Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July

This fourth of July I was in Michigan visiting my brother, his wife and their kids with my mom. We had a full day with two parades (all before 12), then a nap (of course), BBQ, sparklers and fireworks. I took hundreds of pictures but picked a few to share.

These are from the second parade. It was a town parade and Jason and Vicki go every year. It was great, I got a wonderful tan and some candy. And there was this huge guy riding around on a very small scooter go kart thingy that was absolutely hilarious.

Jason and Josh watching a train

Vicki making Claire laugh
These are from the first activity/parade/breakfast at 8 a.m.
Tired girl
Mom with Claire
Me holding the flag balloon so we would never forget this picture was taken on the 4th
Josh riding his big boy bike (that was 2 bucks at a yard sale) - he was so proud.
Vicki, Jason, Claire and Josh under the hat
Claire's sweet ride
Does this star headband remind anyone else of Rainbow Brite?
Josh made a sign to go on his bike that said, "Happe Amrica Day". Couldn't have said it better myself
These are all taken right before the BBQ after everyone woke up from their naps - SO. MUCH. ENERGY!
Josh asked me to take a picture of him with the Mountain Dew. I told him his uncles would be very proud.

Josh loved jumping off this table, then running to see the picture I got after wards. Claire is looking mischievous.
And this picture is so funny I had to put it up. I think she was throwing a rock or just screaming for the fun of it - all I know is I'm glad I caught it. It should give her a pretty good chuckle when she's older.Handsome boy. It's hard to catch one of these smiles from him.Sparklers!

I had such a good time visiting that when I got home it took about 4 days of serious funkness because I felt so alone. For almost 2 weeks I had people around me all the time - which is what I love. Being at home I'm by myself all day till Jaren can come home unless I get out and find someone to do something with. I was going through serious social withdraws. I'm much better now - back into the groove of things. But I really do wish I had my family closer - like same town closer.


Christa said...

The sparkler pic is super cool. I meant to get some for my kids simply because I wanted to take pictures like this. I forgot, but at least I still have the 24th.

Chad, Chelsea and Dawson Davis said...

Those pictures are great!

Strawberry Shortcake said...

I always go through withdrawals after spending time with family. I miss it and wished they lived closer (I don't want to live in the snow). You have an adorable family and you look a lot like your mom. Beautiful pictures!

The Boob Nazi said...

Looks fun! I'm glad you were able to visit your family!

ramsam said...

Love the pics- it is like the perfect 4th of july!!!

I know how you feel, I love having people around and kids running around too....but I enjoy silence when I can.

Wendyburd1 said...

Great pictures, it's so great that you were able to hang with family and had such a good time! I am sure especially your parents wished they lived close too with your first baby on the way!!

Nana said...

I loved your pictures Whit, and that was such a fun visit and a great 4th of July! Now I'll want to go visit one of you kids next 4th, it was so fun. :)

andrea. said...

so many pictures...i love it!! your fourth looks like a ton of fun. and i am sure the baby loved all of that noise!

ps. have you thought of a name?!

Victoria Gilbert said...

The pics are so awesome Whit!! :) Jason and I agree that this was the best 4th we've had. It was so much fun to have you guys here with us. Wish we could do it every year :)

Rowboat said...

i love 4th of july!
next year i won't be planning for a wedding that weekend, so i'll really enjoy it more. and i love your sandals- where'd you find those?
i am always wishing my family lived closer. i love them.