Julie said...

I'm thankful for Pushing Daisies.

I'm not thankful that my roommate is smoking pot in our house.

(Please don't ever talk about this on my blog. She reads my blog but hopefully not yours.)

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Your scary story belwo this post was totally freaky. I am the biggest wimp with that stuff. I just know that there are so many crazy people out there! Anyways, what's the SB diet?

Denise said...

Thankful for Jim proposing to Pam and that Fall Tv is back...This week I am especially thankful for benadryl!

Brittany said...

I too am thankful that Jim proposed to Pam! Aaaaa!!

I'm also thankful that Michael is as clueless as ever (I laughed so hard when he tore up those concert tickets!) LOL!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for chapstick too, or I should say burts bees wax, totally addicted!! and I am thankful for my new blogging friends, I am having fun blog stalking ya all!!! non of my in person friends post on my blog, they all read it, I'll be on the phone and they'll say oh that is so funny, I am like then "COMMENT YOU LOSERS!!"
and not to be totally unoriginal but yeah Jim and Pam!!

Rychelle said...

i'm thankfule for burt's bees lip balm (sorry, but it kicks chapstick's hiney!)

Whitney said...

To everyone who says Burt's Bee's is better than chap stick. I TOTALLY AGREE! I guess I should have been more specific. But really, what would life be without it? Empty.. that's what.

I am also thankful for everyone's comments. Really, I enjoy them a lot. Thank you :)

And as some of you may know I don't watch the office. Not by choice, but I never started the seasons. I plan on starting from season one as soon as I'm out of school and have time. What I have seen, though. Is hilarious.

Ashley - thank you :) I'm glad you like me which is my blog. Because I am my blog.. does that make sense? :) Oh, and Kristina is a blogging goddess.

Victoria - obviously I have been living in the dark ages.

Ramona - Way to have your priorities strait. And I love attention as well.

Jenna - I'm glad I helped a little. Families are great.

Julie - I'm sorry, I hate the smell. Blah. And my lips are sealed... or fingers, whatever.

Stephanie - yeah, it was scary! Luckily I haven't seen the big white Titan. Although, I have been looking around for it whenever I'm in town.. blah.

Brittany - I'm so glad your favorite show is making you happy!

Wendy - me too! I usually get maybe 1 or 2 comments from people I actually know in real life and the rest are from my faithful blog stalkers. I ALWAYS comment. At least I try to.

Kristina - I may have a surprise for you at the meet and greet. I mean, MAY. Don't count on it, though.

Jillene - have these people not heard of APPOINTMENTS? I mean, you set aside a certain time to meet and then you meet at that time. I'm also sorry you had to sweat whole buckets.

Chelsea Rose Photography said...

You are so sweet!

Leslie said...

Un-thankful for my un-helpful insurance agent...but you already know that! :)

Thankful for - Friday!!!

Christa said...

I'm thankful for blogs and blog bff's and blog contests and blogs and stuff.

I don't know if you noticed, but I'm having a little contest of my own. When I reach my 200th post, (today was #195) I will choose a random person who comments on that post and bestow upon them a $25.00 American Express gift card. It will be my way of saying thank you to them for stopping by to comment just so they can win and then never comment again.

Jessica said...

I'm thankful that I recently discovered your blog (even though I don't know you) and that you seem to like posting regularly which means I have more to read on Google Reader. How about that? :)

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Oh Whitney... how I love your blog! Okay first Burts Bee's doesnt do it for me in anymore in the chapstick world. I dont know maybe it my lips that are the problem. 2nd. Why are you guys dieting? Youre tiny! I am grateful for my dogs. for root beer. for lilies. good food. books. Ungrateful for this sudden flow of sickness I've had.

Wendyburd1 said...

WHAT is a Thankful Thursdat post? Is this a Utah/Idaho Mormon thing I am unaware of cuz I live in Connecticut? I'm serious. No laughing.