Monday, September 1, 2008

I Can't Get Enough!

I can't get enough. I want I want I want. What do I want do you ask? Well, normally it would be clothes or shoes but right now it's food. I'm full, I just ate but I still want Bajio's, which is the knock off of Cafe Rio for Idaho. Or at least Rexburg. I usually like to order different stuff whenever we go out to eat to, you know, try it. I love trying new things which is why if I ever come across Kristina's Chacon, I'll eat it. But this.... is special. I don't like those big huge stuffed burritos with EVERYTHING in those little plastic bins in it. I don't like their salads because they put EVERYTHING in those little plastic bins on it. So I tried and tried to find something good so that when friends wanted to eat there I wouldn't throw up right there on their shoes. (Because then they might not be my friends anymore... and I like friends)

I like seafood.. I love love love shrimp. Hey a shrimp taco? Can't be too bad, right? I'm just tryin everything tryin to find something yummy.

"What would you like?"

"Two Shrimp tacos"


They dump out a pre-measured bit of shrimp and some sort of sauce into a pan. Wearily.. I move forward along the counter. Then I pick out my rice (Mexican, of course) and beans (Black!). So then they put the gooey shrimp concoction into the pretty little flower tortilla and ask,


"Yes, please (cause I'm polite)"


What? Mango? I LOVE mango!! On shrimp? Is that good? Well...again I'm a trier.


So I pay. I eat. Mmmm these taco's are great! But the rice and beans.... I dunno so much. I usually like rice and beans but these just didn't taste so yummy. Maybe it was because it was next to the most amazing shrimp mango taco.

So every time I go, that's what I would get. But one day I decided i didn't want the rice and beans. So I told the lady that and she said,

"Well, do you want a side salad?"

A side salad??? You can do that? Here? At Bajio? Of course I want one! I am(was), after all not exercising so what I ate actually mattered. If I wanted to not have to go out and spend a whole bunch of money on new clothes. Which I didn't, cause I like my clothes very much. So, salad. Romain lettuce, and that spicy ranch dressing and pico de geyo(spelling?). Which, by the way, why is a bunch of cut up tomatoes called that?

Oh, the perfect combination. The side salad, the taco. All of it so good. I had to have more. So I've had it 3 times in the last 2 weeks. And I am not done. I'm full right now with dinner that I so lovingly cooked from a bag from my freezer. But I am still longingly wanting the shrimp mango taco and side salad.........

P.S. - I couldn't find a picture of the yummyness, so your gonna have to order it to see what it looks like. And while your looking, go ahead and take a bite. And then you'll be hooked! Just like me.


ramsam said...

Oopsy! I am a total lurker off SSB blog.....

Anyway, I have to tell you all the girlz luv Bajio here, too, and I have gotten seriously sick after eating there. The first time, I figured a fluke, the second, I was very suspicious, after that I was is only a quessdilla for me when we eat there. Even the mangoes just didn't sit right. *so sad*

But, you should know you have a way cute blog and it is fun to meet a bloggin girl... have a happy day ;-)

wouldn'tu said...
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*MARY* said...

um, yeah, that sounds pretty disgusting.

anyvay, thanks for your sweet comment on my lonely commentless blog. I must admit though, I know who you are... I've visited your blog before... I'm in the house right now!!! Just kidding on that last one. I recognize you from the comments you make on TAMN's site. I thought they were pretty funny so I went to your blog to see who you were. I didn't make a comment though, because I'm a shy little loser who hides in the shadows. Blogspot is a lot like high school, they should rename it Blog High home of the stalkers. I'm a nerdy freshman at Blog High, I can only look at the cool kids, never actually talk to them. And you're one of the popular but nice kids who reaches out to the losers. thanks.

Brittany said...

There is a Bajio's here in SL too. But, since I think pretty much all Mexican food looks like #2, I can't comment any further. :p

Adam and Kristina said...

My coworker and I have a Cafe Rio vs. Bajio debate all the time. I used to be a Bajio fan, and in fact, sort of like their shrimp tacos, but then I realized that their tortillas are disgusting, and I can't go back.

Cafe Rio forever!

The Raybould Family said...

Ramsam - I love blog lurkers. Especially when they de-lurk themselves.... wait. Does that sound weird?

Mary - It's soooo good. And your welcome!

Brittany - Just close your eyes and take a bite! Oh, and my wonderful concoction, you know, the side salad with the taco doesn't have the beans that make it look like Pooh.

Kristina - I love love love Cafe Rio. But they don't have it here, so I found a good substitute. For some reason, I like the burritos and salads at Cafe Rio. But at Bajio they taste nast. (That's right; nast. Not just nasty)

Jillene said...

I LOVE me some Cafe Rio! I have been to Bajio once and I will have to agree with Kristina--disgusting tortillas! I tried a Chimichanga and pretty much threw up in my mouth.

The taco sounds good--I just don't think I could EVER eat there again.

Really--I threw up in my mouth! Not fun--EVER! (0:

Victoria Elder said...

cafe rio for life!!!!! haha even though I live down the street from bajios! & eat it all the time! I am allergic to lobster so I'm guessin I'm allergic to shrimp??? eh its not worth the risk to me to try shrimp sounds delish tho! I like my tacos with grilled pineapple! well street pork tacos taste good like that!

ramsam said...


Mybe I never really got sick from Bajio. Maybe it just tasted like barfo in my mouth.

Jillene said...

I am SURE it was barfo in your mouth! I LOL'ed when I read your comment!

Brittany said...

Oh, there is NO way I'm going to taste something that I know to resemble #2. No no no no no. [crosses arms defiantly]

I am of the school of thought where food should look appetizing. My husband ate Bull Wang Soup in South America. Yeah. Yet another reason I couldn't have served a mission. That and the manditory dress/shoes/white socks combo.

R-E said...

i tried bajio's before cafe rio, so i LOVE it. too bad portland doesn't have any of that stuff! oh but i think everyone here goes to chipotle, which i haven't tried yet.

Julie said...

pico de gallo. But I'm not sure why it's called that. It's rooster's beak in Spanish. But there's arguments over why it's called that. whatever.