Saturday, May 23, 2009

Statcounter Secrets

I was looking at my stat counter and noticed a recurring theme. No, not stalking, that I know of, but people from all over the place were googling a famous name and coming to my blog for their picture. So far it looks like anywhere from 3-7 people in a day.

Remember this post?

Apparently I'm not the only one interested in Interpol or just their lead singer - who is rather good looking.
I'm not sure whether they are googling Interpol or just Paul Banks. Either way, they are international stars just from my records.

Here are a few places people have been coming from:

Carcas Venezuela
Guignen, France
Poznan, Poland
Conception, Chile
Quebec, Canada
Grange Mouth, United Kingdom
Genoa, Italy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
LA, California
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Moscow, Russia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Salerno, Italy
Mannheim, Germany

The next top thing that googling brings my blog up for is "expensive things". Kind of funny, but because of this post it makes sense.

I'm compiling a list of really weird things that people type in and come to my blog for. I need to check statcounter more so I don't miss some of these gem's! (Like the boy, in Trinidad and Tabago who googled "Am a boy and am seventeen years old and pee like every 3 minutes what does that mean" took him to my toilet post where I whine about having to pee all the time, but I have no toilet. Sorry, Trinidad boy... my condition only happens to women.)


Kristina P. said...

I always love looking at my Statcounter searches!

Erin said...

People keep looking up aumakuas from my blog. Who knew that writing about certain things would bring up so many searches?

P.S. I love your header!

Abra said...

I get lemons and twilight a lot and a LOT of people search for that Raindrops on Roses song... who knew?

Strawberry Shortcake said...

I have had some weird ones too. You look adorable and you are not huge. give me a break! ;) I looked nine months pregnant at five with my second one. I have had people ask me a few times if I was having twins. Thanks, but I am hormonal, so watch out! You look wonderful, and it is amazing where the weight goes!

Wendyburd1 said...

I have google analytics AND site meter, I must not know where to look to find these things out!!

Alexis Treese said...

I know it's weird how people from other places in the world are in your business. I was going to call you but I talked to Amber and she reminded me youre there having a blast so Ill wait. Im sad that Im here and you are all there...LUCKY. boo for me. Okay I need to figure out how to make a signature. I freaking love yours.

Kristal said...

LOL, "Sorry, Trinadad boy" cracked me up. Poor boy who pees all the time (who should probably drink some cranberry juice :D ).

Rowboat said...

i have no idea how to use those fancy site meter websites, etc. i kind of wish i did but maybe i'm glad i don't.