Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey Batta Batta

I just read this article about a 9 year old boy(see picture to left) in Connecticut who was barred from an 8-10 year old baseball league because he was too good. He has a 40 mph fastball and is accurate and has not hit anyone. They won 8 games in a row, then they were told Jericho (the 9 year old) could not pitch because he was too fast. So he played second base the next game but then showed up to pitch for the game after that. The opposing team walked off the field and forfeited the game. The mother then had a conniption and is meeting with a lawyer. Do we (as Americans) honestly have to answer to everything with an opportunity to sue? The league suggested for him to either; play a different position or move to a more advanced league. The team he was on is being disbanded (because the coach resigned, yeah, I know, drama!) and then the players will be redistributed to other teams in the league. At least those parents who want can get their $50 sign up fee back.

I think his talent is too good to waste. If he enjoys playing then why not move him to a more advanced league? Or if he is not as gifted in other positions why not have him play that and then let him practice pitching in practices to help the team become better batters? Or he could train out of the 'developmental' league in pitching but train to improve other skills in that (the developmental 8-10 yr olds) league. I think there are other options for this scenario than the one that is being played out. Also... what is this doing to the boy?

What do you think?


Jillene said...

I read this story the other day and it really pissed me off. If that was my child I would be furious. What is the difference if he is pitching 40 mph or if the ball is coming at you (after being hit) at 40 mph. HE'S A KID!! LET HIM PLAY!! HE CAN'T HELP IT THAT HE IS UBER TALENTED!!

Not only that but you can only pitch so many innings per week in baseball--get over it people!

Scooby and Jon said...

I read this story as well. It made me angry that people have gone from celebrating mediocrity to punishing excellence. I can see that some mothers may be afraid of their child being hit, despite the fact that this kid has never hit anyone, but the kid should not be punished (not allowed to play) for being too good.

Adam and Kristina said...

I read this a couple of days ago too. Honestly, I think it's perfectly justified to ask him to go to a better league. He could probably start playing pro ball in a few years.

I don't think he should be punished, but I do think the suggestions are a fair compromise.

I definitely don't think the other kids on the team should be punished.

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

That's totally strange! How are you guys doing?? I lost my ring moving out of Rexburg. It was tied to the draw string of my pants and then it was gone! Crazy, I know! Hope everything is well. You look great!

Jacque said...

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R-E said...

hi whitney
i'm glad you found my blog and thanks for your insight on marriages! its been great hearing everyone's different opinions.

and now we can be blogging friends! i look forward to reading more of your blog.

Jillene said...

So--my husband has been helping me. He actually cooked dinner for the last 2 nights! Hooray for me!
I married/trained a good one! (0:

Julie said...

Send him up to the older leagues. There's nothing wrong with that. Or they should get him a private coach or something so he can grow up and be a rich baseball player.

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

The last couple of days my internet has been so vaguely working, its been annoying! I just have to say... What poor sportsmanship that other team showed by walking off the field & forfeiting, that is just teaching those kids to be poor sports, secondly the leagure should of approached the mother with more/other options you know?

b. said...

I think the options suggested are great....I also think parents and politics are ruining the youth sports programs. It's not what it used to be and that's sad.