Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who Put This Dog In My Garage?!

Is what I was yelling when I walked out into my garage because I heard high pitched barking/squealing Tuesday.

It started almost two weeks ago on a Saturday when I felt super ambitious and decided I was extending my walk 2 miles. I walked a way I had never walked before and a bit over a mile and a half from my house this black dog with white front paws and a white beard starts following me. Happy as a clam, he was! Would run up to me, nudge my thigh with his nose then run off and play in the ditch, then come back and run off again. I kept telling him to turn around and go home. There were about 5 houses he could have belonged to and I had gone about a mile from those houses.

When I got home the dog was still tagging along. Jaren thought that by yelling at him and telling him to "get" and "go home!" he would just turn around and trot away. No, I figured he had no idea where he was. This is how the conversation went:

J: come inside, he'll go home
W: but he wont!
J: yes he will, if you come inside
W: but what if he's lost and can't find his way home!
J: uhhhh.. whitney..
W: we have to take him back!
J: *muttering under his breath* "the things I do for you...."

It's true, he does LOTS for me. The dog wouldn't get in the back of his pickup - we thought it was because the truck was too high. So I jumped in and Jaren drove the entire mile and a half at 4 mph with the dog running along side. It was so funny. At least I thought it was funny - Jaren? Not so much :)

So, I decided to walk the reverse way so if he did follow me again it was while I was going through the farm and he would just have one road that was easy to follow without the distraction of houses or other roads or cars so he could find his way back. I walked that way twice without seeing this dog. Saw a massive German Shepard that scared me out of my boots when he came runnin up to me - I braced myself. Then he nuzzeled my hand ran forward and followed me for about a quarter of a mile, then ran back home. Perfect! Little walking partner for just a minute.

Then Tuesday I had two of my Young Women girls that wanted to come walking with me. They rode their bikes (4 to 5 miles) to my house, then walked the 4 1/2 with me. While out this dog found us again. Walking through the farm did nothing. He still followed us and was so excited to be playing with us and didn't listen to us telling it meanly to "Go Home!!!" So, we get to my house and we go inside right away hoping the dog will take off. They left an hour later after getting some snacks and water and I got right in the shower. While I was getting ready I heard this high pitched barking. I looked out my window looking for the black dog and the dog across the street having a go at one another but didn't see anything. So I blow dried my hair and finished getting ready. Then I turn my music off and walk into my kitchen and I hear it SO loud - coming from down the hall towards the garage door.

I was thuroughly confused. Our garage stays shut - all the time. I walk out and first thing I see is this black dog super happy to see me running around my car to get to me. Pregnancy does weird things to my emotions because at first I was so so so confused. I let him out, walked around to see if maybe one of Jaren's employee's had stuck him in there because he was bothering them - but that didn't make sense either! They knew we didn't have a dog. And grown men wouldn't stick a random dog in our (their boss's) garage. I come back in, shut the door tightly and walk around the inside trying to see how it could have gotten in. I was stumped. There was no way. I was 100% sure someone put him in there. I thought maybe the neighbors? But why!?! Why wouldn't they come to the front door, knock and ask if this was our dog, they've never seen one here before?

Back to my business I go. I look out the window and see him running down the road towards home - good! Jaren comes home for lunch and a few minutes later I tell him what happened. And he says.... "do you think it was the girls?" Two little girls live accross the street and are out riding their bikes and squealing all day long. One 8 and the other 5, I think. I told him maybe, but why?! Right then we hear the barking again from down the hall and I snapped.

AGAIN?!! WHAT THE HECK?!?! He tells me to stay inside - and I don't. So I came out, yes the dog is in there and Jaren takes him out and walks out towards the road and see's both girls walking accross. This is what I heard:

J:"Hey, you girls!" (I thought he sounded kind of mean.. but he seems to say he was being nice)
J: "Did you put this dog in my garage?!"
Girls: *Stared at each other, then the older one says* "Yes"
J: "Why?? This isn't my dog. Don't go putting dogs or anything into my garage. I don't know who's dog this is, but it isn't mine."
Girls: "Ok."

I was so mad. It was hot! Like 90 degrees and so our garage was even hotter! Poor dog! And that's not even the fact that they came and opened our garage door and stuck a dog inside! Parent's not teach them about respecting other peoples property? Or even that you don't open OTHER PEOPLES garages?? I was fuming for quite some time. And to make it worse Jaren told me I'm banned from walking that way again. And I liked walking that way! It was a loop, I didn't have to turn around and come back home and those can be boring. So I think I kind of blamed it on the girls. So, the day goes by and around 5 p.m. Jaren and I are going to go to Idaho Falls to get a closet system for the nursery and the dog is sitting outside in the shade of our house by our garbage can. Uhhhhgg!

Jaren had had it at this point. He called the people we are pretty sure the dog belongs to and they didn't answer. Twice. So he get's a smaller pick up and tries to lead the dog inside. Nope, wouldn't even come. So we decide to just go and deal with it later because we were an hour late already. One of Jaren's employee's drives up as we were closing up the tail gate and so we talk to him and tell him who's dog it is - he knows who they are. And he laughs. Then tells us if he has time he'll take care of it. Of course, boys - start joking around about "taking care of it" and I'm yelling at them and telling them "the dog belongs to someone!" It's easy to get me riled up, I guess...

Later that night we found out that the employee, bless his heart lead the dog back at 4 mph again all the way to his house.

And now I can't walk that way. EVER. Even though it's not my fault! Stupid dog.

The Dog:
put that sad face away


Rhen said...

aww but Whit, he's sooo cute!! lol

Jillene said...

Why on earth would anyone put anything in someone elses garage?! What the?!

Wendyburd1 said...

Whitney!! He likes you! Maybe you are nicer than his owners! And dogs can sense pregnancy I am pretty sure, maybe he thought he was protecting you! I think you should still walk that way, if the dog keeps following you, you report that he isn't collared, which here is illegal, and that his owners won't keep him from following people home. If he roams that much, the owners are not very responsible! And if they aren't concerned, they suck! But don't blame the sweetheart who has a crush on you!

And those lil girls are horrid! Locking that poor animal in an oven!!

Whitney R said...

Rhen - I know.... but I can't have a dog! I'm having a kid!

Jillene - that's exactly what I said/thought/yelled/screamed.

Wendy - He does have a collar - just no tag. And we live out in the country there are roaming dogs all over the place. They always know their way back home. We think he does, but it was just so hot and he would rather stay in the shade. I just felt bad because it was so hot and I knew he had to be thirsty and hungry - but there are plenty of canals around for him to jump in if he wanted.

clgilbert said...

I think you should get a little food and water bowl and keep it outside so you can have a friend! Plus he is adorable!

Nana said...

Whitney if your gonna get a pet, just remember you have some here at home that belong to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is too funny. I would go crazy if somehow a dog ended up in my garage. I can see where you are coming from. Hopefully the owners will do something about that.

ramsam said...

Oh he's so cute....I am sure my boys would have claimed him for their own!

That is sad about the hot garage, though

Victoria Gilbert said...

Whit that's really weird that they put that dog in your garage, and kinda creepy and unnerving to find him in there in the first place!! Like a twilight zone episode or something....dooo dooo dooo dooo

Sara Ann said...

Haha, that is too funny. There was a dog that followed us around for a whole day on my mission. Then he went home finally. Maybe he was our guardian angel that day!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! He is too cute!