Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh No You Did Not Just Say That

Wow. I was watching the MTV VMA's... don't judge. I like to watch the performances. And this Russell Brand character was opening and really liked to endorse Barack Obama and bomb on Republicans and George Bush. Now, I'm not going to get into which candidate is best suited for the job-that's your decision.

But I do want to discuss what he said, "People say that America is not ready for a black president, that they are racist. But I disagree!"

Here I thought we were all about who people are as people. Doesn't matter the color of their skin or their cultural descent. But what type of a person they are. Just because someone does not want to vote Democratic, does that make them racist? Aren't we trying to judge every candidate by who can best run our country and get us out of the crises that we may be in?

I was taught that no matter what someone looks like, they are human just like me. My vote this November is not based on who is black or who is white, but who I think can help our Country get out of this rut.

I wish I wasn't so bothered by his rant, but I am. Who is he anyway? And, yes, we have freedom of speech. We can voice our opinion's about our current president, but why why why whwwwwhhhhhyyyyyy do it on national television when you are not even an American citizen??! Blah. I don't even know what to say anymore, but I really really just needed to get that out.

We should judge by the fruits of a person's labor(doesn't that define their character?) and not by the color of their skin. Just, please, do your research on both candidates. Make sure you have your decision made based on your personal beliefs and who is best qualified.

The whole reason I'm writing about this is that I'm really bothered that the first thing out of this guy's mouth is that America is racist. He implied that if someone does not vote for Obama that they are racist. Not that maybe, they think he is not the best person for the job. It has nothing to do with the VMA's... just that he came right out at the beginning of the show and blurted that. Not that he could talk about the performer's, because, well, the show IS about them, right?

Again, I'm not voicing my opinion for either candidate; just that I don't think the color of anyone's skin matters. That it shouldn't be about that. That it should be about the type of person they are.

Needless to say we changed the channel to Ice Road Truckers. I'm taping it and I'll skim through it tomorrow to watch the performances I want. I love my DVR.


Jillene said...

Yeah--who was that douche bag anyway? He sure had a lotta balls to say that. He also thought that he was really funny--my 9 year old is funnier than him.

I agree completely. This is not about race--it is about who is best qualified to do the job. They should have booed his ratted, permed haired, skinny tight jeaned, stupid Brittish a$$ off the stage! (as you can see I am as upset as you were/are)

Adam and Kristina said...

Love Ice Road Truckers. I actually wrote a post about it.

And Russel Brand was awful. I'm regsitered as an Independent, and have issues with both parties. I tend to find that many Democrats talk about being tolerant and do-gooders, except be tolerant of people who aren't like them.

Politics make me crazy.

Julie said...

Didn't watch it. Too busy watching GOOD tv. haha

R-E said...

i wanted to watch the VMA's but we don't have a tv... i catch everything on hulu. i heard about this guy when i checked the internet on the news though...sounds like he was so lame. he's not even an american! how annoying is it to have someone from England (is that right?) come over and tell us who to vote for. honestly!

Jacque said...

I agree with you. COMPLETELY!
Good for you to voice your opinion!!

Rychelle said...


thanks for dropping by my blog.

i've really enjoyed reading your blog. it's not "too perfect". i think you keep it real on here, and that's how i like it!

i didn't watch the vmas, so i missed out on the crappy host, but it seems like i should be glad i did.

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

aghhhhh! I was ready to turn off the tv at that point. I am neither R or D...Casey says its comfortable on the fence but whatever! As I am trying to make my decision I find all of the celebrity endorsements SO ANNOYING!!! Geez, stick to acting. Basically what I am saying is- word or I concur.

*MARY* said...

I guess not having cable has it's pros.
oh and I'm a REPUBLICAN! A great big FAT one!

The Raybould Family said...

Jillene - You were as mad as I was!! I was so bothered that my husband advised me to sleep on it before posting this post to see if I wanted to change anything. I didn't.

Kristina - I never used to be bothered saying who I was going to vote for. But this election it seems to really ruffle some peoples feathers. I just don't agree with Barack's idea of taxing. People work hard for their money, and how can businesses grow when he's wanting to take half of their income? Infuriates me a bit...

Julie - Might I ask what this GOOD tv was?

Arianna - Yeah, a Brit. Unless he's a registered voter for America, he should keep his mouth shut.

Rychelle - the host sure was crappy. I went through to see the performances and was impressed by a few. So there was at least one good thing about it. Actually, it would have been a rather nice VMA's if they had a different host who wasn't so vulgar.

Alexis - I'm glad you don't listen to what people say.

Mary - Me too.

ramsam said...

I am SO over MTV!!! Did we expect they would do anything different?

My political opinion? I would vote for whoever stays the H-E-double Hockeys out of my business. The scary thing is, with the latest political move (Govt bailing out mortgages) I heard a reporter say we are more communist than China. That's what it is when the government rules everything in your life. Only, in America our politicians call it 'helping out' or 'redistributing wealth'- and it really has me fuming.

I was in a frenzy over all the debates and attacks by the media on certian candidates, while others remain 'endorsed' by media big wigs. Last night my hubby said.. .'Please stop worrying! NO more NEWS! Go to bed!"

truth is, we know what is coming for this country.... I am just not ready for it to all hit the fan yet.

The Raybould Family said...

Ramona - I totally agree. I personally think that I would like to keep my wealth because we've worked hard for it and not have someone take it away beacuse they think we don't know how to be "smart" with our money. Boo!!! No debt, right? Isn't that smart???

People who listen to the endorsements by those big wigs don't know how to think for themselves. Unless they've done thier own research and have come to the same conclusion by choice.

Oh, it will hit the fan, "The Constitution will hang by a thread...."

Kelly B said...

Hi! I found your blog through 'That Bride' (I think) and have made it a goal of mine to not be a lurker ever again. So, I love this post because I had the exact same thought! I look forward to catching up on your blog and future posts - feel free to check mine out :) Have a great day!