Friday, August 21, 2009


Do you remember THIS post?

If not, please check it out because it's detrimental to understanding this temptation.

I thought about these today and thought about wearing one just to see what the hospital staff's reaction would be. But then I realized I don't think I could keep a strait face the entire time. And what happens when it's time to push? The doc is going to have to roll up so many yards of fabric! But I will say that it will keep everything put away so Jaren isn't so scarred for life after the delivery. Or maybe not. Maybe the doc or nurse will just cut the whole skirt off anyway because it's driving them so crazy.

The best thing? The testimonials on the website. Like it's the gown I'm in that's going to prevent me from posting pictures of the labor (NOT BIRTH). More like the "I'M GOING TO KILL SOMEONE UNLESS THAT ANESTHESIOLOGIST GET'S IN HERE IN 3 SECONDS!" look. Oh, and it probably wont be just a look, it will be my mouth wide open while screaming this. I just know it's going to be beautiful :)

If there is anything that will make Jaren ask, "are there any take backs with this marriage thing? You know, like the 3 second rule, but more like a 2 1/2 year rule." It would be birthing our child.

I'm kidding. He will think I'm glamorous and beautiful the whole time and I'm totally gracious about the pain. I'm sure. He will want to go through it all over again 12 months later. (kidding again... oh man, I hope that doesn't happen - knock on wood! or metal, a couch, anything that's near you)

Thoughts of how that day will go have often been filling my mind lately. I'm tempted to go on babycenter and watch their birthing videos. Even though I've seen quite a few. And I'm 2 months away from go time... maybe I'll leave the video's alone and just be pleasantly surprised.


If someone buys me the gown, I will wear it and take pictures. Wait, nevermind. Don't spend 48 bucks on that thing. I'd rather get a bumbo with a tray.


Kristina P. said...

I still don't understand those gowns.

ramsam said...

Whatever you imagine about your delivery just isn't that way. Every one was so different, and my first was so long it was the most boring time...... not to be insensitive, but man....what a long labor! A snoozer.....then pushing for 2 1/2 hours....yes, not your screaming fit you see on TV at all.
It is just different- but hten, even better when you hold that baby in your arms. *sigh*
I taped all of our births- not a crotch shot or anything, just from above the draping, so you just see the baby being lifted by the doctor and cleaned by the nurses. I was nervous about taping it, but those tapes are my prized posessions.

Anonymous said...

haha! I saw these when I was working at the maternity boutique in Vegas and actually considered them for a second. haha! The hospital gown is just as beautiful then they give you another CLEAN one to change into right after for FREE! It's amazing! haha!

Hmm, as for watching the videos. hmm; I totally did before BOTH births because I was curious and it wasn't like I was actually watching them myself. :) Refer to this :: :: Can't wait to hear your own personal story!

Lena Gilbert said...

If you need help with picking a breast pump...I could probably help you out. Just let me know!

Wendyburd1 said...

I don't know if normal hospitals let you bring in your own gowns...maybe they sterilize them special? But you could get one for AFTER the birth when anyone comes to visit at the hospital.

Jason said...

The labor sucks for the husbands too. When Vicki was in labor with Josh, I was trying to get a nice night of sleep on the fold-out bed in the delivery room. You know, I had a big day coming up - holding the baby, making phone calls, eating the free jello and ice cream... but I kept on getting woken up whenever the nurse took Vicki in to the bathroom to throw up. I was like, "Keep it down over there, for crying out loud!" And my mattress was lumpy. Definitely not something to do all over again after just 12 months.

Whitney R said...

Jason - I'm so sorry for your horrible experience! I'll make sure to pack in a pillowtop mattress cover on my back for Jaren. I'll get his bed all made up and then get in and try to be quiet while I birth the kid. I hope to make his experience much more pleasant to look back on.

Sara Ann said...

I say watch a birthging video, but not till really close to when you are due or it might totally freak you out. I was actually there when my sister had a baby 3 years ago, it was amazing! But, if I would have been pregnant at the time it probably would have freaked me out. I don't think I will watch one now. I figure I got a good up close and personal birthing experience that time.