Sunday, May 31, 2009

Utah: Fun and Infectious

I arrived on a Monday afternoon and never had a chance to sit down unless it was in the car or at a restaurant until I got home Wednesday evening. That may have had something to do with getting sick so fast.

I started my shopping Monday at Nordy Rack, found 2 shirts and 2 shoes. DSW also provided me with a cute pair of sandals that were not flip flops - which are all the sandals I have (until now). I stayed with my friend Victoria and got to spend some time with a few other girlfriends. It was a very busy 3 days.

Tuesday was spent shopping - ALL DAY. I got most of what I needed at the Gateway and had to hit a few stores on the way back to Provo for dinner to get the rest. I got 2 dresses, 2 skirts, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts and a LOT of shirts. I think I'm pretty well set for the summer. There is a small chance I might have to pick up a few more undershirts and another bella band. Possibly another pair of jeans towards the end of the summer and maybe a few long sleeved shirts come September. 50% of what I bought is maternity and the other 50 is not, but is a size up and a bigger looser style. I'm thinking of posting pictures to see if you can tell the difference - it's pretty amazing.

This is me and my beautiful cousin Lisa who I don't get to see very often. We grew up together and despite our 2 year age difference were very close. It's hard to keep up with each others lives living in different states. She left to Africa Friday to help at an orphanage and I can't wait for her to come home and tell us all about the amazing experience! I sure hope she get's to go on an African Safari, at least someone will get to go and tell me how it is. (for those of you who don't know, it's my dream to go on an African Safari, but Jaren is too scared he will get eaten by a Lion and tells me he will take me to the San Diego Zoo instead. Uh huh... waiting for that to happen, too)

These next photos are from the concert taken by my phone. So the quality isn't superb.
Victoria and I after Paramore performed, waiting for No Doubt. We were so rushed to get there that we had to grab dinner there: chicken strips and fries, the most greasy fries I've ever had.
This is the best picture of Paramore's set I got. They put on a great show. Hailey (the lead singer) has a phenomenal flawless voice that sounds just as amazing live as on their albums. They played quite a few new songs that are coming out on their new album at the end of the summer. It was nice hearing them, but we would have rather heard more stuff we knew and could sing to. I cannot figure out how to flip this. Even when I flip it in a photo editer and save it it still comes out like this. This was how they entered the stage. One by one each bandmember walked out and then the curtain dropped and they were standing at all different areas of the stage - it was really exciting. I have been a fan of No Doubt since I was in 6th grade and this was my first concert of theirs. I had a chance to go when I was a Senior in High School but my dad wouldn't let me - I'm still bitter about it.
One of my favorite things was their opening song. They played "Excuse Me Mr.", but it was a different version. It was awesome. They had a big white TV screen that played video's that went with each song. It was so much to look at! My favorite video was to their song, "Bathwater" where each bandmember basically just jumped around to the beat.
Towards the end of the show she brought out her son, Kingston. His birthday was the next day and since it was 12 a.m. on the east coast she brought him out. He was wearing big black ear muffs and we all sang happy birthday to him and during the song Gwen tried to take off the muffs but he got scared and covered his ears even though it wasn't loud. It was very cute. He smiled and waved at everyone and I tried to see if Gavin would come out and get him, but it was a nanny. Bummer. You can see them on the screen and even see his black ear muffs.

She said they were going to have to come back, which I'm hoping after they release their next album (which they are currently writing) they will. And I'll be there. :)

I'm thinking I got whatever it was I got at that concert (hence: Utah being infectious). Close quarters with everyone breathing on you can't be a good thing. I'm feeling tons better, but still really congested - so gross. Tomorrow is going to be really busy, I'm going to try to get my house clean before I'm gone for the rest of the week in Boise. Lena has a pool in her development and we plan on spending all sorts of time out there. I'm going to lay out and get some color. I may even tan the belly. Might be fun.


Kristina P. said...

What a fun trip! I wish I had gone to the No Doubt concert.

Life as Ashley said...

So happy to see you! Have a great [& relaxing] trip this week.

amber belmonte. said...

it was great to see you :) sorry you got sick! feel better soon!

Wendyburd1 said...

That sounds so fun! And you saw Kingston!! I love Excuse me Mr!!! Lucky girl!

Rowboat said...

whoo sounds fun! i love concerts. time to find a good one in portland!