Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Day I Almost Died

Okay.... So really, I'm pretty sure I could have almost died. Yesterday I was driving to Wal Mart to get me a new blow dryer since mine went up in smoke a week ago. So there I was, just driving along, driving along, minding my own business with my window rolled down because it was nice outside. I have my sunglasses on so not only will the sunlight not burn my retinas but no one can see my eyeballs. So, there is the setting....

Then I hear this loud roar/rumbling. I look in my rearview.. nothing.. look in my side mirror.. nothing. What is that?! I mean, it couldn't be coming from my car. I have like, the quietest car on the planet. A Honda. So I lean forward to look out my side mirror again and I see the front end of a massive jacked up white Nissan Titan. Oh! That's where it's coming from. Relief!

THEN, the truck swerves, not even kidding swerved like a crazy nimble person right behind me. So I lean forward a little again and am looking out the side mirror with my mouth open, you know the mascara face to see who is behind the wheel. It was some guy. So.. no big deal, right? Right. WRONG!

I glanced into my side mirror(to see if I would maybe recognize who this boy was) while I was waiting at the red light that came like 2 seconds after big whitey wanted a nice close view of my rear end and I thought I saw the guy looking at me. So, I looked, you know, my mouth open cause I'm a weirdo, trying to figure out what expression is on this guys face. Then I saw it. He was mimicking me, making fun of me. Making a really really ugly dirty face with his mouth hanging open staring strait at my mirror at my face. All sorts of feelings went through me at that moment: disgust, fear, who does this guy think he is?, I didn't look like that did I?, and why is he acting like he's 6?

So, I pulled into the parking lot hoping that he wasn't going to follow. He did. So I took a quick left instead of continuing to the front of the parking lot. He went to the front. I parked near the entrance and I was about to get out when the big scary nasty truck guy was driving by real slow past the row I was in and I got all scared. I was by myself! So I called Jaren just to have someone on the phone. I couldn't hear the massive growl anymore so I got out and walked into the store. They were already there! Two of them, I honestly didn't even have to recognize them to know it was them.

They were standing at the customer service and were glaring at me. Like they wanted to rip me apart! I'm not kidding. Fear went through me and I continued talking to Jaren and what else did I do? I stared them down right back. I was mad! I get kind of stubborn when people think they are better than anyone else. So I tried to have a mean face on and looked them up and down and walked past them without even sort of looking back. I WAS FREAKED OUT!! They looked a little rough around the edges if you know what I mean. But young, like my age or younger. So I purposefully took a long time in the store, I told Jaren about it and he told me to let him known if they were following me.

I went to check out and I didn't see them anywhere. I was sure they were gone. So as I was about to walk out of the store I saw them, walking out too. I turned around and acted like I wanted some pop. I was terrified. Seriously. It was a death stare. So I walked out and they were just getting into their truck. I know they saw me, because one of them looked out as he was getting in and I turned my head away from that direction and got into my car; waited for a minute hoping they would leave. I didn't see where they went so I went around the long way out of the parking lot and headed out of town. I couldn't keep my eyes off my rear view mirror the entire time. Remember how I told you one of my fears is being attacked, especially at home. Well, here it was about to happen, them following me home and then attacking me. But they didn't follow me home. I hoped they didn't pay attention to my license plate. There are about 2 other white Accords with tinted windows that look exactly like mine.

All day today I've been looking around paranoid. Haven't seen the big bad wolf. Then I went to Albertsons to get groceries which by the way were SUPER EXPENSIVE!! Brittany, I decided to try the SB diet. I figured, why not? So I went to buy the stuff for only the first three days of phase 1 and I cannot believe how much it cost. Please tell me it get's cheaper as you stock up on stuff.... please.

Oh yeah, back to the grocery store. I had just gotten in, got some eggs and I heard a boy singing really loud whatever the old song that was playing on the speakers. So I look up and it was TOTALLY THAT SAME SCARY GUY!! The driver of the truck. I didn't even look long enough to see if the boy behind him pushing the cart was the passenger. I don't know if he recognized me. It seemed like it. He wasn't looking at me nicely. Again, fear, going through me. I just ignored it and kept shopping. I didn't see him again, he was stocking shelves on the alcohol isle. Figures he'd work at a grocery store.

So, there's my traumatic story. I'm still a bit sacred because really. Death stare. Like they hated me and wanted nothing but for me to die. I'm not kidding. Anyway... I'm still on the lookout. Hmm... maybe I should buy some pepper spray. ;) Jaren was pretty mad that these guys worked me up. He's trying to figure out who they are. I love having a protective husband.

Anything like this ever happen to you? Oh, if it's too traumatic, you don't have to share. :)


Kristina P. said...

This is what happens when you go to Walmart.

Glad you're not dead! That would really throw a damper in the meet and greet.

Brittany said...

You were shopping at Albertsons. That was your problem. :p (Price wise) I mean, to buy 1 gallon of milk there costs you $6.50. :p

Whitney, you don't need to do the SBD anyway, what are you doing?

I've been followed by creepy (old) dudes at the library and at the grocery store before. Yuck. I'm sorry they scared you, I didn't think creepy people were allowed to live in south-eastern Idaho. LOL

Brittany said...

PS: Whenever I look at the title of your post on my Google Reader thing, the "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" song comes to mind.

Whitney said...

Kristina - but that's where the cheap reliable hair dryers are!

Brittany - Hmmm... maybe I'll try Brolums, the only other grocery store here. But I'm not sure it would be a lot cheaper. And I'm doing it to see what happens. And I'd like to eat a bit healthier, too. And there are lots of scary people. I have more stories! And, I'm kind of glad I'm an American Pie. That has no relation to the movie, though.

Lisa said...

Scary, I would have gone to their boss and told my little story about them.

Jillene said...

O.K. so my story happens at....guess where....are you ready....Walmart (go figure).

I was coming out of Walmart with my girls and I was in the cross-walk thingy (in the middle of it) and this a-hole comes zooming into the crosswalk and just missed us--and I mean JUST missed us.

I called him a (sorry in advance for the naughty words) dickhead and went to my car. The next thing I know he is right there. He rolls down his window and starts saying REALLY REALLY bad nasty things to me in front of my girls. The girls were both scared and crying.

This really infuriated me so I told him that I hope that he felt like a "big man" talking like that in front of 2 small children. I told him that he didn't scare me and I dared him to get out of his car (mind you this guy was at least in his 40's or in his 50's).

I had my keys in my hand with the key to my SUV in between my first 2 fingers. I think that I really shocked him because he just drove off.

When his car was out of the way I noticed 2 young men walking towards me. They asked me if I was o.k. and they told me they were coming to kick his a%%. Good thing he drove off huh?!

*MARY* said...

This stuff never happens to me because I haven't left the house in 72 years.

become a hermit, it's your only hope.

*MARY* said...

Oh my goodness Jillene, you're so tough I would have run away crying.

Victoria Elder said...

Scary Whit!!! I think I have some stories like this through my younger years but I deserved it

Whitney said...

Lisa - I'm too much of a scardey cat. I just avoided the liquor isle.. I guess not hard to do, though. :)

Jillene - Oh My HEAVENS!! Really? A guy almost killed YOU then came over to give you a talking to? Your poor girls. Good thing those boys were listening in. I mean, realistically I was in a very crowded place (and so were you) but I was still horrified. If they had accosted me I wouldn't have known what to say. In fact, I think they did say something as I walked by on my phone but I didn't quite make out what it was. Although, I don't think it was very nice about me. I would have probably started to cry. I'm very emotional at the moment and I'm sure you can guess why :)

Mary - Okay. I mean, I do have enough potatoes to survive off of just a few yards away. (2 very large cellars that will soon be full of them). Better tell the husband my plans.

Vic - I can only imagine you provoked? haha. You have such a sassy temper.

Rowboat said...

i would totally get those kids' license plate number and call it in to somewhere (the police?)! how horrible for them to scare you like that. creepies! glad you're alive. and jillene i like your story. i love tough women! that cracks me up that you dared him to get out of the car!

Anonymous said...

Scary, and yeah it is always walmart, the creepys are always there!! I avoid it like the plague! I have a story, in college me and my room mate went to burger king at like 2 a.m. and there were two really nasty looking men inside, they watched us the entire time we ate, then they left 5 minutes before we did! we were like yeah!! so we go outside and get in our car and they were sitting in there car waiting for us? they followed us all around Logan for over a hour, we weren't about to go home, so we just kept driving and they just kept following us, they would pull up to us at red lights and say nasty creepy things, we wouldn't even look over at them. (these were the days before cell phones yeah I'm old!!) - anyways we finally were so freaked out we pulled up infront of the police station and they sped off. WEIRDO'S!

Chelsea Rose Photography said...

Oh my gosh that reminds me of when My roomie and I at college (Rexburg) got home from a double date (way after curfew btw) and there were 2 guys sitting in our living room waiting for us (uninvited) that we had met earlier that day... all of our other roommates were totally asleep and these guys were just sitting there watching TV and we freaked out and told them to leave and they wouldn't one of them climbed on top of my roommate and I threatened to call the cops they finally left after we went to the back and hid for over 15 minutes! So... so... scary!!

Miss Lovely's Musings said...

Okay, Whitney. This is absolutely horrifying and I have to say that you need a little lecture. Growing up in Othello then moving to Rexburg may have created a sense a trust and "it can't happen to me" illusion.

#1 NEVER challenge or "stare down" people like that. That is often a challenge they take and you would lose.

#2. If they were stalking and going to hurt you, calling Jeran was worthless. CALL THE POLICE!!! I am serious. You are very foutunate that it turned out okay, but so very often it doesn't. OH, and next time don't drive to your house, go to someones elses, you don't want them to know where you live.

#3. Please be careful. There is a book out called the Gift of Fear. It's not talking about the silly groundless things we see in our minds, but the very real intuitions and warnings we receive that keep us from getting in trouble. The author has interviewed many people who have survived violence, and ALL of them had some warning that they ignored.

4. I love you and want you to be safe.

Aunt susan

Rychelle said...

my ex-boyfriend worked at a grocery store (albertson's, in fact).
and he turned out to be a total looser.
so it all makes sense.
it's albertson's you should avoid, not wally world.

Rychelle said...

actually, to be sure, you should avoid both places.

and, seriously DO BE CAREFUL out there!

Jillene said...

I have done that before. I kept reading your comment thinking why isn't she driving to the Police Station and then TADA!!

Whitney, Mary & Ari-
It is easy to be tough when your kids are involved. You would do ANYTHING to protect them. I knew that if he would have gotten out I could have handled things--the Spirit was strong with me. I was also surprised at how controled I was. Heavenly Father was looking out for me that day. However--I am a tough girl and I take NO crap from anyone!! (0:

Brittany said...

Whitney- I forgot to tell you that because I work in the ghetto and am around ghetto-esque people, I carry pepper spray in my purse. :p Its name is "Sgt. Pepper". LOL
I kill myself.

Kristina P. said...

Whitney, we are honorable mention sisters! Oh, and what's this private blog you and Victoria belong to? I want to peek in.

ramsam said...

Hey honorable girl.....be careful. I would have definitely called in the number and well....I am not sure what else I would have done.

Before I was married I was seriously stalked by an old English teacher (not my teacher) he would run past my work place, strecth in front of my window, come donate plasm when I was there (that is how he found me- DO NOT DONAT PLASMA! ONLY SCARY PEOPLE DO THAT) and he followed me around the gym. The worst part was once he brought rabbits to the gym and let them loose where I was doing sit ups. (you can not make this stuff up, people). I was so freaked out I hid in the locker room!

Being stalked is not as cool as you think it might be.

Whitney said...

Ariana - I didn't feel too threatened so I didn't call the Po. If they had followed me (the 20 minutes) home then I would have. Except I doubt they would have kept following after about 10 minutes.

Wendy!!! That's horrifying!! Oh how scary, I'm glad you finally went to the station. And very smart not to go home. Eeeehhhh.....

Chelsea - that's so weird! And scary. There are quite a few creepy guys here. I'm glad you were okay.

Aunt Susan - Thank you for your concern :)I live far enough out of town I doubt anyone would follow me out as far as I live. 20 minutes. And if they did I know my way around the country that I could just loop right back around and head into town. I was in a public place so I felt fine calling Jaren. I didn't want to call the police then find out those boys were just being stupid boys and then really had something to return at customer service. I'm just hoping I don't see them again (hah, not too likely in Rexburg). I'm sure they wont remember who I am.

Rychelle - come to find Albertsons is more expensive than other grocery stores? Even with the albertsons savings card? Hmm... gonna have to try shopping at the one other grocery store here.

Jillene - I'll feel safe whenever I'm around you!

Brittany - you are just a little pretty innocent looking girl. Not to mention you look like your my age :) So yeah, keep Sgt. Pepper at the ready! (Although, I hope you never have to use it)

Kristina - I was so excited! But a bit disappointed she didn't tell my whole story because it was a lot more funny than just "ride a float through the gateway" Did you read it?

Ramona - Creepy!! Bunnies?!?! Foo Foo?!! What a weird psycho!! How did you get rid of him?

The Ames Family said...

hey, casey is on a diet right now that i thought you might be intrestd in. she has lost 2 pant sizes in a week, feels great, and gets to eat whatever she wants. if you are interestd let me know and i will hook you up.

Brittany said...

Holy crap Ramona, he was a teacher and he was doing that? Ewwwwww!

When I was at Snow College, some guy called our house one night around 10pm and asked specifically for me and wanted me to meet him on campus. Right then. At 10pm/ He kept saying "Oh.... no, you can just come down, it will be ok." He also said he was too shy to tell me his name. I told him I didn't feel comfortable meeting some dude I didn't know in the middle of the night alone on campus and he started freaking out and crying. CREEPY!

Julie said...

So where's the new blog about being thankful on Thursdays???? Did our comments convince you not to do it? haha

Brittany said...

I know! I've been waiting!!! Waiting to be thankful.

Victoria Elder said...

Haha Sassy temper is such a sweet way to describe it

Wendyburd1 said...

Walmart in Rexburg...are there a lot? Because one of my bff's moved out to Rexburg after she was married and works at Walmart...and I'm not sure how big Rexburg is....