Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Calling!

I feel like I'm slowly but surely growing older in the ward again. After Jaren and I were married we enjoyed not having a calling for about a month. We are in the ward he grew up in so I think they felt fine about putting us in the nursery assuming since Jaren knows most of the ward, I'd know them too? Maybe that's what they thought? So in the nursery I got to know lots of babies! But not their parents. Then we were called to the primary. We've never had a definite primary calling, really. We were substitutes and taught all ages, then we were teaching Sunbeams. That was fun and funny. The first of this year we were called to be team teachers with an older couple in the ward teaching the oldest primary class the 11 and 12 year olds. We liked that calling because we only had to teach every other Sunday and so I got to go to Relief Society too.

New Calling! Last Sunday we had to meet with one of the counselors and who knows what that could mean. We had heard they were releasing a lot of people from the primary and so we thought we were going to be permanent full time teachers for one of the now empty spots. Hah, nope! Jaren was told first; he was called to be the Young Men's secretary. He's so busy with farming that he thought this wouldn't be so bad. Nothing was said to me for a few minutes so I thought I was home free and wasn't going to have a calling for a little while. Wrong!! I was asked to be the Beehive adviser. I was so excited! I've always wanted to be in the Young Women's cause I'm practically their age. Come to find, this Sunday when they were sustaining me in Church, the 1st counselor said Beehiveadviser, but after the meeting I was informed he was wrong, I'm the Mia Maid adviser! I'm a tid bit nervous because I'm only 7 years their senior. I'm pretty excited too, though. I hope I can make some sort of difference in their lives. I thought in order to celebrate this momentous occasion of finally graduating from Primary, I'd share some pictures when I was a Mia Maid! (Eventually I'll make it to Relief Society)

I think I might have been 16 in this pictures. And those leapord PJ pants were from my mom for Christmas along with matching undies. I was rather impressed and surprised with her present choice.
So I was 16 here on a date for a dance.

All dressed up for that dance.
For our Homecoming week we have dress up days. This was 80's day. Everything I was wearing is my mom's. The pants are "MC Hammer" pants; ya know, the big baggy one's but are super tight at the ankles.
Another dress up day; Husky Pride. This is Kevin's (older brother) football jersey from when the team took state.
I was 15 here and I thougt I was so cool cause my name was Whitney also.

Now that I look at this... why the heck am I sitting on the Sacred Grove sign!!! At least my eyes are closed so I'm kind of trying to be reverent.

At Vicki's wedding; she was so beautiful!! I was 14 a month away from turning 15 here. Lindsey is so little!


Nana said...

I had fun reading your blog Whit, it brought back fun memories. :) You were such an easy good fun teenager and so fun to watch grow up. You'll do great in your new calling.

Adam and Kristina said...

This actually sounds like a fun calling.

We have a very young ward (branch now), and we don't have a YM, YW. Also, we've lived here for over 3 years, and have never had a calling. I just had my temple recommend interview, and told the Branch President we would like one, but still nothing. Sigh.

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

Hey have you gotten my facebook message? Curious I havent heard from your FOREVER!
So...whitney look at you! Wish I had a calling but we are never in a area long enough to get one! I am little embaressed but we've never had a calling! Sad huh?!?! We've helped in nursery a few times. Oh well MAYBE we like not having callings so there! So these pics I have a comment for every single one!
Pic#!- your room looked like mine! Leopard undies?!! Look at you KINKY!

Pic#2 mmmmm CANDY!

pic#3 was there a renaissance theme for this dance?

pic#4 Whoa MC Hammer pants!!! I wish I could of dressed like that everyday to school, wish the 80's dress code was REALLY IN & not just for hipsters!

pic#5 no comment! oh wait... I miss high school football!

pic#6 You cut slits in your jeans too eh? who didn't I guess! it WAS cool! along with doc marten sandals!

pic#7 you reverent rebel!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

I love the sacred grove picture! Haha. Thats a cool calling. My SIL is in young womens and I am really jealous. Casey and I are primary teachers and its pretty cool basically I bribe them with cookies and they dont give us too hard of a time.

Nathan & Paloma said...

yay for your calling!! I always wanted to serve in Young Women's! have fun and you'll do great!
p.s. I laughed when i saw the pic of you and matt. good ol'times in Othello...

boxerlover said...

Cute blog. I am going to add you to my reader. You will like Young Womens. I was the 1st counselor over Miamaids for a few years and I really miss it now. I loved working with the youth. The youth will enjoy having a young leader that can relate. I think they liked that I was closer to their age because I understood more of what was going on. Good luck. I just got a new one on Sunday to....Sunday School Secretary.

Brittany said...

I was the Beehive Advisor in my first 2 wards. I now teach the 16-17 yr olds' Sunday School class. I think I'd be a wreck as a primary teacher or a nursery leader.

Jillene said...

I was in Prmary for 12 years.. straight. I served in the nursery, as the Sunbeam teacher, 5-6 year old teacher, Secretary, 2nd Counselor, and finally Valiant girls teacher.

Now I am serving as the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. I would LOVE to be in Young Womens!

Wendyburd1 said...

Are you kidding? You'll get to be the COOL YW leader. We had one, Lisa, when I was first in YW. She was like 24 and let us call her Lisa and was just like an older sister you could go to. And that can be a really good thing for some girls who need that.