Friday, September 5, 2008

If I Could Be a Fly On The Wall......

Jaren and I went into town tonight to get some Bajio's because I wanted the yummy yummy shrimp taco(you know you think it's yummy, your all just too afraid to admit it:). We were on our way in when we passed the DI. There was a truckload of boys loading up a mattress. Already in the back of the truck was
1 mattres
1 poker table
1 couch
and who knows what else.

Now.... what do you think they were planning on doing with all of these things?

Jaren thinks it's a gambling sex ring.

I think these boys think BYU-Idaho is gonna be a pretty fun place for them.

And if I really were a fly on the wall I think I'd wish I had a few less eyeballs.


*MARY* said...

Maybe they're just building a fort. Isn't that what guys do? Now, what they do in those forts I have no idea. So I'll ask my husband......
....He says they read Jane Austen books by the light of their blue darts (lighted farts).

The Raybould Family said...

Mary - hahahah, I have actually seen a blue dart. A really really funny thing. I hope you get to see it in your lifetime.

Bet you could get your husband to help!

Adam and Kristina said...

My husband prefers the "Dutch Oven." Yeah, it's not all cherries and 7-Up.

Jillene said...

O.K.--now don't think I am a gross-o or anything but I have done a blue dart--myself. It was so liberating! (hehehehehe)

Ummmm.. Kristina, what is a "dutch oven"? Never heard of that.

I think the boys are running a gambling sex ring--nice call Jared!

The Raybould Family said...

I don't think your gross.

Actually, it was my boyfriend at the time.. kinda weird. haha.

R-E said...

this is hilarious! I love how comments completely digress from the original topic. my brother-in-law taught me about covered wagons, and gabriel taught me about buttercups, a family tradition apparently. why do boys have to be so gross? and why is it so funny?