Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pervert with a Rock

This is an old blog from my myspace page. I never blog on there anymore cause I'm addicted to blogspot! But, since my post about Goose Lake, I thought I'd share my experience from 2 years ago.
July 2, 2006

Perverts with Rocks
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I am going to dramatize this story just a little :)

One day I was back in the wonderful land I like to call, O Town, break it down visiting my most wonderful friends whom I love oh so much. It was maddeningly hot so Chelsi and I drove to a lake called Goose where there are plenty of cliffs we can throw ourselves off of into water. We were meeting a bunch of our guy friends at nooner. We got there 15 minutes past nooner and they weren't there. People like to get drunk and drive their cars off of the cliffs so our trusty park rangers put up a chain as a gate so we have to walk 3/4 of a mile to the cliffs. When I got there I saw a little black pick up backed up by the gate, and I thought to myself, "Oh, there are already people here, wow, Ooo and good idea, this way you can get out easier." So I backed in also. I am one smart girl so I put my purse underneath a blanket in my backseat, but I must not be that smart b/c I left my jargantuous CD case on the seat. I locked up the car, and started the oh so long treck to the cliffs on goose lake.

When we arrived at the lake there was no one there. Ooo, we had it all to ourselves. I just figured that someone had left the truck there over night, didn't surprise me, people do that quite often. About 10 minutes later the boys show up and we start our fun time jumping, diving, splashing, climbing and swimming. About 15 minutes later a big truck pulls up and my good friend Chris is standing on the back w/ a mega phone and says, "Can Whitney Gilbert please come here" (I was at a different cliff a little ways from the main one where cars can park). I recognized the men in uniforms and got so scared I was in trouble. Maybe I parked wrong.... maybe I'm going to get a fine because I needed a parking permit... maybe we can't be here... but why do they want ME for that?? I started my way over and Chris met me and said, "Whit... someone broke into your car" My heart dropped. "But they caught him." So I took off and ran over there. They had my purse and my CD case with them. Asked me to come with them to my car and make sure nothing else was missing. I did and nothing else was. The guy, we'll call him a pervert because he had some pretty high tech binoculars with him and one of the rangers saw him walking along the cliff while chels and I were walking and told us he was a pervert. So, the pervert had thrown a rock through my back window on the drivers side, crawled in, grabbed my CD's, threw the blanket off and grabbed my purse. Ran into his little black truck and took off, and my favorite park rangers caught him only a few yards after that. I didn't get to see who he was.... wish I could have. He was in the back seat of the truck the whole time and you'd better believe I glared at that window everytime I passed. Although, I did ask one of the rangers if I'd get into trouble if I hit him... he said yes.. too bad. I had to vacuume all of the glass out and tape up the window because the next day (today) I had to drive the 9 hours to Idaho. Now, THAT was annoying. The plastic came off a few times and I had to pull over and duct tape it back on.

Moral of the story... if you take your car to Goose, don't have anything in it. OR, take your 1991 chevy suburban that anyone who wanted to get into it could just open the door cause it's never locked and all they would find is windsheild washer fluid and crumbs. Too bad the perv didn't smash my windshield, it has a crack, it needs replaced. But he did pick the window that had a little bit of tape residue from the paper at the dealer. So that's my story.. I do feel a little white trash riding around w/ no window and plastic over it. haha. But thank goodness for Park Rangers!!!


Adam and Kristina said...

That plastic sign is hilarious.

Joe & Ashley said...

Wow, figures that's Othello for you huh? I do like the note on the plastic however.