Monday, August 31, 2009

A Cry of Help to the Mommies

I'm to the point where I'm trying to make a list of everything we need for the first 2-3 months of her life. Since I've never done this before I'm having troubles thinking further than bottles, a bath, nail clippers and diapers and wipes.

Like, how many 0-3 month pajamas should I have? How many newborn sized clothes? How many bottles are good to start with? Or do I really need.............?

Lately it's been about breast pumps. What do I need? What are all the different settings good for? All I know is that I want a double, completely electric so all I have to do is hold the bottles - or I can buy one of those snazzy bottle-holding bra's and do the dishes and laundry while pumping. That would be sweet. And absolutely hilarious if Jaren came home and saw me at the sink with a bulging shirt with a bag around my shoulders. I also know I plan on pumping whenever I can. I want to be able to freeze and store milk for when I'm not easily assessable to feed. I think I'm going to get a Medela, because I keep hearing wonderful things about them. And they have some sets that come with EVERYTHING. So, I figure I can't go wrong with that. I'd rather buy a nice one now and be able to use it for more than one or two kids then have to replace it later. But what do I know.... never done it before.

So, my questions are:
What are things I need?
What are things you wish you had thought of?
How many of certain stuff should I stock up on?
I really don't want to have to make a trip to the store just a few weeks later.
What are some things that will make life easier?

Are there are any certain types of brands that are better than others?
And anything else you can think of that will help :)

I'm aching to go and get EVERYTHING and have it put away before October. And then I'll just spend the last few weeks of my pregnancy staring and staring at everything. Because I already do that with what I do have. Especially her clothes :)



Shaun and Hattie Blaser said...

I have been wondering the same thing. I asked my friend that just had a baby what she couldn't live with out. She said a bobby nursing pillow and lamisal cream (I am pretty sure that I spelled that wrong though). Let me know what you come up with though because I have no clue what you need for you first baby and every one keeps asking me what I do need so that they can get it for me and I don't know what to tell them.

Rach said...

Honestly, you don't really need much. Just your boobs, and some diapers and wipes and blankets and pjs. And I went with a cheaper pump (the double electric ones are nice but expensive, so if you aren't planning on going back to work in 6 weeks or if you don't need to pump like twice a day, I would just get a manual one). I have the Medela Harmony one and love it and totally recommend it! But a pump is also an easy thing to get later once you have an idea of your milk supply and how breastfeeding is going and everything.

The two things I had to go to the store and get after the baby came (and I wish I'd just had on hand!) were a baby thermometer, and a nightlight or two. You really don't need much at all, I promise, and you might end up like me, laughing at all the crap you bought and never used. :)

Scooby and Jon said...

The Lansinoh Double Electric Pump has worked FABULOUSLY for me. and it's about $200 cheaper than the medela. It's comparable to the hospital grade pump that the lactation nurse INSISTED that I needed when my boys were in the NICU.

Christa said...

Well, you'll want more that 4-5 pairs of jammies. They poop a lot and it leaks out a lot. So, unless you want to be washing the same things every day or every other day, just make it easier on yourself and have several pairs.

Plan on having a few packs of the Newborn size diapers. The size 1's are always way too big for the first few weeks.

If you plan on breastfeeding, you'll want to have nursing pads. I had no idea such a thing existed with my first and paid the price for not knowing. Read: lots of leaking through to my shirt. I recommend the Lansinoh brand. While we're on Lansinoh, you WILL WANT their lanolin cream. It saves on lots of cracking, bleeding and chapping.

I wouldn't recommend pumping in the beginning unless it is absolutely necessary for relief. (On your part.) Let a feeding routine be established before you start introducing bottles. Then, try introducing them around 6 weeks of age. There's nothing better to stimulate milk production than the actual sucking of the baby. I've known too many people who dry up way too fast because they pumped too much. Let the bottle mainly be a convenience thing, not the main source. You know, if you're really serious about breastfeeding. ☺

The Ames Family said...

Here is a website that you can look at for ideas of a basic list of things that you might need:

As for a breast pump, I got a cheap $50 Evenflo one from Walmart. It was electric and had two pumps. It was wonderful. I would use it 1-2 times a day and it did well. And a boppy makes the world of a difference!

1-2 packs of onesies, a few pj's and socks is all you really need. Of course getting a few cute outfits is always a plus for going to church and out to other places.

It is really between you and the baby about what bottles to use. We tried all the fancy bottles and in the end all we used was the basic Evenflo ones.

No one can tell you the way that it is going to be. It is different for everyone. I found the best thing was to make that trip to the store once I figured it all out. That way I know that I am getting what I know I need and not what every other person said that they used. Your instinct is what you need. Follow it and you can't go wrong.

Valerie said...

Since you will not be working, you will probably not be using your pump a ton after the first few months. Once your milk comes in, you will probably just use it if you plan on being gone or to stock up some extra milk.Unless you plan on pumping and then giving your baby a bottle. You should be able to find a great double pump for under $100. Medela and Aveda make some good ones. I plan on giving you some essential breastfeeding things for you before you have a baby like lanolin, breast pads, gel pads, etc so don't worry about that stuff. As I said before, Target's generic up and up diapers are the best kept secret. I don't like any generic diapers usually but these work great and I have a few friends that I have converted to their wonderfulness.
Lucy was in newborn for about 5 weeks. Isak was in newborn for 2 weeks. I would get a few little things and then go later to the store if you need more once you know the size of your baby. If you have an 8 pounder, you won't need too many. Hope this helps! This is Lena by the way...

The Calderwood's said...

when you come visit me :) i'll show you all the lists i had that tell you how much to have of everything and then that will give you a better idea of how much stuff you want! hope to see you soon!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Here are a few of my "can't live without"s! :)
*TONS of onesies!!!!
*Avent bottles (even if you breastfeed, bottles are great for emergencies and this brand is excellent for switching from breast to bottle)
*A baby swing (a savior, my babies all fell asleep in them)
*Huggies diapers. Pampers leak!

Good luck girl!!! You'll need it! :)

Whitney R said...

thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! This is helping quite a bit.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I think I am just going to second all of the thoughts on a breast pump...I wouldn't spend the money... heck if you have a baby like mine they won't even take a if you want her to take a bottle make sure you introduce it early after a couple weeks or they may never take it. I had a manual pump with cambree I didn't like it, i am going to just get the 40 dollar evenflow single electric one this time around i think.

The rexburg hospital supplies you with will be your new best friend!! make sure you take a nursing bra, and I do recommend the nursing garments, and have nursing pads. Also something we don't always think about. go buy yourself some huge pads that you wore when you first started your period and you swore you would never wear ever again because they were like diapers...yeah you will NEED those!! And panties to wear under your garments so they stay in place....hmmm hope this isn't too personal on here.

Also I never used the newborn diapers, only the package the hospital gave me.

oh I loved the little baby hats. Cambree wore them EVERY night. because you lose a lot of your heat through your head and Rexburg gets cold. Plus you don't want her room too warm...I hear that can cause sids. Also if you want her to take a binky I would take some of those too. the hospital does have them, but I had to fight for them to let me have one, they told me she would get nipple confusion. (don't listen to them)

I too second the boppy thing.

and the vibrating bouncer saved my life. or at least gave me a few minutes without a screaming baby. (Cambree screamed the first 6 months of her life non stop)

I also second the baby thermometer and a dim light that you can turn on in the night when you feed won't want a bright light because you won't want her to think it is daytime, but you will want to be able to see what you are doing.

also a little bath tub thing to lay her in in the bath. (sorry I keep thinking of more things, ha)

Alexis Treese said...

I was actually surprised at how little I needed that first month...lots of onsies, a few sleep sacks, You might want to get one of those snuggie sacks. Freak- I cant remember its like a sleep sack but it has velcro. It helps the baby sleep better. As far as boobs go- I breast fed and used formula because I read that the baby would still get the same nutrients and that way Casey could help. But theres a lot of talk about breast feeding and it will make you NUTS. So just go with how you feel. I used my pump twice, but still Im glad I bought it- it was a low price medela. I totally recommend it bc chances are you wont be pumping too much. Also I LOVED my nursing cover. Do you have one? Because I still need to get you a present :) lots of diapers. duh. If you ever wonder about brands go to its been my go to site. Baby Einstein saved me- even though it drives me nuts it keeps babies captivated. All you need is like 2 dvds. a boppy was necessary that first month. It just made it more comfortable to hold her. I dont know about other babies- all I know is I was shocked at how much she slept!! Everything else we played by ear... i.e. she moves her feet A LOT so we got her a bouncer. Also a swing that went side to side SAVED ME!!!!! She LOVES that thing. I just asked if any one had an extra one on face book and 3 people offered... nice! Because those things are expensive. all i can think of for now.

chelseyfaye said...

I use my pump everyday. I have a medela and looove it. I can pump in few minutes. I pump as much as I nurse....he goes longer between feedings if I pump and feed him a bottle. plus I am not a nursing in public person so I pump before I leave and take a bottle. I use medella bottles too. they work good with the pump. Also get some freezer storage bags to store extra that you pump.
Nursing pads. I like the lansinoh ones..or johnson & Johnson. You will need a ton!
U need lots of diapers. I have gone through almost 240 in a month. And wipes...I never realized how many wipes I would use. I reccomend pampers diapers and the pampers sensitive skin wipes. We have about 8-10 pairs of pjs and that is good. you will be doing alot of laundry anyways.
Burp clothes- I use tons!! he spits up some...and you do not want to run out. I have cute ones I made for going out in public..then thick cloth diapers for home. I have probably 15-20 cloth diapers and still do a wash of them once a week
My boppy is wonderful!
socks....their feet get cold. Or the little bootie things.
I use my bouncer alot and swing. He likes them both.
There are soo many things! mylicon is a life saver!
Onsies!! I gave you some as part of my gift because I don't think you can have too many. I put them under saves a lot of outfits it they have a blow out.

Ok so this is wayy long. And I still have more things...some are a bit more personal, so I will tell you some other time.

chelseyfaye said...

Another thing.....there are a ton of things I can get you for free at the hospital...lanolin cream, baby thermometer, medella hand pump, gel pads for sore nipples, travel size baby wash, and other stuff. Plus I get pampers size nb and 1 diapers at wholesale price so if you havn't already bought them I can pick them up for you.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

two more things, gas drops for baby. the milacon ones are spendy but walmart has the equate brand for WAY cheaper.

also stool stoftner.

Randi and Adam said...

Hi! We're friends of Jarens, I think I've commented once, but your questions caught my eye because we have kids and there was one thing I absolutely oved and it was the little carters night gowns that have kind of stretchy bottom. You can get them at JC Pennys. They are awesome. As much as you change them, especially through the night, you don't want buttons. And babies are hungry, so these are fast. - I have the Medela Pump In Style and I love it. It has 2 modes that are great! and it comes with everything. It is in great condition for my 3rd baby! But I agree with whoever said it above, don't pump for the first couple months. Like she said, you can dry up from pumping too much. The other thing is you can start producing more then your baby will eat and end up engorged. VERY painful. Let the baby set the pace for a 6-8 weeks and then you'll be fine. - A swing that goes side-to-side saved our life and a bouncy seat that has a vibration mode. - To give you an idea, most babies average 10-15 diapers a day; so basically get A LOT of diapers. - For diaper rash the A&D CREAM works great. Both my kids squirmed and cried with Desitin, although it works really well, but if it's like an open sore it really stings them. -Huggies, just the basic Huggies snug and dry work better then pampers. Less leaking. - A car seat cover that goes all the way around the car seat and just has a flap for their face is the best in the winter! I think everyone else said what I already thought: Lots of jammies, diapers, onsies, socks and blankets! -Oh and the best bottles are playtex with the drop in liners. That way you can squeeze out the excess air so they don't get it in their tummies. Get the slow flow nipples. And get the Lansinoh milk storage bags for freezing breast milk. They are the fastes to un-thaw. Good Luck! We're excited to see your baby! Tell Jaren Hi!

andrea. said...

is this overwhelming hearing everyone's many differing opinions.

i was just like you when i was pregnant so i started my registry than gave my sister the sign-in info and had her add and delete all the things i REALLY needed. do you have someone that can do that? i could if you need me to. i love baby stuff. i totally went with my friend today to register and loved every minute of it.

you will definitely get a feel for your preferences after the first month or so. but feel free to ask away.

good luck!

Life as Ashley said...

Geez Whit! You've gotten a lot of good advice.

I'm with Alexis. You'll be surprised how little you'll need the first month or so. They don't "do" anything, but eat, sleep, and use those diapers! [Oh, and cuddle too, which is the best part!]

Don't stress yourself out.

I agree with lots of sleepers. And burp cloths. Kaeden spit up a ton. We actually started using a soft variety of bar towels for his burp cloths. It was a lot!!!

I definitely agree with the boppy. Makes everything more comfortable.

I also agree with the swing. I loved to papasan one. You could also check KSL ads, because I know people who found them on there for a steal.

Oh! And one of the best [most overlooked] things is the saline drops. Your pediatrician may even give you some for free [or the hospital]. They make the nose sucking stuff so much more productive. There is nothing sadder that a congested newborn!

Let me know if you need any last minute help. :) You're going to be just fine!

Victoria Elder said...

MUST HAVES : Nursing pads Lansinoh brand, boppy, sleep sacks, bouncer, swing, thermometer (every second you think your baby is too hot good way to know for sure), baby socks, burp cloths, diapers obviously (dax stayed in newborns till almost 3months old. I had a medela electric did NOT love it ended up falling in love with a manual cheap one I think avent? The electric hurt me so bad but maybe cause I never pumped much.... Just enough stuff really to cover the eat sleep & poo bases thats all they do for like 2-3 months easiest time of parenting for me ever!

Victoria Elder said...

OH Mylicon drops! ALSO I loved my carseat insert called "kiddopotamus" it was a life saver

Wendyburd1 said...

Well we were talking babies on Sunday and some of the things we talked about were monitors, something called a Boppy that Sister H loves,sling carriers, baby bath tubs (I think it was a Lilypod or something similar that my friend Weezie wants), humidifiers, bouncers and play

Wendyburd1 said...

Well we were talking babies on Sunday and some of the things we talked about were monitors, something called a Boppy that Sister H loves,sling carriers, baby bath tubs (I think it was a Lilypod or something similar that my friend Weezie wants), humidifiers, bouncers and play

Jo said...

Christa said I was going to! Good advice! Lots of the really big menstrual pads. Otherwise if you run out, your poor hubby has to stand in the aisle looking like a fool and being terribly embarrassed! The average woman bleeds for up to six weeks, so lots of pads, in different sizes.
I like having a basket with wipes, spit up rags, and diapers in it, in every room. One in our bedroom, one in the living room, that way you don't have to keep getting up and down. I am so excited for you!

Robyn said...

Holy smokes girl! You've been given so much advise! I bet your head is spinning! I think that instead of me writing down my advise we need to FINALLY get together and chat! I dont think we will ever get together if we wait for our hubby's to be the introducers! I'd love to talk baby talk...and im in much need of a friend! Give me a call! 208-356-4393
PS i couldnt help but notice one girl say that she would recommend nursing garments...oh my gosh! No offense but I have to tell you I think they are the weirdest most uncomfortable things ever...Id definalty pass on those!:)

Ashley Nichole Frandsen said...

Hey Whitney!!! this is your old roomie AShley!!! you are the cutest prego ever!!!hope you are enjoying the ride and going on plenty dates with the hubs.... becuase it is near impossible later.

My little munchkin is only 6 months old, so my advice is limited, but I will tell you that my little bundle of joy came nearly six months early and the first time I went into Labor (they stopped it the first time) I HAD NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!! so I am a huge advocate for shopping and preparing early. I dont really think a ton of clothes are necessary, but I do heart the creature comfort items.

Things that really helped me:
Desitin (of course)
boppy/ my breast friend
Baby Bjorn
Glider/ rocking chair

OH kiddopatamus SWADDLE ME blanket, it velcros them in, it is a life savor if yo have an active child, keeps then swaddled longer throughout the night, so they sleep better

also diapers, I thought the pampers swaddle me diapers were the best for newborn size, when they get older anything works, even the target brand daipers work great on Jane.

love your blog, you are going to be a great mommy!!

if you want to come over to my blog it is

I am going to go private but not yet!!

Wendyburd1 said...

Whit do you have my NEW blog address because my last post is listed as a month ago on your page!!

Amy Hepworth said...

Hi, Whitney.

I agree with a lot of the practical basics other have listed...especially breast pads (the leaking you will experience will blow your mind), breast cream (use it every time you nurse, especially in the beginning), sanitary pads, and many (many) burp cloths (I agree...cloth diapers are a great option).

For me, the one additional thing that was absolutely indispensible was my sling. There are lots of different kinds, but I recommend the simple (and super cute/hip) ones at

I used mine every single day for the first few months (even just hanging around at home, she would sleep soundly in it and I could still get things done or just hang out and nuzzle with her but still have my hands free). Lila is now 16 months, and I STILL use it when we're out and about. In addition to being flat-out cute, it's excellent for bonding and it keeps overly touchy people at a healthy distance (you will be shocked how many people will touch your baby's hands and face...not good for the flu season your little one will be born into...but when she's attached to you, in the protection of your personal space, it helps a lot).

Good luck!

Spencer and Jen said...

Hey! So you totally don't know me but I know Jaren from high school. I have an 11 mo. old little girl and I remembered feeling so unprepared for her to come, so I thought I would tell you what we couldnt have lived without. I pretty much agree with everything that everyone else said, but I would add one thing. We got a movement sensor monitor that tells you if the baby stops breathing. Our little one had the habit of holding her breath when she would sleep and I would have to wake her up a little to remind her to take a breath. It might seem a little paranoid (and maybe it is) but I have a cousin who died of SIDS and our friends lost a baby to it earlier this year, so I don't care if I am paranoid! haha Anyway, if you want more info about the monitor you can email me (then I can also add you to our blog if you want:) ) It's good luck with everything!

Jon, Julee, and Maddie said...

This is funny to read other people's stuff because I forget how much it seems like you need.
-boppy/or I used pillows until I got one
-binkies I don't care what people say I wish she would have taken them
-lavender nighttime wash (swear by it)
-LANSINOH nursing pads (thin and holds alot)I only needed the lanolin cream the first couple weeks its expensive
-electric breat pump mine was the free style Medela? I think (I was engorged this was my breast friend for a few weeks)
-kiddopatamus or something that will let you wrap them really tight because those arms find their way out
-swing that plugs in (went throught alot of D batteries) they'll sleep in those and sometimes you're desperate for an extra hour
-huggies diapers, I used the newborns for like a month so depends on babie's size then later when they're eating solids use the cheap brands
-monitor you'll have to spend $60 or more bc the other ones get static on the cheap frequency I wish I would have gotten this earlier because you want to hear them but if she's in the same room you'll never sleep
-lots of blankets that allow you to swaddle (thermal work awesome) & LOTS of burp rags bigger=better
-also later get a bumbo chair
-I never wore a nursing bra or garment its awkward feeding in public anyway and at home it will all hang out & dont worry about buying bottles those are expensive and if they come with your pump those ones will be perfect
-Wendy told me not to buy those hot slings things bjorn is best
I'm excited for you I can remember the excitement and anticipation I felt and am SURE you're feeling. Good luck. Don't worry too much I mean our parents had us without all these gadets and we turned out ok.

Ally in Wonderland said...

Hi Whitney, I just found your blog and am sad you're going private! I don't have kids, but have been babysitting since I was 12, so I wanted to add something.

Before you go spend all that money on a swing and a bouncy seat, make sure she likes it. I've seen so many babies who refuse them both and the parents have wasted all that money. Do you have a friend close by who has them that you can see if she likes them?

Also, every pregnant friend I have I buy tons of thermal blankets for, especially if you live in a cold area. And a swaddle blanket, they are miracles!

Good luck and if you buy things now, keep the tags on and save the receipts in case you change your mind.