Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Poor Poor Rear

This is an update to the post below:

I made an appointment to go to the doctor to find out if this cold was viral or bacterial so I could find out if I could take antibiotics or not. I'm going to Boise next week to help my sister in law, Lena with her two babies while my brother is out of town. Because of this I really felt like I needed to get the cold or whatever it was taken care of quick. Otherwise I probably would have waited to see if I would feel better later.

I waited in the waiting room for about 20 minutes, then in the patient room for 40 minutes. I about left. I was SO tired I was falling asleep before I left my house for the appointment. I thought about canceling and just going tomorrow so I could take a nap, but I didn't. And I am SO glad I did.

The doc came in, poked around, listened checked down my throat, then told me the vampire would be there in a minute. 10 minutes later the vamp lady came in, poked my finger, then left. I waited another 15 minutes and the doc came in:

"Goodness Girl! You have a serious infection!"
me: I do?
doc: Yes, your white blood cell count is over 20,000! You haven't had a fever?
me: umm, no, not that I know of
doc: hmm, well, your tonsils and glands are very swollen, it looks like strep, but we would have to test for that and since your cold is bacterial and we can treat it with antibiotics we will just see if you get better
me: oh... well, I'm glad it's bacterial!
doc: I'm worried about pneumonia, so can we give you a shot?
me: a shot? sure, if it will make me better
doc: it will help speed up the process, since your pregnant we want this gone as soon as possible. I'm also giving you the z pack (5 day antibiotics)
me: ok!
doc: see you next week for your ultrasound!

So... along comes this sweet looking little girl nurse with this needle with ugly yellow stuff in it. I hold out my arm, she says, "Uhh, actually, we have to do this one on your butt." WHAT?! Crrap. I said, "well, if it will make me get better faster".

I haven't had a shot in that particular region since I was 6 and a girl I played with all the time moved away and shortly after found out she had Hepatitis somethin and I had to get a shot. I remember that encounter vividly. Infact, the nurse didn't even put the bandaid on the owy! I remember being annoyed and having to put it on the correct spot myself.

Can I just say that a little pinch really means 40 250 pound grown burly men coming and taking a sucker punch to your left cheek all on the same spot. And the "sting" was the numbing agent. The numbing agent was what hurt so bad!! It didn't make sense... It took an hour and a half to start to feel a little bit normal.

So, I was informed that if I don't feel better to come rigth back in. I'm taking Unisom tonight so I can actually sleep and I plan on sleeping for a good 15 hours. I need to catch up.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures.


Happy Dash said...

Glad you went to the doctor and got some good medicines to help you feel better (from the not-allergies) and get some sleep! I can't imagine being pregnant and sick - not sounds like much fun :( Get better quickly!

Amy said...

Take that mean husband! JK

Life as Ashley said...

Allergies my butt! [Well, yours actually...]

Whit! I cannot believe you were so sick! Take care of yourself!

I had to get the Rh shot when I was preggo. The nurse comes in, and I just smile, pull back my sleeves, and ask which arm she'd prefer.

Oh her look. Like, "You'd like that wouldn't you? Now bend over in the most awkward position and let me stab your arse for you." Nice.

Rowboat said...

um i really cannot handle shots. they make me want to cry! good luck lady!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Ah! That shot is lethal!!!! I seriously feel sore for a day or two! Eeks! Get better!

Jillene said...

Oh NO!! I hope that you feel better VERY soon!!

Wendyburd1 said...

How did Jaren feel learning you were MORE than just right? You poor chiquita!! I hope you feel better and fast! Helping with 2 babies sounds very fun and you need to be on your toes, so I hope this disappears ASAP!! Get a good sleep!!

Whitney R said...

Ashley - I'm laughing because the position she had me get in was "pigeoned toed" hahaha, yes awkward to say the least.

♥Aubrey said...

Oh i remember when i had to get this about a year ago...It was awful! I had to ask them twice just to make sure they told me correctly. I thought as we got older, this shot would never come again. {Boy was i wrong!}
I hope you feel better soon. No fun being sick when you're preggers.
~I enjoyed reading your blog~

Joe and Ashley said...

So I am just hoping when you said "I'll post some pictures tomorrow," you weren't meaning you would post pictures of your sore rear...although I am sure your rear is very cute. :) Sorry it hurt and I hope you feel better. I also should add that if it was me and they told me they would be stabbing my a hiny there is a good chance I would have siad no way lady and walked out right then..hehe

Christa said...

Good grief! It's a good thing you went to the doctor. I haven't had a shot like that for years. Now that I've said that, I'll probably end up having to get one in the near future. Get feeling better.

Alexis Treese said...

Yay for unisom! Did you gloat to Jaren? Because you know I would have. Ive had a shot in my bootie once... but I was young. Hope you feel better VERY soon, afterall, didnt I send you health blessings thru the universe yesterday, that always works.

Jo said...

You poor thing! I hope you are feeling better!