Friday, November 14, 2008

My First Kiss

I read Jay's post and it got me thinking about my first kiss and how awkward it was. I decided I would tell the story.

Come to think of it, I don't really think I've ever told my parents this story. This should be interesting.

Aren't you automatically exonerated for anything you ever did wrong when you get married? That's when I felt okay to tell my dad I snuck out of the house right after I graduated high school to go climb hay stacks with a friend. Really, believe it or not, we climbed a hay stack. He just laughed.

It was 1999 and I was 13, in 8th grade and just starting to get out of my ugly phase. I had this huge crush on a boy named, Cade. I had heard rumors that he liked me too.

Finally, he asked me out(on the phone). It's so funny when I think of what, "going out" was. I think we "went out" for 3 months. We talked on the phone, sat by each other at basketball games, called each other boyfriend and girlfriend and that was about it. I don't even remember writing notes to each other. I have my journal from 1999 to make sure I get the details of the story correct. I was reading this entry and I mentioned how my friends had to tell him to give me hugs. And we were supposed to be "boyfriend", "girlfriend".

One of my best friends at the time was Melissa. She lived about 1/4 of a mile from him out in the country. One Saturday I went to her house and after a while I called him to see if he was home. No answer.

I remember going over to her house another time. We were playing basketball (I believe we were on the same team) and I would yell randomly really loud hoping he would hear me and know that I was right there. Just a house away! So funny.

After a while I decided to call him again to see if he was home; he was, he had just got back from Tri Cities. Melissa came with us, making three of us standing there in the road late at night talking. We were laughing and having a good time when Melissa had to go home - she said she'd be right back. I was a little relieved becuase then I could be alone with him. Oh, and I knew I wanted to kiss him.. but I also knew he has kissed other girls so I was a bit shy - I mean, I didn't know what I was doing!

She left and we talked, a car would drive by and we would jump in the ditch and wait for it to pass. About 10 or 15 minutes after Melissa had left he told me he had to go. I knew it was coming.... I was waiting... then he said this:

"Before I left my mom told me to wear a coat, watch for cars and brush my teeth"

me: (in my head) So he IS going to kiss me!

him: "I guess I'll give you a goodbye kiss."

me: (in my head again) AHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Him as he steps closer to me : hahahahaa, giggle giggle, chuckle chuckle

me: (everything goes on in my head) Whaa? what's so funny?!

Apparently, in my journal I say that he is laughing because he had found out that I had never been kissed. Me, an ameature, him not.

so then I said: "It's my first time"

So he hugged me and gave me a little peck on the lips. I'm going to now quote my 13 year old self from my journal,

"My first kiss. I was so excited. My first kiss. And it was kinda wet. I don't know if he had opened his mouth a little or what." I do remember being grossed out about the wetness. haha

And when I signed my name to end the entry I wrote very big, "My first kiss! Holy CRAPPER!"

Crapper? I don't remember using that word. But I am by no means surprised.

So there it is. My first kiss. Is 13 too young to you? Jaren says yes. I'll just say that was the only one from that boy. We "broke up" not too long after. My lips must have been too dry.

My ugly phase (from age 5-12). The summer before 8th grade when my hair was long and scraggly and I tried to curl my bangs. Lindsey (sister) is in the blue Hiawatha (grade school) shirt, the little girl in the red USA shirt is my cousin Roxanne who is 19 and married now, and the purple shirt is Chantile, my cousin who I grew up doing things with every summer, who is 22.
Still not the cutest thing, but my hair looks much better! This is Chantile and I in our sand box in my back yard back in Washington. We would dig huge holes, fill them with water and then sit in them, or in this case just stick our legs in them.
Probably a bit better of a picture of my 13 year old self. With Lindsey, Roxanne and Chantile again. I really hope every one can figure out which one is me in all of these pictures.

Thanks for the pictures Mom!

Also, scroll down to, "Will You Be There?" to let me know if you are going to be at the dinner in one week from today, the 21st at 7 p.m. at Sampans in or at? the South Towne Mall in Sandy. And vote on the poll! Thanks bundles.


The Boob Nazi said...

I can't blog about this because my first kiss reads my blog hahahaha.
But I was 20. After it, I said, is that all? Then we made out for 2 hours. hahahaha good times.

Whitney R said...


Jay @halftime lessons said...

Yay...I love stories of Mormon teen angst...


Trust me, we're better off married than going thru all that crap over and over...

Loved it!


Jay @halftime lessons said...

PS- Thanks for the shoutout! Holla cutie!


Jillene said...

Hahahaha!! LOVE the pictures too!! My first kiss was in 6th grade to Paul Shipley. We counted down 3..2..1 and then kissed. HAHAHAHA!! That was a LONG time ago!!

*MARY* said...

I won't tell you how old I was when I had my first kiss, but I will tell you I was WAY older than 13. Not by choice; I wanted to kiss, but nobody wanted to kiss me.

Seriously, so blessed! said...

Holy CRAPPER I love this story. BAAA!!

Dads(2) said...

You write such fun stories! Keep'em coming . . .

Life as Ashley said...

Ooooh! Now tell us about your first kiss with Jaren! :)

Kristal said...

Jaren is right, 13 is waaaay too young! Nevermind if I was 12 for my first kiss....

Kristina P. said...

Considering most of the 13 year-olds I work with have multiple sexual partners by 13, I'm thinking not too young.

And speaking of kissing, I'm watching one of the models on America's Next Top Model make out with some creepy European model.

the letter Bee said...

I was 16. (And no, it wasn't Que- although we knew each other then.)

You were 13 in 1999? In '99 I was 18 months or so away from getting married. LOL

Rychelle said...

cute story! cute pics!

Brigitte said...

Reading your post reminds me of my first "boyfriend". haha... I might have to do a post about that too. What was with the whole "going out" thing?! Do kids still do that these days? Or are they above that?

And digging sand pits? It's kinda funny you did that. We use to make mud pits to play in. Seriously lame but we were so bored! We would put the hose out and get the field soaking wet and full of mud so we could just walk through it and play around in it. I had forgotten about that till I read your post. Hmm.

Okay so I'm planning on coming next week but I'm wondering if Jaren is coming. If Jaren comes then I'll have my husband come to. Let me know... :)

Brigitte said...

And TAMN commented on your blog?!?!

I still think it's Kristina. Who do you think it is?

Wendyburd1 said...

It BETTER not be Kristina!!

Aww Whitney you were NOT ugly!!

CaJoh said...

I also admit that with my first kiss I was a bit grossed out too. I think we all go through an ugly phase where we realize that we are not as good looking as we would like (when in actuality we are all beautiful).

So said...

Fabulous first kiss story! My first kiss was with a kid I didn't even really like. Beh.

Erin said...

I've had a post in draft form for a couple of months now talking about my first kiss. I was 14, and MY PARENTS WERE WITH ME (I'm hoping they didn't see/know). That is why I haven't had the guts to post it yet!

Whitney R said...

Erin - didn't you read the part about how all is forgiven when you get married? Post it! :) My mom told me she thought it was funny and I told a good story. I asked if she knew, she said no. lol

So - how'd ya get forced into that?

Cajoh - yeah, maybe I'll show me at 7 and then you'll understand the ugly phase with my two front teeth being bigger than needed be.

Brigitte - I don't think Tamn is Kristina. I'm not sure who it is! I don't think I know the person - since I only know all these utahns through blogs. I kinda hope she comes out of the closet someday and then she can actually come to our meet and greets! And where did you grow up? And nope, Jaren's not coming. He came to the last one, but I'm making the trip by myself (it's my girly weekend) :)

Brittany - you are the same age as my oldest brother :) But I can't see him when I see you. (As in same age). You seem like your just a few years older than me.

Kristina - thanks

Kristal! Now I say 12 is too young. lol. I guess you need that extra year on you. But I think of my Miamaids and think they are too young. And they are older than I was! I just always have to remember what it was like for me at that age - it helps me put perspective into these girls lives.

Ashley - That will come in time :) I have to get on with "Our Story" but it takes Jaren like 2-3 days to write his little piece and I have to start it.. and I haven't with trying to post every day!

Thanks, Daddies!

TAMN! I'm so glad you love it, I'm waiting for you to tell us all your and JJWT's first kiss. I mean, of course it was right when he asked you to marry him, but you can tell us about your other first kiss - the one that didn't count b/c you weren't engaged or married yet.

Mary - I find that hard to believe!

Jillene - haha, a countdown kiss. At least you were ready.

Jay - haha, I was just like any other teenage girl - really liking a boy and wanting him to kiss her!

Mina said...

OK, in 1999 I was pregnant with my 3rd kid and was Young Women's President in my ward. (This was after having already been Counselor over the Mia Maids 3 separate times, back when you were in primary.) I definitely feel ancient.

I was 13 for my first kiss, too. But the boy frenched me right off, and I thought it was gross but was way too wimpy to tell him to stop.

Anonymous said...

Oh whitney! You are crazy! I remember your cousins. How are they? they probably dont remember me but oh well.

Michelle said...

You have inspired me to post about my traumatic first kiss. Haaaahaha. I loved your story and pictures. Awesome. :)

Jordan and Michaela Spence said...

Hey! I found your blog! Wow, you are a serious blogger! :) I love it!! My first kiss was so embarrassing, I still don't like to think about it, let alone write about it lol. I loved your story though!!

Miss Lovely's Musings said...

My first kiss was a million years ago, back when the earth was still cooling. It was behind the Aberdeen, Idaho Jr. High, and it was with Richard Cardona. He had a missing front tooth.

ramsam said...

Such a cute story! I love first kiss stories....and the pictures are so great. You are so cute :-)

We all went through the ugly phase...yours wasn't so bad. ....

ANYWAY thank goodness for journals. We want the facts!

Sara Ann said...

What a great story:) My first kiss wasn't until I was 19, I was visiting a boy in Rexburg (small world) and he took me up on some hill because he had to do "Astronomy homework" yeah, I totally fell for it...