Saturday, September 6, 2008

Taggedy Tag Tag

I've been tagged. This one seemed a bit fun and easy.

Here are the rules: Write five things about yourself that nobody knows or that is unique to you. Then tag five of your friends.

1.) I actually get a bit angry when people don't use their blinkers. I mean, your turning, right? Or changing lanes? I need to know about it!!!

2.) My husband owns a sports car and I have never been behind the wheel. Sad, I know. He keeps saying I can drive it but he never get's around to it... yeah right. It's his baby.

3.) When I was a Sr. in high school I was voted 'Best Eyes', 'Most Athletic' and 'Strongest'. Unfortunately you could only technically win one, I ended up with 'Best Eyes' which I also got in 8th grade. I felt so special!

4.) I'm horribly afraid of the dark. When we go to bed at night I have to just close my eyes and keep them closed or I get scared. I think I see shadows if I open them and then I scare myself and I know it's all in my imagination... I know, I'm crazy.

5.) I used to lift weights. I was able to bench 145 when I weighed 120 pounds. I won a bench press competition my freshman year in college and got a gift certificate to Johnny Corino's. I was strong, but still looked like a girl. Now I think I have fat arms and I know it's because I did not keep up my weight lifting habit. I only need to lift a little a few times a week and it would go away... I just lack the motivation.

Here are 5 things about Jaren. I got what he wanted listed from him, but I wrote it.

1.) Jaren loves history. He's thinking about getting his master's and one of his options is History. If he were to ever not farm he thinks he would like to teach History.

2.) When Jaren was a little boy his dad made farm equipment for him. Mineature sized everything. All welded together and painted the appropraite colors. Tractors, Circles, Potato digger, potato piler, and other equipment. I've seen them and it's quite amazing. Jaren would set up his farm in the back yard in the dirt and farm it. I wish his mom had pictures... she might, I don't know.

3.) He likes to mow the lawn. (he talks to himself while doing it. I find it rather cute. I'll just watch him from the window while he has a conversation with himself. I'm glad he can get his frustrations out; he comes in the house quite content :)

4.) Doesn't like to get dirty. But he farms..... When I first met him, I didn't believe he did anything. I honestly thought he just rode around in his pick up all day and pushed buttons (sometimes it seems that way... lol) because he was so clean. My dad's hands are permanently stained dark because of all the grease he has gotten on them. Jaren is the cleanest farmer I've ever met.

5.) He does not like college kids in his town. He grew up here in Rexburg and said it was just great when the college was just little and only a 2 year university and now it drives him nuts. I noticed this when we were dating that he'd make smart comments about the college kids. I'd always say, "but I'm a college kid." He'd tell me that I'm not stupid like them.

Uhhhh.... I tag anyone who thinks this would be a fun post to do.


Jillene said...

That was great! I loved getting to know you better and we actually have a few things in common.

#1- I used to lift weights too. I took a weight lifting class in High School and by the end of the year I could bench 200 lbs. I was cute and skinny then but I could lift with the best of them!

#2- I got voted for best eyes too--or so I thought. Actually in the
8th grade and 12th grade they said it was for the best eyes but I later found out it was for the best rack. Isn't that sweet! I topped out at a DD in the 8th grade and I guess that impressed everyone. Now it was listed in the yearbooks as best eyes but it was a cover-up. Aren't I special?!

The Raybould Family said...

Jillene - WOW! You were super strong! I know if I had kept at it I would have been able to lift more, but I was worried about turning into a manly.

HAHA, that's amazing. Really. I'd like to think the sports and weight lifting stunted my growth.... if you know what I mean, but I'm sure it was just my genetics. Boooooo....

Jillene said...

Well mine had NOTHING to do with genetics. My mom is a B, her sister is an A-, both of my Grandma's were A-'s. My dad has no sisters so I have NO idea where mine came from.

Oh wait--my parents were not active until I was about 10 or 11 so when they got preggers with me my mom kept telling my dad that it was a girl and my dad kept telling her no way because Schow's don't have girls but if they did she would have boobs out to here (imagine him putting his hands out in front of his chest pretty far). I was the first girl on my dad's side of the family in 35 years. I guess he cursed me while I was in the womb! Thanks a lot dad!!

Nana said...

5 things about me, I have the best most handsomest and cutest kids in the world. Jason, Kevin, Nathan, Whitney and Lindsey!

Jillene said...

Oh--what a cute mom!! My mom is cute like that too! Gotta love the mom's!! (0:

Adam and Kristina said...

I wasn't voted anything. Maybe most lame. Seriously, in Jr. High, I was painfully unpopular.

And can I just say how happy I am you didn't actually tag me by name?

I love reading people's tags, because I think they're interesting, but I've only done one in my blogging career. I once was tagged three times, in the same day.

I think I have about 12 outstanding tags, and I just don't love doing them. I don't do the email ones either. Meh.

*MARY* said...

I can't believe I'm blogging BFF's with two girls who were voted prettiest eyes, I feel honored.
I was voted most annoying and most likely to be eaten by a shark. Which is why I never go swimming or take baths.

ramsam said...

Man ! Nice high school votes! And 3 of them. You were popular (yay! now you are my blogging friend so I am popular too!) I was only voted Most Likely to be a Back-up Singer for MIchael JAckson. Scary.

I love that you are scared of the dark. It is so human and pessimistic of you, plus feeling scared is kind of fun. It would have been fun to tease you at a slumber party .. (hey, that was mean. Maybe that's why I got no nice votes?)

Brittany said...

I'm never doing a tag again. The last one I did on my blog ("20 Random Things About Me") ended up being quoted by a Laurel before one of my Temple Presentations. As my introduction to the audience. Yeah.

Brittany said...

Hey Whitney, I just wanted to let you know that you won a copy of my book on my blog!

Em said...

Whitney, I am always entertained when I read your blog. Mike is always saying that he is Glad that Jaren found you. please keep it up... the entertaining part... and taking care of jaren I guess. hopefully one of these days we will actually spend some time with you guys. if Jaren doesn't keep ditching us. he gets our hopes up, tells us he is going to be in utah and then... NOTHING. I am beginning to think he is trying to tell us somthing... BUT WHAT??? J/K

The Raybould Family said...

Mom - That was sweet!

Kristina - Your welcome. I have one tag that I still need to do. I'm just waiting till I have some pictures to fill it with and when I'm in the mood...

Mary - I wouldn't even have a fish tank.

Ramona - if there are people around I'm fine. It's when I'm alone. You would have scared the pooh out of me and I would have spent a long time plotting how to get back...

Brittany - Can I find out what the fact was that she read? haha. I've been in YW for 2 weeks and today was my first Sunday with them.... I'm kinda sorta a little afraid of the Laurels... hope they don't ever find this and read it.

Emily and Mike - I'm so glad you read my blog :) And I'm glad Mike is happy that I married Jaren. (It's nice that every once in a while people think HE is lucky to have ME).
Mike, you broke Jaren's heart when he found out about the reunion from your dad. (He says....)

Brittany said...

Hahahaha! Don't be afraid of the Laurels. The Mia Maids are usually the ornery ones. :p

I still haven't deleted the 20 Things About Me post (why bother now!?) so you can read it on my blog. Its under August 22nd.

ramsam said...

Funny thing is, I get scared pretty easy, too. It would not have been hard to get revenge. My hubby travels for work, and some nights when I climb in bed alone I realize it is just little old me in this old house. It freaks me out, so I read, sing primary songs, or turn on my TV to the BYU channel- it puts me right to sleep.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I'm still afraid of the dark too. Shhhh.