Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What A Dumb Long Morning and Afternoon


I've had a bit of a hectic crazy morning/afternoon. First, I had a Chiropractor appointment scheduled for 12:45 today. My Chiro(gona call him that cause it's easier and sounds cooler) is in Ashton which is 30 minutes away from my house. I knew I needed to get in my bit of exercise before. So, I did what I do every morning, woke up- ate and caught up on blogs, then I went running (or jogging... ok, so I like to walk most of the time). I got home to find a text message from one of my friends I have been wanting to hang out with (cause I'm super social) so I called her. She was in Rexburg and hasn't seen my house yet so she wanted to come over. Well... It'll take her 15 minutes to get here.. I can get in and out of the shower by then. It was 11 and I had to hurry so I could leave by 12:15. She got lost so it took her longer to get here and by the time she did my hair was an afro being blow dried. I gave her a quick short tour and made her sit on my bed while I finished getting ready. Well, I left the house 10 minutes late and sped all the way there. Well.... on the way I had this thought....

Was my appointment at 12:15 or 12:45? They usually take lunch around 1 so why would they schedule me when they would KNOW I'd for sure be taking longer than 15 minutes(I'm a piece of work let me tell ya). Hmmm... I'd better call Jaren so he can look at the card for me and tell me.

Ring Ring..... Ring Ring... no answer at the house.. Hmmmm thought Jaren was goin home for lunch..

Ring Ring... Ring Ring... no answer on his cell phone.
What?! Come on now.. Grrrr.. Maybe he's a little "preoccupied" and can't get to the phone.

But I need to talk to him!!!
Ring Ring.... Ring Ring... no answer at the house! AAArg! I got annoyed so I just kept driving. I got to the Chiro and as soon as I walked in, Loise, the receptionist says, "You missed it."

"What?!?! I did???" aahahhrhrgggg(I really do say that out loud, by the way. Just not in front of Loise)..... I needed this appointment! It's been 3 weeks since I last went and I needed to go a week ago but when I called to make the appointment this was their soonest opening.

"Yeah, I was wondering why you didn't call." She wonders this because I call if I'm going to be late or going to miss an appointment. I don't ever just not show up without a word.

WELL, I was wondering why YOU didn't call!!!
They normally call the day before to let me know when my appointment is so I'm reminded and don't have THIS happen. Because once I was about to run out of the house(to my Chiro appointment) and the phone rang, so I turned around and answered (lucky cause normally I would just let the machine get it cause I was IN A HURRY!(yes, late again)). Well, good thing I did because it was my Chiro reminding me about my appointment for the NEXT day.

Turns out my appointment was for an HOUR before. 11:45. Boo... So, Loise say's, "Well, take a seat and we'll see if we can fit you in." I turn around and there are already 3 people sitting there... waiting. I knew I needed an adjustment, massage and my atlas adjusted so I knew I would be there for a while. I didn't want to sit and wait for over an hour for the 3 to get done. So I asked to be rescheduled for sometime later this week. Thursday at 5:30.. perfect.... an already week long head ache extended another 2 days.....

So I drove the 30 minutes to Rexburg and washed my car. It was sooooo dirty. Grossing me out. And there were so many nasty squashed bugs on the front of it and I couldn't and didn't get them all off!! Only so much you can do without pulling out your toothbrush and scrub it. Then I'd have to get a new toothbrush and I like mine!

Next stop was to the BYU-Idaho book store to get my books. I'm only taking 12 credits this semester(since I only have 19 left, Woo Hoooo!!) which is 6 classes. BYU-I is remodeling quite a bit of their campus. The bookstore is no longer where it has been forever- it's been moved. I walked in this scary plywood hallway that they tried to make pretty by painting it white till I got to a big white metal door. I walked in and I couldn't believe what I saw... picture this.. to the left is sweaters, sweats, hats, beanies, shirts, blankets, mugs, picture frames and all sorts of anything you can think of BYU-I perefenelia(spell check doesn't even know how to spell it). To the right are 8 check out spaces, 8!!!! All pretty in wood and blue. Strait ahead is school supplies galore and electronics and am I in Wal Mart??? Anywho, the bookstore was awwe inspiring and beautiful. Then I got to the books. Six books in my little blue carrying cart!!! Soo, you say, your taking 6 classes of course your gonna have 6 books. But they are HUGE and I've never had a book for each class before. Book total: $408.33 Ouch. The most I've EVER paid for books before. Good thing next semester I'm only taking 3 classes. And then GRADUATING!

So... to end this little rant I'd like to say, check your appointments. Don't drive an hour out of the way just to say hi to Loise. Can't help your already massive head ache because of your dumb spine.

P.S. - I'm taking a pregnancy class, (Surprised?) and guess what the text book is for it??? What to Expect When Your Expecting! I'm kinda excited about it. I'm sure it will be the only text book (besides my exercise phys book) that I'll enjoy reading.


Julie said...

paraphernalia. I'm a nerd who's a good speller. You should look up the definition. It's actually kind of fascinating.

Jillene said...

Story of my life! Forgeting apointment times and dates, always running late, giving myself un-needed stress and headaches. Sounds like we are one in the same. I knew there was something special about you when I stalked your blog!!

Adam and Kristina said...

There's a pregnancy class in college? Only at BYU.

And I really need to go to a chiropracter, but haven't been in years.

ramsam said...

I think I deleted my comment... *ugh* ~ MORNINGS!

Anyway, I said if you were in utah, you could see the quick and cheap walk-in cash taking Chiro. It is the best! No appointments necessary!

I think it is so way cool of you to take a Prego class before you are preggers!!!! I took an Eternal Marraige class with my boyfriend- oopsy- it didn't work out with him, but I am sure my husband appreciated all my celestial knowledge when we got married.

Brittany said...

You can take a Pregnancy Class at BYU?? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! [breath] Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

That's like taking a 'How the LDS Church governs/ruins Utah' class at the U.

No offense to anyone who has to go there. :p

*MARY* said...

I love your picture, you look really young for a married lady taking pregnancy classes.

What's a chiropracter appointment? Is that where you learn to make churros?

The Raybould Family said...

Julie - I wish I was a good spelling nerd. I never made it past round 3 in the spelling bee.

Jillene - Yeah, I usually try to be on time. But... sometimes it just doesn't work out with me and punctual.

Kristina - There should be a pregnancy class in any college if they have a Child Development major. I just have a CD cluster. My major is Health Science.

Ramona(right? I think I've heard that's your name) - I would love to be in and out of my Chiro... but he has my x-rays and I need one that makes atlas adjustments.

Brittany - lol. Yeah, I think I answered the pregnancy question to Kristina.

Mary - I am really young for a married lady taking pregnancy classes :) (22) Chiropractor (pronounced Kiropractor) is where you go to have your back professionally popped. It's great fun.

Lon & Steph said...

That class is so fun! The teacher is awesome and I took it a full year before I had a baby. VERY informative. Although if you have the baby bug now....good luck is all I have to say.

The Raybould Family said...

haha, thanks Steph. I have it for a block so I'll be done with it in October! And I have a few more months to wait till I can start on that baby I'm hungry for...

I'm literally praying for patience.