Wednesday, August 5, 2009

27 Weeks: Indigestion

*********Written Wednesday, August 5th**********

It's true. For some reason (maybe the squashed stomach?) in the last week I've been having a lot of upset stomach issues. Which I've not experienced during my entire pregnancy. I've had a bit of acid reflux, I think, but nothing else. No heart burn! I think I've experienced that for maybe 1 or 2 minutes? So, I think I know how it feels.... The only thing that helps is if I lean back. To possibly unsquish my stomach as much as is possible? The girl likes the room. When I lean back she is constantly stretching and moving and squirming.

I'm in Washington now. It has been quite the long week already. 5 1/2 hours driving Thursday to Boise. Then 8 hours to Oregon Friday. 2 to the wedding Saturday. 3 to the coast and back Sunday. 5 Monday from Oregon to Washington. Then I sent Jaren on his way yesterday for 9 hours back to Rexburg and I stayed. I dreaded the driving. I was excited about this trip, but not about the traveling. And it was not bad at all. I am 100% sure if the company weren't so good (Jaren) and I were by myself or even with someone else it wouldn't have been something I look back and smile on. It was so nice to get him to myself for such extended periods of time. It's been a long time since that has happened and I think we both benefited from it.

I get back late Saturday only to leave Wednesday evening to Twin Falls, then head out the next morning to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. So. Much. Driving! But I wont have Jaren with me for the Tahoe trip. Something about having to run an entire farming harvest operation? :) I'm just glad I got him for the last few days.

The wedding was beautiful. It was hot hot hot. I was shocked at how my body handled it. I had heard about how horrible it was to be pregnant during the summer and I don't think I realized the full extent until that day. My shoes hurt my feet because they swelled so badly and my face and hands.... it was like I couldn't get cool. At all. Jaren kept saying, "Your so red!" "You are so hot!" (which I responded with, "why thank you, pregnancy has done your body good as well" till I realized he meant he couldn't touch me without having to put ice on his fingers after wards). It's been hot every day since and I think what I dislike the most is just getting all sweaty and sticky and feeling like a blimp. You can't turn the AC up high enough in this house!

I noticed all of the driving was putting the little 2 pound princess to sleep. Any time we stopped or I got out to stretch she would get as much moving in as possible, then she'd stop when the truck was rolling. It made me hope that we weren't changing her schedule that I've been keeping track of. But since I've been put in one place for 2 days now I've noticed she is still awake during the day. Mostly active late at night - which wasn't so a week ago.

I've also been experiencing some pain with some of her kicks. I'd say I've had about 5 total in the last week that have made me squeal. Then last night there was one that brought tears to my eyes. She's getting stronger and bigger and is still kicking me super low, so I don't know what it is she is hitting that sends these painful shocks through my uterus.... but she needs to move away from it!

I've not been able to walk every day while on this trip and it's been driving me crazy. I feel even more massive even if nothing has changed. But I'm convinced every day something else get's bigger. I am looking forward to getting back into my awesome eating/exercising routine when I get home. Even my maternity jeans are getting snug!

My ribs have started to hurt when I sit strait up for a bit. I have to lean back or lay down. I'm sensing that this last week is just a teeny preview for what's to come with this last trimester. This is my last week in my second trimester. Next week marks the beginning of the end of pregnancy. It's weird to think about. Because I have all this traveling; I get back from Tahoe and then 3 weeks later I leave again for a weekend and then I'm home for good and it's really only a month (if she comes at 38 weeks) till she could come. I'm feeling very very unprepared. I keep telling myself I've got lots of time (which I do) and I have my baby showers to help stock me up. I'm so grateful for whoever thought of a party to help new mommies get prepared. It helps save us so much money when we are already spending tons on her and everything else (crib, stroller, carseat, swing, diapers, mattress.... ect...). We are starting from scratch. The medical bills are enough to make me (almost) wish we were super poor so we could get on medicaid and only pay a few bucks. No, I'm grateful we have insurance and we can pay for her - even if it's more than 3 semesters of tuition and books.

Enough of that. I love being in the town I grew up in. I'm spending lots of time with my family and my best friend that I wish I could pack up and take back with me. I do, however, get to pack up my sister and take her back with me which I am very excited about. I'm floating down a little river/canal/stream thingy today. It's pansy, so I'm ok to go with my huge inflatable belly. It will be fun. I want to swim so badly!

August 9th:
I'm back in Rexburg and was able to load my pictures on my computer, which is why this post has taken so long to come up.
27 Weeks:
(picture taken August 4th)
First time Lindsey has touched my belly.


Life as Ashley said...

You're belly has definately made some outward motion! It's so cute and round!

Congrats on almost being in the home stretch. :)

Wendyburd1 said...

You look amazing and I love your belly, it IS so cute and round!

I felt tired of driving just from you talking about it! That is a lot of driving, how do you stay awake?!

Anonymous said...

I think heartburn was the worst symptom I have had. Especially when you don't experience it other than during pregnancy. You are such a traveler what are you going to do when you have to stay put?