Saturday, August 30, 2008

Been Thinkin and Surfin

I've become rather enthralled with this world of blogging. I've been surfing random blogs for the past week and have been making new friends. Since being married I've moved 15 minutes from town and therefore don't get to be as social as I'd like. Also, my husband is a super busy farmer and so as for double dates and such; maybe happens once a month or once every other month. All this leaves me feeling rather lonely since I have been a social butterfly my entire life. I hate being alone and I love making new friends, chatting and learning about peoples lives. I've become rather fond of the idea that you can make good friendships on here and I've noticed on blogs the posts and little signs for Nie. I have noticed this for the last week and finally today, I'm rather sad that I didn't do this sooner, have looked into exactly what is going on with this Stephanie character and her husband. I saw a picture of her today and I was so moved; call me crazy (please do, I am a bit crazy) but I saw myself in her. I have freckles, she has freckles. She is beautiful, I like to think and hope I am too (it makes me feel much better about myself). But more than that I thought, how wonderful that hundreds of people are getting involved and trying to help this beautiful person. I want to help. I'm a bit bummed I missed their auction they held for her but I've read this blog (which I've been stalking) and I think she has a great idea. She is planning on putting a blog book together of really clever, funny posts. I want to contribute, although I'm not so sure how funny I am, but I'd sure like to try. Check it out, I think it's a great idea. Not to mention I already know that most of the blogs I read are hilarious and this book would be nothing but laughs. Anyway, here is the link to Nie's blog; she's been blogging since September 2005.

This really isn't like me to get this involved in someone else's life; especially someone I don't know. Anyway, here's to me trying to be funny and helpful. I'm going to start compiling a list of subjects that might be good enough to get me into that book. I bet you all could do it, too.

Since I can't ever post something with out a picture, here 2 of my brothers and my dad (love the comb over pops) weeding my patch of dirt in front of my home. I didn't plant a garden this year because of time (lame excuse). School and softball really put a damper on my home improvement. On my birthday I pulled into my drive way to see this. I couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny. Apparently, Jason, the brother with the knee brace couldn't sit still (I was getting my Cold Stone birthday cake) waiting so he started to pull my HUGE weeds and the other's felt lazy, I guess (men) so they joined in the fun. I couldn't resist a picture. Thanks boys!

Here I am with my Cold Stone yummy cake. I love love love cake batter ice cream, so I thought, perfect! Birthday cake batter ice cream cake! My 3 year old nephew is sitting on the counter next to me. I couldn't tell you how excited that boy was to have cake. I came out in the morning and he said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITNEY! Now can we have some birthday cake now?" He waited so patiently (not) all day. :) I love being an auntie!! (maybe now someday soon I can also be a mommy? Maybe??)


Jillene said...

What a sad story and a great cause. I am not very funny but I can try! Thanks for the links so that I had the opportunity to learn more about Nie.

I always try to post with pictures too. I am a very visual person. Love your dad's comb over--my dad and my brother are bald but beautiful--no comb overs here!

LOVE LOVE the Cold Stone ice cream cakes! They are yummy to die for! Maybe you can become a mommy soon! It is the MOST AMAZING thing ever to be a mom! You know what you have to do right? Practice makes perfect!

Adam and Kristina said...

Jillene basically said everything I wanted to. I love Cold Stone cakes.

I saw the book idea, and thought I might submit something, but I have no idea what. I know people tell me I'm funny on my blog, but I still have insecurities that I'm not as funny or clever as many of the women who would subit, or my topics are too shallow, etc. But I am thinking about it.

Oh, and I have friends that think doing a meet and greet is odd, or meeting blogger friends is weird, but I'm like you. I have a very small group of friends, and I had almost none in high school, so I feel like I've become friends with all these great women!

Chelsi Leavitt said...

whit your house is cute! hope the cake was yummy! i'll call you soon... i dont start school until the 22nd!

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

K believe it or not..... I 've NEVER had coldstone cake! Am I deprived? Sheltered? maybe both I dunno! looks delish tho! last week I was way getting into blog stalking & read about that nienie blog after I heard the news report! It is so sad! that book idea is great, how neat is all I can say! Kristina needs to submit something! TAMN should too! you should email her & tell her about it

The Raybould Family said...

Jillene - haha, bald but beautiful, sounds like it would be some sort of support group for baldies. And, ohhh I can only imagine how wonderful motherhood is. Just the little taste of auntieness has left me wanting much.

Kristina - I think once you decided on a subject to write and rant and make fun of, you'd be really funny. I would love to have a book with some of your humor in it. (Cause even if what I send in isn't funny enough, I'm still going to buy the book)

Vic - Already done :)

Jillene said...

Glad you liked the bald but beautiful thing. My dad lost his hair at 19 and my brother at 21 and they both decided no comb overs or toupees or hair implants--which I am glad for becuase they both look great!

You are so SO cute and funny! I am glad we have an internet friendship too! Hopefully we can meet someday!

First--You are HILAROUS!! You for sure need to submit to the book!
Second--I am glad that I have internet met you! You are great! I can't wait until I meet you!

b. said...

It's a book I'd totally buy. I think I may submit something....

Happy Birthday!!

Rexburg, eh?
We almost bought some property up there, and my in-laws own a huge student housing complex do you like it?

The Raybould Family said...

I really do love it. It took some getting used to when I realized I was marrying a farmer and you don't quite move your ground, so... stuck here! It's not too different from Washington, though.

What is the complex called?

Jacque said...

I am so happy you stalk blogs! :) Consider us e-bffs. Now, be sure to read
That is MY favorite blog to read. She's hilarious. I even bought some of ehr shirts!

Jillene said...

So I noticed on Kristina's blog that you mentioned that your sisters b-day is the weekend of the 25th. Is it on the 25th? If it is she must be really cool like me (that's my b-day). Even though I am old--I am still way awesome and cool (wow--look at me trying to validate myself. How pathetic! lol).

R-E said...

i posted a comment but somehow it didn't get published!
oh well. i just wanted to say i'm glad you're joining the nie nie cause, and i'm glad so many people like making online blog friends, because i love it. and you are beautiful, just like stephanie!