Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Big Baby Purchase

"Besides the doctor" is what Jaren says.

Isn't she beautiful???

Why I went with a BOB:
  • Swivel front wheel so I can maneuver through isles and turn on a dime.
  • Locking front wheel so I can fix it and jog/walk.
  • The shocks are ideal for where I'll be out jogging. I live in the country and nice beautiful paved paths are impossible to come by unless I traveled into town.
  • The metal tubing is thicker than others.
  • The stroller came with the bigger (14") rear wheel option which is also ideal for the bumpier ride.
  • It was a bit more "rugged" than others which would fare better out here in the wilderness.
  • The reviews about the item were impeccable. All I could find that people complained about was the size of the basket underneath. But when I'll actually be using the basket will be when I'm not jogging and I'll have my diaper bag which I can strap to the back of the stroller and then also have the basket. So I'm not worried.
  • I've not heard one story of someone running the stroller into the ground so it's unusable. Which means they should last, right?
  • Price: I knew I would have to spend a pretty penny to get a good quality jogging stroller that did exactly what I needed, had exactly what I needed and wanted and would last.
  • Wish the handlebars would adjust heights. But Jaren is comfortable behind it and so am I, so it should be fine.
  • Have to buy all add on's separate. And they aren't cheap. First thing is the car seat adapter which I have yet to purchase. But as I don't have a car seat or a baby to put in the car seat; it can wait.
That's it! Otherwise I'm excited for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up so I can jog with her! (cause it might be a bit cold to take a newborn out in November... so she will just bounce in her bouncer as I jog on my treadmill all winter)


Happy Dash said...

yay! You'll love it ... as far as the add ons the car seat adapter is a huge pain to put on (at least on the double, I don't know about the single) ... I had to help the lady I nanny for recently put it on and the guy who sold it to her recommended buying a six pack for whomever installed it :) But the BOB is fantastic and such a easy stroller to jog with!

ramsam said...

So so so much nicer than anything I ever had. You are going to love this!
I am glad you got it.

Life as Ashley said...

Congrats! I bet you're going to love it. I want one!!!

Christa said...

She is beautiful! I've really wanted something like this, but have had a hard time justifying purchasing one for my 4th child. Especially since he's the last one.

Wendyburd1 said...

It looks good and safe, so yay! My stroller when I was a baby had no baskets, no thing to cover my head or anything, strollers are sweeeet now, but I turned out pretty good on a kinda crappy one, so your lil spud is blessed in luxury. My stroller kind of looked like the ones lil girls have tiny ones to play pretend baby with.LOL!

Chad, Chelsea and Dawson Davis said...

You will be happy that you got the swivel front as mine is not and it is hard to maneuver.

Victoria Gilbert said...

Yay you got it! I'm glad you love it and are getting started collecting some fun baby stuff! It's fun, except for the spending money part :) haha

Kate, Mike and Ellie said...

Yay!! I am on my 7th stroller. I have a problem. I'm seeking help. Enjoy!

Victoria Elder said...

It's a beauty i love mine! you'll be way happy with it!